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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Petunia Annoucement

I'll start this post by saying thank you. Thank you all for hanging out over on the Back 40.  
Y'all know I'm always looking for a good giggle snort and most of you supply plenty of those. That being said, I'm just about ready to shut the party down and lock the gate.

I've gotten some good reasons why an extended vacation was taken by the admin at JIALK.  There's only so much goofy shit anyone can take before a tropical island with no internet or cell signal needs extended visiting. 

While most commenters here try to stay informed, while keeping a sense of humor about Bill Windsor, there are a few who really have no clue about what that man is and what he's done. Others that comment here & before at JIALK have gone, IMO, way overboard and become absolutely obsessed with Windsor.  
Not all of us spend every waking moment of our day concentrating on a vexi idiot. I know I don't want to, nor do I have the time, energy.   I have zero desire to know what Windsor's lunch was, what kind of pie he may have had, or if he showered or not.  There's only so much about that sovereign POS I ever want to know.

I do hope no one takes these things personally, but it's how I view it and since this IS my pasture, I will say it.  
If you get your ickie boo feelings hurt?  Guess what?  I'm referring to you.  You're the problem.  Don't like it?  Bye. 

If you are calling a DA that you didn't vote for or have a pending case with, STOP, especially if you don't live in that county or even that state.  Let that sink all the way in... For real?  These DA's have murderers, pedophiles, rapists & gang bangers on trial.  You're yapping their ear off or junking up their email with shit they already know.  There's only so much a DA can do.  
I'm going to go out on a limb and say they don't need or want your help. These professionals know a lot more than you or they wouldn't have the job, you would.  They went to law school and have been working in courtrooms their entire careers.  Let them do the  job they were elected to do.  IF you sincerely have valid, verifiable information?  By all means, get it to them.  Also include your name, address & contact information.  Be prepared to back up what you say in court.  #OwnIt

If you are emailing or calling a lawyer that doesn't represent you, STOP. 
If you have a need for a lawyer, hire one. 
They'll be more than happy to listen to your calls and read your emails as long as you'll pay them to do it.  No one is paying them to read your emails, and matter of fact, I know several attorneys involved in this that have marked your email addy as spam & those never get read. 
Get your own lawyer to tell your latest brilliant legal thoughts to or send your newly discovered, on the Internet, evidence. 
If some of you had put the effort into researching Windsor a few years ago that you are now, you would have never been duped by him.  This isn't a summer re-run Matlock episode. 

If you are calling various government agencies or law enforcement to turn Windsor in for crimes you "discovered" he committed, STOP. 
You think you're a real life forensic file examiner, but I've got news flash for you. You're actually a lot closer to Barney Fife or just Barney. 

Some of the things I've read that  people believe Windsor is going to go to jail for are beyond ridiculous and just plain stupid.  
The jibberish reads like a  Marty Prehn Facebook post.  
C'mon folks, get it together. 

If you have never seen Windsor parked in front of your house, or taking pictures of your kids at the bus stop, even going after your elderly parents and other close family members, and then had his sorry ass publish those photos?  STOP comparing yourself to those who have. 
You don't know what it's like, you cannot relate, and you can't help if it happens to someone from 3,000 miles away.   
You can empathize, be supportive. 

Lastly?  I could easily go on awhile... I'm beyond weary of the 'factions', the ones that don't like this one or that one & attempt to humiliate or undermine the other.
There is only one AssRag in all of this, just the one, William Michael Windsor. 

If you can't admit you're doing it, or you are asking someone else to do it because you're are afraid to do it yourself, STOP doing it and STOP asking others to do it.  Fight your own battles or find your STFU. 

No, I'm no aficionado of blogging, never claimed to be either.  
I was providing a 'venue' to exchange thoughts, views, opinions & information.  That's it.  
Hell, I didn't bother to set the correct time until a couple of days ago & had to get help to do that. 
I did however very quickly study up on the STAT counter, that portion of Blogger that provides information on where readers & commenters are logging in/reading from & the devices on which they're using.  

