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Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's A Full Moon Folks! The Windsor Facebook Week In Review

Good Saturday Morning! 

Whew!  What a week Windsor's had, huh?  
Windsor has cranked out massive amounts of BillSchit in just 7 days.  We must give credit where credit is due, he does stay busy.  Not focused, not contributing to anything or anyone, but definitely busy.  
As I try to gather all his blather from the week?  I realize it is just too much!  A rake, a shop vac and a pooper scooper couldn't cover it all.  
A couple of tidbits that did grab my attention, first was a link to a GoFundMe for Windsor's buddy Naomi.  
Naomi wants an ice cream truck.  She'd like it to have a British theme, even plans on doing such a booming business working it only four months a year, that she'll be expanding to a double decker bus in the future.  Yup, blah blah blah.  Good luck Naomi, you're gonna need it.  
What I found interesting?  Windsor shared the link on his Facebook page:
Naomi, as Windsor describes, is a wonderful friend of Lawless America (that'd be BillSchit code for him, Windsor).  Anywoo...wonderful friend that Windsor is?  He shares her GoFundMe link for her dream of an ice cream truck, MaryD gets all sentimental in her comment, recalling her family's own ice cream truck and working, bringing smiles, blah blah blah.
I clicked the link.  Wanna see how well Naomi's e-begging is doing and if she'll be peddling Dreamsicles by next summer.  Take a gander:
Woefully, wonderful friend that she is, Naomi, is no closer to reaching her goal than before.  Did Windsor drop a dime in?  Nope.  Did nostalgic MaryD?  Nope. That's what wonderful friends do in Lawless America. They Facebook it, but they don't actually do it, whatever the it is.  Poor Naomi.  Keep you day job if you have one, girl, I don't see you being an ice cream lady in your future.  I'm a Dreamsicle killer, I'm sorry. 

Okie dokie, next thing that caught my eye?  Windsor whining that he needs an order protecting him from Boushie.  
This?  I don't understand.   Boushie has an order.  Windsor follows the order?  The two shall not meet or be within the same airspace or eyesight, until the trial.  
Windsor goes into salacious detail of how in fear he is of Boushie, letting slip a discrepancy of exactly when was the first time he really ever saw Boushie in person.  Oops:/  Nevermind that, though, Windsor is scared, needs an order, so he dashes off a ProSeBaby whatever to whichever court or judge, blah blah blah. The faithful #WLYB (we love you Bill) commenters rally their leader, trying to smooth his being in fear.  
Then along comes this nugget:
David Franklin Malone, married to Molly Malone, victim of...yup, corruption, their children were removed from their custody some years back while they were unemployed, broke, Molly was pregnant and they were living in motels.  David and Molly, per Molly's Facebook, managed to get somewhat back on their financial footing and procreated again.  Long story, but the two older children have been adopted. David and Molly play a lot of Facebook games, he drives a truck and she Facebooks their plight to all 19 of her social media friends.  Molly also posts a lot of links on how to be a good parent, how to cook and most of all, how husbands can be better to their wives.  
David?  He is one of the 19 Facebook friends of his wife Molly, but he seldom likes or chimes in on her numerous posts and shares, never ever on her posts of how real men should please their wives.  Nope.  David's too busy himself, with his badassery comments on Windsor's in fear post. 
David?  Log off Facebook.  Molly has some stuff that you should be doing.  

Y'all getting all this? 

Moving on, Windsor had his phone appearance before the Federal Magisrate in Dallas on Wednesday.  No mention of that. 
Windsor also had his Talkshoe Show one night, (that was pitiful) little mention of that afterwards.
But the week was a winner!  Windsor announced the TV series!  Lawless America!  He's had phone conferences with producers, he's choosing which stories will be used, blah blah blah. 

That? Is the condensed Windsor week in review from my view.  
Whew, again. 
And?  That was just the Facebook version!  
I feel like Hammy from Over The Hedge after having an energy drink.  It is exhausting!  
I hope the TV series crew can capture the essence of the frantic frenzy better than myself, without becoming distracted or exhausted.  

Stay tuned, for the series.  Not the Movie.  The TV series.  Keep up!  

℗ ♛ ❥ 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Whistleblower? (Confused for Blowhard)

"Whistleblower Bill Windsor has been busy working on motions to dismiss the criminal charges against him.  

