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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Whistleblower? (Confused for Blowhard)

"Whistleblower Bill Windsor has been busy working on motions to dismiss the criminal charges against him.  

And he is preparing to take calls from people needing help -- Lawless America TalkShoe Show Tuesday Night, August 25, 2015 - 7 to 9 pm CDT.

Never a dull moment...

I really hope those folks with questions of me will tune in for the Lawless America TalkShoe Show.  I have specifically scheduled this to be able to respond to as many people as possible who have emailed, messaged, or called asking for help.

Work on motions to dismiss the criminal charges against me has had me consumed for several days.  The charges are ridiculous, and there are a host of reasons why they should be dismissed.  I don't expect them to be dismissed because Judge James A. Haynes was hand-picked to handle this case so I would lose.

But, I always take every opportunity given to get my case in writing.  I am emphasizing the Constitutional issues since my best chance to win is at the federal level.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit seems to still value Freedom of Speech.

Each of the motions will be published here as time permits.

I drafted something really special this weekend, got it notarized today, and I will mail it to Missoula Montana tomorrow.  I won't publish this until I hear from the court on it.  But if it gets a salute when it is run up the flagpole, I will be a very happy and relieved camper."


  1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorAugust 25, 2015 at 1:06 PM

    HAHAHAH!!! Tune in to hear what exactly? "Questions of me?"
    No, No one has any "Questions of you" Windsor. You're an open and not worth reading "Book." (speaking of Books and empty promises where is the years ago promised Round America sold at again)

    Call in to find out how to get your ass handed to you, if anyone follows your advice? Yeah, love to hear those people call in. There are plenty to choose from.

    Empty promises? Yeah, that's more accurate. Please call in to hear how you let them all down. How you're being distracted from the alleged "Help" because you broke the law. Oh, wait, scratch that. You'll claim you've never done anything wrong in your entire life. it's just another "All about me" William M Windsor blowhard show.

    Oh and BTW, it doesn't matter what Judge you stand before. You will lose because you are guilty of the crimes you are charged with.

    I'd love to know exactly where "Whistleblower Bill" has ever blown his whistle that was taken seriously. Like ever. Tooting one's own horn, isn't the same as "Whistleblowing."

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorAugust 26, 2015 at 12:08 AM

      Awe damn. Eugene Paulson tried to call in but he couldn't get the link to work. But, he does need to talk to Windsor. Dun, dun, dunnnn....

      Hey Paulson? Are you going to cuss Windsor up one side and down the other for leaving you high and dry to take the heat for the failed Citizen Grand Jury, threatening Judges, filing charges, etc crap, that he claimed tonight he doesn't support? You should. You spent time behind bars because of Windsor.

      "Gene Paulson-- Link didn't work for me either. We need to talk."

  2. Didn't the Acree & Paulson guys follow the help Windsor "gave" them?
    Ummmm... didn't work out so well for them.

  3. Translation: "Quit calling me, damn it! I told y'all I'm busy blowing up the courts with paper and I've told y'all about 6 times now how to get my attention."


    Some of you are calling me again and again. The whole purpose of tonight's TalkShoe Show is to speak with folks on that call-in program. Please read the article about how to do it, and then call in. Thank you.

    1. Not sure what Bill expects. You have to be insane or a complete idiot to believe anything he says.

    2. Let's is tonight's line up of craziness. These people are sure to tune into Windsor's Talkshoe.

      Vic Fedorov: he means well, has a good heart and is a peace maker. He has been diagnosed with mental disabilities. He sued NY Mayor Bloomberg for violations of his rights under the 9th Amendment (he was given a ticket for drinking a beer in a public park). And he is trying to enforce the 10th Amendment in local and state government. He seems to talk to himself a lot.

      Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria: aside from she can't figure out time zone differences or figure out how to share something on her FB page JUST ONE TIME, she has a sad story. Her children were removed from her care (kidnapped by CPS, of course) in 2004 and given to her estranged husband. He was driving drunk about a month later, had a wreck and her youngest son was killed. She seems to think the 'Cash For Kids" scandal is something that just happened recently. She is supporting NLA.

      Hans Croteau: He was declared a vexatious litigant in 2005. His brother petitioned for a protective order because Hans vandalized his brother’s house.

      Deirdre McNamara: She is a homeopathic practitioner, writes plays and appears to be a targeted individual. She was arrested in NY during the 2004 RNC convention.

      Rebecca McLaughlin: She is, or was, a professor of psychology. One of her students wraps her up nicely: “She is nuts, but funny.” Her issue is child custody, she gets arrested a lot. In the last Talkshoe, she said she and her friends have sent more than 400 complaints to the FBI.

      Vicky Farmer-Daugherty: she’ll be on Talkshoe if she can figure out what channel will carry Windsor’s broadcast in Virginia Beach, VA. Her issue is grandparent rights, her grandson was removed from her daughter’s care. She’s been arrested too.