Y'all at least attempt to be factual & credible if you can't be humorous.  
There are logins very recently that begin with #USDepartmentOf_______.   
Those departments range from #Justice to #HomelandSecurity, #Treasury, #Trademark.  Over a dozen different entities in less than a week.  There are also several states' prosecutors' offices reading, as well as larger law firms across the country. 
Keep in mind these are mixed in with 100s of page refreshes from RockSprings WY, WatfordCity ND, Boise ID, Wilmington DE, Austin TX, Atlanta GA, Daytona & Ft Lauderdale FL & on & on & on... 

Y'all have the wide, varied & potentially influential audience you've hoped so long for, and they are reading often & for extended times, they are also obviously interested, they continue to keep coming back... make your contributions worth their while. 

℗ ♛ 


  1. Good to know the Feds are watching him. Unbelievable how wide a berth he has been given to hurt people and the lack of legal restraint placed upon him. I guess people were motivated by the need to help out, without having a know-how or feedback that the letters from years ago actually succeeded in alerting anyone to watch him. I can't imagine myself or anyone else doing the things he has done for years and actually getting away with it. To the contrary of what he says, they have been generous in protecting his freedoms. At this point I see us as spectators watching him walk to his cell and early grave. And just keeping each other company during the delay. After which, I think the most of us will go on with our lives and not care what the Prehns and Snoozans are up to.

  2. So, these government entities are coming here to read, and you think it's because they are watching WINDSOR? If you really think that, I'd have to say that as always, THE HOPPER is not telling you what is really happening or why he really left. Interesting.

    1. Pbbbtttt!!! I'm glad I didn't have my coffee in my hand while reading that. Your delusions of grandeur are not scary. They are pathetic to the point of being comical at your own expense. You have a month till Fright Fest opens at Six Flags and all your art fairs means you have painting to do. Use your time wisely, dear troubled soul.

    2. Honestly guys I think half the things she says on here are not to get a rise out of you, but to get one for herself. She doesn't sleep and she stresses herself out. This causes her seizures which she has convinced herself are demon possessions. She paints what she sees during her episodes and calls herself a haunted artist. She is not very creative with a passable talented that she has squandered. She comes here to feel good about herself like a drug. Nothing she says is about you but about her need to feel something, even rage just to feel alive. Laugh at her, feel pity the lengths she will go to, but apart from asking that she also be brought to justice for anything she may have done, she is not worth our anger.

    3. Giggle!!! Ding! Ding! Ding! There she is!
      All it took was "Susan" discovering the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the IRS visiting this little bitty, rinky dinky blog, flipped the lid wide open on her crypt. She's been continuously lurking, refreshing the page repeatedly, faunching at the bits to chime in.
      TaDa! "Susan" just couldn't stop herself. No self control...tsk, that's weakness seeping out, needing to feel relevant, to be noticed. Awwww.
      Yup, "Susan", you Windsor wannabe, just keep telling yourself various 'corrupt' US government entities are scoping out anyone other than Windsor, or you, or any of the other lunar tuners wing nutting with, for, by & through him. That? Is funny.
      Even funnier? MaryD, Karen (KayKay), KPat, RI Rebecca & Lyn (just a condensed list that are regularly reading here) are all wondering WTF. Their paranoia is escalating, they're realizing all the BillSchit they've lapped up in stark comparison to what in actuality has never happened. Even the denser of the gaggle know they've been duped. That? Is not funny. It's cruel and sad.
      They were faithful, hopeful, and generous. They gave of their time, sharing their heart wrenching experiences, most of them shared monies they couldn't afford. Why? They were desperate, vulnerable and needed hope. What'd they really get? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
      For years, they've read one outlandish excuse after another, that was all about Windsor. These same people that allowed Windsor to video them, detailing their versions of what had happened to them? They can't even have the use of those videos. Those that have dared to voice their concerns? Doubts? Disappointment? They've been rebuked, ridiculed & threatened with litigation. That is beyond shitty.
      So, yeah "Susan", there are government entities interested by so many people across the U.S. with similar complaints about the same individual.
      That tired old worn out mantra of #CORRUPTION, abounding any and everywhere really was successful! Sadly though, and as usual, it's not about anything to do with the "Nobodies". It's that one "Somebody" that has garnered attention.
      Now "Susan"? You can HOP on back, refresh your browser, & dash off an email to your Willy, reassuring him that you've schooled everyone, as only you can, once again. Don't forget to reiterate that he "doesn't have a worry in the was just a Tweet, an email...Montana, Texas, South Dakota, the Federal Courts, the Appeals Courts are ALL wrong & duh, they're corrupt, for cripe's sake! Keep doing what you're doing!"

