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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Windsor Stoops To e-Begging

In addition to publishing Windsor's tale of woe, e-begging for donations to "replace" what he claims was stolen, the   Back40Crew has added some screenshots of Windsor's own words regarding his video equipment, screenshots of that equipment as shown on listing the actual cost.
(Windsor math, prepare selves for vast difference in what equipment cost when it was new and what Windsor claims it is worth)

Factoring in Windsor's latest ploy?  The #GoFundMe e-begging and the flat out lies in his drivel soliciting money + the violations of Montana probation + Windsor's 'veiled and vile' threats to sashay into Ellis County DA Wilson's office + 'by and thru' Facebook badassery blowharding of his impending visit to the 10th CoA in Waco =s BillSchittery Bonanza! 

1st, the BillSchit begging

Donate Now

Created on January 18, 2016
Bill Windsor  
2897 Facebook Friends

My name is Bill Windsor .  I have been producing and directing a documentary film called Lawless America*So you've been saying since dirt was invented .

I was a magazine publisher for most of my career; began my media work in high school; have been a radio and TV announcer and radio news reporter*where? when? what networks/affiliates?; formerly hosted a weekly TV news show*TalkShoe?.  For the last several years, I have published onlineFacebook?, and I have produced online radio and TV shows *titles?.  I have over 1,200 news videos active at .  

In the last three years, I have received over 140 threats pfffftt; have been shot at*proved that? uh, not; incarcerated for 134 days after never having committed a crime in my life*you're convicted, that means criminal; became the victim*perpetual whiner of the largest case of defamation in U.S. history*not; had my Facebook page with 51,000 followers *the Bangladeshi taken away under the false*TRUE claim that it had nudity, pornography, and solicitaion of sex; had my long-time email address taken away by AT&T claiming I had violated terms of service; and upon arriving in Dallas following my trial on absolutely bogus charges, two men broke into my vehicle and stole all of my motion picture equipment -- and nothing else. really?  

In 2010, I had been married since college, with two grown children and two wonderful grandchildren, and had retired from a career as an entrepreneur and corporate CEO*and? You chose to poof it all being vexi.  I began to use the Internet*boy howdy, did you! to join with like-minded individuals*SovCitz, Cop haters, anti/government lunar tuners in pursuit of my interest in exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption*self promoting your vexiness.  I developed a website called Lawless America .  In furtherance of these interests, I spent a year driving 50,000 miles across 49 states *really? Alaska, now, too? what happened to Hawaii? filming a documentary.  I planned to film one victim in each state and DC, but over 7,000 people showed up or contacted me wanting to be filmed. 

This trailer was developed for Lawless America...The Movie by one of the victims. she made a trailer 2 years ago and still no MOVIE!  MAKE THE MOVIE! 

I have received well over 10,000 emails, Facebook messages, calls, and letters from people in every state asking for my help.  I help*what help? what have you ever done for anyone exactly? Is there a verified list? as many as I can.  I do it for free*not really if you're asking for and accepting donations.  Remember that RV?

Over half of the people I help are mothers*AMPP would disagree or fathers*a lot of them disagree, too who have been victimized by Child Protective Services and the lies of their exes in taking their children away.  I have filmed well over 1,000 stories*Vet any of these?  I'll answer, NO!.  For example, I filmed the story of October Perez in Great Falls who was killed in an unthinkable case where the Child Protective Services and police did nothing while falsely claiming they were, and this tiny little girl is dead as a result. 
*We refuse to republish his need for gore

I film stories of elder abuse*such as what Marty Prehn did to his mother, domestic violence, officer involved domestic violence, judges who take parental rights away from mothers and remove their names from the birth certificates of their children.  I’ve filmed stories of 15-year-old girls sexually molested for years by their biological fathers as well as three-year-old boys*Yes, you've proven time after time, those really interest you #creepy.  I’ve filmed shocking stories of people wrongfully convicted*Vet any of those? I'll answer again, NO.  I’ve filmed stories of animal abuse and government officials who have allowed it to happen.  I’ve filmed stories of bullying*You're an expert bully and schools that allowed it to continue . I could go on and on*you always do.