      Crystal Cox: eh, we all know what that’s about, so let’s not go there.

      My bet is: Along with the usual callers, like Kpat, Cox will get to talk to Windsor. Rebecca will also get to talk to Windsor, he has a soft spot for her because she wrote to him while he was in jail. The rest of my money is on Windsor's ability to ignore the others.

    3. I want to hear Vic & Floridzilla! I need to go to sleep extra early & reading Vic's stuff does put me to sleep, Floridzilla will pray, a 2-fer.
      Rebecca makes me laugh, she is funny.
      Anyone except Windsor! I hope he lets someone else speak. Doubtful.

  4. But "The Movie" helped launch Marty Prehn's short-lived public access television career.

    That's gotta stand for sumptin...

  5. LMAO Bill opens show claiming he told a woman he's from Texas. Then he tried to undo that booboo by claiming it's because he has a Texas license plate.

    Let me ask. IF Windsor has a Texas license plate and he's allegedly a Resident of South does that work again? Its allegedly a new car. Why would a guy, living "temporarily living in TX" get a TX plate?

    Oh, and BTW, it is all about Windsor so far. How can someone make a comment about their own woes, that Windsor can spin back to him? Well, he's doing it. Now the woman is counseling HIM! LMAO

    1. My question is, how does a guy temporarily living in TX get a TX tag?

      Yup, hundreds of people needing help, calling Windsor again and again. Right. So far, the highest number logged in at one time is 18. My man Hans showed!

    2. SovCit's often create their own tags. Windsor probably did it to lie to the court and also to hide from the police. I know a military member who was pulled over for speeding in Texas. Cop also held him to see if the 64 TBird he was driving was stolen.

    3. (Left out the part that the military member had Cali tags on the car.)

  6. Oh brother! Viva la Revolution!! We need numbers. The Movie!! I need the movie to reach eyes and ears to get their butts off the couch and do something. (while I blame the volunteers for the failure...) back to the "Revolution" people!! We need numbers damnit. I'm going me, save me!!
    Bahahaha idiot!

  7. Hans_Croteau-- Bill, a company sent me an offer to fund a program for the Lawless America revolution. I'll email another copy as "Review.doc." See Sec. C.

    Hans_Croteau-- Bill, the e-mail about company funding just went out to your email. Look for subject "Re: LEGAL RESEARCH

    One other thing. Windsor? No, you did NOT say or misspeak about Citizen Grand Juries only in DC. You wrote it repeatidly and all the screenshots have been saved. You Lie, Lie, Lie.

    Nice NLA side step. First, you don't support them, now you tell people to go check them out? You wish-washy POS. You have NO IDEA what you want to do, you don't know how to lead anyone anywhere, and you can't even keep a fricken Talkshoe on track. LMAO.

    1. Darash doesn't have time for BillSchit. He's busy.

      Hundreds and hundreds, huh? 18 was highest I ever saw logged in. And they left. "Sorry I can't help you, thanks for calling, going to have to cut you off there" Lather, rinse, repeat.

    2. Yep, just as I expected. He thinks he's going to jail on federal charges so it's time for him to rally the anti-government crowd again with more false promises. He thought a month would be enough time to get them spun up enough to save him. Some leader he is always whining and demanding that other people rescue him.

    3. No shit.

      That pfffft-ing the NLA? I don't agree or like what they believe, I can respect Darash. He doesn't puss out. Windsor was all about joining groups, increasing numbers until NLA was mentioned. Bad move, real bad....
      Then add in the "all about poor little me" bs.
      And? Misspoke my little all-American ass! I have Windsor's own articles about him supporting citizens' grand juries.

    4. Disappointing turn out. Windsor said he had 500 people calling and sending e-mail asking for help. Windsor now thinks they all just want to tell their stories. For real? NOW he figures that out?

    5. Yep, it was weak to say the least. I get that he really tries to put on an act of tolerating these people, but he's just not capable of it. He says the most moronic shit, and expects them to support him. They say something he doesn't agree with and he's Cant wait to cut them off. I thought his little stab at whoever that was, Susan something I think, when he said he should have cut her off? Look asshole, if you didn't always bring it back to yourself, you probably would have had plenty of time for the few that wanted to talk. Isn't that what you said tonight was for? THEM?? You've had 3 years of Blustery Billshit time. These poor people have stuck by you, (I have no fricken idea why) expecting SOMETHING in return. Anything, and yet you offer nothing. Barely have the patience to listen.

      Such an asshole. Really, truly an asshole.

      Oh, did anyone else catch his little excuse as to the evidence tampering? Claims now that when he noticed it, he deleted it? Uh nice try. Pulling all the punches now? Nope. Nice try. First excuse was that the TOP was expired so there was no violation, then the next minute the tweet doesn't exist at all, then someone else did it, then it's done automatically, then someone else manufactured it, then it was there, but that's not what it said, to tonight, once I noticed it, I deleted it. Nope, nope, nope.

