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Monday, August 10, 2015

Manic Monday! What To Do? Plea? Or Not to Plea?

*note this above is the short version*

There just isn't enough space to copy & paste all the BillSchit.  

Go Windsor!  Get your Vexi ProSeBaby ass in that courtroom and you can just show the Montana professionals what an unprepared doofus, you are, that refuses/is unable to stay on task! 

Signing off on this plea agreement was a no brainer!  
Windsor?  Nope.  He'd rather ProSeBaby and risk his freedom, than just beat ass out of the city, county & state he claims has done him so wrong.
Duh.  Just Duh!   
Thank you Windsor!  No one could make this absurdity up!  

This Anon commenter?  Says it so well!
Thank you Anon! 

See, if he was innocent, he wouldn't be desperately trying every trick in the book to get out of the trial. 
He claims he put in for a motion to dismiss for lack of Jurisdiction. Clearly the idiots in Camp Vexi this summer are morons all seasons around. 
The victim is the one who's residence matters, not the perp. 
Windsor is the perp. 
Doesn't make a shit bit of difference where he allegedly was, it was where Mr. Boushie was at the time of the alleged crime. 
Now, how on earth is Vexi Camp going to get around that law? And why would he keep trying to, if he's innocent? 
Motion to recuse, lack of Jurisdiction, Writ of heck-who-cares-at this point-ious, and all the other frivolous wastes of time he files. 

I still think he'll take the deal. He's screwed, and he knows it. 

Lets ask again-- for what company was the alleged stalking/filming for again? That's linked to the Vexi civil suits across America? With Business Losses, and Trademark Violations? Asking for damages in the multi-millions of dollars? 

Yeah--that'd be FRAUD UPON THE COURTS-- ALL OF THEM!! From CA, MT, SD, KS, MO, and TX. Did I miss any? Seeing to bilk multi-millions for companies that were never legitimate, registered, IRS paying companies. SMDH! This little criminal case in MT should be nothing compared to the shit storm that should be raining down upon the Windsor Family Fraudsters.

*I thought I'd implement a MunchenMaryD move this morning.  That copy/paste repeating thing?  Just of her comments she'd made on just 1 (ONE) of Windsor's Facebook posts, just ONE. 
These MaryD comments?  They were made within a 2 hour period.  Keep in mind she was commenting on several other of Windsor's posts at the same time. 
WoW.  No #ByAndThrus, no ifs, ands or buts.  MaryD's device that connects her to the www?  #badassed. 


  1. Windsor's words:

    So, here's the deal. There will be no deal. I'm going to trial, representing myself. If they have that rigged, I will be well-prepared to appeal to the federal courts. Anticipating corruption throughout the trial process from the word go, I have been very careful to lay the foundation for my grounds in federal court. If I spend the rest of my life in the Montana State Prison, I will do it with the pride of knowing I was fu*ked. The movie will be completed by someone else. My websites will be managed by others. And we will not be stopped in efforts to expose all these scumbags.
    Is that clear?

    Vexi Vexi Vexi
    Unless he bolts!
    50/50 odds right now.

    1. Let's say Windsor won everything. There still wouldn't be a movie because then he would know he could go on being vexi. If he was truly going to hand over any movie to any person, he would have done it already. After all he's made it clear he doesn't have time to finish "the movie" until he's sued us all. That person could finish "the movie" while he sues us. It's very telling that most of his lemmings have jumped ship rather than force him to step aside. There is nothing of LA worth saving and they know it.

    2. First of all, he would appeal no matter what. That's the nature of Windsor's court games. He probably has 6 appeals already typed and ready to go.

      Second, he expects "Corruption" throughout the trial process? Well sure he does. That means he isn't prepared, doesn't have a defense and can't prove he is innocent. His whole history with "Court Corruption" is the fact that Judges refuse to be steamrolled by the very skilled, well versed Billshit artist/Vexatious court addict William M Windsor (but not just any William M Windsor, THE William M Windsor who claimed that every member of Congress and the Senate knows who he is.)

      When the Jury hears that Windsor had no film company when he allegedly got permission to film in MT, I believe he claimed to the film commission it was "Whistleblower" what will be his defense?