      That silly Willy of yours! If he'd have just listened to you way back when...This hot mess he's in now, has got to be so frustrating for you.

      Here's a collective "I hope that helps" from all of us.

      ℗ ♛

    4. "She's been continuously lurking, refreshing the page repeatedly, faunching at the bits to chime in."

      I'm not sure you know how to read your tracker information.

      There has been very little written here and what is written is just the same stuff you've been writing for years. You claim that various government entities read here. The HOPPER has been making that claim for years. There is nothing new about that just as there is nothing new about the lack of proof to support the claim.

      I do come by and read once or twice a day but it is not as fun as it used to be. It's the same vitriolic ranting you've all been doing every day for years now. It's just too boring to bother commenting most days.

      Why would I champ at the bit to post? If I have something to say, I say it.

    5. The Minions are bored with their leader and jumping ship. All good things. Windsor has been partially contained. Guess the troll will have to go haunt the other blogs you just know she must also bully. Bill really is unremarkable and very soon no one will talk about him at all.

    6. Wow, Spitunia can dish it out but she can't take it. I see she deleted the message I left last night.

      Spitunia, you said you hope people don't take your rants personally. Then you proceeded to say that some people are obsessed (not YOU of course, lmao), that someone considers himself an investigator but you consider him an idiot, that some people post jibberish and are clueless about Windsor's legal charges. Each of those statements is certainly true. But it is clear they were meant to be taken very personally.

      You said, "I was providing a 'venue' to exchange thoughts, views, opinions & information. That's it."

      Obviously, that is not "it." Your manifesto indicates you only want certain views, opinions, and information. "I have zero desire to know what Windsor's lunch was, what kind of pie he may have had, or if he showered or not. " Apparently, you expect people to know which information you want to hear and to limit their posts accordingly. They should also know not to post anything that is " beyond ridiculous and just plain stupid." People who have not been directly stalked by Windsor are not to compare themselves to those who have. Alleged victims have ranks and there will be no rank jumping thank you!

      You are not content to control what happens in the pasture. You'd like to dictate whether people can contact DAs, lawyers, LE, and government agencies. Apparently, these professionals lack the skills to deal with unwanted calls/reports. You have taken on the task of protecting them! See, you are providing much more than a venue.

      Finally, it seems you don't know if you are coming or going. You've spoken of quitting and even referred to the venue you "were" providing. At the same time, you attempted to make the GENII think important people are taking the time to read their obsessive, ridiculous, stupid, rank jumping posts. Why are you trying to sell your venue if you are closing it?

      You have no intention of closing. You merely wanted to establish your dictatorship. The threat of closing was just to save face in case your visitors all went off in a huff. You will continue right here and everyone else will continue exactly as they have been doing for the past several years. Your rant was pointless.

    7. Snoozer the loser--once again, your obsession with certain people has left you wide open to missing the big picture. Posting your lame comments in an attempt for someone to post the proof of who is reading, just to soothe your own fears won't work.

      Clearly you don't just look occasionally as you said, you just can't help but to flip that coffin lid open, crawl out and come post your lame attempts at sounding like you have anything valid to say.