    6. "Live Show", with his ugly mug, was a dead giveaway as to how the night was gonna go down...

  8. From the Windsor saga of "How the hell can I get out of this. Frivolous motion # ______.

    "If the TOP was ever valid, it prohibited only a “post.” A Tweet is not a “post.” A post is defined as “to publish a message in an online forum or newsgroup.”
    HAHAHAHA oh man. You're so reaching right now. Here's the definition of a tweet that you conveniently left out
    "Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets". Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Wikipedia

    "William M. Windsor has sworn that he did not send a Tweet."
    BFD Windsor lies, so that whole swearing thing doesn't apply.

    "Note that the title of this video is: “Bill Windsor is banned from the University of Montana. Corruption at its finest.” It does not mention Sean Boushie."

    Yes. It. Does!

    "It shows the Tweet was sent by Lawless America Massachusetts."
    No it doesn't Windsor. It was not a "re tweet" you nit wit. Is this the crap your sleuths came up with for you? O.M.G.

    All Lies in yet another fraudulent filing. No "retweet", a direct POST from William M Windsor @ Lawless America--link included--you lie--the TOP was in effect. What else ya got? Cause everything in that Billshit motion is just ridiculous. Vexatiousness is not limited to Civil suits I see.

    1. "Depends on what the meaning of 'is' is."...

      - Bill "Windsor" Clinton

    2. Let me get this straight? First there was no Baild TOP? Then there was no Tweet? Then, the Tweet was auto-generated? Back to validity of TOP, it doesn't specifically state no Tweeting, but if Tweeting WAS included, it doesn't matter 'cause Windsor supposedly was in Texas waiting to fall on ice? But, but, then, now Tweeting in Constitutionally protected?
      Due what? Huh? Wtf did he file? Who proof read that for him?
      Can Windsor just chose one? What a hot assed mess.

      Ida? Can you read that shit? I think I fell on some ice that's going to form in February of 2016 and my head hurts, vision is blurred and I can't turn my head. Please comment so I don't have to turn my head, or I'll havta file a class action lawsuit against all of you (future vision issue indicates there are at least 4 of y'all).


      I am ROTFLMAO & can't see keypad!
      I should just file that! #valid = Baild

      Get outta the pond! Get outta the pond!!! Shit's getting deep!

    4. "Corruption at its finest?" Whoa!!! Wasn't that phrase ©ed by the cop haters awhile back? CopBlock?
      sniff sniff? nah....Windsor wouldn't plagiarize another hater. Riiiiight?
      Here, let me try:
      Spew. Deny. Run. Deny. Deny. Edit. Delete. Rename. File amended amended whatever. Done.
      Did I do it?

    5. @ SFW: I think you captured the essence of Windsor's motion perfectly!

      This is my favorite part - as Ninja points out, Windsor says the tweet was sent by Lawless America Massachusetts. But later in the motion he says "Someone intentionally altered this video title and sent a Tweet. William M. Windsor has no doubt that it was Sean Boushie or one of his co-conspirators"

      Did he give Boushie admin access to youtube AND his FB pages? Maybe he should be more careful about who he allows to issue public statements under his name.

    6. The passwords to all the fb state pages was the same because he's lazy and a control freak. A couple people changed the passwords before leaving him but since they are his pages he may have been able to reset them anyway. Not only does he have access to all the fb pages but by his own laziness after 30 years in the computer industry, he himself left the pages vulnerable to hackers. But as we all know Windsor writes the stories and then he or his minions share the original post on the state pages.

  9. Rut roh.

    Gene Paulson
    Link didn't work for me either. We need to talk.
    More · 6 hours ago

  10. Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.
    7 hrs · Edited ·


    This is a $60 million high school football stadium in the Dallas suburb of Allen, Texas. Believe it or not, it is not the largest in America, just the most expensive.

    Well, first of all, this is old news. Secondly, I guess Windsor never heard or forgot that things are bigger in TX.

    1. He's a hypocrite. He has more money than all the lemmings combined and he's bitching about federal money being diverted away from children in need? Begging for donations when he could have easily funded the entire thing on his own several times over?

      How about all the taxpayers money being diverted from other concerning and much needed issues, than his bullshit civil cases? This from a guy who will file, and NOT pay the full fees up front? Who stalls and delays and plays games that keep the tab running in the courts? I swear, he really should have to pay back every cent and then some.

    2. Johnson City, IL Allen, Tx

      Population 3,557 Population 94,179
      Median income $25,143 Median income $100,736

      The Allen ISD is the largest employer in Allen, 5% of the population. Allen is also home to a minor league hockey team, an indoor football team and an arena soccer team. I don't think Allen needed to divert money from needy kids to feed their sports addiction.,_Texas.