      What company did he have for the TV series he claimed the "Boushie sting" was the pilot for? If he says he was working for another company, where's the contract? Why was that never mentioned, and why didn't Windsor pull them into this whole mess so they could verify he was "working" for or with them?

      When Windsor was served by LE with the TOP, he claimed he had the "Climax for the Movie." Not the TV show, so which is it? I thought it was a pilot for "Slanderfella/Slanderella." The "Movie" is under what company? Is that the one he never had when he started filming? That he was soliciting donations for the making of? That all proceeds would go to "GRIP?" which was the Anti Government Revolution he had been building for years before he/they figured out if they wanted more people, they could claim to be filming a movie? Which was also his excuse for "Campaigning" when he was running for office?

      The list of contradictions is long and sorted. But the facts that remain are the unanswered questions (an we all know that Windsor doesn't like to be asked questions) what companies did he have for the damages? What "Trademark" does he hold, that he swore to under penalty of perjury when he filed ALL those civil suits were cause to award him Multi-Millions?

      How will Windsor explain to the jury, that upon receiving the TOP, he then continued on suing, by retaliating against Boushie being named in the civil lawsuits against the 1000's of others, that he already started in MO, and KS, now using the claims he failed at in MT, in the other courts, along with the fraud mentioned above?

      Character? Honesty? A respectable businessman? I don't see any. I see a fraud, who's pissed off that he was caught.

  2. I bet #5 of the Plea Agreement scared the poo poo out of Billschit:
    "SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF SENTENCE:...5. Defendant shall obtain a mental health evaluation by a state approved treatment provider/facility, at his own expense and follow all recommendations of said evaluation."

    He's just skirting around that provision and instead offering up the following for reasons he is not accepting the Plea Agreement:
    "Bill Windsor: ...The key thing they are looking for in this case is to block my disclosure of cyberstalking by Sean Boushie and the University of Montana's involvement in paying him for cyberstalking done from their computers."

    1. "at his own expense" Love that part!
      His family should have asked for a conservatorship a long time ago. It would have kept him off the streets and the money in the family, except for the part where Bill would have ratted on them to save his own hide. Yes, tax payers should not be burdened when rich people dump their garbage in the street.

  3. "Bill Windsor: ...The key thing they are looking for in this case is to block my disclosure of cyberstalking by Sean Boushie and the University of Montana's involvement in paying him for cyberstalking done from their computers."

    That's it? That's the master plan? The prosecution will blow that out of the water in 15 seconds, and then Windsor can't bring it up again. From that point onward, Windsor's primary defense is useless. Then he'll move on to the "SB tried to kill me," defense, WHICH the prosecution will dispatch with similar ease and quickness. An hour into his defense, Windsor will be out of ideas. He'll blow a gasket at that point and may have to be restrained.

  4. Windsor will collapse sometime in the first or second day of his trial (if of course, he doesn't run). I think probably the first day, maybe before lunch break. It will be the only viable option left to him and he will go for it. He'll spend that night in the hospital and the remainder of the trial will be postponed. It's the one thing he can do where the prosecution and judge have no options. They MUST have him transported to the hospital immediately, whether or not they suspect he's faking it. They MUST delay the trial at that point.

    Watch for it. No way that doesn't happen. I'd happily put money on it.

    1. What did he claim in TX? That he was so sick and unprepared because he was up all night with raging diarrhea?

      I say, the prosecutor should already have a list of Windsor court excuse aliments ready to hand the Judge and just go down the checklist with a nope, that's already been uses, next....

      1) Trouble with eyesight
      2) Broken tooth
      3) Carpel Tunnel
      4) Basil skull fracture (with reoccurring dizziness that needs immediate medical attention--that he never gets, until he needs an "out."
      5) Big hole in his gut (also needed emergency surgery--that he still hasn't gotten all these months later...)
      6) Raging diarrhea
      7) Bad cold
      8) Stomach flu
      9) Ear ache
      10) Insomnia

      What'd I miss?

    2. Collapse while speaking? Oh you mean like in the movie "Dave"? Well, first he's got to get a body double, and then he's got to get the body double to have a stroke like in the movie.
      You betcha. He's too chicken to do more than threaten suicide for attention, but he'll do all sorts of self harm as well.