      Like always, you never do. You just want to provoke people, and it doesn't work. Just like all your legal tips for Windsor. Epic Failure! Just goes to show you have zero character or morals really, when you went off in a huff, to try to educate everyone on how horrible Windsor was, but you put your pitchfork tail between your legs and crawled back to help him "get the haters!" They're ruining you chance to take over Lawless America!!

      Seems you are just irked at the utter failure you really are, in every aspect of your life. Many of your partners from the Sov Cit GRIP group are suffering the same fait these days in the court system...
      (thought--don't break the laws and you won't get busted)

      Toodles Sharon V Galloway...Vexi troll
      AKA, Susan Harbison/Gary Winston/Scout/Reformer etc....

    8. Hi "Susan"!
      I don't delete anything. I'm not like your Willy, I don't wear out the delete button. Haven't deleted anything yet.
      Gimme a hot minute & go pilfer in the spam bucket for whatever you spewed. Google chooses randomly what goes in spam, some others mentioned theirs wasn't showing up a couple of days ago & lo & behold, all 3 were in spam. You can blather away here. We'll all giggle as we always have.

    9. Spam bucket is empty.
      Spin again.

    10. Isn't this Snoozan the expert on forums? As much web traffic as hers gets? She must be inundated with spam! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    11. Well in all fairness, she is faceblind, so perhaps she just didn't recognize the correct blog where she left the alleged comment. She trolls so many...

    12. MY mistake Spitunia. I apologize. The post I left at 3:31 am this morning is right ^.

      "I don't delete anything. I'm not like your Willy, I don't wear out the delete button. Haven't deleted anything yet."

      Willy and HOPPER have that censorship characteristic in common. I'm pleased to hear that you may be different. Maybe it is gender related. ::shrugs::

    13. Whatever *shrugs*
      You got anything humorous or interesting going on? Any new art?
      If not? Kimmel re-run is on. He is worthy of repetition.

  3. Well well well if it isn't the supreme dumbness herself Snoozan. GO TO HELL and take Windsor with you!
    You people are mentally ill and should have a psych eval done asap. Stop hurting people that you don't know and STFU with your stupid ass backwards diatribe.
    CHEERS to greener pastures and maximum respect for SFW and all the victims of stalking and harassment by the deranged individual running his mouth on the daily.
    A huge shout out to the LE and other court professionals that are taking care of the infestation known as vexi boy! The wheels of justice are slow but I am confident the end is drawing near in La La Land.
    Goodnight and God Bless the good people that have been brought together by an assrag.

    1. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
      Good morning y'all!
      What a surprisingly funny read this morning!

      That paranormal paralegal couldn't contain herself while she was up tweeking during the night? Bwahahahahaha again! That's hilarious! There really aren't two more deserving of each other POSs anywhere than Harbison, or whatever name it goes by, & Windsor.

      Life is so good for those of us that do the right things. Being sleepless & worried all the time has gotta be a terrible way to exist. Thankful it isn't me.

      Big 'hey & hello' to those U.S. Gov't readers. So glad y'all are watching. Windsor was just recently asking for court watchers, too! Maybe y'all can help him out? That'd be funny to me :)

      Gotta go attack my day! Y'all all have a happy day!

    2. LMAO @ Paranormal paralegal.

      Kinda funny how once upon a time--she was so miffed at Windsor, that she tried to create her own little "forum" to bitch about him on, but no one came. Then, she stumbled upon the other blog and tried to join in, but her overly bloated ego didn't mesh well with the others, and kind of explained the fracture from her relationship with Windsor. Too many leader wanna-be's ,not enough focus. Anyway--what is laughable now is that the things she was so mad at Windsor for doing, she is also doing. Once a Vexi loser, always a Vexi loser. Snoozer the loser. (you'd think she would have earned her lesson about Windsor and him telling lies, but sigh, her obsession with one person, is extending her 'face-blindness" to all forms of blindness)

    3. ^^^^^ Washed up whores are funny like that. Can't remember who they hated

    4. I remember way back when she was shunned by her Willy & referred to him as Windbag. She was so butthurt.
      Good times! She was even funny then.
      I was just reading through screenshots of many of her insults aimed at Windsor. "Windbag, idiot, moron, devoid of any intelligence". Snoozers was not the brown nosing Willy lover then, that she is now.
      Wonder if Windsor remembers how stupid she said he was (is)?
      Snoozers isn't the one on trail either, she was the smarter of the two.
      Windbag! Good one!

