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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Set Your Alarm Clocks!


  1. Windbag says he made it to MT, with some added drama of course...

    Lets see the write up later today, to see if the interviews, went the way he hoped they would. Something tells me, like always, he will be very disappointed that he won't be allowed to interrogate the witnesses, and make a huge conspiracy case like he's been desperately trying to do this whole time.

    But, that will fall right into his line of spin right? Waiting for the "Windsor's rights were violated by_____________ &_______________ & _____________ who have been paid by the _______________ in order to "Stop the Movie" and silence film maker Butthurt Bill. I now have undeniable proof (again) of ________________. Please share and share again. We need millions of people to join us in promoting America the_________________ so we can "take our country back."

    1. I can gaurafrickintauaranteee that the "interviews" will not go as he planned!!! If it all goes right windbag may end up going right back to a nice orange outfit.

    2. Of course he Facebooked it immediately.
      What an attention hoe.

      If he has access to potential jurors? He'll stalk them.


  2. Bill Windsor:
    ...Claudia Denker-Eccles and Chris Shermer were interviewed....
    Funny how they clammed up when I asked about the conspiracy."

    Gee Windsor, if there is no conspiracy to speak of, you call it 'clamming up'? DUH!

    1. Funny how he clams up when he is asked about so many things, and then goes on a rampage about conspiracies for half an hour before circling back around and never answering the question.

  3. "Funny how they clammed up when I asked about the conspiracy."

    Well I sure find it funny. It's like someone is tickling me.

  4. Ah yes. The Conspiracy Defense. The Bilderbergers done it. New World Order. Juries love that stuff.

  5. Maybe SB decided not to be interviewed. Pretty sure it's his decision to make. Boy oh boy. Windsor would rupture blood vessels.

  6. MAJOR developments in Bill Windsor criminal case. William M. Windsor has been advised that he mey expect to be arrested on federal charges of allegedly sending a Tweet, sending an email to an attorney, and publishing the name of the man who attempted to kill Bill Windsor

    This was communicated to Bill Windsor today by Missoula County Attorney, Jennifer Clark.

    This could be one of the last articles that you see from Bill Windsor in a while....

    So, the plot thickens. Sean Boushie wore an NRA shirt to his interview and apparently had a concealed handgun, and I was not allowed to ask him about either. This is the first time I have seen him and spoken with him. I now know one of the factors that has made him into the lowlife that I believe he is; he is one ugly guy, outside and in.

    Things to do. If I remain free, I will write more as soon as possible.

    1. Federal charges for something---but not that Windsore.
      So after joking about guns last night he would deny someone the right to promote the NRA and 2A? What would KPat say?

    2. Charged with a federal Crime? What is the statute of limitations of starting a list of politicians who did not respond to his hand carried envelope to DC? The List of those to be charged first for Treason. That list. The list of those people he would put them on Trial for treason then sentence them to the death penalty. I remember that list.

      Sounds like a Whacko with a list. All I know is that one of those agencies Deposed him once already. Home many lies did he say to them?

    3. Uh? Federal?
      I'll give Winfsor credit for one thing. He's gonna ride this whopper lie of "a tweet, an email & publishing Mr Boushie's name" to the ground.

      The Feds don't give a shit about his stupid ass pissing match with Boushie.
      The plot thickens alright.
      Federal time is day for day.

    4. It's official.
      Jennifer Clark joins the ranks of the other bad assed chicks that have put the legal whoop ass on Windsor.
      How many now? Google Shannon, Facebook Julia, BarbH...who'd I leave out?
      YaY Jennifer!
      YaY Feds!

      And? Why is is Windsor bitching about Boushie exercising his right to carry a firearm legally? Windsor has boasted & bragged for years about gun rights. That's funny. Really funny.

    5. I'm guessing Windsor doesn't support the NRA anymore after today?
      Boushie's gun must be slot bigger that Windsor's.

      Agreed. Funny.

    6. Is Bill angry that he never visited the NRA for himself or that legit companies make more money from tshirt sales than he does?

  7. "apparently had a concealed handgun"

    No he didn't.

    1) If you saw it, it wasn't concealed.

    2) In Montana, even with a permit, unless they're LE and authorized ahead of time, no one is allowed to carry a concealed firearm in buildings owned or leased by the federal, state or local government.

    It's one thing to lie, but quite another to lie about something so easily checked.

    1. Wouldn't there have been a metal detector at the front door anyway?

    2. Well wow! I think Windsor's done spun out. His dramatic spins are all worn out, and he's starting to sound like Marty Prehn now.

      Problems exist for Windsor. He lies, claims he doesn't lie, but then those pesky facts he lies about can and will be checked out eventually, and it is/has/will be proven that he is full of nothing but BILLSHIT.

      On more than just this one stupid dramatic gun spin, there are far more things in Windsor's tall tales, that could end up biting him in the ass. I for one really hope he finally gets his comeuppance after all the havoc, lies, menacing, wasting of Government resources, taxpayer money in a time when we're already tapped the eff out, all because HE wanted to be some name that would go down in history. My hope is that it does. In the most disgraced way humanly possible. As a Fraud, A liar, and a Traitor!
      But that's just me...

    3. And that's what he's bringing to court the end of September. Lies and conjectures that are easily proved false, right in front of the Jury.

    4. Bill Windsor--"This is serious folks."

      Ok Windsor, do you really know how serious this is, or are you trying to do your regular Billshit spin? Cause if you really think you can hunt down and find some case law to get out of this, you're seriously mistaken. All your posturing over the past 2 years WILL come back to haunt you IMO.

      Buckle up Billcup, you liked to play court games? Lets just see how much you thought you could play them before they'd slam you down.

    5. Oh. Now it's serious. Gee, all this time I thought he was kidding with the murder and gun stuff. So this time we are to believe him? Well now I know. Geez Louise cause it's so last century for people to sue the government I just naturally tuned him out. What was I thinking?
      (What's amatter Bill? Lemmings not bite?)

    6. Yeah, his "This is serious folks" comment reminded me of one of Windsor's..... um..... suckers who fell for his paid-to-publish 'The Constitution is Void" press release scam via PRNewswire.

      The guy fell for it hard, saying on his Windsor-style call-in "talk show", "This is real folks. This is not a game, this is not a joke, this is happening right now....", and a call-in guest said that because of Windsor's [totally fabricated] press release that Fort Bragg was on total lock-down due to civil unrest.... errrr, no, civil disobedience.


      For reals.

      See for yourself.

    7. Windsor's paid PRNewswire press release on the MOM case:

      Supreme Court Refuses to Honor Oath to Defend Constitution, states William M. Windsor

      WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is being issued by William M. Windsor:

      The U.S. Supreme Court issued an order in Docket No. 10-411 in which the justices refused to honor their oath to defend the Constitution.

      Each justice took oaths required to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and to "bear true faith and allegiance to the same."

      But in the fifth petition presented to The Supreme Court in the last three months asking the Court to declare that federal judges do not have the right to ignore the Constitution, the Court refused again.

      The petition was filed by William M. Windsor. "I consider their refusal to defend the Constitution to be a clear violation of their oath. I believe these judges now lack any authority to rule on matters. The Constitution grants their only authority, and they refuse to honor it. I have called on Congress to impeach all of the justices."

      Windsor charges the justices of The Supreme Court with felonies. 18 U.S.C.4 states that: "Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both." Windsor's petition presented the justices with an extensive list of criminal violations, and these have not been reported as required by federal law.

      Windsor stated: "Everyone in America needs to know that our federal judiciary is corrupt. Our rights have been stolen. We must insist that Congress conduct public hearings into the corruption in the federal judiciary. If Congress does not do so, we need to replace Congress."

      The Government Corruption Crisis Conference will be held on Sunday, February 27, 2011 from 5 to 7 pm EST. It will be broadcast at All Americans who support honesty in Government and our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights are asked to take the Pledge by joining the group at!/home.php?sk=group_193128914045255&ap=1

      Windsor continues to attempt to locate one honest government official. His mobile billboard can be seen driving around Washington, DC on February 29. It says: "Wanted: One Honest Government Official." It provides a toll-free number. Windsor has yet to receive a call.