    3. The Missoula long range forecast going into the week of September 22 is for sunny and warm temperatures, with it cooling and possibly some showers just in time to give Bill a cold day in a hell of his own making.

    4. I meant he'll stumble, become disoriented, and take a knee or sit on the floor. Doesn't have to be convincing. They've no choice but to postpone and take him to the hospital. Too much liability involved with assuming he's faking. Might only work twice or so, but it will work, and it will disrupt a trial wherein Windsor is doing poorly. It will break the prosecution's stride. Same thing as calling a time out when the other team is on a scoring streak.

    5. Oh poor Cra Cra Muchie :

      "Mary Deneen Their bargain to drop the bogus U of MT email felony - they would not want a jury to see my sworn affidavit against U of MT and ......!"

  5. Bill Windsor's rejecting that deal isn't about the deal. It's not even about Bill Windsor. Evidently, like everything else (the Space Program, Windows 10, NASCAR, Syrian refugees) it's about Mary Deneen.

    1. 1st place winner^
      Mary! It's ALL about Mary, not SOMETHING about Mary.

      All of the above mentioned scenarios are definitely possibilities.
      Does Montana provide video of court proceedings? The costs could be deferred by making this one a PPV. No Ronda Rousey event money maker, but profitable, none the less.
      I'd wager my ♛ on Ms Clark being victorious in less than an eight hour day.

    2. Bill should just go with the same defense he tried when he was first arrested in Texas. "That wasn't me, it was a different Bill Winsdor. It's a very common name."

      I can also picture Bill screaming "objection" every 5 minutes. Followed by an increasingly more agitated "overruled" from the judge.

    3. Mary Deneen
      Their bargain to drop the bogus U of MT email felony - they would not want a jury to see my sworn affidavit agains

      Mary, you poor, crazy little thing. Nobody in Montana cares about your affidavit. It's very obvious you're completely insane. If Bill were dumb enough to even file an affidavit from you, he needs that mental evaluation.

    4. Yeah, like any of the affidavits he will provide the court will have any merit to the actions behind the charges? Were they with Windsor? Do they know what he did? Can they verify with accuracy that he was not responsible for the violations? No. Will they be there to testify? Because affidavits presented by Windsor should be inadmissible. Does anyone remember the affidavits he sent out for the people to just sign for the other cases? He wrote it up for them. Some people changed or added but it already caused them to be inadmissible because HE basically tampered with them.

      I'd love to see MaryD on the witness stand. The court will ask her a question about witnessing or being around Windsor at the time of the alleged violations--which she wasn't--then she'll twist it into how the exact same things were done to her. Hopefully, if that happens, the Prosecutor will pull out Mary's court transcripts to show she's not credible and send her on her way.
      (Actually, they probably could object to her testifying so they didn't waste the courts time, but in all fairness to letting Windsor have people there for him, I say, let her ramble, and pick her apart. I think once the Jury hears that her very own mental health evaluation didn't go so well, that she refused to take the medication--she's done.)

    5. And? Then, THE longest trial in the history of the entire world will commence.
      The jurors, court staff, the courthouse employees will succumb to old age long before MunchenMaryD takes her first pause.
      Cruel. The mere thought of this scenario is far more cruel than water boarding.
      No one deserves to be subjected to that type of torture.
      Except Windsor.

    6. "History of Ticks", by and thru Mary Deneen...

  6. Witnesses?
    Anyone that could vouch for Windsor's whereabouts, activities?
    Ummmmmm? Wouldn't that be the hired help, Jennie? Jennie Morton?
    Where oh where is Jennie?
    She could multi-task as a court watcher & a witness. #TwoFer

  7. Windsor states: "William M. Windsor has been simultaneously charged with five protective order violations that took place on five distinctively different dates over a nine month period in 2013 and 2014....William M. Windsor was in Dallas, Texas on each of the five dates."

    Ok, lets look at this again from another Fraud standpoint.
    Roughly a month prior to going to MT, Windsor claimed he established residency in SD. After MT, he went straight back to TX, where he was until he fled the jail, which was longer than 9 months of which the complaint about "lack of Jurisdiction" is being argued. Windsor also claimed he set up a "Studio" in TX. Was there a lease? When was it signed? Prior to his even going to South Dakota to "establish residency?"