    5. "Stop hurting people that you don't know..."

      I 2nd the motion (hand raised).

  4. Second-Chair AttorneyAugust 13, 2015 at 9:59 AM

    But where will Attorney, MrSpkr, and I go now -- especially with the trial looming (at least for now) in September??

    1. I know, riiiiiight?
      I've been missing y'all's input & quips! Hope y'all's summer has been good, with lotsa family fun in the sun & not all dark, gloomy (boring) courtroom stuff.
      I'm gonna try to not migrate off.
      The goofy shit of some that know better? Just wears me down. "You should put this on your blog" or "if you're gonna let SoSo comment? I'm not coming back." Okie dokie Dipshits, buh bye. It's not 2nd grade & I'm not the hall monitor. Damn. I'm trying to just gonna attribute the goofy lately to Windsor overload. He's enough to run his own clan off, no wonder he's off putting to the rest of society.
      We've just come to expect the total goofiness package of "Susan", that's just pure entertainment. Between her legal eagling from beyond where ever, her face blindness & her paranormal painting experiences? You just can't find that everywhere. So, that's a bonus.

      I won't fib either, seeing those IPs from all the different U.S. Departments of fill in the blanks? I was giddy. I giggled. A lot.
      I don't wanna let my government down!
      I'm ordering Vitameatavegamin as seen on TV & gonna try to tough it out.

      ~waving @ visiting LICENSED members of the bar~

      ℗ ♛

    2. Oceans is enjoying the beach!August 17, 2015 at 6:22 PM

      hiya Miss P~! :)

      It's been a long hot summer here at the beach...splashes some water on you

      So many people seem to want to be involved in Windshit. it makes me sad. It's bad enough for those he has targeted (especially for those who don't even have a clue who he it SMH )

      In any case, yes I have been watching the demise, but nope, I've been too busy with all my summer stuff. It's busy being an ocean LOL xoxo

  5. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorAugust 13, 2015 at 1:18 PM

    "Terry Kemmet-- bill: just wanted to give you some info that will be very useful to your defense. google howard freeman in amazon about how to use ucc law in court. they won't tell you it is ucc jurisdiction but very important. you can use the remedy in ucc to get back to common law jurisdiction. but be very careful in your answers. my best to you in your efforts. judge ann von reitz is also a good resource."

    This sounds like the Sov Cit Mantra to me. Twisting the use of UCC laws are a common tactic of SovCits. Would this Terry be the same Terry from North Dakota? Would he be one of those people Bill claimed was working behind the scenes in the Dakota's? Like Eugene Paulson? The group who was putting together the papers to flood the courts with? That Eugene got arrested, charged and convicted of? Which made Stephanie Strong quickly sidestep her relationship with Paulson, but continued on the same theories? Both who were supporting Windsor/GRIP/Lawless America/The Revolutionary Party?

    Seems Terry's a member of another SovCit type group called Constitution Club. Much like NLA, and Lawless America, solicitation of members, donations, and putting people in all counties in all states in the US to "organize" some type of resurgence.
    "The goal of the Constitution Club is to create networks of liberty minded patriots in each of the over 3,000 counties in the United States."

    It sure seems like those "Pre-movie" SovCit followers are still out there, still tapping their feet, waiting for Windsor to do what he promised them.

    1. They're feeties have got to be getting tired!
      I hope they move over occasionally or they're going to leave ruts.

    2. IMO, the Constitution Club is much more dangerous than LA or NLA. Some of their members (disguised as mainstream conservatives) are actually running for elected positions.