      William Windsor

    8. He certainly has created a long history of messing with people's heads due to his lies.

      It's also interesting to see certain people who listened to him, and perhaps acted on his blabberings, who have gotten in trouble with the law, been killed, or are facing charges of their own. Windsor IMO holds responsibility in some of that.

    9. Here is someone else who fell for Windsor's "Constitution is Void" article, and actually input it into a petition they created, as IF it was actually legitimate.
      (Click the read more to see where Windsor comes in)

  8. Yes there would have in most cases.

  9. Vic Fedorov-- The protection order was issued illegally on false testimony to persecute a film maker documenting crimes by the judiciary impeding your free expression; to this day: Any scrutiny by the federal government would reveal this.

    Um no Vic. The protection order was issued because Windsor is NOT a filmmaker/producer and he has NO COMPANY. The LIE he told about needing to go "STALKING" didn't fly and the Judge already TOLD WINDSOR this, prior to him VIOLATING the order.

    No one is afraid of those crappy youtube videos with all you whiney snots boo hooing, because over 3/4 of you are also BIG FAT LIARS. Second, the whole MOVIE thing was a LURE to get people to join (pick a name) his group. Are none of you morons paying attention to what he's writing? Did any of you see how he's suing for Trademark violations when he DIDN'T HAVE ONE? That is FRAUD. He's suing for "Business losses" when he DIDN'T HAVE ONE! FRAUD again!!

    The list of lies of Windsor is long and sorted. If he is only charged with interstate violations by the Feds, (when Mr Big Shot kept saying "They don't have Jurisdiction over me, and MaryD and all the other wingnuts joined in to claim the same--None of you assholes know shit about laws, let along breaking them, or if it's "Corruption,") than he skated on bigger charges, that might just be coming down the road later.

    Windsor was Huffing and Puffing like the big bad wolf--but FUCK YOU!! You can't blow the Court houses down DICKHEAD!

  10. Above all, Bill, stay alive!

    Save "The Movie"!!


    1. "Jennifer, this is Bill Windsor. I'd like to talk to you about that deal you offered. Please call me back or email me at:"

      Thank you! Best laugh all day!

    2. Bahahaha That's hilarious!!

    3. "Billschit, this is Jennifer. I'd like to speak with you in regards to your request that your ankle monitor be removed. Please email me at:

  11. Wtf-ing fuq is this Vic prattling about?
    If this is Windsor's legal advisor? It is no surprise why he's been such an abysmal failure.
    Read real slow.

    Vic Fedorov
    Ultimately its the federal governments job to have honest courts. If you can keep the conversation to that, they could like you and want to work you to alter and reform the judiciary to benefit the people
    More · 3 hours ago

    Vic Fedorov
    Furthermore you have to examine and consider what the defense, by which I mean the state, is giving, as they say in football. For instance are they giving you drop suits against the joeys in exchange for dropping charges against you.

    And what do they think of your film? Do they think they will be tarred and feathered because of it, or are they looking forward to its distribution because they know its an important and ignored story that could make america greater, released and distributed.
    Edited · More · 3 hours ago

    Vic Fedorov
    There is a problem of routine judicial crime. Its not acknowledged by the government. If they can not acknowledge this basic and provable material fact, they have no authority to operate against you.

    Vic Fedorov
    The protection order was issued illegally on false testimony to persecute a film maker documenting crimes by the judiciary impeding your free expression; to this day: Any scrutiny by the federal government would reveal this. But you have to realize the government, your prosecutors, judges, are out of control: So you have to help them gain control of themselves. You have to realize their is sytstemic crime going right through their posts and its in no ones interest and has to and can, be stopped.
    The antagonistical nature of constitional courts is confrontational to deter communication. And communication, about what is going on every day, vitally needs communication. Now the government cant, so help them. Maybe theyll give you a grant to finish the movie, and then the movie will make the case, Ameria needs and wants to hear.

    1. They're gonna give a grant to finish THE MOVIE?

      For real? Vic! Dude!!! facepalm yourself Vic!

    2. Where is 'Susan'?
      I'm curious what her thoughts on Vic's advice & what she thinks about the possobilitity of a grant.
      Pleeeeeeeease? C'mon, you know you wanna. Spill it 'Susan'. Laugh, you know it's funny!

    3. Unbridled stupidity.

    4. Ya think?
      I'm gonna go with early #TinfoilTuesdayWrapping & real freaking high. Just a wild guess.
      I've read if you suffer from insomnia? You can go read on Vic's Facebook page and slip into a hard coma. Glad I don't have insomnia! Whew!

    5. I think Vic sat too close to MaryD. Wowzers.

    6. HAHA@ Petunia - even funnier, Vic thinks there's a actual movie !!

    7. I bet running is looking much better to the Windbag right about now...

    8. Windsor should definitely run & take Vic!
      Vic could do all the Facebook updates!

      "Day 837: Bill quit talking some 600 days ago, just keep driving...."

    9. Vic is an inner city boy, highly educated and eloquent in his opinions. Why his literate political analysis is the envy of many fifth graders:

      "Carter is my favorite president, because he was a farmer, a peanut farmer, and the world was mellow back then.Reagon ushered in the uptight everyman a yuppie era, which I hated. He took america from a seventies simplicity, that did what is to be produced, into wall street mumbo jumbo, and an alianation of the good values that bond us."

  12. Windsor: "Presumably the Missoula County Prosecuting Attorneys were advised that my Motion to Dismiss the Charges due to Lack of Jurisdiction was valid. So, they had to regroup. OR, perhaps the Feds decided the Montana folks had blown it again and again, so they were going to have to take over."

    Or perhaps you're facing federal charges AFTER your Montana trial. There just has to be a single instance not charged in Montana. Doubt the Feds would have any trouble finding one. SB has you snookered, man. Referring people to things you wrote about SB does not constitute evidence. Did you back off on the he-freaking-tried-to-murder-me tactic during the interview, Bill? Tell us how that's working out for your credibility. It's just one more thing that can be proven irrevocably false right in front of a jury. By that point they'll begin to wonder if anything you've said is true. Your name, age, everything will be in doubt at that point. Brilliant.

  13. If the feds have any problem with how Montana has handled this, Windsor, it's that the Judge let you out on bail after your having been a multi-state fugitive.

  14. Vic Fedorov: "I think she is bluffin and harrassing you."

    Won't be long before we find out, will it now? My guess is that she argued with herself and her staff about offering Windsor that deal that no sane person would have refused, and now she's going to make certain the consequences of that refusal are severe. She'll make it worth her time. Probably had no effect, but Bill calling her a liar and a witch wasn't real smart.

  15. If you look at all the "evidence" Windsor says he has, you'll soon see that it's nothing. Every page starts with "This is to document [something or other]". Then he documents precisely nothing. Look at this page --->

    He posts three documents as evidence. All three are letters from various Montana agencies or offices to Crystal Cox saying basically, "We can't help you. Try somewhere else."

    None of these mention SB even tangentially. There's nothing on that page that supports its opening statement. Every page I've looked at there is similarly empty of content. It's evidence of nothing. It documents nothing.

    1. Great point. This is Windsor's well documented (by himself) history of filing frivolous things in courts across the U.S. This is the evidence that proves when Windsor files anything in any court because he believes he has that "right" the courts also have the "right" to stop his menacing ways.

      Look how many chances the GA courts gave him, and how lenient they were until they finally realized his "issues" had zero merit, and he wouldn't stop harassing everyone. He is honestly IMO, one of the worst Vexatious Litigant in history. The amount of time wasted in the past 10 or so years on his crap? The money? His blatant disregard for Thrash's order? The games? All with the same theme, just to be a nuisance, and wear people down, so they just give in? That may have worked for him with regular citizens in the past, but at some point that "history" has to come back and bite him.

      He still, to this day, can not and will not acknowledge his own behaviors, his own words, his own actions. It's always someone elses fault.

