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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hi Y'all!

I's been awhile.  I hope y'all are doing well!  
I've become beyond bored with all the absurdities that are Windsor.  I'd tell y'all I've missed a few episodes, but I just skimmed over Windsor's lifeline, uh Facebook page's posts and I didn't.  Same goofy shizz, different year.  MaryD is still copying and pasting like a tick on a fat hound, the others are feverishly praying for Bill's neglected health and safety, and Bill is still blathering BillSchit as proportionate as his girth. 
This little BillSchit blather below?  Did illict a couple of giggle snorts.  Windsor was feeling some kinda Vexi awhile back and flurried EllisCounty, Texas with that forest he can't see.  Silly Bill never expected that he'd be expected to show up for any hearings.  FACEPALM!  
Windsor is pulling out all the tired excuses why he simply cannot be expected to be present for an April 15th hearing:  he's too far away, it's too expensive and time consuming to tromp off to Waxahachie, he's skeeeert of EllisCounty DA Wilson, those Joeys will make fun of him and ROTFL-ing at him again.  Windsor finally felt he had to use his herniated hold card, it's been emergency surgeried!  (ponder on that surgery & the surgical team that sawed thru that massive gut and tucked that mammy squacker back in place!).  This should complete his list of excuses, he's used them all, at least once, 
From flooding, to burglaries, to fear, 
to prohibited distance, illness, radiators overheating, slips on ice that hadn't formed...I'm sure I've forgotten some of the lamer ones, y'all feel free to remind us of the funnier ones.
Anyway, here ya go!