  6. Windsor: "Here are the alleged witnesses. Chris Shermer is the so-called "detective" on the case. He never investigated anything. Sean Boushie is the man who attempted to murder me; he is a paid government cyberstalker who is apparently incapable of telling the truth. Claudia Denker-Eccles is an attorney for the University of Montana; we all know about attorneys."

    Okay, two of these folks are evidently guilty of having jobs. One a police investigator and the other an attorney. As for SB, Bill, if he can prove he didn't try to murder you, and that he didn't send you an email saying he tried to murder you (and I suspect he can prove both) then that's defamation. It's not vaguely defamation... it's a slam dunk. All three of these witnesses seem to have agreed to meet with you pretrial. They're probably prohibited (by common sense if nothing else) from answering your questions inaccurately, but they can choose which questions they answer at all. Expect a lot of one word, yes or no answers. They won't be required to elaborate and you can't compel them to, Bill. They're allowed to simply not answer and I suspect they can get up and leave any time they like.

    This is not going to be a shining moment for you, Bill. You'll be laying your strategy (what there is of it) bare, and not learning a thing about the prosecution's strategy.

    1. BW: "Where were you when the car in front of me exploded in a massive fireball of twisted metal?"

      SB: "At my desk, working. Here's my timecard."

      BW: "Corruption!"

    2. I think Windsor thinks this is going to be his "Deposition" attempt for Boushie. You know, the one he's been attempting to get for approximately 2 years now. He tried to get them to depose all these others and was denied, so I would bet in his mind, the "witness interviews" will be the exact same questions.

  7. Never mind the witnesses showing up Monday, I'll still be amazed if Windsor does. I mean, he has to remember how he felt in that elevator in Ellis County.

    1. I doubt Windsor will show. He'll be sick, in fear, have a fall, a blow out of a tire pot radiator overheat near him...pick one or more.
      Hopefully, if he can force himself? Windsor will follow through with hiring armed guards. That would be a real show stopper. Literally.
      Is Windsor not adult enough to protect himself? What ever happened to Windsor's gun, 'The Judge'? He was so proud of it & his expertise using it. Bragged about it for days on his Facebook & .com. Did it get revoked along with his man card?
      What a doofus. He wanted to get all Vexi. It's time.

    2. Probably blow the dust off that bullet proof vest prop...

    3. Well, according to Billy, his flak jacket does have a couple of paper cuts on it (allegedly).

    4. I still say he was using it to straighten his posture and hide his man boobs.

    5. "Marty Prehn Ever notice how a bullet proof vest make you look like you put on 30 lbs overnight? lol
      Like · Aug 21, 2012"

      Silly boys.

      Silly, stupid, idiotic boys...

    6. Wondering if Marty the self-proclaimed "Special Agent" ( who also is so versed in law) will be traveling to Montana for the trial to advise his Crush .

    7. Ah...his that something he sat on?

    8. Security detail. Gotta be.

    9. No mongoose. Two words:

      Gas money.

    10. Did Marty start wearing his first?

    11. Marty never wore one. He's a very impressionable idiot and tried to mimic his leader on Facebook only, after Billy started that crazy campaign.

    12. You see, Marty Prehn lives in some alternate reality, populated by imaginary Facebook friends.

      Couldn't tell the truth to save his life. Totally insane.

    13. Bill has imaginary Facebook friends, about 50,000 of them, and interestingly, they're all Bangladeshi.

  8. Windsor started that day in Ellis County thinking he was going to do some Grade A Bullying of other people. He couldn't contain himself with the anticipation (the evening before was the famous "Paranoia is reigning supreme...). He ended that day behind bars.

    No way he's forgetting that as he approaches another situation where he anticipates being in charge, being able to bully people.