  16. I can't take the BillSchit that Windsor is feeding his readers/supporters.
    It's truly a small world & I'm from a small town. I have dozens of friends that travel working on pipelines, power lines, drilling rigs & cellular towers. Many of them are in Idaho, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, and yes, today, even went through Missoula Montana after spending the night there, to their next destination.
    Windsor's lie that he drove out yesterday, for hours & has hours more to go? Lie. Flat out lie, UNLESS he has a twin with the exact same vehicle as his. He's planted right in Missoula.
    Why freaking lie? Damn. Those he's telling this shit to? Genuinely care. That's beyond shitty & beyond. I cannot help but feel so sorry for anyone that has an ounce of faith in this POS. He does them so dirty continually & for what purpose? I don't get it! Wtf-ing fuq?
    My friends know some of the bs he did to me & my family & they have absolutely NO reason lie when they to texted me today to tell me they "saw that weird old guy that sued you & was creeping around. What is he doing up here, now?" I texted back "Same shit, different day, different place. And? Y'all avoid his goofy ass like he has the plague."
    Windsor dates to get tacky with me? Insinuate I'm making this up? I can definitely back up what these hard working, lifelong friends of mine & my husband's saw. Windsor best get to stfu-ing with that lying to the few remaining folks that even care about him & start telling them some truths. Damn, is that not just beyond shitty?
    #ItIsASmallWorld & I know a lot of really nice people in it. These friends are a long way from our hometown & when they notice that kinda thing? Duh.
    What a POS Windsor truly is. No wonder Facebook & hate is all he's got.

  17. I'm in the Rockies. I live here. Come time for the trial, I'll be in Western ND and Eastern MT. If I have a spare day, I'll run over and see if I can pack myself in. Something tells me there's going to be plenty of extra seating. If I go, I'll just sit there like a lump on a log (something I'm pretty good at, chance has it) and remember what goes on so I can give ya updates, if you want them. I doubt very much there's going to be any surprises. I'm the one who figures Windsor will collapse and have to be hauled to the hospital, so it would take a lot to surprise me. I won't betray my allegiances, because really I have none. In that trial, it's really just SB, the University and the State of Montana who really have a dog in that race. I can easily behave true to my motives: I find it interesting. I've never even heard of someone like Windsor (before Windsor) and I want to see with my own eyes that he really exists. Call me a gawker. That's as accurate as anything else and I've certainly been called worse.

  18. Oh, and I've a friend who runs a restaurant there - a college trained chef who could live lots of places, he chose Missoula. Will be good to eat proper biscuits and gravy again.

  19. Windsor: " website is not working. Is it a coincidence that this happened right after the witness interviews?"

    That website isn't working a good third of the time these days, Bill. That's more a function of your finding the absolute cheapest host that had low enough standards to store your garbage. Where's paranoia reigning supreme now, dude?

    1. If you goggle Bill----you can read the numerous time His Dummy Highness had to ask for help on how to run a computer or a blog or software. It's really quite comical that a man who has allegedly almost 20 years of experience in the communication industry doesn't know how to operate the most basic of systems.

  20. WLYB!

    Now go find a nice $5.00 tranny and relax a spell.

  21. Bill Windsor is still out of prison. Here's quick update on possible federal criminal charges against him for Tweeting from Texas.

    There was a MAJOR development in the Bill Windsor criminal case on August 17, 2015 when William M. Windsor was advised that he may expect to be arrested on federal charges of allegedly sending a Tweet, sending an email to an attorney, and publishing the name of Sean Boushie, the man who attempted to kill him.

    This was communicated to me by Missoula County Attorney, Jennifer Clark. This is presumably the statute -- 18 U.S.C. 2262. I've not committed a crime, and certainly haven't violated this statute.

    When I arrived "home" this evening after a very dangerous drive, I received this email from Missoula County Attorney, Jennifer Clark:

    "From: Jennifer Clark <>;
    Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 2:57 PM
    Subject: False information

    "Mr. Windsor:

    "I have been advised of information you posted on your website that I told you to expect Federal Charges. This is a misrepresentation and I would like you to correct the false information that you are sharing.

    "thank you"

    1. Here is my response to Jennifer Clark:

      "I published that you told me it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney. That was what both Christopher Daly and I understood. As you will recall, he then said that I should not be surprised (or should expect ...not sure which) some Federal Marshals to come grab me.

      "May I ask who you spoke with at the U.S. Attorney's Office? I'd like to speak with them.

      "I will post your email and my response online. I'll check what someone else may have written to be sure the proper story is reflected.

      "I would never intentionally misrepresent anything that you say."

      Here is what was published on Facebook: ..."the big news is that it looks like William M. Windsor will soon be facing federal charges for his alleged Tweet, email, and publishing the name of the man who tried to kill him."

      This was also published on Facebook: "So, Bill Windsor is probably headed to 'jail' again. Federal Marshals will arrest him and put him in a federal prison of some type. It's going to be like starting all over. This is kind of like Chinese Water Torture."

      us-marshal-service When Jennifer Clark and Missoula County Police Department Detective Chris Shermer spoke with me about this, they had huge ****-eating grins on their faces, laughing.

      I asked Jennifer Clark what was going to happen, and she said it was in the hands of the Feds.

      So, it looks to me like I will soon be facing Federal Charges for Tweeting, etc.

      Sure sounded probable to both my court-appointed back-up counsel and me.

      In fact, the public defender said while we were with the bad guys that I should expect Federal Marshals to show up and grab me. He told me as we walked out of the courthouse that I would get a new public defender back-up counsel from federal court. Sure sounded probable to me.

      I doubt that Jennifer Clark will tell me who she spoke with at the U.S. Attorney's Office. She wouldn't even tell me what I was charged with back in January.

    2. I plan to call the U.S. Attorney for Montana tomorrow. The U.S. Attorney for Montana is Michael W. Cotter, and he is married to Montana Supreme Court Justice Patricia Cotter. Justice Patricia Cotter is an extremely corrupt judge who has legally raped me on several occasions. I'm sure Michael W. Cotter will "love" me, if he doesn't already.

      Some of the crimes committed by courts are done by the clerk of the court staff. I am experiencing this yet again with the federal court is Missoula Montana. It appears that they are destroying my filings. I have mailed to them three times and called them three times about my appeal of the refusal of Patricia Cotter and her associates to hold a hearing on my motion to disqualify Judge James A. Haynes in my Montana criminal case. It has been over a month! The clerk who I have spoken with twice has been extremely nervous. he last told me "I don't have any FIRST-HAND knowledge about what has happened to your filings."

      I have a certified mail return receipt delivery confirmation, and they were still denying receipt.

      Let me briefly touch on the comment that I made above about a very dangerous drive. I have come to the realization that I should be driving as little as possible. After being in only one minor fender-bender in a lifetime of driving, I am now running off the road, almost rammed a lady today at 70 mph on the Interstate, etc. My recent dizziness problem comes from the back of my skull, bottom right. This was where the impact of my fractured skull was in December 2013. When I am driving and turn my head sharply to the right to look to see if my right side is clear, I get a dizzy spell. My depth perception seems a little off, everything does when I drive. The tremor in my left hand is extremely bad, and my arm starts shaking severely as I am holding the steering wheel. I've written before that I was going to limit driving until I finally get to see a neurologist, but now I must try really hard. I could be dead today from running off the road on the side of a mountain in a hairpin turn. That's scary.

    3. Now I guess I'll have to work night and day preparing exhibits for the possibility of a Pre-Trial Hearing in Missoula on Friday. There shouldn't be one as the case is stayed pending the results of my appeal to federal court. But, nothing has been received from the court to remove it from the calendar. I wouldn't be totally shocked if they keep it on the schedule and Federal Marshals arrest me when I walk in. Maybe I can find a designated driver to take me back.

      UPDATE 17 7:46 PM ON AUGUST 18, 2015

      I just received this from Jennifer Clark:

      "You did misrepresent what I said because I never said it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney's office. You have made several misrepresentations and if it continues during trial, I will ask for sanctions. Your recklessness with the facts is concerning."

      Here is my response to Jennifer Clark:

      "What misrepresentations? You say I have made several. Let's hear them.

      "I believe you said it was in the hands of the U.S. Attorney. That was my understanding. "It's up to the U.S. Attorney," or words to that effect. If you want to type up what you believe you said, I will be delighted to publish it.

      "I have no desire to misrepresent facts. You do it too well.