Some of these stories may be seen at  My website has been hacked*No, it hasn't, you disable it whenever you need more drama and was once removed from the Internet by law enforcement*Hence, law enforcement, don't break laws and they won't shut down your spewer.con. will be back online as soon as possible*As soon as you delete or add whatever.  In the meantime, is the best way to keep tabs on my story*infamous saga, you claimed.

In 2013*it's 2016, hello, I filmed a Response to the State of the Union address*Why? That's been a real mystery, you're qualified how?.  It discusses many of the problems that the movie addresses. MAKE THE MOVIE

I am the victim of by far the largest case of defamation in U.S. history*No, you are not.  As of September 2014, a Gang had published hundreds of articles to defame me.  These articles brand me as a terrorist, murderer*no, Sovereign Citizen, crook,*yessexual deviant*no pedophile*no, and much more. *yes, much more Not a word of truth *gabillions of words of truth.  This was done to destroy my reputation*You have had a bad reputation for decades and to attempt to stop the movie.*MAKE THE MOVIE ALREADY

Websites have been set up in the stolen identities of my deceased parents*no.  Photos taken from my late father’s tribute website include him in his death bed and in his coffin at the funeral home*you took those photos AND you put them on the www, that's just weird. Another page shows what is allegedly his skeleton*no, and another page has a photo of him on his death bed allegedly having phone sex with his deceased wife, my mother*ewww, no! No one but you has seen or ever mentioned these and you won't stop. 

A Facebook site set up in the name of my deceased mother, Mary Windsor, shows what is allegedly my wonderful mother’s skeleton bones wearing a wig*again no, only you have seen or mentioned this.  She died of breast cancer 38 years ago*I am sincerely sorry for the loss of her to your former  family

These stolen identities were then used to publish defamatory comments on Facebook about me as if they were being made by my deceased parents*no, still only you have seen these and keep claiming this.  One published statement said I was committing necrophilia with my deceased mother*NO! Still only you claiming this.  Facebook has continued to allow these pages despite complaints, so I live every day with the desecration of the memories of my wonderful parents*stop mentioning it and at least TRY to honor their memory respectfully, duh. It seems as much as you mention it, you want that to be remembered about them most.  Why? 

Hundreds upon hundreds of crimes have been committed*by you, the convicted, by a jury, that you repeatedly requested against me by these Gang members, judges, law enforcement officers, and judicial employees.  They do not want the movie to reach theaters. *MAKE THE MOVIE ALREADY

These criminals even arranged to have me unlawfully incarcerated for 134 days, held on $4.1 million bond*where can documents prove that $4.1 million bond be found?.  I was strip-searched, sprayed with de-licing spray, exposed to Staph, MRSA, Herpes, and Tuberculosis *welcome to incarceration.  I've never committed a crime in my life*repeat, yes you have, you've been convicted by a jury.  I don't even have a traffic or parking ticket in the last 15 years.  Corrupt government, judicial, and law enforcement and their paid stalkers*who stalks? YOU, Windsor! You're convicted of that! Duh! Who pays you? will seemingly do anything to try to stop me and the movie*MAKE THE MOVIE! from exposing them.  These criminals actually published a Wanted Poster for me and distributed it nationwide.  *that was Ellis County DA Patrick Wilson. That is a standard  law enforcement procedure for felons evading arrest after bond jumping.  Duh, such a slow learner!

I haven't wanted to accept donations*yet, you have repeatedly, but I now have no choice*choose to use your multi-million dollar trust and pay your own way!.  State Farm has just informed me that $50,000 to $100,000 in motion picture equipment stolen from my vehicle is not covered by insurance because I am without a home. *South Dakota? you've sworn repeatedly your home, where you reside, receive mail, is in South Dakota  I can't afford to replace it, and I cannot afford to complete the movie since virtually all of my money has been stolen by corrupt judges. *huh? Your fines and sanctions have NOT been paid. Hint: try that multi-million dollar trust account, ask your sister.

Any money raised will be used to replace some of the motion picture production equipment and pay the cost of transcripts required or appeals. <to keep being Vexi!