  9. My advice to Bill is to get an defense attorney to represent him that isn't suspended. You know what I mean Jean.

    1. You know that's never gonna happen! Bwahahahahaha!

    2. With all the money he's got, he failed to send one of his minions to law school. Now why is that??

    3. Sov Cit's don't need laws...they are the laws. They do what they want, and make their own laws along the way. Windsor's followers are all unlawful types. Thus, their movement "Lawless America." Windsor doesn't like laws either. Scoffs at following rules, so why would anyone else he's been preaching to? They use and play the system they hate so much like a game. Take for instance the FOIA. It's a law they (the lawless) use to harass people--not the way it was intended. Windsor and his ilk, just want to get the names of people to tattled on them, and dared to hold them accountable.

      Tisk, tisk, Windsor. You have a lot you're hiding these days...


    Lets revisit this. Windsor, the man who believes anyone who rules against him is guilty of Treason, should be charged and put to death for it. Even though his claims have been unproven repeatedly. The claims of "Corruption" by those dangling lemmings have also been unproven, and to the contrary, they have been found guilty of whatever they're pissed off about being caught doing wrong. So, basically, in Windsor world, ALL government officials "They" don't like, without proof of anything substantial to validate their claims, other than the other lemmings agreeing, will be found guilty and charged, and put to death.

    Windsor, keeps yammering about how much proof and evidence he has to validate his claims. Yet, when asked, all he has are his sworn affidavits. I've read some of them, and he's a lying sack of shit. So, another point is that Windsor, would lie out his ass, to save himself, throw anyone and everyone under the bus, just so he wasn't held accountable. Now how many innocent people would Windsor leader of Windsor World put on death row? Can anyone appeal? Is there a higher power to bitch to? NO. If Windsor says it, that's all there is to it. Yet, the man who thinks there is so much "Corruption" is given leniency to the point of stomping on other people's rights, while the courts bend over backwards to answer his moronic filings, just to make sure that he doesn't have a gripe, but he will always have a gripe, because that's how he designs every single filing.

    When Windsor claims he is "non-violent" that's a bunch of billshit. He would love nothing more than to see anyone he deems guilty of "Treason" fry. And he's adding to the list daily...

    1. Actually he as early as the GRIP days in 2012 on Talkshoe in May of 2012 he was telling people that judges, congress and all who were corrupt and not following the constitution was guilty of Treason. He would put them on trial by a Citizen Grand Jury then sentence them to the Death Penalty. Lawless would take over their political seat and retroactively change the laws to make it legal for killing a politician.

      How wonderful. I call that Extreme. My question is exactly would Windsor going to get these people into custody. He was instructing people to gain access to government buildings by calling the secretary and finding out information at lunch time. He told people to case the buildings and use spy cameras. He told them to go there and take notes of where the guards were at. It sounded like a plot to gain access to secure areas. That is why he was given a warning for Felony Trespassing at the Federal Court house in Georgia.

      This guy is a total nufjob. Anyone who wears a Flak Jacket looking to be shot on a College campus is only looking to be a martyr for the cause and he states that over and over again to his followers. He tells them that he might die by being killed by the domestic enemy the government. He told people he was even put onto a hit list by the President to be assassinated. Now he is making Boushie his pattsy?

      Is this Dallas and the Book Depository? All I know is that Windsor is fully capable of anything. He can rile up the troops. People follow him and tell him WLYB all the time. It is a sick cult like group. They send money to him like he is doing something great like a mega church.

      It is scary.

    2. Well said.

      Who'd you have write that for you?

    3. No, I do have an enter and space bar when I am on my actual computer.

    4. You mean computer at work?

    5. Very well said Flemming.
      You nailed it with #Extreme
      Windsor personifies #Treason as far as I'm concerned. He's never done jack shit to make things better or make changes/improvements, only tried to obliterate our judicial system and waste precious tax monies and time. Windsor yaps about his Constitutional Rights, what's he ever done to secure those? Crickets. Nothing. Those aren't just his rights either, those are everyone's. He's such an AssRag.
      That Amy Peeples' comments, (that had once been a supporter of Windsor's), a week or so ago really peaked my interest in Windsor showing how funds collected were spent and where were they deposited. Whoever Amy Peeples is? She raised some interesting questions. Maybe Ms Peeples questions are the reason for the recent website traffic here? I don't think any commenters here have the kind of wealth that would be of much interest to the IRS, or activities that would interest the DOJ or Homeland Security. Anyone else blathered about Trademarks, Copyrights? Not that I recall.
      I hope someone finds the answers, that'd be interesting reading.