    If Windsor, in this new motion is claiming he was in TX, for that 9 month period, then why was all his legal mail, with notaries and sworn statements addressed to a SD Post Office Box? He clearly stated he was in TX, not SD. Is that more "FRAUD UPON THE COURTS?"

    1. ***let me correct "fled the jail***. Bolted on the bond release agreement--would be a better assessment or description.

  8. Is every remaining lemming either a mental case or illiterate? Seems that way to me.

    1. At least for the last year....
      There were literate & mentally stable Windsor followers before? Really?

      Oh! And Jennie? She's still tromping around rural East Texas, begging to be taken back by my friend's son.
      Yo Windsor! Jennie's available! Give her a call! Friend's family would greatly appreciate you taking your hired help back.

    2. HAHAHAHA -
      Michael Ledzian The DA is trying to imply that she thinks that you have some kind of Mental problem. Common way to assassinate your character

    3. That was another no brainer, Michael. Good looking out. Derrrrrr

  9. I just got back from the water park where I had to walk through a metal detector. Think of all the places he can't go without attracting negative attention: banks, parks, airports, schools, malls, courts (hey leave it on!), etc. Shoot he may have to get used to being a shut in....oh wait!

    1. Y'all think Windsor is still sporting those too short khaki shorts to accentuate his ankle bracket? Sandals or Crocs?
      Scrolled through his old photos today, wtf with those little bitty shirts? Eewwwwwwww, that's just weird. Cover some of that fugly up! Consider it a public service!

    2. shorts not shirts. My phone doesn't even wanna type the word shorts & Windsor together!

  10. Alert!!!
    Windsor is awake!!
    Wants to be an au pair!
    What???? Not allowed near his own grandchildren, but will hire out? He's really scary crazy now.
    Hide children! Quick!

    1. Creeper meter just pegged out. On several levels!
      (no likes, no comments...flat out creepy. Or is he finally coming out of the closet?)


    2. Not Ben's type, but a lonely old creep can dream, can't he?


    3. That's what happens when you only read the cliff notes. Ben is still richer and more talented than Windsor, and Windsor is still a 65 year old man who is alone and desperate.

    4. Ben is going to require references.
      Being banished from grandchildren prolly isn't gonna go over well. Just a hunch.,

  11. Since Windsor is all about posting political campaigning stuff, here is a flash back of his very own political aspirations. (while it is extremely nauseating to listen to, he really focuses on Impeachments. Main stream media has to cover it. It was the lead in IMO to his DC rant about Treason and getting all those corrupt people HE deems corrupt found guilty) Note in the first one, around the 3:50 mark he clearly states instead of door to door campaigning he's hopping in a Jeep and driving to all 50 state Capitals, so that way he will become more of America's Candidate.

    1. forgot to add with his hopping in the jeep ***to film people***

    2. Impeachments and recusals. He doesn't know how to win a debate, so instead he demands that his opponent be removed, always. Nice little Oedipus complex that even Snoozie will appreciate. And what lengths will he go to remove his opponent? Sabotage? Manufactured evidence? Character assassination? Murder? Does anyone remember that Oedipus killed his own father, slept with his mother and then poked out his own eyes so that he could not see what he had done?

  12. "Second, I am not using the telephone because I don't want the long arm of the law to know where I am."

    Don't worry about them tracking your phone Bill, that why you're wearing a GPS ankle monitor.

    1. He is not using the phone for the same reason he has not used the phone for the last several years. He doesn't want to talk to anyone. He wants to be the one to ambush call them with the recorders running.

  13. I love to see the Lemmings preach about treason being defined as anyone who advocates war (you mean like a revolution?) against the government and insist that anyone who gives aid and comfort (you mean like blind loyalty, money and sending stalker mail?) should also be found guilty of treason. These people are like the walking dead unable to see themselves in the mirror.

    1. Very sad, perpetual victims. They know nothing else & have been given false hope. That's cruel. All the time they've wasted that they could've been helping themselves or loved ones. Now? They're supposed to rally for a millionaire that hasn't done jack shit for them.