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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Same Windsor Song, Verse (VS) Gabillion

William M. Windsor ~ Self-Proclaimed Leader of a New Political Party seeks to Abolish The First Amendment ~
To recap the last post, here is a Bill Windsor time-line from 2006 through 2012:  
So, we have Windsor in '06 & '07 getting ruled against in his Maid of the Mist case.
Bought Lawless America domain in Dec '07 (along with numerous judges, attorney and others)
Continued to litigate the MOM case. He set up the Round America Flicker page to highlight their trip from 2003, possibly promoting their plethora of ticket companies
 Round America had the same logo as Lawless America, and apparently took in money from some kind of pay-pal account because the donate to Lawless America page went to Round America.
Appears to be quiet as Windsor appeals MoM rulings and positions to attack every judge that ruled against him.  
Holds conference calls and sends out mass emails gathering followers for their group (s).
Bought "GetaGripAmerica" domain. Forms GRIP Steering Committee, names posted in PT 3 of the Lawless America articles for starting point of GRIP-- A Coalition to Save America.   Used Lawless America Forum to discuss exposing the "Corruption" getting ideas on how to attract millions of people. Set up several youtube channels "exposing Govt & Judicial Corruption.   One channel being US Govt Corruption youtube, with a link to yet another web page called
Feb '12  Windsor runs for office. Chief Magistrate of Cobb County. (listing a link to Lawless America on Facebook).   April '12 youtube Vote Bill Windsor channel Windsor for US House of Representatives.   Decided they didn't have enough followers and came up with the idea for a "Documentary/Movie".
In 2012, with the promise of a hard luck tale told in a movie, Windsor’s followers increased and the political platform took shape.    The plan was to form Citizens (Common Law) Grand Juries across the country to prosecute elected and appointed government officials and judges that the group determined is corrupt.    Windsor stated numerous times that officials would be charged with treason when his group came to power.   Most notably in the DC clip where he actually said what had been written numerous times to the followers.    Followers who tuned into Windsor’s early Talkshoe shows knew his plans before the "documentary" followers were told.   Treason plan video snippet

He bought hundreds if not thousands of domain names, of people who made him mad along the way.   He peddled the sale of domain names to followers for the judges that ruled against them.  He offered to post the stories of corruption written by the followers on each of the sites sold.   As followers developed opinions or offered suggestions to better the “movement”, Windsor became hostile and attacked the followers, eventually kicking followers out of the group.    
When a certain blog was out spoken in disagreement with Windsor’s political plans and his methods, he started a non-stop legal campaign to stifle all statements that were contrary to his agenda.   He bought up more domain names to defame and slander the people that (he believes) spoke out against the plans he stated in the youtube video posted above.   Windsor insists opponents to his agenda are corrupt and are being paid by corrupt government officials.  

 2013 to current   
                                                                                                               Windsor gave up on filming the propaganda "movie" to sue citizens, who voiced their opposition to his Political Agenda to Rid the Government of the Treasonous Officials. Windsor stated that he would spend his last dime hunting everyone down for the rest of his life. Or something to that effect.   

If anyone is Corrupt or unethical it's him.  As the leader of a political reform party--whatever name you want to use, since he's had so many--Attempting to abolish everyone's 1st Amendment rights to discuss a matter of public concern. Windsor was attempting the entire time to get appointed one way or the other--as the self proclaimed leader of the Lawless America Revolution. What other leader of any political party, has gone sideways, suing civilians for being opposed to their agenda? The Lawless leader William M Windsor.

***Upon Information and Belief. In my opinion, of course***

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Same Windsor Song, Second (not amended) Verse *VS* of Infintity

This may have surpassed song & moved onto more of a Soap Opera.  Like soap operas, you can miss months, years and then tune back in, and within minutes, you're caught up.
Let's go back in Windsor Time.