      Lemme © ® & ™ my comment. That legit, right?

    6. LMAO @ legit. Per Windsor yes that is, per the Trademark Patent division, no it's not. Speaking of...wasn't this Windsor's guy? The guy that tried to run out and get the Trademark for Windsor, that he never had, when he said he did? And sued, (is currently suing) for in multiple states across the US?

      Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline for the US Patent and Trademark Office v. Piccone et al

    7. Well that's interesting!! Bahahaha

  11. LMAO. Irony!! Windsor shares the "Anonymous" Butthurt form. I'd swear, by reading it, it was actually written for Windsor. I think the Federal court houses across America should have that form on standby when he goes to get leave. (that is, if he actually followed the orders of Judge Thrash...)

    Oh, it's you Mr. Windsor. What did the meanie people do now? Please fill out this butthurt form, along with your leave request, please keep it to just two sheets. One is the form, two is why you need leave. Not your life history, not why Judge Thrash's orders are void, just the facts. Not your resume, not the whiney, snively, boo hoo, here's my sworn affidavit, just the two forms. We feel it necessary to protect court resources and time, to limit you to just those two. If you feel this is in any way unfair, you have the right to fill out another Butthurt form and take it to SCOTUS. But, you only get that one form there. They know you're coming...

    1. He doesn't have the patience to read or the will to understand. He's trying to make fun of us for posting under the Anonymous label. That's how much it bugs him! But the joke is on him!

  12. Hey, Windsor! You know that "Maria Jose Carrascosa" case you're screaming about? The woman's been out of jail since April 15th, 2015!

  13. Fall Television Programming Guide:
    Week of Sept 28th: The William M. Windsor Show Finale
    October 2015: America changes the channel.

    It's a perfect analogy for what will happen except, Bill cries because he loses his freedom:

  14. They need to do mental eval on him and handle it correctly like all the rest of lawless loons who got locked up or institutionalized!
    Imagine if he really loses it one day and follows through on any of his fantasies and delusions of grandeur? I mean at least the authorities were warned. Imagine the embarrassment of those in authority that could have stopped him in and didn't.
    Truthfully, I am not scared of being stalked by him anymore I am worried for future victims when he escalates further. What is to say what stops him from doing much worse if he is not found guilty. Who is the next on his long list of defendants. I'm still holding on to hope that he is found very guilty of the crimes he absolutely did commit and continues to do so by posting SB pic. Never ending billschit.

    1. All they need to do is subpoena the family from what I've heard. Windsor trying so hard to make a case that the "Family disowned him" is laughable IMO.

      Seems more like another Windsor attempt to hide and suppress information with more Billshit excuses.

    2. The plea deal that was offered shows that his mental health is no longer something to be ignored by authorities. Let's see what happens next.

  15. Not Friends Of Bill WIndsorAugust 14, 2015 at 9:17 PM

    Bill Windsor--"At 9:00 am on Monday, August 17, 2015, we have the second jury pool drawing. This will be followed by interviews of the State's three witnesses. Should be riveting."

    I really hope that the DA gets an order from the Judge to keep Windsor and anyone acting in concert with him, from buying any of the Jury's names for his domain hoarding trash sites. It is well known that this is the standard harassment tactic Windsor employs and he has stated that he has "others" buying domains for his as well.

  16. I was thinking that too. Those poor MT tax payers that have to go thru this billshit! But jury tamperingj? That's something that he should think twice about. I mean we know how he loves to make a mockery of the judicial system but that will definitely put him on another level of vexatiousness. Keep going #ProSeBaby!