And he is preparing to take calls from people needing help -- Lawless America TalkShoe Show Tuesday Night, August 25, 2015 - 7 to 9 pm CDT.

Never a dull moment...

I really hope those folks with questions of me will tune in for the Lawless America TalkShoe Show.  I have specifically scheduled this to be able to respond to as many people as possible who have emailed, messaged, or called asking for help.

Work on motions to dismiss the criminal charges against me has had me consumed for several days.  The charges are ridiculous, and there are a host of reasons why they should be dismissed.  I don't expect them to be dismissed because Judge James A. Haynes was hand-picked to handle this case so I would lose.

But, I always take every opportunity given to get my case in writing.  I am emphasizing the Constitutional issues since my best chance to win is at the federal level.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit seems to still value Freedom of Speech.

Each of the motions will be published here as time permits.

I drafted something really special this weekend, got it notarized today, and I will mail it to Missoula Montana tomorrow.  I won't publish this until I hear from the court on it.  But if it gets a salute when it is run up the flagpole, I will be a very happy and relieved camper."

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ninja Wins Internet Award! Well Stated!

  1. As for BillyBub and the other idiots still waiting for the "Movie" here's a little sample of how Windsor works in the courts, that you never know about...

    "1. Statement-Of-Facts. (yeah right) 
    Appellant maintains a website that he has treated as an online magazine, (not blog? Really? now you're claiming its a blog. Hum) has hosted an online conference call, (just one?) and has been producing and directing a documentary film about injustices of various types. Appellant has approximately 1200 videos converted (converted? You claimed on youtube they were unedited) for display from special takes (Special takes? Some of those are over an hour long) that were filmed as part of his work in producing a documentary film. These takes are currently published on his Youtube channel. The videos on Youtube are not the footage that will be used in the movie, but they do provide a glimpse at some of the movie content."

    Ok, so here's a test for the lemmings. Go to your youtube video (Windsor will appreciate the viewing money--the IRS should check that out BTW on his tax forms) and watch your video. Is that THE entire video you shot? Is there any other footage of your sniveling that was left out? Windsor claimed he didn't have time to edit those videos, and just loaded them on there. How come none of you are on the "Trailer?" Is that a generic trailer that Naomi swiped from some other group, to be used by anyone putting together clips for some type of advertisement? I'd venture to guess there aren't any other "Clips" and almost everything he shot is on that youtube channel. (at least the corruption shots)  

    Now, where is the license for any Production company? Where are Windsor's director's credentials? Where is his Press Pass? And what Media is he affiliated with? Holding a $45.00 piece of paper that says "Press" on it doesn't qualify as a legitimate title. Also, it would hold Windsor to a higher standard in reporting truth, not just "Upon information and Belief" which real media gets sued over all the time when they don't vet their sources, and put out false information etc. 

    Windsor--you have been running a scam! It's high time your conning ways land you in major hot water, and not just about TOP violations. You have committed Fraud upon the courts across the US. You do not, nor have you ever held a Trademark for "Lawless America" which you also falsified on the Trademark application as an LLC knowing DAMN well you weren't. Oh--and if you're going to try and throw your "attorney" under the bus and blame--think about this...He was going off of what YOU TOLD HIM!! 

    Everything I have thought about you, your POS demeanor, the way you abuse people on a daily basis, the way you play the courts by bogging them down, filing shit in the wrong court ON PURPOSE, all points me right back to my initial opinion of you. You are a con, you are/were running a scam, and you are a loathsome POS!!

    *TaDa* Thank you Ninja! 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Windsor claimed to be broke, right? 
Must have been flush that day in June2014.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Petunia Annoucement

I'll start this post by saying thank you. Thank you all for hanging out over on the Back 40.  
Y'all know I'm always looking for a good giggle snort and most of you supply plenty of those. That being said, I'm just about ready to shut the party down and lock the gate.

I've gotten some good reasons why an extended vacation was taken by the admin at JIALK.  There's only so much goofy shit anyone can take before a tropical island with no internet or cell signal needs extended visiting. 