      "I need my freedom of information documents. May I send a courier to pick them up tomorrow?

      "I will update this article with your latest email"

      These emails give me the impression that Chris Shermer and Jennifer Clark got carried away with their gloating over this. OR, perhaps they made the whole thing up. OR perhaps the U.S. Attorney's Office told them they should get serious and go away.

    4. He's a liar. Everything he does and says is for his idiot followers to say something like this.

      "Kevin P Brady-- Look. There is simply no bout adout it. They are ALL scumbags who have learned the game too well. So........... we have to change the rules on em."

      Windsor believes he can play semantic games, and no one but him falls for it. The whole "To that effect" or "Upon information and belief" or the other various moronic things he says, are still lies, covered in Billshit.

      He needs to be sanctioned. I haven't seen any motions or anything filed in the Federal docket to suggest he actually filed anything there. Pretending they are destroying his crap is yet another Windsor move. He's such a prick.

    5. Kpat forgot to tell him that NLA could help him.

    6. "Your recklessness with the facts is concerning."

      Welcome to the party, Jennifer.

    7. Wow! just freaking wow.
      I am sure liking Jennifer Clark. A lot.

      And? Is this the first anyone else has read of defense counsel for Windsor? What happened to ProSeBaby?


    8. Speaking of NLA...Greg Todd, one of their top guys bailed to form a new group with Carl Swennson (another Lawless America and NLA alum). Americans Standing United. I hope they leave bread crumbs for Kpat to find them...

    9. Think his state funded "back up counsel" gets combat pay?

    10. Wondering if Ms, Clark compelled him to have " defense counsel" after his refusal for a mental exam. I'm sure Missoula & Ms. Clark don't want a conviction to get overtuned because he turns around and say's he didn't have proper cousel or was mentally unfit to rep himself just a thought .

    11. If he ever does kill someone on the road it's a sure thing for manslaughter charges. Whether his medical conditions are faked or not he is admitting he knows he should not be driving but does so anyway.

    12. You know there's an apparent ton of reasons they could have spoken about possible future federal charges. We won't know until if and when they speak. My guess? Considering how he pretended not to know about hearings in the past, they may have warned him what we happen if he attempted to flee or if he missed his court appearances. Did they take back his ability to leave the state? Could be motivation to pretend to leave Montana but be too scared to do so for fear of federal charges of fleeing. But now he still wants an out from going to court so he sets up the medical excuse and that will be the day he finally decides it's not safe to drive. Just a hunch.

    13. Exactly!!!! I have said that for over a year. He is dangerous to others on the roads. Even his goofy self admits it.

    14. Windsor tried to fire his public defender.

  22. Have no fear, Windsor! Crystal Cox is here, @Blogspot, for you.
    First time #IHope used in headline.
    Is that quaking of boots? Yes, yes, I do believe Ms Clark and Mr Shermer have caused quaking.

    1. "P.S. I have never been in a federal prison. Just three county jails. So far. But, now it's possible that I could spend the rest of my life in a federal prison."

      There's a misrepresentation right there. The victim wasn't killed or hurt and no weapons were used so, "(5) for not more than 5 years, in any other case, or both fined and imprisoned.

    2. "Posted here upon the knowledge and belief..."
      Uh, ok, if any site starts out like that, just log off.

      Their "knowledge and belief" is warped first of all. It's their excuse to say whatever the hell they want, and who cares if it's factual, truthful, and/or backed with evidence.(cause all that "evidence" they provide is just more of the same) Nope, if you're one of the Lawless, all you need is "upon information or knowledge" (that they make up) and "belief" (which is code for I'm a twisted m'f'er, and have a lifetime supply of tin foil in my closet) and it's officially a trash site, written as if it's news, until they are questioned by the Law, and it suddenly becomes a "blog."

      Nice addition Windsor. You've never claimed to be a "Blogger" before. Did you come up with that all on your own, or did Cox help you with that defense?

    3. G'morning!
      Well, for us it is.
      If there was ever gonna be "A Movie" or "A Series"? These last few days? Comparable to the reality show (wink) Naked And Afraid combined with LockUp, adding in Snapped, World's Stupidest Criminals and Intervention.
      Windsor could so be cha-chinging some real money IF he'd just wear a body cam & mic with his state issued ankle monitor.
      I would seriously watch avidly. Puts a whole new meaning to #DontDoThisYourself.
      Wndsor has really surpassed any level of absurdity measurable. If I didn't absolutely find him so loathesome and despicable? I might, maybe, perhaps, feel some teenie tiny modicum of pity at the stupidity of the situation(s) he is in presently. But, I don't.
      I think everything Windsor is now facing is rip roaring hilarious and he did it ALL to himself, all by himself, for no ther reason than he craved attention.
      The part I'm relishing the most? Barely any of his once loyal lemmings are the least bit interested, they cannot be bothered to even click LIKE now. Just as Ida pointed out, they've wandered off, bored with the All About Windsor tales of woe. They've had their own problems and Windsor didn't care. Why should they?
      Yay for the former Lawless lemmings!

      Hoofs up ^^ ^^, ♛ askew, giggle snicker snorting happily!
      I have a huge girl crush on this Jennifer Clark! She is tearing Windsor's goofy ass UP! Yipppppppeeeee! Wild applause! Bravo! Standing ovation!
      Gotta go get Bertandt's back to PacaSchool stuff today, I'll be delighted to discover what BillSchit spews ensue today!


      ℗ ♛ (sideways) & big ❥s to y'all!

    4. In all this time, this is the first I've seen him actually afraid. And afraid for a real reason, not a made up one. I'm glad he is afraid. And he will have to face this alone with out public support from his family because they care more about protecting their ability to be rich once he's gone than they care about him. He used his family as collateral and he lost everything. That is worth more than any revenge I can think of.

    5. One of his family is gopher-ing for him daily. There, in Missoula. His family disowned him? Pffffffffffft

  23. Pretty sure we'll see a new mugshot soon...

  24. Captain Vic to the rescue!

    "Vic Fedorov
    They make up a lot of things. I think humbly u are too confrontational. Its not about you but daily injustices through the judiciary. Can u offer to withdraw civil action against joeys in return for charged being dropped and finish the movie instead? That the cotters are married really exposes intrinsisc flaws to the system. I dont think they want to hurt you in that the bad things they do to the people reflect their being out of control. Then you come along and its threatening to them to be exposed or come this close to someone exposing them. Thus their persecution prosecutionno of you is further and reactionary outofcontrolledness. So since they are out of controll is offer help to gain control which is only done by their repenting and an understanding of spiritual path such as the mind connecting christian terminology of the kingdom of god.
    Edited · More · 29 minutes ago "

    1. By the way, "God", as used, is a proper noun, you fucktard...

    2. Uh, yeah. Vic? Could you at least properly capitalize God?
      Other than that? What in tarnation did Vic say?
      Lemme see if I dumbed it down far enough...IF Windsor drops his shit against me, Mr Flemming, & others (that dismissed since February shit) in Texas? Montana &/or the Feds are going to negotiate with him?
      Is that close to what Fucktarded Vic said?
      Beep beep! Newsflash Vic! I? Don't know Mr Boushie or anyone else way up in Montana. The ONLY reason I know OF Mr Boushie at all? I got lumped into some Vexi shit sling with him & a thousand other strangers in TEXAS by Windsor. How could so many fruity loops, like Vic & the lunar tuners all bunch up together? Does Windsor have a magnet up his ass & the tin foil just attracts them? That's gotta be it! Dang!
      I am thrilled that someone somewhere nailed Windsor's ass! I hope that creepy freak Windsor is now so 'in fear' for real that he's shaking, dizzy, his big ass head is throbbing, he's nauseous, he really has diarrhea AND a cough, that he's bawling like the bitch he is! I also hope that any & everyone he ever done shitty things to is grinning from ear to ear!
      Bam! I said it.
      I think that Prosecutor Clark woman is terrific!! Makes it even sweeter for me knowing ANOTHER woman attorney gave him a court bitchslap & his trial hasn't even started yet!


