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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Boredom Of BillSchit Reigns

Anyone else just flat out bored with Windsor's tired whining, lies and omissions? 
Windsor claimed he's healthy, then he's been sicker this past year than ever before.  Really? 
Windsor claimed he found case law that will exonerate him, but 3 days ago he was begging his window licking lunar tuners to send him any case law he could cite.  Huh? 
Windsor contradicts himself so often, he must confuse himself, he can't seem to keep all his posts straight.  A simple scroll through his past posts might refresh his memory.
Let's just take a day and reminisce many of Windsor's inconsistencies.  Giggle snicker snort at the buffoonery that is Bill Windsor.  
I'll go first.  
These pictures below are of Joey Dauben's father's 'WheelieBlazer' that the elder Dauben emblazoned with LawlessAmerica decals and Windsor photographed and posted to his Facebok page.  The father of the Joey Dauben that Windsor claimed to never have spoken to or met, yet Windsor was chummy enough with Joey's father to snap numerous photos of the wheelie blazer and Windsor even filmed Joey's fiancĂ© Presley for the LawlessAmerica Movie.  Windsor was so smitten by pretty Joey's fiancĂ© Presley and her friends, that he insisted they call him "Dad".  But, in standard Windsor form, he turned on the Daubens and Presley.  Then, earlier this week, (several years later) Windsor claims to have received a letter from Joey!  Eureka!  How would Joey know which mailing address to send Windsor a letter?  To Georgia?  South Dakota?  Texas?  Montana? 
Windsor claimed also that he'd scan and upload the letter from Joey to his Facebook, just as he claimed he would scan and upload Jennifer Clark's brief.  Still waiting.   Windsor has since then repeatedly Facebook updated how busy he is though, most likely just an oversight, he'll surely get both those documents posted soon. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Prosecutor Jennifer Clark's Brief

The remaining 43+pages are Exhibits of Windsor's various Motions, blah, blah, blah.... 
I'll add a link for full document later, gotta get herd from PointA to PointB in a hurry! 
Enjoy!  Give a big shout out to Ms.Clark!  Booyah!  Yay!  Yippeeeee! 

℗ ♛ ❥ 

Coming Soon: The Brief Bill Windsor Doesn't Want You To See

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Hello? This is Bill Windsor! I am RELEVANT!"

During a commercial, while waiting on my  herd's breakfast to finish getting done, I meander over to Windsor's lifeline, his Facebook page, and TaDa! 
No.  Not really.  
ONLY William M. Bill Windsor is wide awake at 2am on a Tuesday (Wednesday) morning, Facebook posting BillSchit.  Even more desperate to seek some, any affirmation from someone, anyone, somewhere, that he is somehow relevant.  
In typical Windsor form?  Epic fail.  Again. 
The 'small army' of attorneys in Missoula he refers to?  
They're snuggled in their comfy beds, in their homes.  
They live real lives, with real careers.  
They've earned actual law degrees and licenses, and have numerous other cases, not just Windsor vs. the World.
They all have real significant others/spouses, they have families with real kids, real grandkids, real pets, real friends that they enjoy doing real activities.  
They're all happy and healthy, seldom giving Windsor a thought as they go about their lives. 
Windsor though, is very obviously consumed with thoughts and delusions (fear) of them, so much so that this worrying about the 'small army' is  wearing on hard Windsor's mind, as he's alone, in front of his glowing screen, Facebook posting at 2am on a Tuesday morning. •Wednesday•

No one has told Bill Windsor that the only person worrying about Bill Windsor at 2am on Tuesday (Wednesday) morning is Bill Windsor.  If Bill Windsor really cared?  Bill Windsor should tell Bill Windsor soon. 
•it's really Wednesday, not Tuesday•

***It would not be surprising to me, if by day's end, when I might log back in, that Windsor has Facebook announced how  Pope Francis is detouring in his U.S. visit, to include whatever Vexi hideaway Windsor wallows in currently, just to bless Bill.***

♛ ℗ giggle snicker ~ waving~ 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

BillSchit: Version Gabillion

I have been photocopying my little heart out to send my Appellant's Briefs off to the various appellate courts.
Of the many corrupt things done to me in Montana, my civil case against Sean Boushie and the University of Montana was dismissed by a Magistrate Jeremiah C. Lynch. Lynch said it was frivolous, made fanciful claims, and other such crap. I had over 500 pages of sworn testimony and thousands of documents in the Court record. The Defendants had zero (0). What a crook.
Lynch was clearly part of the corrupt conspiracy to stop me from exposing the illegal activities of Sean Boushie and the University of Montana. There's no other explanation other than Magistrate Jeremiah C. Lynch is as crazy as a loon.
So, let's see what happens. I will post my Appellant's Brief at

I'll just make two quick points. 

1. What's it say about the validity of Windsor's numerous appeals when he can photocopy the same brief and file it in "various appellate courts"? Sounds like same ole BillSchit, just a different month, different state, different court. 

2. How can a proven liar like William Windsor keep claiming his "500 pages of sworn testimony" is actual evidence? It's all the same copy/paste lies he notarized and filed in every dismissed suit he's had.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Windsor Wraps Up His Week w/a Video Rant

Windsor's latest uploaded video?  A difficult to watch, much less to follow rant, in my opinion. 
Windsor's deteriorating physical appearance was nothing short of shocking (to me) in comparison to photos of him just 6 months ago. 
The main thing I noticed?  Windsor's inability to even look directly at his own camera as he launches off into his spun version of his weary tale of woe. 
I have a difficult time believing anyone that cannot or will not look directly at whoever they're speaking to, or that they must look to the right or look down when speaking.  
If what is being said is the truth?  Events really happened?  There's no stuttering, stammering, no interjecting of side stories & jokes.  The words flow and the gaze never waivers. 
These images are what I noticed most while attempting to view Windsor's latest spew.  He continuously looked to the right & glanced down, and this was repeated throughout his entire diatribe. 
The few times he looks directly into the camera?  Windsor was attempting to be humorous or sarcastic. 
Desperate and pitiful are the most appropriate adjectives that I can use to describe his performance. 
Once again, I call flat out BillSchit. 
Windsor did far better behind the camera and I still believe he should've just finished his documentary/movie as he promised so many people that he would. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Windsor's Click Counting

I'm just gonna do it. 
I call flat BillSchit on Windsor's #Click Count.  
Those Facebook page admin stats can be screen shot.  
Why hasn't Windsor posted the picture of the stats' screenshot?  Why this doctored Google image? 
Fact up or it's just more BillSchit. 

What is with Windsor's morbid fascination with the details of a toddler's tragic death?  He claims he's had these photos for a while.  Why now?   

The 'Movie'?  What happened to the TV Series?  Back to the Movie again? 

Tic tok, tic tok, time and the month of September marches on.  

℗ ♛