While most commenters here try to stay informed, while keeping a sense of humor about Bill Windsor, there are a few who really have no clue about what that man is and what he's done. Others that comment here & before at JIALK have gone, IMO, way overboard and become absolutely obsessed with Windsor.  
Not all of us spend every waking moment of our day concentrating on a vexi idiot. I know I don't want to, nor do I have the time, energy.   I have zero desire to know what Windsor's lunch was, what kind of pie he may have had, or if he showered or not.  There's only so much about that sovereign POS I ever want to know.

I do hope no one takes these things personally, but it's how I view it and since this IS my pasture, I will say it.  
If you get your ickie boo feelings hurt?  Guess what?  I'm referring to you.  You're the problem.  Don't like it?  Bye. 

If you are calling a DA that you didn't vote for or have a pending case with, STOP, especially if you don't live in that county or even that state.  Let that sink all the way in... For real?  These DA's have murderers, pedophiles, rapists & gang bangers on trial.  You're yapping their ear off or junking up their email with shit they already know.  There's only so much a DA can do.  
I'm going to go out on a limb and say they don't need or want your help. These professionals know a lot more than you or they wouldn't have the job, you would.  They went to law school and have been working in courtrooms their entire careers.  Let them do the  job they were elected to do.  IF you sincerely have valid, verifiable information?  By all means, get it to them.  Also include your name, address & contact information.  Be prepared to back up what you say in court.  #OwnIt

If you are emailing or calling a lawyer that doesn't represent you, STOP. 
If you have a need for a lawyer, hire one. 
They'll be more than happy to listen to your calls and read your emails as long as you'll pay them to do it.  No one is paying them to read your emails, and matter of fact, I know several attorneys involved in this that have marked your email addy as spam & those never get read. 
Get your own lawyer to tell your latest brilliant legal thoughts to or send your newly discovered, on the Internet, evidence. 
If some of you had put the effort into researching Windsor a few years ago that you are now, you would have never been duped by him.  This isn't a summer re-run Matlock episode. 

If you are calling various government agencies or law enforcement to turn Windsor in for crimes you "discovered" he committed, STOP. 
You think you're a real life forensic file examiner, but I've got news flash for you. You're actually a lot closer to Barney Fife or just Barney. 

Some of the things I've read that  people believe Windsor is going to go to jail for are beyond ridiculous and just plain stupid.  
The jibberish reads like a  Marty Prehn Facebook post.  
C'mon folks, get it together. 

If you have never seen Windsor parked in front of your house, or taking pictures of your kids at the bus stop, even going after your elderly parents and other close family members, and then had his sorry ass publish those photos?  STOP comparing yourself to those who have. 
You don't know what it's like, you cannot relate, and you can't help if it happens to someone from 3,000 miles away.   
You can empathize, be supportive. 

Lastly?  I could easily go on awhile... I'm beyond weary of the 'factions', the ones that don't like this one or that one & attempt to humiliate or undermine the other.
There is only one AssRag in all of this, just the one, William Michael Windsor. 

If you can't admit you're doing it, or you are asking someone else to do it because you're are afraid to do it yourself, STOP doing it and STOP asking others to do it.  Fight your own battles or find your STFU. 

No, I'm no aficionado of blogging, never claimed to be either.  
I was providing a 'venue' to exchange thoughts, views, opinions & information.  That's it.  
Hell, I didn't bother to set the correct time until a couple of days ago & had to get help to do that. 
I did however very quickly study up on the STAT counter, that portion of Blogger that provides information on where readers & commenters are logging in/reading from & the devices on which they're using.  

Y'all at least attempt to be factual & credible if you can't be humorous.  
There are logins very recently that begin with #USDepartmentOf_______.   
Those departments range from #Justice to #HomelandSecurity, #Treasury, #Trademark.  Over a dozen different entities in less than a week.  There are also several states' prosecutors' offices reading, as well as larger law firms across the country. 
Keep in mind these are mixed in with 100s of page refreshes from RockSprings WY, WatfordCity ND, Boise ID, Wilmington DE, Austin TX, Atlanta GA, Daytona & Ft Lauderdale FL & on & on & on... 

Y'all have the wide, varied & potentially influential audience you've hoped so long for, and they are reading often & for extended times, they are also obviously interested, they continue to keep coming back... make your contributions worth their while. 

℗ ♛ 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Manic Monday! What To Do? Plea? Or Not to Plea?