    3. Vic used the word, "prosecutionno". Is that Italian?

    4. Yeah. Let's go with that.
      Italian. Bwahahahahaha

  25. No Windsor, it will not prove anything you think it will, but it WILL prove that yes, all of you or most of you ARE indeed sore losers. You have Zero credibility and even less merit in ANY of your court bitchfests you call cases of Documented Corruption. You are the definition of "Sore Loser"
    turned "Vexatious Litigant" and American Enemy do to the fact you feel you have the RIGHT to make Taxpayers FOOT YOUR BILLS. Asshole!
    "Bill Windsor-- it's been an action-packed day. I'm going to take a very late shower. Can't wait to see the latest as this soap opera continues. Note to those who feel this doesn't affect you: While this is my life and future, I know that my dealings with corruption provide a special opportunity to document wrongdoing and corruption in many states by many people. I hope this will prove compelling to people who figure we are all just sore losers."

    1. Can't take the pressure of his lemmings waking up so he has to shame them for the crime of thinking for themselves. Remember how you Lemmings sent letters for him when he was in jail last time? Once he is found GUILTY you might want to think twice about continuing to stalk people for him. And if you think you can say you had nothing to do with it, and that you only mailed a letter, just remember that Bill wants you to think his relationship to the defendants is entirely about you. You will be jailed also. Better run now while the getting is good.

    2. AH--He's setting up the Martyr Stage. Going down in flames Martyr style.

      I do think he's taking his internet badass a tad too far though. What's he going to do when reality sets in, and that FB audience isn't in the courtroom? He's not typing and staring at a screen? The actual people glaring at him, looking at his soulless eyes? Watching him shake more uncontrollable as he gets more and more red faced, and loses his temper? He's posting and acting like this is a civil case. He really seems to think his "Yeah, but...he..." excuses will fly. I bet he'll hear OBJECT, STRIKE, IRRELEVANT, etc. almost every time he opens that shit eating, yellow toothed, crooked grin.

  26. Trying to get this straight. So Windsor's still in Missoula? Did he ever leave?

  27. Windsor's posts are getting stranger and stranger by the moment. No wonder he turned down the plea bargain because of the requirement that he undergo a psych evaluation:

    Windsor's FaceBook post - [8:34pm - 0819/2015]
    Rumor has it that a transcript of a telephone conversation is floating around."

    At 8:53pm, Windsor added this comment to the above post:
    "Embarrassing Conversation between Missoula County Attorney and U.S. Attorney

  28. Windsor: "At 11:00 pm on August 19, 2015, it appears that Bill Windsor will not be returning to Montana for his criminal trial on September 28, 2015. It will surely have to be rescheduled as Bill Windsor's appeal to federal court cannot be decided by that date."

    I doubt it makes a paramecium butt's worth of difference how things appear to Bill Windsor. I think he's out of options for preventing that trial from beginning as scheduled. He's having a very difficult time believing that - that there's nothing he can do. Nothing! So I figure he'll begin concentrating on the health thing now. This is what he does every waking minute now - try to come up with stuff that will move that trial date further into the future or eliminate it altogether. He's not preparing because he can't. He's preventing, and it's not going to work.

  29. "William Windsor and I did leave the interview with the impression that there was a possibility that the case could be turned over to the Federal authorities although we were not specifically told that." - Chris Daly

    Windsor goes on to say this is exactly as he portrayed it. No it isn't. Counselor Daly uses the words "impression," "could," and then goes on to say they "were not specifically told that." Windsor is playing a childish game of gotcha with the wrong people. The prosecution has an insurmountable home court advantage. The prosecutor offered Windsor a deal made in Heaven, and the judge will know that. The judge will know that Windsor could have spared himself and the court a lot of trouble and expense, and that he's proceeding because of spite and an uncontrolled ego.

    1. That, to me, sounds like Chris would rather be left out of Willy's little game.

    2. I tried to imagine being stuck, court appointed, to defend a POS like Windsor. Taking up valuable time, resources and incurring ridiculous expenses. Disgusting.
      I can see from skimming his Facebook page that Windsor was again awake all night, cranking out more absurd shit to plaster across social media and his .com.
      Now? He claims he's leaving MT and is not returning for trial.
      That? Reads to me as a flat out dare that he's giving to authorities. Why doesn't he tag those he yammers about? Then he could be assured they are reading his rhetoric. It's so easy to do via Facebook. Obviously, Windsor is far too wussie to use the tag feature, always has been. Ha! Real online badass right there.
      I do hope his tankass © gets tossed back in jail, as he has been salaciously insinuating he's going to be, in so many of his online trash for weeks & months. It'd be perfect karma for Windsor to be granted what he's been claiming, "incarceration for the rest of my life". Zap. Here ya go, dipshit.
      No fanfare, just gone to jail. Buhbye bitch.
      If Windsor doesn't get arrested/taken into custody? Instead, he bolts for a border, a hiding place? Then he's a prisoner of his own creation, a fugitive. That'd be fine to me, too.
      Probably unbelievable to Windsor? The rest of the world will continue on... We'll just all go about our days, surrounded by our families & friends, free from worry, just enjoying our everyday lives? Windsor would be constantly consumed with his own absurd lies and the consequences of being an AssRag.
      Windsor is NOT crazy, he's just over ego inflated/infatuated with himself (why? is a complete mystery to me. I've seen him, he's not very impressive to gaze upon) and he's fueled by rage for any & everyone that actually sees him for the insignificant little nuisance of a twit that he truly is. Anti everything American, pro everything himself, that's it, wrap him up, slap a bow on him & he is still plain old BillSchit.

      I'm watching news footage of the U.S. states being ravaged by wildfires, people struggling, fighting to protect & preserve what they've worked for & earned. Thousands of volunteers going to these states to give of themselves & taking donations from around our country.
      Once again, I am reminded of how proud I am of the millions of men and women that are hard working, selfless. 100% real Americans.
      I thought for a moment, what if Windsor donated just ⅛ of the amount of money he's wasted o his Vexi frivolous snit, to assist those devastated today? Gagged me to even consider it.
      IMHO? In the grand scheme of all things America? Windsor is nothing more than a menace and a nuisance.

    3. So in trying to decipher the Billshit of the past few days, Windsor wrote an article claiming he was unfit to be behind the wheel. That he had left MT, driven hundreds of miles, almost hit a woman, and needed to drive several hundred more. Now, he claims he is still in MT? But, since his Federal cry for help won't be heard by then, he'll just take that as in "it's pending, nannananna booboo you can't touch me..." and just not show up?

      Ok, so the man is incapable of telling the truth. There is no new Federal anything for Windsor showing up on PACER. Another lie? Then, he claims he'd rather die in jail than drop the civil suits against the Joeys. Well, the civil suits dropped him. All he has are the Plethora of Appeals that he still can't seem to follow the rules for. But--the civil suits are just an extension of the MT debacle, filed as retaliation for him being handed his ass and basically being told to GTFO of their state.

      Then he claims he's going to take time away from what he's doing to make a new video? That he's happy he's been making money from Youtube lately? Then he posts the "movie trailer" that Naomi made a year or more ago--which claims it is one of "Several trailers" for the "movie" but there is only that one? Which she made on her own, from clips that were on TV?

      OMG!! His life is all about Misrepresentations, Conning, scamming and defrauding people. That is all I can deduce from the years of watching this horrific train wreck named William M Windsor.

    4. When was the last time we saw Bill with his camera? Does he even still have it? Does he remember how to use it with those shaky hands? I"m betting not.

    5. Maybe his sister is storing it for him, or one of his girlfriends--oh excuse me, "helpers." I'm sure they have all his prized possessions tucked safely away somewhere with all his missing files that he can never find when he needs the delay excuse, but always seems to claim he has when he's saying he has all this mass "evidence."

    6. Not Jennie, Windsor's former hired help. She's steadily back to stalking my friend's son that she so quickly broke up with a few ago. She's begging, pleading, using every maneuver known to trick ass hoes. I can vouch that she's accounted for, busy circling Henderson County, Texas like a puzzard.

  30. Something Windsor is either ignoring or doesn't understand is that whether or not Jennifer Clark *has* spoken with the feds, she can, anytime she wants. She can call them, they'll answer, and they'll talk to her as long as she likes. Bill Windsor cannot do the same. He can't get the feds to even acknowledge Bill Windsor exists.

    1. Well, I'm thinking that Windsor believes that either MT prosecutes him, or the Feds. It's one or the other. I say he's wrong. MT is still going to prosecute him on their own charges. If the Feds want to step in and press their own charges, that is completely separate.

      So, while he's breathing all free now, after his big drama spinning articles (that flopped anyway) there very well COULD be other, new Federal charges filed against him. So in all that grandstanding, chest out like a rooster he did? That arrogance and taunting attitude just might boomerang back and knock him on his big, fat ass.

    2. eh, based on Chris Daly's account of what was said, sounds like Jennifer and Shermer were trying to scare Windsor into accepting a plea deal.

      Now Windsor is saying he'd get 30 years if found guilty of federal charges. Nope, it's still no more than 5 years for what he did. Or maybe just a fine and no jail. I don't understand the benefit he derives from exaggerating the penalty. Isn't it bad enough to be threatened with federal charges?

    3. He failed as a salesman and all he knows is that the bigger the number the more extreme the story sounds. He only needs a few years to die in jail. He aint getting any healthier and we all know he won't be out on good behavior. Ever.

    4. Yeah, I don't see it that way. They already offered him the plea deal, and he turned it down. There doesn't seem to be a plea still on the table. I really think that due to his argument claiming that MT doesn't have Jurisdiction, that opened a whole new can of worms for Windsor. While they would have been just prosecuting him in MT on the current charges, the possibility now of Federal charges is very real. Isn't it their responsibility to notify the proper authorities when they have knowledge of a crime which would fall under the Federal Jurisdiction? As in, Windsor admitting he was in another state, across state lines while committing the alleged crimes?

      On top of those alleged crimes being committed, he was also fleeing TX and MT when he was caught in ID. Going over state lines like that? That's a crime in and of itself right? So basically, they were IMO just letting him know, that they had the duty to report to the Feds, and if the Feds want to file their own charges they will. I didn't see anything there that would appear as a threat or coercion to sign a plea, and Windsor certainly didn't say there was a plea being offered at the time of those comments.

    5. Exactly, a whole new can of worms for Windsor. Ms. Clark can put a deal on the table or take off, completely at her discretion.

  31. He wants to be thought of as a wrongfully accused crime lord.

    Actuality is he's just a repeat offender public nuisance that needs to get mental help.

    1. Mental help? Pfffffft! What ails Windsor can't be helped.

    2. Ok then.....let's call it mental in a holding facility.


    How would Cox know what Windsor did or didn't do? Unless SHE was behind some very sorted scheme. Because everything else is just here-say. Nope, that incestuous little group of domain hoarding assholes just keep it going with their deceit.

    But I digress--back to their spin--We've gone down this same exact rabbit hole before between Windsor and Cox. When all else fails--recycle the same Billshit. OMG!!

    1. I'm just patiently waiting for their nasty breakup.
      That? Is going to be epic!


    The "District Attorney" in Missoula Montana is reported to be telling people in Missoula that William M. Windsor is a terrorist."

    She's not the first and she won't be the last ASSHOLE! You are a TERRORIST as far as I'm concerned. That is my opinion and has been my opinion this entire time. YOU even said your followers were afraid of being called TERRORISTS so quit the drama shit.

    When the Feds come and charge you for being a Treasonous Terrorist who's wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigations while you played your paper terrorism games? That will be an amazing day for American's who just might become hostages like the current defendants to your civil terrorist lawsuit games. FUCK YOU WINDSOR!!

    1. "Reported to be"? Who could blame her but Bill never cites

    2. I think he means "upon information and belief"...

    3. Nope, he never will either. He's the biggest Narcissist around. Check out this post

      "Bill Windsor-- Back when I was allowed to have granddaughters, the oldest named me her hero. I have a framed plaque to prove it. It's my most valuable possession."

      1) It was a child, so what would that child know about a true Hero?
      2) This is the same man who stalked, harassed, filmed, defamed several women with children. What hero does that?

      Windsor? You are no hero. Never were, never will be. You are a soulless monster through and through, and I'd bet THAT is the real reason your granddaughters were protected from you and your creepy ways. Woof! Woof?

    4. I've thought and said repeatedly he's a domestic terrorist, so have numerous others. Why is he so surprised & outraged now?
      Hero? Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Windsor has never done anything heroic or courageous! Hell, he couldn't even drive an RV! Wth? Hero? Bwahahahahahaha! He's so spun now, he's gonna twist clear the f*£k off. Look out 'planet' Pluto, could expect incoming soon!

    5. Keep in mind this same 'hero' shuffled to hide in men's room during every court break in Ellis County, because he was so "in fear"!
      Hero? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! His tinfoil is some kinda twisted for real.

    6. Giggle snicker snort! Hero? Hoofs up ^^ ^^

      ℗ ♛ ❥

  34. I have a question.
    Other than Windsor claiming September 28th as the trial date, is that in fact really the actual date?
    I thought it was odd to choose a jury over a month in advance. Then, Windsor is so repetitive about obtaining a stay. Something just seems off. I'm wondering if trial isn't very imminent and Windsor is keeping that to himself so he claim more "corruption".
    Anyone? Something has him stirred up tight. What if the trial is tomorrow? Or Monday? That would explain his being so busy online this week. He's terrified and desperate. That mentioning the grandchildren makes me wonder.

    1. IDK maybe someone else knows about the Sept 28th deal, but you're right about something irking the Bitler.

      Lets see...what could it be?
      Could it be that his stall request isn't being addressed? Perhaps he filed it in the wrong court again? Or they already answered him and don't feel like answering again, as once should be sufficient? Or that his contradictory filings between MT and TX will be compared with each other to discover he LIED about his whereabouts? Which he was attempting to use as another stall?

      There are just SO many things that could have knocked him down off that high horse he's been on, it's really hard to say. But, I'm betting it's more than just one thing...

    2. Ok, verified that tomorrow, Friday the 21st of August, is the final pre trial hearing.
      The actual trial is the 28th of September.
      Online bucket moufed badassed Windsor has got to traipse back to face these officials tomorrow. That? Should be really interesting.
      Real heroic stuff Windsor, well played!

    3. I just pray he got that life-saving referral to the Texas neurologist. Those dizzy spells have me worried.

      WLYB! Stay alive!

    4. There is a jury trial scheduled for Judge Haynes court on 9/28.


    5. Now I guess I'll have to work night and day preparing exhibits for the possibility of a Pre-Trial Hearing in Missoula on Friday. There shouldn't be one as the case is stayed pending the results of my appeal to federal court. But, nothing has been received from the court to remove it from the calendar. I wouldn't be totally shocked if they keep it on the schedule and Federal Marshals arrest me when I walk in. Maybe I can find a designated driver to take me back.

      UPDATE: 7:46 PM ON AUGUST 18, 2015

    6. Something he should have been doing since he got released from jail don't cha think? instead of playing on FB, setting new FB accounts, and playing internet badass, taunting everyone under the sun and filing frivolous stall requests. He sure seemed pretty confident his games to put the trial off would work--guess the whole misunderstanding between civil and criminal stunted him, pretty much like his growth.

    7. Nah, silly! He's Windsor! THE ProSe-Baby! He doesn't need to bother with stuff like that.
      Duh and Facepalm yourself, Anon. Wtf are you thinking?
      You rational thinking people! What will y'all think of next? Damn.

  35. Y'all think Windsorvwould have been hospitalized recently and not lamented about via his Facebook page? I don't.
    In his latest Motion to the Federal Court in Dallas, Texas, dated August 17th? Windsor goes into great detail why he needs to be granted a phone in appearance. He lists a recent hospitalization, his near fatality driving accident, his inability to make the drive to Dallas from Missoula, can't fly either, waiting months for a neurosurgeon appointment, his criminal proceedings in Missoula & he's representing himself, all that traveling would make him lose valuable trial prep time (ha! He didn't mention his online activities tho)...I've left out something(s), I'm sure...but those are the reasons why he needs to phone in instead of being in Dallas in person.
    Uncross y'alls eyes, now & let's recall the day Windsor related his near fatality driving catastrophe. Prior to the 17th? Ummmm?
    I flat out call BillSchit on all of it.
    This mf-er is now gonna pull an E.T. phone home moment? Wtf-ing fuq?
    Oh!!!!! I remember what else! Buckle up, helmets on & get yo asses outta the pond! Windsor didn't get the Notice of Hearing! Why you ask? Give y'all 1 guess! The Notice got sent to a mailbox in Missoula that he has not used in six weeks! Why a box in Missoula? Windsor has repeatedly stated he is a resident of the great state of South Dakota.
    Details bitch, details! Windsor cannot keep his yarn ball wrapped, it is unraveling despite all his Vexi hurdling.
    Good golly Gertrude & Matilda! Y'all mull those reasons why he needs to phone in appear over while I sleep.
    I do, upon information and belief, think that I've injured myself ROTFLMAO. Please pray that I'm not dizzy every time I turn my head sharply to the right (or left, I forget, prolly part of injury) and that sleeping on my pillows tonight doesn't cause me excruciating pain at the base of my skull.
    Thank y'all and Amen.

    1. Cough, cough, BILLSHIT!!
      All of it. It's high time ALL these contradictory lies in ALL the courts be brought together to prove major fraud by Windsor. He's out of control, riding high on the fact that his games have gotten him this far down the road, and he's never once been held accountable for any of it.

  36. The State Of MT filed a motion in limine; at the end asks the court for an order prohibiting Windsor, his witnesses and attorney "from referencing this motion in any way." So what does Windsor do? Gives it to Cox so she can post it publicly.

    1. Wow! Well, sure. Windsor doesn't like rules, doesn't play by the rules but he sure does scream, pout, and throw tantrums on the internet when he thinks someone else isn't. I'd say lately, he has been working overtime to get his crap out there by any means possible to taint the Jury, as in "jury tampering" in hopes that they jump on the internet prior to the trial, or during, in an attempt to get the "evidence" (and by evidence is all just his twisted fantasies, blatant lies, misrepresentations etc) in their minds, without actually doing it in trial. He's all kinds of crooked like that.

      (His relationship with Cox seems to be uncovering their own little "Set up, Collusion, Sting, Corruption" etc plot.)

      Didn't he bitch about HIS witness interviews? Wasn't he making a HUGE scene about being denied that right? Now why hasn't he ponied up his witness for interviews? Is that because ALL of them know nothing about the alleged violations at hand? That they only know of what Windsor has posted? They all believe in this huge "Conspiracy" no matter what it is, they just automatically hate the Government, therefor what Windsor spews is truth?

      Seems pretty clear cut now, that Windsor's attempts to turn HIS criminal trial into an extended civil trial against Boushie won't be tolerated. Back to the drawing board Bill.

    2. Good morning Jennifer Clark!
      My girl crush has more than quadrupled in the less than 7 minutes it took me to relish every word of that Motion!
      Hot diggity damn!
      What time is today's shindig? 1pm Montana time? I want to be sure that I am facing due North simultaneously, just out of sheer admiration and respect for Ms Clark! Skiiiit it, Jennifer Clark! I hereby nominate her for a #FantasticFabulousFridayAward.
      Clark's Motions are suitable for framing.

      What says the ProSe Pontificater Windsor?

      Bwahahhahahahaha! This is some 'mighty' good stuff!

    3. Cox is really pushing it. Her last few slanderous and defamatory articles appear to me to be aiding Windsor's ability to get around being asked to STFU, along with the continued dissemination of blatantly false information. She has so much malice behind her words it's toxic reading.

      She appears to be an even bigger hypocrite than Josh Duggar with her "light & love" job, and her "reverend" status. How can someone pretend to work in all things "healing, clearing, and spiritually based" or whatever she says, but speak out her ass with such hatred, vindictive, disgusting and vulgar contempt for other humans? It doesn't work like that. She's just a con IMO like Windsor, who got caught and is pissed off.

      I sure hope that somewhere along the lines, Cox's and Windsor's electronic devices will be seized and examined extensively. There appears to be way more behind this relationship based on her sudden interest in airing all things Windsor right before trial. Why the sudden help, unless she was there the entire time? They both have so much hatred inside of them, and their goal to "Expose Corruption" I'd question just how far they would go to do that. I just keep seeing that whole "Sting" thing all over again. Set up, timing, and Windsor's lies.

    4. >>>> I sure hope that somewhere along the lines, Cox's and Windsor's electronic devices will be seized and examined extensively. <<<<

      Not necessary, here or in several other cases in the news. Individual computers can be modified or even wiped beyond recovery. The Internet, it's servers and routers and their logs... cannot be (not all of it, anyway). If there's evidence of wrongdoing, it's all out there waiting to be subpoenaed.

  37. Thanks, Ida. Just saw that myself but didn't pick up on why Windsor gave it to Cox. You're right, and here's the deal: Crystal wouldn't become involved at this point unless Windsor has something on her. I think we know what it is, but then surely the prosecution does as well. Windsor and Cox just upped the stakes of this bet they're making. Pretty big deal I think. Note they come right out with the SB is an attempted murderer angle. That's key, or rather a certain email is key.

    Cox has got Windsor convinced she's a gifted and experienced internet protocol wizard. In reality, she knows almost nothing about it. Seems this is all going to come to a head quickly now. Isn't there a hearing today, matter of fact?

    1. Yup. Pre-trial hearing today. I'm not positive, but I "upon information and belief" blah blah wth ever, begins at 1:30pm Missoula time.

      I'm going to shop for party platters & beverages for the recap this evening.
      Any special requests? Don't y'all even ask for pie or cheddar fries either you snarky, hilariously witty commenters! Thank y'all for making me laugh so much last night & this morning.

    2. I'll put 50/50 odds on Windsor getting sent for a competency mental exam today.

    3. No hearing today. The case is once again stayed.

  38. "WOW, have you even read a Law Book at all???"

    Cox asks this of Jennifer Clark! Well, Crystal, we're fixing to find out! Today, I suspect!

    1. Bahahaha I think this woman actually thinks Cox is a real reporter. OMG I can't contain my laughter!! (and isn't the BlogSpot he shared Cox's article on, his own?) hahahaha

      "Kelley Casey-- YES!!!! YES YES YES!!!! FINALLY!!!! You got the media to listen!!!! Yes yes yes!!!! Happy day, Mr. Windsor. OMG I AM DOING THE JIG!!! You aren't going to prison, by God! Not now. Hopefully, she WILL get you that federal investigation. Sorry for the language, but I insist on the emphasis...IT'S ABOUT FUCKIN TIME!"

    2. Ain't quite Marty Prehn caliber of coverage, but maybe Rosie O'Donnell will take notice...

  39. Today also might easily end Windsor's discussion of any of this on Facebook and any of his web sites. That shouldn't surprise anyone. The right to blog isn't the issue here. It's blogging by a principal in an ongoing, scheduled trial. Windsor's lawyers obviously wouldn't be allowed to blog this stuff. So Windsor, Pro Se cannot (on information and belief) either. Windsor isn't just the Defendant. He's the Defendant's lawyer.

    With everything else coming to a head today, that's amongst it.

    1. But he's proven in the past few days, that he handed off the "Corruption torch" to Cox. (and whoever else just might be included in "Friends of Bill Windsor." He's claimed in the past, that his websites will be maintained by others incase of his absence. That will hopefully be mentioned to the Judge as well.

    2. You're right. Current law still isn't very current with regard to the internet. It might be addressed today, but it might not be stopped in any real sense. The people Windsor ostensibly hands stuff off to, however, have to know that they're sharing in some legal (perhaps criminal) risk. Crystal had one single court decision go her way with regard to blogging and it's just a matter of time before the unassailable power she *thinks* she has is tested.

    3. That Cox is willing to put that power to the test for Windsor's predicament is very telling. She may be in a spot of trouble. Only reason that comes to mind.

  40. If Crystal Cox wants to be Julian Assange, she needs to remind herself of where Julian Assange IS right about now, and what he's doing.

  41. Pretrial festivities stayed pending ruling from appeal to MSC.
    Jury trial remains scheduled for September 28.
    One page Order.