I unsuccessfully tried to raise money in 2012. *Yet you have money for bonding out of jail complete strangers, zigzagging across the nation, carrying over $10,000 cash in a fanny pack, very extended stays in hotel/motel suites, new vehicles, rental vehicles for creeping around, loft apartments blocks from downtown Dallas, etcetera 

Lawless America...The Movie needs to be seen in theaters all around the world.*MAKE THE MOVIE  Our fellow Americans must be educated as to the pandemic of corruption in government, courts, and with law enforcement*Same law enforcement you called about your broken Jeep window and theft?  Were they corrupt?.  My mission is to help save America for my grandchildren*the grandchildren you are forbidden from coming near?  and for you, your children, your grandchildren, and their chiildren and grandchildren.>EYE ROLL<

This means everything to me because this is now my life*you said you were going to get on with your life after your trial in Montana, in a rut much?, and the victims are now my family*bless their hearts, they should vet you with your 'former family'.  Thank you will be a totally inadequate term.

PLEASE do not donate a cent unless you can afford to.  I do not like asking for help*why would you need donations?  You had cash to burn all those many times that you have publicly offered thousands of dollars for information on individuals so that you could stalk them, and I don't want anyone to donate who cannot afford it*Pfffffftt.  You can help by simply spreading this link far and wide --

Donations are NOT tax-deductible*not tax deductible?  But, but, but LawlessAmerica is a 501 3 (c)!  Oh, I forgot, the film equipment stolen and that court stuff for yourself isn't really charitable.  Shucks:/

Here are screenshots of Windsor describing his film equipment

From, exact camera Windsor said he had stolen.  Note the cost new, Windsor's was several years old, depreciated in value.  Stretching the cost?  Not nearly  $50,000 that he's e-begging. (that must be where proceeds would go toward his continuing vexi tour)

The last 5 screenshots are the Orders and Conditions of Windsor's criminal probation from Missoula, Montana issued on January 6, 2016.  Pages #4 and #5?  OUCH! 
The conditions?  Windsor may have broken some land speed record in violating those.  

MAJOR OUCHing BillBitchSlapping

There's some #TRUTH!  Spread #that far and wide. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yawn! New Year, Same BillSchit, On the Road. Again.

Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.


South Dakota?  

No.  Texas.  Nevermind where he legally claims his residence is, Texas is "home"! 



I'm on the road and can do nothing now. Same hack. Site is being controlled by someone other than me.

I am quite certain I know who did this because of continual efforts to hack

Ummmm hmmm, sure, let's go with that.


Then, next...

BillSchit gets all badass with Ellis County, Texas


"No response to my request for a hearing in Ellis County Texas on some of the corruption pulled on me there. Here's an email that I sent yesterday:

Judge Ermatinger's Clerk:

Please schedule an evidentiary hearing for me on my Motion to Dismiss in Case #90744. If possible, schedule the hearing for the week of January 18, 2016. I anticipate that it will take four hours.

I will need to come to the courthouse when the date is set so I can pay for subpoenas for the following people:

Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson
Ellis County District Attorney Investigator
Ellis County Clerk of Court Melanie Reed
Deputy Ellis County Clerk of Court Kate Roberson
Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown
Ellis County Sheriff's Department Captain Terry Ogden
Ellis County Deputy Sheriff James Cook
Ellis County Deputy Sheriff Cheri Lujan
Marriott Hotel Desk Clerk (name to be provided)
Judge Cindy Ermatinger
Judge Cindy Ermatinger's Clerk Melissa
Judge Bob Carroll
Grand Jury Foreman from January 2015

Please confirm the date by email to"

But...wait!  Bill needs a buddy to go to Ellis County, Texas with him!  

What?  Where are the 7 he bought/bonded out? 

"If there is anyone in the Dallas area who will accompany me to Ellis County, please send me a private message. I could be arrested when I go there, so I'd like to have someone join me just in case."

Well, duh, who wouldn't jump at the chance to go to jail with Windsor?  


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Windsor IS Guilty


Mock trial was a mockery, eh? 

├╝ber giggle snickering

℗ ♛ ❥ 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

"Do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made."

*image courtesy of Google Images*