    3. Spacing got all messed up ^^^. It looked prettier than that when I hit the publish button.

    4. Well after all those years of telling us he was the BMC at Texas Tech and making sure he got interviewed at a game so the focus would be on him and not the players: , and oh yeah donating some of his money to the campus (misplaced that link at the moment) so that he could pretend to be bankrupt---he's a fine one to talk about not donating money to for profit colleges. He could have donated that money to his lemmings to a million other fine charities. He also could have given the money out of the goodness of his heart rather than the need to remain connected to his womb.

  11. Phones are a phenomenal invention, however, being 'there' in person is just the best.

    The ET' phone in appearance Windsor was granted? Not so good for Windsor.
    When shit starts rolling downhill, it really gains momentum.
    Collective "Awwwwww" inserted here.


    1. Of course it's awfully hard to phone home when you can't remember where your home is. Or when the wife kicks you out.

      Yeah so he says people have stolen his information, accessed his accounts and planted evidence. He says the Bill Windsor arrested was maybe not the one meant by the arrest warrant. But he wants the court to believe he filed this document simply because it has his name on it. In that case, I'd like to file a complete confession on behalf of him to place in the court file....along with his apology to everyone he's ever hurt...along with a promise to leave all his money in trust with an elected custodian to pay back his victims...along with a promise that he will crawl back under the rock he never should have left in the first place. Cause, the court will just know it was filed by him and not by someone else, right Blustery Bill?

  12. HAHAHAHAHA!! Windsor posted the first post about the TV show being in discussions, and didn't get much interest, so he had to make another post and make it the cover photo.

    I'd have to question if this is from Hans last night, and it's not really about the TV show, so much as Hans' comment about "Funding" the revolution. Hey Windsor? Are you trying to turn this away from the "Revolution" with the cover of a "show" which you said last night, would in essence reach all the people you've failed to reach for the past several years? Cause, that kinda smells like the Billshit you'd pull.

    Hope whoever is talking to you understands what a complete Narcissistic asshole you are, and how horrible you treat people who work with you...

    1. Anyone else catch this line his TV show spew?
      "My family became so scared that my wife divorced him"

    2. "I spent approximately 20 years of his career......"

    3. Just can't make that leap between 3rd and 1st person...

  13. this is great news. Finally the people he owes can get paid. Collection will be easier.

  14. Naked and Afraid and Lawless!!!

  15. I honestly believe Lawless America would make an incredible reality TV show. Highlight a couple of examples of the failings of our country's mental health system each week.Who wouldn't watch in shock as they listen to Mary D ramble on about the 136 different life threatening ailments she has while realizing she is still free to walk among us. Or how about Nancy explaining how her ex Mike signed every court document or traffic ticket in the state. Not to mention his nazi background and MK Ultra. I know I'd tune in for that.

  16. I think Windsor read the Clubhouse (JIALK) blog article and realized that Matt O'Conner has a #Wicked new reality TV series, already being aired.
    #WeaselCurly got his ass. Again.

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorAugust 27, 2015 at 8:41 AM

      OMG!! HAHAHAHA I bet you're right. That makes perfect sense now!! Couldn't figure out why now, after all this time, suddenly out of the blue, between his being SOOOO busy with his Criminal trial non preparations, Selective Dizziness, his revamping Round America, and The Biggest of Crap facebook pages, his mad dash motions to whittle down the charges one by one by going through all the 50 State FB pages, his dot com and ALL the hate sites, as well as youtube scrub a dub dubbing everything, how on earth he'd find the time to actually write up some schmooze to present someone about a Billshit TV show with a bunch of lying whiners.


    2. I thought Windsor's TV show spew revival was suspect too. I watched O'Conner's show last night. Won't watch it again, it is mean spirited. It is not my idea of entertainment.

    3. I could spend all day debating things Windsor said in his TV show post. But these 2 statements in the same post bugged me the most. First he says this:

      “If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, Lawless America will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true.”

      Then down further down the page he says this:

      “Some of these people aren’t victims. Some think they are victims, and aren’t. Others know they aren’t victims but used the filming to try to get back at an ex-spouse or someone else.”

      Then I see this comment posted on FB under the link:

      Melissa Martin They dont want people like us in prision too many prisioners would join us , last time i was in jail i had my cell mate sleeping with law books... she was once my highschool librarian. .. and she will tell you i never touched that cops balls... we were supposed to tell a jury about it yesterday and today but they did not want that so its continued again. I think it had more to do with the local kids making Travis Lampi e will touch your balls jokes after I warned a few of them about his parentless "searches" ... cervical sprain or not i would do it all over again except i would touch his balls with my steel tow boots to deserve the assault on an officer charge lmao. Ill be emailing you wink emoticon

      I guess I’m one of the people Windsor warned the lemmings about. He told them if they post on FB, someone might say their story isn’t true. Well. I’m not saying her story isn’t true. I licked the window clean enough to see that Ms. Martin’s issues may not be as much a matter of corruption, as it might be a consequence of her lifestyle choices. And the latter Windsor statement posted above appears applicable.

      There’s a link below to one of several news articles about Ms. Martin’s arrest in 2013. She was arrested by the sheriff’s office. Bob Lampe is the sheriff. Lampe’s 2 sons are deputies, one of which is Travis. There are indications on Ms. Martin’s FB page that she is a member of Cop Block and filmed Travis Lampe inappropriately touching boys during a search.

      If Windsor would change the word “some” in that statement to “most”, I would be one of the people to STFU about what these people do to get where they are.

    4. If the Lawless followers actually read the full article, they probably would just graze over that little disclaimer. See, none of them believe they are at fault. It's always someone else...thus, the Lawless followers lead by the biggest liar of them all, who can not, or could he ever prove there was "Corruption" in his cases.

      I agree about the wording. There have been numerous stories debunked that Windsor supports, so for him to make the claim that " Lawless America will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true,” in my humble opinion is pure, total, utter Billshit. Windsor did not vet any stories, and that little disclaimer was his ego's attempt to take a stab at some of the people who pulled away from HIM.

      How can a guy that lies out of his ass about his own crap, be diligent, fair, impartial, or ethical in investigating anything? Let alone disseminating that information? When he posted all the stories, un-vetted onto youtube to promote himself, that right there proved it's not about credibility it's about self promotion.

  17. Windsor: "I would say that the Missoula County Attorney's Office, Missoula County, the Missoula Police, Ravalli County, the Hamilton Police and the University of Montana will be paying 100's of Millions of Dollars to Michael Spreadbury, Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor."

    Yeah, you would say that, wouldn't you Bill?

    I think the Missoula County Attorney's Office, Missoula County, the Missoula Police, Ravalli County, the Hamilton Police and the University of Montana have other plans. Right now they've a bug on their windshield and they're fixing to flip on the wipers and use the last of their non-winter-grade washer fluid to remove it.

    I'm IN Montana and North Dakota every day, Bill. $39 oil is going for $28 here because of a lack of transport. Thousands of people and businesses are in rough shape. People can't pay rent, truck payments, or buy food. State revenues have fallen to a trickle of what they need to be. Don't be surprised if no one listens to your complaints. Holler all you want. No one is listening. No one cares about you or your vague claims your rights have been violated. Your joyless, prideful look-at-me quest for glory is about to come to a halt. You should've taken that plea deal. Boy oh boy, you should have taken that plea deal!

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickAugust 27, 2015 at 10:06 AM

      Maybe Michael Spreadsbury, Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor should be paying all those mentioned 100's of millions of dollars.

      "Freedom of the press, like freedom of speech, is not absolute. Notwithstanding the limitations placed on it, the press exercises enormous power and influence, and is burdened with commensurate responsibility."

      Windsor and Cox's Lawless articles (as well as any other place they've been written AND shared on Lawless pages anywhere) are far from protection under the first amendment. Infact, the majority of trash Windsor writes is. Cox has now posted on behalf of Lawless America "News" site, which takes her from her lame protection excuses of being a "Blogger" to disseminate malicious, defamatory, harassing articles written with nothing but Malice. Windsor's platform of Anti Government "News" should fall under the clause barring them from protections under the 1st Amendment.

    2. CLEARLY Cox, you are a flaming troll. (and by Flaming, I am referring to Anti Government, Malicious LIES--Flaming hatred because you're a vindictive bitch) CLEARLY you are now posting Maliciously FALSE information on behalf of Windfart.

      It has been posted and proven that WINDSOR TAMPERED WITH EVIDENCE by changing the title of the youtube video. It was also CLEARLY posted here, THE TWEET. Now sit your ugly fat ass down and pull out your checkbook. Get to work on paying your current Judgments, (Windsor? You should too) and get ready to pay more.

      Lawless America dot con Cox article--"So there was a Made Up Tweet aKa Falsified Evidence, and there was no protective order and even if there was a protective ORDER well it does not apply to a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED Activity. WOW.

      I would say that the Missoula County Attorney's Office, Missoula County, the Missoula Police, Ravalli County, the Hamilton Police and the University of Montana will be paying 100's of Millions of Dollars to Michael Spreadbury, Crystal Cox and Bill Windsor. As You see the Montana Police went after Micheal and Crystal with the Protective Orders in hand, to STOP them from Blogging. Yet hmmm it was clearly A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED Activity, and they CLEARLY knew this."

    3. Just to think about all the Back office support Barbara Windsor did as the Director. Getting Busses and Hotel Rooms for the DC meetup from Alcatraz. Cashing checks made to her so she could deposit them for Lawless. Then sending out Hats and t-shirts to people who paid for them using paypal. She then let him keep and pay her for the Jeep and the insurance for it while he drove all over the country side with the Jeep all dressed up in Lawless America decals.

    4. From the MT Court order dated Nov 14, 2013 from Judge Larson--"Contrary to Windsor assertions, Windsor's activities are NOT protected as a member of the press. Should the court allow Windsor to claim as such, any person with a video camera would be absolved or relieved of potential stalking charges. Windsor has no television show, nor has he made any sort of documentary film. Windsor films snippets of stalking his various victims and posting them on youtube calling them news......Stalking is not Journalism and is NOT A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED ACTIVITY..... It is necessary to issue an injunction in this case because of the William M. Windsor's extraordinary abuse of the state judicial system by repeatedly filing frivolous, malicious and vexatious lawsuits against the persons to his many cases, because of the burden to clerical and judicial operations cause by his voluminous frivolous filings and because his continuing course of conduct has become an impediment to the
      administration of justice. The administration of justice will suffer irreparable harm if the William M. Windsor is allowed to continue filing frivolous, malicious and vexatious lawsuits against the persons and others involuntarily involved in his litigious campaigns. The balance of the harm and the public interest demands that the William M. Windsor be stopped."

      I'd say Cox and anyone else disseminating his false, defamatory, harassing, intimidating and misleading crap should be slapped with some charges of their own. Anyone aiding Windfart in any way shape or form in this anti government "Revolution" should be too.

  18. Windsor's standard defense against rulings he doesn't like, or tries to pre-empt, is No Jurisdiction. WHY on earth does he even go to court in the first place then? He wants the courts to grant his whimsical fallacies, and he'd be good with Jurisdiction. However, when anyone doesn't cave, and makes notes of how completely wrong he is, the standard Windsor defense is "No Jurisdiction."

    The entire "Government is corrupt" clusterfuck appears to be just exactly that. A complete clusterfuck. There is no merit to any of his claims because they appear to be maliciously designed to attack the Judicial system in it's entirety, along with harassment of anyone he deems fit to drag along for the ride.

    If that isn't terroristic? A methodical attempt and layout to do absolutely nothing but flood the courts and the internet with blatant false and misleading information designed to keep attracting anti government extremists then what is? Not ONE court is immune from the great Windsor "No Jurisdiction" excuse, thus appeals, after appeals that go nowhere! They can't. How could they? To him the will always have No Jurisdiction, thus they are all "VOID." Lock him up and throw away the key!!

    1. He has 31 days and a little under 3 hours until the sun rises on his trial day. A super full moon peaks this Saturday if you believe in that thing. And on the subject of 3's, Kill Bill 3 is casting. Run Bill, Run!

  19. I hope there is a TV show. I will be sure to collect my money then. I will contact the network and get the money. I will also call for this to be boycotted off the air. Maybe by the American Family Association.

  20. Windsor: "What sort of stories will Bill Windsor feature on the Lawless America TV Show?"

    Two words! Turkey loaf!

  21. About one in thirty ideas looked at for television shows result in actual television shows, even on basic cable. Less than half of the ideas chosen (of the 3.3%) continue a full season. Many are run as a pilot episode or two and never seen again.

    So the odds against Windsor actually landing a show are steep. Once the money people find out Bill's criminal problems in Montana, the chances become astronomical. But of course Bill is already talking like it's a done deal. Beyond belief. The only show Windsor has a chance at is one making fun of Bill Windsor, or where Bill is portrayed as the vexatious villain.

    1. Windsor 'working' (ha!) on a tv show? That'd be more perjury then, just going on what he stated in his Motions to the Federal Court in Dallas.
      Damn. Geezer simply cannot keep his yarn ball from unraveling.

      I'm sticking with the theory that O'Conner's #Wicked TV series really got to Windsor, hard. It's delightedly wicked that Windsor got gotten.

  22. Dang, Windsor is really spinning - and he is now comic relief.

    1. IKR ^ I'm still Lol'ing @his latest Cra Cra post

    2. I'm still trying to figure out how him talking to an actual Producer works with his previous post saying "What sort of stories will Bill Windsor feature on Lawless America TV."

      That would be up to the actual producer Windsor, not you. And since your history of not vetting stories ranks you reckless for lawsuits, I'd say, you will not get the choice of what will be aired. That is, if this isn't a big joke on you...and the show will actually feature a washed up old man, who threw a tantrum across the US, at the taxpayers expense. You think you have a few haters now? Wait until they all get a nice peek at what you've forced them to pay for.

    3. I'm still trying to figure out how he could "see the producers mouth drop farther and farther open" while on a conference call.

    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorAugust 28, 2015 at 3:30 PM

      I can see the interview being "All about Bill Windsor's woe's" and not so much about the lemmings. If he could "See" their mouths dropping open, and the get on the internet to search, read court documents and make a few phone calls to attorneys involved--and not just take Windsor's word? I'd say they'll run like the wind, or like the previous Anon said, make it about Windsor and show the world exactly what a scamming POS he really is.

      But, lets play along. Lets look at this from a legal perspective. Lets say, this Producer does decide to do this. I'd have to say over 50% of the lemmings Windsor filmed will back away when they realize that in a "Reality show" ALL aspects will be covered and not just their side. (A far cry from what Windsor did)

      Then there will be another percentage that will run like the wind when they realize that it won't just be people on the internet talking about them and forming opinions, people all over will watch, discuss at water coolers, and then take back to the intent to discuss. Much like Windsor not liking people discussing him on the internet what the hell are they going to do when it opens a broader audience? How will they react when the rest of society discovers they aren't victims of corruption at all?

      There are other hilarious aspects of this that Windsor probably hasn't even thought of yet, that I'm not going to discuss yet, because I think it's funnier to see him screw up.

    5. "I can see the interview being "All about Bill Windsor's woe's" and not so much about the lemmings."

      I can see that too.

    6. It's not the first time he claimed he was talking to producers without providing any names or evidence. At this point he could be in talks with a reality show not knowing that the producers had already decided it would be entirely about his scams. Or it could be a cop keeping tabs on him. Nothing is off the table to my mind, not even that he may be rolling on the floor in a diaper by the time the hearing starts.

    7. Flash Back Friday--
      Feb 26, 2013


      I was advised today that we didn't make the cut. there was no explanation given, but I can't help but wonder if it is because they read online that I'm a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-guy, a racist, a terrorist, a scam artist, a liar, a person who enjoys sex with animals, etc., etc. Perhaps too controversial, or maybe they just didn't like me.

      It's never fun to be rejected for much of anything, but this had everything else on hold, so now I can move again. In the end, I doubt that I would have gone with them because we would have lost all control of the film."

      (side note--if anyone read those things Windsor, it's because YOU KEEP POSTING THEM!!)

    8. Windsor is a lot of shitty wrapped into one blob. However, his claims of being labeled a pedophile? Never seen that anywhere, except from him.
      I think he's a creepy AssRag, no doubt. A pedophile? No. Windsor can remove that BillSchit from his repetition blather.
      I believe there's a very valid reason he's no longer allowed his grands, that was not the parents' issue, IMO. Could they just have been weary of his perpetual drama? Just done with him not putting family first? I don't need to need know why. That was the parents' decision. Doesn't affect me on bit. Parents are legally allowed to do that. We as parents can and do decide who can be around our minor children, in the best interest of our children. They'll be grown soon enough and choose to seek him as adults, or not.

    9. Right. Did his daughter get a court order? If so, that could be subpoenaed since he wants to sue us for this. He could have tried to sue his own daughter, but the courts would have all agreed that the parent has the best interest at heart. He would have had to show that a relationship existed and that the children, not himself, would have been harmed by ending the relationship. Lord only knows what his daughter would have told the court about his actions, but again, she could be called to testify if he wants to sue other people for his own conduct. It is creepy that he said it before anyone knew why, but some of the things he did after he said it were also creepy.

  23. Wait what??? I thought MaryD was bitching about her not being able to have a relationship with her minor daughters. All this time, she's whined and complained about how sick they are, and how her rights were denied to even be able to see them, and she claims she LIVED with one? Horse shit! MaryD, stop living in delusionville, put your big girl panties on and STFU!!! Damn!

    "Mary Deneen-- When I lived in Missoula with my married daughter, a graduate of the U of MT, and grandchild, Missoula Judge Sam Warran denied me a TRO, against Respondent U of MT employee Sean Boushie, I had to move far away due to fear for my and my family's safety."

    1. Ummm hmmmm.

      Her poor daughter.

    2. No way. She's starting to really freak me out now. She's taken on Windsor's story now!! Just HOW sick is she???

  24. SB threatened me over a trillion times. Then he killed me. He blew up a Volvo with a concealed thermonuclear device.

    1. ... And then Mary D came in her space craft and saved me, and wrapped me in her super duper special foil. Meanwhile, back in LA LA land...

  25. Windsor: "I have documents to support each statement made herein. I am not including them at this time to keep the volume of paper being provided to the Court at a minimum."

    Because Bill Windsor, as always, is very concerned about "the volume of paper being provided to the Court."

    This is just going to get worse, folks. Windsor can't prepare for his trial. All he can do is try sillier and sillier ideas to avoid it. Soon the court will be receiving pleadings and affidavits daily, as Bill confirms he is a menace with a word processor - giving the Montana legal system all the more reason his trial cannot be delayed again. In the end I still think he'll run. Windsor? Attending his criminal trial knowing he'll lose? Not gonna happen.

    His final effort before running will be him attempting to accept the plea deal he has already rejected, him having removed the part about the psychiatric evaluation. We and the lemmings won't hear about that. He will keep that to himself.

  26. Windsor: "Sean Boushie previously attended one of my hearings, laughed at me and pointed his right hand at me as if it was a gun."

    Wait. Did Windsor not say the interview was the first time he'd ever seen SB in person? Is he confusing his fantasies with real events, this time in an affidavit?

  27. It was where Bill said the interview was the first time he'd ever seen SB in person. Maybe it was "eye to eye" or something. Said SB was one ugly dude. (I myself just turned 60 and let me tell you none of us old guys are very pretty close up). Can't find it now on FB or LA.

    Anyway, now he says SB attended his first hearing in Missoula and did the finger pistol thing. When was that hearing? Obviously it didn't turn out well for Windsor or we'd know all about it. I think the SB finger pistol thing is pure fantasy, as of course is SB packing a concealed weapon during the interview. The judge will know all of this, but then this isn't for the judge. This affidavit is for the lemmings, giving Windsor plenty of cause to run when the time comes.

  28. The only way to run and stay ran for any length of time is to leave the country. This can be done without a passport, after removal of the electronic jewelry -- all it takes is money. No, actually it takes cash. That could be Windsor's problem, if he decides to high-tail it (a saying I'm told was inspired by white-tailed deer). Whether staying in the USA or booking some form of shady passage to Costa Rica, Windsor will need cash. Converting wealth to cash is difficult these days. Windsor has had months to do it, though.

    A reasonably wealthy man on the run from the law shouldn't fear law enforcement as much as he fears other criminals. I hope you read this, Bill. Running is a whole lot more dangerous than prison. You're going to be exposed to people ten times more violent and unscrupulous than you've described SB as being, and these bad guys are for real. How would they find you? Well, if you want to leave the country, you'll have to find them - bad idea. If you hole up in the USA like you did last time, they'll find you. Law enforcement will make a much bigger deal of your running a second time, and that just fills the air around you with the smell of money. Getting caught by the police will be the best thing that could possibly happen to you.

  29. Uh? Which is the first time he saw SB, again? Stories don't match, again. Tsk tsk.

    I personally found the Facebook pages of his deceased parents distasteful. Not nearly as distasteful as all the things, including funeral photos of his own father, published by Windsor himself. Windsor put it on the Internet.
    Then? Windsor used deaths of others he never knew as 'headlines'. BooFuqingHoo.
    Then, add the domain name buying? More BooFuqingHoo.
    Dish it, but can't take it? That's a pussy ass bitch.
    Excerpt of his latest BillSchit onslaught to court:
    "These stolen identities were then used to publish defamatory comments on Facebook about me as if they were being made by my deceased parents. [A true and correct copy of the Facebook page set up in the name of William M. Windsor’s deceased mother is attached to the AFFIDAVIT on the Flash Drive -- Exhibit 51 in the folder named Missoula Montana Criminal Case.] [A true and correct copy of the Facebook page set up in the name of my deceased father is attached to the AFFIDAVIT on the Flash Drive -- Exhibit 53 in the folder named Missoula Montana Criminal Case.] Facebook has continued to allow these pages despite complaints, so I live every day with the desecration of the memories of my wonderful parents."
    Gag. Who photographs funerals and uploads those to the www? Disgusting POS.

    By the way? Why is the criminal on trial whining? More BooFuqingHoos.
    Where's Windsor's weapon, The Judge, as he dubbed it?

    Preparing for that trial much?

    1. Everyone deals with grief differently, but he had something to gain from his parent's death: money and attention. The overall pattern is that he has an unhealthy fixation with death and now that he fully admits to faking evidence for the fun of it, without a police investigation showing otherwise, then he could have just as easily created those fb pages himself.
      Where is the gun he bragged about having then sued claiming he didn't brag, then claimed was at home with Babs, but then attacked Babs as a liar? I'm guessing LE knows.

  30. The latest steaming pile of Billshit:

    The TOP clearly shows, which was not owned or controlled by William M. Windsor. William M. Windsor could not be expected to give control of something he did not own.

    1. We all have the screen prints and the electronic footprint showing he did create the page. He is the one talking about these pages being his property. That is what this is for him, revenge and a way to make money. Even as he lies about it not being his, he still refers to the pages as property which most of us would not do.

    2. The page won't open but on the surface this site doesn't appear to have anything to do with Windsor. is a whole other matter.
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    3. My oh my! Busy Windsor!

      Y'all turn page>>> week in review is up.

    4. Huh??
      " On August 23, 2015, William M. Windsor was served with a Temporary Order of Protection. It clearly stated twice that it expired on September 16, 2013"

  31. Spam? Where you be?
    I wanna know what the acronym #WLYB means when you use it!!

    1. I think that one is from Kojack. Who loves ya, baby.