It started as a Movie, became a mission, a movement and a Revolution.  That’s what Bill Windsor said about Lawless America in a conference call with his followers.   Windsor uses the term "We" when discussing with the followers of Lawless America, their plans, agenda, or efforts.     But the movie was an after-thought.   Windsor lied when he claimed Lawless America started out as a Movie, and grew from there.  That is a LIE.   He was always out to expose "Corruption" by getting the masses behind him.  
Bill Windsor hates the Judiciary, and has mocked it across the US with numerous civil and federal suits.  Windsor claimed on one of the numerous "Lawless America" Facebook pages--that shows a "launch date of Dec '07--that he discovered "Corruption" in 2006.    In 2010, Windsor was leading weekly conference calls for people interested in his courtroom exploits, antidotes and legal instruction.   In one discussion he "QUIPPED"  that if there was no way to get people to understand they are all victims of corruption, he would travel all 50 states.  In a conference call on December 2, 2010 Windsor noted that many were afraid to organize the group, because they might be called "Terrorists" and be "Killed" or "Imprisoned." Windsor said that David Schied suggested one person handling each state, with Schied handling Michigan, and Windsor said he thought it would be better for one central webpage, meaning Lawless America. He then stated that he would be going after the Justices of the Supreme Court.
Windsor followed through with his plan to go after the Justices of the Supreme Court.  Using his legal failure, he gained the attention he was seeking.  In 2011, after SCOTUS ruled against his three petitions, Windsor wrote an article posted on PRNewswire titled “U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void”.    Windsor claimed the PRNewswire article caused 10,000 people to contact him within a week, which grew to well over 50,000 people wanting to tell their stories of "Corruption."    
Between 2011 and 2012 Windsor was growing his followers, he set up a Facebook page for "The Revolutionary Party."   The page states "The Revolutionary Party is a new political party created to save America from the dishonesty and corruption that is pervasive in government."    And while the names have changed over the years...the initial group "GRIP" was born in name. "Government Reform and Integrity Project" was the original name thrown into the ring.   But Windsor changed "Project" into "Platform".   GRIP was to be an "Umbrella" to all the other various names Windsor would operate to "Expose Government and Judicial Corruption." (Not sure why he wanted a new name like "GRIP" when he had been using "Lawless America", which with the paid PRNewswire article, he claimed jump started the masses of followers.)

Windsor claimed the idea to travel all 50 states resurfaced again in 2012 and he “QUIPPED” that maybe he'd take a camera.   Windsor stated in April '12 on his "Vote Bill Windsor" youtube channel, that he was running for US House of Representatives. "Bill Windsor is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia's 6th Congressional District. Bill is an independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Bill is America's Candidate. Rather than spend his time asking for votes campainging door-to-door in Georgia, Bill is driving to all 50 states taking testimony from over 600 victims of government and judicial corruption. He will present this evidence to Congress."   
In a video posted in Nov '12, titled "Please help save America," Windsor wrote the following under the Youtube video:  "Our country is broken due to the corruption of judges and our government officials. It is essential that we educate our fellow Americans to the crisis that our country is in. Matters are far more serious than they were in 1776. We must SAVE AMERICA."
But Windsor also said this in the Nov ’12 video: "Please help save America" and "Lawless America is just the name of a website and a movie" with the added "Lawless America doesn't have a bank account."  In the descriptions for the "documentary" he states this: "Lawless America is a documentary film that is exposing government corruption, judicial corruption, and law enforcement corruption."

It’s interesting to note that Windsor’s travel to all 50 states was not his first nationwide travel adventure.  In 2003 he took a trip advertised as "Round America," which had the same logo as Lawless America and appears to have received funds through a pay pal account." In 2008, in the midst of litigation with M.O.M, Windsor appeared to get bored, and set up an entire flicker account for his pictures. (Much like he is doing now, in the midst of all his criminal and civil suits, he's revamping Round America once again)    The donate to Lawless America page went to the Round America pay pal.   Windsor stated that all donations proceeds to Lawless America would go to fund GRIP.   

Bill Windsor said "It started as a Movie, became a mission, a movement and a Revolution." Going back again, Windsor said in  2010 that he had thousands of followers, but also said that he gained tens of thousands more from the 2011 "Constitution is Void" PRNewswire story. In his M.O.M case, he stated he was being targeted for "Exposing Government and Judicial Corruption" and was being targeted by the Government in an assassination plot due to this exposure. Got that? It was a Movement/Revolution that needed some propaganda to generate notice and more followers to get to the millions Windsor was attempting to grow from the start--in order to be the majority party, and became the never ending promise of a "Movie."

"Our saga will continue tomorrow..."

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Same Windsor Song, Same Verses (VS), Same Chorus of DENIED

The wording in the below linked document submitted by Windsor in 2011 has some very familiar wording.  Read for yourselves:

This next document from the court is very entertaining, too.  For some reason, the court was suspicious of Windsor.  I can't possibly imagine why!  Review it as well:

Now?  As we hum along to this long played diddy, here's a favorite chorus, #DENIED

This last document?  I find several particularly clever and very hilarious statements.  My personal favorite favorite is: "The basis for Windsor's motion is four times removed from the source."  
Is that the now used Windsor-speak of "upon information and belief"? 
Which really just means "I'm making this shit up and hoping it'll fly".  

These documents?  Prove to me that Windsor is using the same frivolous filing tactics four years later in numerous other courts.  And, getting the same results.
Sing along loud now, "Vexi, vexi, vexi!  Trying to play any court is just a Windsor dream!"

Friday, July 17, 2015

Texas Tenth Court of Appeals Billschit Bitchslap

I hope everyone is enjoying the Back40! ~waving~ I'm sure enjoying having y'all!  Mighty nice company I'd like to tell y'all! 
Thank you each very much! 