    Now? Windsor is free to zip on down to Texas! No need to phone in appear, Windsor can shuffle his tankass on down in person!
    TaDa! Problem solved!
    Upside to everything :)
    Today just is #FantasticFabulousFriday anyway ya toss it! Windsor needs to put some gravel in his travel and get on down!

  42. The MSC has a pretty fast turnaround with things Windsor. Delay should be short.

    1. Notice they didn't change the trial date. Hope the MSC dismisses his latest appeal as fast as they have the previous ones.

    2. Yeah, the MSC is very speedy. Still gives him plenty of time to roadtrip. He's got friends nearby, obviously, from his Facebook updates, one of them can drive. He really should zip on down South! He's always enjoyed traveling so much, might do him a world of good to get out and about.

    3. Yeah, lets see how he lies to figure out how to get out of that, since the previous excuse is now off the table.

      I'm also a bit confused on the whole appeal stay deal. Didn't Windsor claim that they "lost" his appeal? I thought he had misfiled it, and that's why it wasn't there. But to generate a stay order, based on something that may not have actually even been filed properly in the first place, seems like a mistake to me. Why give in to an allegation of an appeal, if there wasn't one on the docket? Makes no sense to me, unless Windsor lied about that whole deal.

    4. I've read the Stay Order several times. It acknowledges Windsor filed the 1st Stay Request on June 18. Then, the Order says trial remains scheduled for September 28 unless or until the Court receiveds a ruling on Defendant's most current Appeal. In small print at lower left bottom it is printed, third _______ something I can't read, it's smudged.
      Could someone other than Defendant Windsor have filed a motion in addition to his? For purposes of a higher court to review? I don't know... I'm very curious if Ms Clark's office requested a Stay to review case this far? Kind of a nip this shit in the butt now & proceed onto the trial with no interruptions or questions in a few weeks....
      Where's @Attorney or @2ndChair? I have a few other questions, too.
      The more I've read it over? Leaving the jury trial date set and the wording in the Order?
      I'm not convinced it was Windsor's request for a Stay that was granted today just prior to the final pretrial hearing , but someone within the court.

    5. Sending you the info / google drives

  43. Windsor's raising a stink again, claiming SB was packing during the interview. No evidence at all for that, and that's what Bill will *try* during his trial. He won't get a full sentence out of his mouth before he's shut down. That's why he dreads the trial. The trial starts, Windsor isn't in Windsor World. The trial starts, he's whupped.

    1. Wanted two weeks, got three days.

      Should take a day, counting lunch and deliberation.

  44. He's now just trying to pump up the outrage that the Windslemmings will express to the world once he IS convicted and incarcerated. Take about a week and those folks will evaporate. Windsor what? Who? They'll scatter. A "Free Bill Windsor" movement? Not a chance.

    1. He's not coming back from jail and even if he did, it wouldn't be for long. He'd rather die in jail then drop the appeals and the domains? That question will be the first they ask him at any parole hearing. All of this is just out of spite to hurt people before he goes. The worship from these mindless lemmings is not real and he knows it. The full moon isn't until next week which is also the 1 month mark in his countdown. How low can his cra-cra go??

    2. I find it comical that Windsor wants to claim MT is abolishing his "Freedom of Speech" when it was Windsor who decided to abolish the freedom of speech across the US with his civil suits.

      The man is seriously the biggest hypocrite around. He breaks laws, doesn't respect court rules or procedures, uses the courts as a weapon to attack people who have rights to stand up against extremists and voice their opinions, flat out LIES over and over in court documents, and on the multitude of his defamation sites, but he feels all these things are his "Right" to do. No one else has any rights. None. And he will just keep suing because he can. He believes his rights are the only rights, and everyone on the planet that doesn't support him are wrong. Even his current supporters are wrong, and he would sue them too in a heartbeat if they cross him. It's ridiculous. He is just plain evil through and through.

  45. This is a comment under Windsor's announcement that he's going make a new video for Lawless America.

    Billie Hub Quit filming and get out the first one!? All over the place!

    Billie is FB friends with Marty Prehn and John/Don Acree. I mosied over to Acree's page, it's still up. Up until just hours before his death, he was ranting with all his paranoia about the government stalking him. IMO, it's socially irresponsible for Windsor to give these people support and a venue for their delusions. Now Acree is dead and an officer's life is forever affected by an exchange that didn't have to happen.

    Windsor should man up, take the mental evaluation. If he's so convinced he's sane and everyone not in his group is crazy, how can it hurt? Prove it. By setting an example, maybe some of the other lemmings will get the help they need.

    1. You're spot on! Several of them HAVE been diagnosed with mental disorders but using Windsor's platform of "Everyone else is corrupt" they just keep living in their sicknesses. Windsor even made a post about Acree, that was the one way Windsor approach, eluding to wrongdoing.


      Don was a very nice man who I had the pleasure of speaking with on a number of occasions. This is tragic. I'm surprised that it has received so little coverage."

      The comments that ensued were of course all about Conspiracy, corruption and the evil government. Windsor's whole group to me, is selfish, self centered, hateful people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. It's all documented on their videos and conflicting court records.

      I think Windsor doesn't want to take the psych eval, because he knows it will show he's a Narcissist, and that doesn't fall under anything he could use as being incompetent. He's just a complete asshole who can't accept he is/was wrong, his views are way off, and he is NOT doing any of this to help anyone. He was running a group of extremists without any legal, formal, documentation. He got caught in the lies, and refuses to fess up. Like always. Blame those who discovered his lies.

      Link in the newest "Discovery" he says of "Forgery?" Would that be like HIS forgery of Barbara's name? When they both got caught and the courts called them on it? Every time Windsor points his fat, stumpy finger at someone else, it shines a bright ass light on himself. What did he do, or what is he worried about being discovered regarding "Forgery" on his part?

    2. ^^^ I'd guess it's not forged stuff Windsor is worried about. More like faked! As in faked emails.

    3. Don Acree:

    4. Oh and as for Billy Hub and the other idiots still waiting for the "Movie" here's a little sample of how Windsor works in the courts, that you never know about...

      "1. Statement-Of-Facts. (yeah right)
      Appellant maintains a website that he has treated as an online magazine, (not blog? Really? now you're claiming its a blog. Hum) has hosted an online conference call, (just one?) and has been producing and directing a documentary film about injustices of various types. Appellant has approximately 1200 videos converted (converted? You claimed on youtube they were unedited) for display from special takes (Special takes? Some of those are over an hour long) that were filmed as part of his work in producing a documentary film. These takes are currently published on his Youtube channel. The videos on Youtube are not the footage that will be used in the movie, but they do provide a glimpse at some of the movie content."

      Ok, so here's a test for the lemmings. Go to your youtube video (Windsor will appreciate the viewing money--the IRS should check that out BTW on his tax forms) and watch your video. Is that THE entire video you shot? Is there any other footage of your sniveling that was left out? Windsor claimed he didn't have time to edit those videos, and just loaded them on there. How come none of you are on the "Trailer?" Is that a generic trailer that Naomi swiped from some other group, to be used by anyone putting together clips for some type of advertisement? I'd venture to guess there aren't any other "Clips" and almost everything he shot is on that youtube channel. (at least the corruption shots)

      Now, where is the license for any Production company? Where are Windsor's director's credentials? Where is his Press Pass? And what Media is he affiliated with? Holding a $45.00 piece of paper that says "Press" on it doesn't qualify as a legitimate title. Also, it would hold Windsor to a higher standard in reporting truth, not just "Upon information and Belief" which real media gets sued over all the time when they don't vet their sources, and put out false information etc.

      Windsor--you have been running a scam! It's high time your conning ways land you in major hot water, and not just about TOP violations. You have committed Fraud upon the courts across the US. You do not, nor have you ever held a Trademark for "Lawless America" which you also falsified on the Trademark application as an LLC knowing DAMN well you weren't. Oh--and if you're going to try and throw your "attorney" under the bus and blame--think about this...He was going off of what YOU TOLD HIM!!

      Everything I have thought about you, your POS demeanor, the way you abuse people on a daily basis, the way you play the courts by bogging them down, filing shit in the wrong court ON PURPOSE, all points me right back to my initial opinion of you. You are a con, you are/were running a scam, and you are a loathsome POS!!