*note this above is the short version*

There just isn't enough space to copy & paste all the BillSchit.  

Go Windsor!  Get your Vexi ProSeBaby ass in that courtroom and you can just show the Montana professionals what an unprepared doofus, you are, that refuses/is unable to stay on task! 

Signing off on this plea agreement was a no brainer!  
Windsor?  Nope.  He'd rather ProSeBaby and risk his freedom, than just beat ass out of the city, county & state he claims has done him so wrong.
Duh.  Just Duh!   
Thank you Windsor!  No one could make this absurdity up!  

This Anon commenter?  Says it so well!
Thank you Anon! 

See, if he was innocent, he wouldn't be desperately trying every trick in the book to get out of the trial. 
He claims he put in for a motion to dismiss for lack of Jurisdiction. Clearly the idiots in Camp Vexi this summer are morons all seasons around. 
The victim is the one who's residence matters, not the perp. 
Windsor is the perp. 
Doesn't make a shit bit of difference where he allegedly was, it was where Mr. Boushie was at the time of the alleged crime. 
Now, how on earth is Vexi Camp going to get around that law? And why would he keep trying to, if he's innocent? 
Motion to recuse, lack of Jurisdiction, Writ of heck-who-cares-at this point-ious, and all the other frivolous wastes of time he files. 

I still think he'll take the deal. He's screwed, and he knows it. 

Lets ask again-- for what company was the alleged stalking/filming for again? That's linked to the Vexi civil suits across America? With Business Losses, and Trademark Violations? Asking for damages in the multi-millions of dollars? 

Yeah--that'd be FRAUD UPON THE COURTS-- ALL OF THEM!! From CA, MT, SD, KS, MO, and TX. Did I miss any? Seeing to bilk multi-millions for companies that were never legitimate, registered, IRS paying companies. SMDH! This little criminal case in MT should be nothing compared to the shit storm that should be raining down upon the Windsor Family Fraudsters.

*I thought I'd implement a MunchenMaryD move this morning.  That copy/paste repeating thing?  Just of her comments she'd made on just 1 (ONE) of Windsor's Facebook posts, just ONE. 
These MaryD comments?  They were made within a 2 hour period.  Keep in mind she was commenting on several other of Windsor's posts at the same time. 
WoW.  No #ByAndThrus, no ifs, ands or buts.  MaryD's device that connects her to the www?  #badassed. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oh, THE Irony! A Picture IS Worth A 1,000 Words

What's left to say?  Windsor says it all with his Facebook cover photo placement!  

Well....then there's this:

Windsor had a bad day.  #Denied again! 

Collective Awwwww!  

Ok, go ahead, giggle!  It is funny! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

How To Build A Frivolous Lawsuit 101 Windsor Style

Vexi starter kit:
1). Get asked a very blunt question by a former supporter
2). Immediately demand  #Cease #Desist and #Abate! 
3). Claim #defamation & beginning making false allegations
4). Waddle into any court, just somewhere, and file a motion followed by a million page sworn affidavit with your address as some random PO Box in a town you're not even in.  
5). Don't properly serve defendants 
6). Immediately file for depositions, production of documents etc. 
7). Ask to suppress any and all evidence against you
8). Amend, amend, amend...
9). Embellish with #BillSchit
10). Run from state to state to state repeating steps 1) through 9)
11).  Add more defendants
12).  Begin stalking defendants 
13).  Begin filing Appeals
14).  Lather, rinse, and repeat ALL steps as much as possible, while copying and pasting furiously.  When things begin to go awry, unfavorable rulings, whatever?  Claim wretched recurring mystery illness/injury.

***each step must be posted to Facebook and .coms***

Windsor, clearly healed from the dizziness that he needed emergency doctors' appointments for, without actually seeing a doctor--just playing on Facebook, making false allegations about commenters' identities because his "Go to sleuth" Marty Prehn--an 'Undercover Aagent' with some 3 letter agency somewhere--said so.  In the land of the, um, Lawless, who needs evidence?
Finish it all up with "Upon Information (provided by Marty Prehn) and (Windsor's deep) Belief" (in being obnoxiously mollycoddled by complete strangers he wouldn't otherwise give the time of day). 

TaDa!  Go!  Get Vexi Now!