I'm sure everyone reading here is still #quaking from laughter at yesterday's Billbitch slapping the 10th COA gave our favorite Documentary Filmmaker and vexatious litigant, THE William 'Bill' Windsor. 
Y'all think all those court orders and memorandums cut short his big celebration he was having regarding his "worlds biggest defamation case in history"?  Seemed like it'd have been a total buzzkill from what I read! 

Let's take a look at the latest foot in the ass Bill received.  (Do not be sipping on any beverages, you will spit on your device!)

The above?  
Ouch!  Just daaaaaaayum kinda OUCH! 
The Justices actually used the word #Mislead! 
Looks to me as though the Texas 10th CoA didn't want Bill's brief because it was premature. 
I, personally, have a suspicion that this isn't the first rejection of his briefs because something was "premature" in them.  (Ewwwwww we won't go there! Yack)
Windsor has been told numerous times to pay Ellis County for the clerks' record and he flat out refused. 
So? No brief will be accepted until he does. 
Those poor clerks in Ellis County, Texas deserve a lot more than that $8k, in my opinion, for having to deal with that AssRag for umpteen months.  I think they deserve a huge raise, an all inclusive resort vacation & the Congressional Medal of Honor for not reaching across the counter & snatching him by his ears and shaking the stuffing outta his lard ass!  They are overworked, understaffed & were trapped with him for hours on end!  There's no amount of salary that could ever compensate that type of sheer torture!

Let's take a good gander at the Texas 10th CoA's wording in this #KeepItSimpleKickedAssToCurb

Go on, giggle snort!  It IS funny! 

Yup, so much for that #Appeal attempt Windsor. 
Someone should not only call the Texas Supreme Court, but forward them ALL these documents issued and warn them Bill is coming and slaying massive amounts of forests in his 'due process'. 
Even the 10th CoA called this pile of Billshit #frivolous. 
When (& we know he will cause he's repetitive) Windsor starts harassing the Texas Supreme Court?  I'd bet a case of ice cold Mike's that he will indeed finally get the big #Vexi tag in Texas. 
Now, that'll be worth celebrating with a huge pasture party and bonfire!  We can use all the filings he's sent everyone in Texas for the fire. It'll burn for days!!  And his handy dandy disks/CDs?  Can y'all say Frisbee tournament? 

I'm sure everyone here is still quaking in their boots & dainty little blingy flip flops from rip roaring peals of laughter at these bitch slaps the Texas 10th CoA gave the oh so infamous (insert eyerolling here) #DocumentaryFilmmaker and #VexatiousLitigant to ever stalk errrr, I mean wander the U.S., William Michael Windsor, aka William M. Winkopp, aka BlusteryBill, aka BigVexi, aka WhineyWindsor....just pick one!  Everyone that has ever remotely heard of him has their own personal fav! 

This is another court ass whooping for Windsor! 
They point out Bill is a liar and an idiot all in the same document. 
I'm quaking alright!  My entire herd will be ROTFLMAO at these for days. 
I'm SO looking forward to the red faced, tiny foot stomping, corruption rant that I'm sure doofus Windsor is furiously typing and copy/pasting right now. 

Y'all think all those court orders and memorandums cut short his big celebration he was having regarding his "worlds biggest defamation case in history"?  Giggle snicker snort!

I luff y'all's guts! 

P.S. I know I missed a couple of the Texas 10th CoA's documents!  I'm new to this blogging thang & I was so gleeful that I got discombobulated!  
Y'all feel free to zap them in a comment!  

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hey! Hi! Everybody ok?

Just checking in with all y'all! 

I hope the Back 40 is comfy.  Drag your lawn chairs & coolers, pitch a tent, RVs, whatever ya got.  Please!  Use the trash barrels!  I'm Eco-friendly, you can use OFF ™, but keep everything tidy!  (Don't pick the flowers, please, they're for everyone!)

Suggestions?  Y'all have anything you think would be interesting?  I think y'all are interesting & do much better than I can!  
I sure do thank y'all for your comments & all the visits! 
I know, y'all are homesick... This is no Clubhouse & I'm no GS...y'all will havta grab my halter & point if ya think there's something I need to do!  
Thank y'all for all being so nice & such good company!  

We (yeah, I got a we) are working on something, but it's not ready, yet. 

Funny thing I did notice?  Our arch nemesis, Windsor has refrained from cluttering up the www last night & today. That means (to me) that the wheels on the new black Jeep Cherokee StalkerMobile are spinning!  Yikes!  Where will he flop next?  Where ever it is?  Let's all keep that community in our thoughts & give them support & empathy.  Poor folks! 

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back 40 Open for Billschit Banter

It seems GingerSnap & JIALK is on a long over due hiatus.  There's only so much Billschit anyone can stand! 

In the meantime? 
Y'all can meander around over here. 

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