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Friday, October 30, 2015

Windsor is On #MotionWatch2015 with Facebook Simulcast

Busy! Busy! Busy! 

As we follow the BillWindsor Saga...and we can 24/7, via Windsor's Facebook page, we see he's delighted to label himself INFAMOUS.  Windsor regales readers of his posts how busy he is filing this and that, scheduling more filming, planning his next trip(s).  
Very similar to Dory, Bill can't seem to stay focused or recall what he's said from one post to the next.  One day, Windsor posts for his readers that he'll be traveling to California to get the MOVIE done.  Another day, later?  Bill is off to Carver County, Minnesota.  (Ping, ping, zip!)
Windsor celebrated the one year anniversary of his arrest on warrants out of Montana, into the Ellis County Jail this week with a (multi-edited) Facebook update.  As the days wore on this week, Bill's tone in the edits get snippy.  Bill was most likely going for menacing, as one commenter here used, came off as bitter and snippy to me.  Here, just read and see if it's menacing or snippy for yourselves: 

There we have it.  Snippy and bitter Bill Windsor "getting on with his life" after his big Montana #MotionWatch2015.  
WLYB!  Happy Anniversary!
*sources reveal that the "L" denotes loathe, upon information and belief , sources are confirmed correct*

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Memory Lane Monday

Decided to get a pedicure and was looking through BillSchit screenshots when what do I find?  A giggle fest from the mysterious Not Bill.
This?  Was a monumental Facebook post on Bill Windsor's page and he didn't even participate. 
It's a lot of screenshots, and yes, I did blip over a lot of Vic's and MaryD's (for space reasons), but readers can click the link below to read them all.  
What struck me most?  Ms. Sharon Stephens' comments.  It was not just how many, or her very sincere concern and support for Windsor, but the fact that she is adamant that the rules of law be followed!  
Not Bill didn't help real Bill out much, IMO.  Wonder what ever happened to Not Bill
Ms. Stephens replies throughout the thread to commenters that no longer appear, whether they deleted their comments, were deleted or were un-ed and blocked by real Bill or Not Bill?  Who knows.  
It's all I've got people.  Did I mention I'm bored with Windsor?  I am.  So, until he does Facebook backflips or court hula hoops?  TaDa!

**disclaimer:  I lost count which screen shot I was on while choosing festive holiday design for front left hoof.  I'm sorry, sue me. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Boredom Reigning in AlpacaGanda!

Will Windsor keep clock watching? 
File more stupid stuff, that he was told not to file? 
Will Windsor cut off GPS ankle monitor and haul his tankass © to ____? 
Entertain me today and lemme read your theories. 
Maybe a door prize for closest correct prediction?  A case of Mike's Hard Lemonade ™ ®?  The hammock for a month?  Closest gets both? 
Anyone seen the dancing ticks?  They run off already, or are they practicing for debut of a show stopper?  I kinda like them (Cha Cha Cha). 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Windsor Panic Reigns Supreme

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

"And Waco Texas is the home of the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals. This is where Bill Windsor is spending all of his legal time of late. Three justices are threatening to dismiss his appeals on bogus grounds. Yes, corruption has reared its ugly head in Wacko.
Bill will be posting his responses once he finishes them. This Court has issued orders in which one statement after another is easily proven false just by looking at the documents filed in the appellate court."

That should be a very entertaining response! Bill will have to rent a truck to get it to Waco. I'll predict 1,500 pages at least!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Slam Dunk

*Please standby, & be patient, we're working to make comments as easy for y'all to post as possible! 



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

William M Windsor's 'How To' Guide to Cyberstalking

Is William M Windsor coming out of the closet? The “Cyberstalker” closet.
The face of a completely obsessed and unstable Cyberstalker.

Windsor has claimed that Cyberstalkers are being paid by the Government. Well, he is on social security isn't he? Is he finally admitting that Lawless America is an “Organization” of mentally ill, obsessed, unstable people--lead by a Man who's being paid by the Government to Cyberstalk? 

Lets take a look shall we? 

Looking for personal information? Social Security numbers? Drivers license information? 

How obsessed IS William M Windsor? Leader of “Lawless America?” 

WOW! Increasing the reward? Lets see, first it was $1000, then $5000 then $10,000!! Just how mentally ill and obsessed does someone have to be, to offer to pay 10K for names? 

And what will he do with that information once he obtains it? And is the information even reliable? Well, Ppfffttt who cares right? He's got names, that's all that matters. Commence domain hoarding!! Slander, defamatory content, and libel “galore.” 
*note that below is a screenshot of just 1 of 93 pages of many judges' domain names purchased by Windsor!  93!  Click and get a good view of all of it*

 The complete “How To” in Windsor's own words. Cyberstalking By William M Windsor 101. 

Oh nifty. He's got the “Tricks” down pat huh? Awesome. That William M Windsor Cyberstalking 101 Lawless style is sure laid out nice isn't it? Wow. Including the “I believe” excuse too. Sweet! 

Our goal is to blanket the searches for “Corrupt People.” Stated Lawless Cyberstalker in goals, as noted below: (anyone William M Windsor doesn't like, will be targeted, Cyberstalked, and physically stalked under the name of “Lawless America” masquerading as “News.”) 

Government paid “Cyberstalkers” hard at work!! Wow. How does Windsor find the time?

Thank YOU William M Windsor, for explaining how and why YOU Cyberstalk.

However, one of the best, most concise summaries comes from an Anon post made here, at the Back40 pasture, recently.  Thank you, Anon: