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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Windsor Stomps His Tiny Feet Over Facebook Friends of His Followers

Rut roh!  749?  That's a lot of folks.  

This woman? 

Looks as though it's not only Windsor's Facebook friends that are cross pollinating (term thanks to GingerSnap) with Ms. Grenadier!  America just isn't big enough for anyone but Windsor to be fighting #corruption.  Windsor's Facebook followers/friends are not allowed to have friends Windsor does not  pre-approve, obviously. 

Didn't Windsor did a blog talk radio 'interview'  with 'The Captain' not too long ago?

***Back40 Crew doesn't know Ms. Grenadier, nor had the Crew heard or read of her prior to Windsor's announcement.  The Back40 Crew extends an invitation Ms. Grenadier to visit***


  1. Windsor couldn't even spell her name correctly. He must be really miffed.

  2. Let the Stalinist Purge begin! Seriously, what is this, elementary school? You can't be friends with so and so if you're friends with me! Does he seriously think that his followers can't belong to multiple groups, follow other people, or communicate outside the Lawless America compound? He is seriously a wannabe cult leader. That's how cults operate. My enemy must be your enemy. You may not have contact with the outside world. You must cut all ties with anyone who has a different opinion. Bill has seriously crossed over into some serious cultish shit.

    1. Crossed over? Puhleeeeeease! Windsor arrived years ago. Please refer back to the #AmericanMothersPoliticalParty fiasco.
      Windsor is really busy, isn't he? He's going thru his Facebook friends' friends list. Go back, read it again and don't blink or giggle!
      As GingerSnap dubbed them, Cross Pollinators, these individuals are friends with Windsor, belong to groups like #NLA, they have liked the Facebook pages of various groups such as #AMPP... That isn't allowed in Windsor's World! #OneWayWindsor in more than one way.

    2. Robert Cookoout IIINovember 8, 2015 at 8:33 PM

      Something tells me that book ain't on any best seller list!

      Connie Fielding
      Never heard of her! She will never be my friend, no matter how bad she wants to be! Because Bill Windsor is #1 in my book

    3. let have fun and just remember the fun times .....

    4. Jeez, what a cult of misfits Porky pig is controlling.
      I don't think any of them of them have a mind, idea, brain, thought of their own in their tiny twisted heads. Because Porky Pig decides so and so is his enemy, the doofus misfits all hate on some person they have no idea about? And, offer their undying loyalty to Porky? Wow, he is a cra cra cult leader of a group of mental misfits, sad & alarming. SMDH.

  3. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 8, 2015 at 9:40 PM

    The funniest part of all of this is that it was the big names who Windsor soloicted from in the first place. He needed those leaders to spread around HIS name to their people in order to grow his group. Then he got all bunched up in the britches because he doesn't not play well with others, and started booting the leaders, expecting to keep their people.

    Just like he did to Roxanne and her friends, Gochin and her friends, Bailey and his friends, on and on. Windsor was late to the game as usual, and people like Connie Fielding had to have been solicited by someone else because he didn't know shit, needed people with the know how who'd already been in the game, and their friends, hijacked their ideas and people then called them haters.

    I'd sure love to know the story of this woman. If Windsor hates her, she's got to be a fricken rock star!!

    1. Ummm hmmm. She's not INFAMOUS, that a huge plus.

    2. Thomas Kirby
      Never heard of her, but if she has friended 749 of your friends it's definitely.

      Thomas has just popped into the Windsor koolaide.
      What makes Thomas believe it was this Janice woman that did all the friending? Like minded individuals couldnt possibly have mutual friends and groups? Thomas is a dim little balding bulb.

    3. They're all dim bulbs. That's the only reason Windsor's got them as friends. No one with functioning brain cells stayed.

      Windsor's the perpetual third wheel. That homely kid with no friends and his parents had to bribe kids just to come to his birthday parties. The booger flicker in the car next to you when you're driving and look over while picking and then inspecting. The grass is always greener kind of guy, so he's never happy. You know, just all around misfit. If he didn't have money, he'd never have gotten this far. The only reason anyone talks to him now, is because he's loaded, and he keeps them waiting around for this alleged "Movie". If he did the movie? They'd all go away.

      I bet that's one of the main reasons he won't finish it. He needs them to need him.

    4. Just because he has 749 "Friends" that are friends with her, doesn't mean those "friends" are even still following Windsor. Of course his fragile ego wants to tell him they are reading every word he types, but truth is, they probably forgot he's even on their "Friends list."

      I have 163 "Friends" who are also "Friends" with Windsor and not one of them is even supporting him anymore. Just like the numbers for those "Filmed" give him an ego boost to claim he's "Exposing Corruption" by keeping their stories up, and the last tantrum he threw claiming he was going to start deleting people if they were "Friends" with one of his "enemies" I watched and waited, and not one of them was deleted. He can keep huffing and puffing but the truth is, he likes the fake numbers, loves to throw tantrums, and make all kinds of threats.

      So, I just watch and laugh when he throws these tantrums. Impotent blowhard.

    5. Yup, 10:57 PM. If he finishes the film, he also knows it will be appraised and criticized immediately. Windsor is the most insecure person you've ever seen times 100. There's no professional boxers or rap stars as insecure as Bill Windsor. As poorly as we believe Windsor's movie would be received, he believes the possibilities are much worse. The movie will never be made. He knows it. He's just barely smart enough to realize that the people who believe in him and the movie are morons. That's the remainder of his life: stringing them along and never, ever, releasing that movie to criticism.

  4. I just think it's hilarious because some of the "she's not on my friends list, Bill, I love you" people, do have her as friends. The rest is par for Bill's stupidity course, but these people not knowing who's on their own friends list, that's funny. "Not mine!" LOL!

  5. Janice was around for the GRIP thing. She was the "State Chairman" for DC.

    She did a video with Windsor too, but it's been taken down.

    1. And Snusan's George was for Maryland, but switched to DC when she got the boot. Fascinating. Especially since they still friends.

    2. Since Windsor's dot con seems to be unsafe, here's a copy paste of the names:

      If you would like to help others by being your State Chairman, please email Here are some people who I feel would make good State Chairmen:

      State Chairman

      Alabama Nancy Swan
      Alaska Roger Silook
      Arizona Bruce Olsen

      Arkansas Kenneth Hunt

      California Erin Baldwin

      Colorado Wesley Hoyt
      Connecticut Diane Connors
      District of Columbia Janice Wolk Grenadier
      Florida Gloria Helman

      Georgia Evelyne Ennis

      Hawaii J.P. Grund
      Idaho Cyndi Steele
      Illinois Lydia Price
      Indiana Dave LeForge
      Iowa Deb McIntosh Heiar
      Kentucky Marla Wright
      Louisiana Sue Bell
      Maine Paula Michaud
      Maryland George McDermott
      Massachusetts Adrienne McGlone

      Michigan David Schied
      Minnesota Don Mashak
      Mississippi Lynda Pearson Barnett
      Missouri Ken Auman
      Montana April Gates
      Nevada Phil Stimac
      New Hampshire
      New Jersey Zahra Ali El
      New Mexico Dan Jeffre
      New York Pat Brady
      North Carolina Sonya Braxton
      North Dakota Darin Kasprowicz
      Ohio Christopher House
      Oklahoma Dana Lawhon
      Oregon Karen Bitz

      Pennsylvania Roxanne Grinage
      Rhode Island Patrice Livingston
      South Carolina Roslyn Holman
      South Dakota Gene Paulson
      Tennessee Dennis Schuelke

      Texas Denise Loughlin

      Virginia Lori Saxon
      West Virginia
      Wisconsin Kay Sieverding
      Wyoming Jesse Adam Kasky

    3. Seems McDermott also did a video and covered her story. Hum...did he say he filed papers for her or on her behalf?

      George's Secret Justice site--"Road trip to Richmond, Virginia to visit the court of appeals and Virginia Supreme Court. With Janice Grenadier a victim of the corrupt Alexandrian city Circuit Court and it's judges, court clerk, and insiders of the court a Aloma Grenadier. Second wife of judge Grenadier and corrupted attorney who's using their insider status to fleece trust accounts of the elderly in Alexandria while she commits fraud after fraud after fraud on the judicial system which promotes fraud over the rule of law."

    4. Wow.
      This Mr. McDermott (and Ms. Grenadier) at least go to the courts, they video their excursions, their documents, they're well spoken as they explain what they're doing and why.
      Windsor really should've kept some of these people! Instead, Lawless America is defunct, it's just the Dear Diary of Bill Windsor's hissy fits.

    5. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 9, 2015 at 7:38 PM

      Wow, that's very interesting. Now why would anyone follow Windsor when he doesn't do anything he promises but these other people actually go to court with them, help them file documents and such?

      All Windsor did was make empty promises of "Charges to be filed" and then poof. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Back to the old "movie" drawing board. What a moron.

    6. I've been wondering exactly that, NFoBW.
      Windsor is all blowharding and "look at me! listen to me! pity me! hate who I hate! me! me! me!" This McDermott guy, the Grenadier woman, Darash, and several others actually are doers, whether I agree w/them, I do have respect for them for #doing.
      Windsor is a #loser in every sense of the term.

    7. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 9, 2015 at 8:29 PM

      My opinion is because Windsor is an asshole. Always was, always will be. Those named people up thread that he thought would make good GRIP coodinators were more than likely heads of, or involved in other various groups. He threw them a bone by making them "Think" they'd be important to Lawless.

      But, as history has shown, the only "Important" one in Lawless is Lawless Windsor. I remember very well how the majority of those people got called "haters" or "Cyberstalkers."

      None of them should have believed in the flash in the pan that blew into town. They all just spun their wheels with him and wasted time. Now they're back to doing what they were, and he's still making empty promises one after the other.

      Biggest warning sign for people who want to follow someone is to research them. Is everything on line written by them? Like Windsor's puffery and Billshittery? If so? Run. Far too many Narcissist tyrants out there trying to make a name for themselves.

    8. Wow, so McD was helping her even as recent as last month? Now why hasn't Bill ever attacked him?

    9. Because Windsor's legal expert works very closely with McDermott.
      Windsor is really treading on thin ice.

  6. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 9, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    Windsor appears to be latching onto the largest group of frustrated followers to save his dying "Revolution." He can huff and puff all he wants but since he has NO fricken clue about "Family Court" issues, and the excuses that are used in court, his "Proposed Legislation" crap is just crap. This is an area he's so far removed from, his stupidity precedes him at least a mile. Most of the people he called haters over 2 years ago stopped supporting him for this exact reason. He is dangerous to anyone who actually believes he can or will do anything to help them.

    Showing or spreading around his "Proposed Legislation" helps them how? Not to mention it's the lamest part of his "Proposed Legislation" to begin with. Is he trying to pull people back from Darish and the NLA? Unless Windsor's planning on writing up orders like Darish and his group, and filing it? Why would people listen to Windsor? At least Darish is actively showing he's attempting to "DO" something. (that is, until they arrest him) but making a "Movie" or another "Self promotion youtube" is still just "All about William M Windsor's empty suggestions and puffery for self promotion" hour. What a joke. SMH


    Bill Windsor, Producer and Director of Lawless America...The Movie, is going to write a big article about what's wrong with family courts and the proposals of the Lawless America family to alleviate most of the problems."

  7. Windsor is blabbering about writing an article with proposals to alleviate family court issues. Dang, I should write one too. I know as much about the problems as he does - which amounts to absolutely nothing.

    To prove he's still listening while he's so busy trying to stay out of jail (you shoulda taken the no jail plea deal, Bill), he's cryptically recapped 3 family court horror stories. It took exactly 15 seconds to find the first one on Google.

    Christine Merlo Kline, living in AZ is stalking a NJ adoptive mother and her son. The girl that was "knocked up", was 16 and in the 10th grade. She had an abortion 3 years BEFORE the stalking victim was born. Kline has been stalking these people since 2012. Windsor said "authorities have said Grandma's son is the father". What authorities, Bill? The girl says she gave up some DNA to prove that she is not the mother of the child in question.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just another Windsor special hu? Short bus special? Him sitting in the back, licking the windows at the world as it goes by?

      He believes anything, or if he doesn't believe it, he'll just "upon information and belief" it just to post it. What a fricken CON ARTIST!! No corruption there, just another mentally ill supporter.

    2. here is her facebook page..... I am so shock for those people

    3. Yeah, this woman is crying "Parental Alienation." More solid proof about what a crock of crap that "theory" is, and who uses it.

    4. Go Windsor, aid and abet this criminal stalker with more Facebook posts ...

      "Action News has now learned since last summer the Atlantic County Prosecutor's office has issued 9 arrest warrants for Kline, accusing her of stalking, cyber harassment, and harassment. But that hasn't stopped the videos and post"

    5. WTF? Seriously? This woman actually claims some strangers child is her grandson? And Windsor's supports her?
      HAHAHAHAHAHA Why am I not surprised?

      Why wouldn't she be stalking? Her "Leader" does, is and is awaiting trial for it.

    6. Ninja? Ida? Here is a recent news link about this bizarre and delusional Kline:

    7. Backing upthread to the that woman in Arizona, that posts on Windsor's Facebook page as CA Merlo, real name Kline. This batshit stalker, Kline, has been relentless with her claims/accusations that a widowed NJ adoptive mother has 'kidnapped' her grandson. After reading for 15 minutes, I am stunned that anyone could come to the conclusion that the NJ boy is the (aborted) baby Kline claims he is, (the mother admits she aborted that pregnancy), the boy is not even the correct age to match this delusional woman's claims. When repeatedly offered the opportunity to show her 'evidence' that the NJ boy is really her grandson, despite the biological mother's coming forward about aborting, and providing DNA, batshit Kline declined.
      This CA Merlo woman is far beyond crazy, she's dangerous.
      Kline is one more fine example of Windsor's Whackadoodles. Kline fits right in with Windsor and his ilk. Kline continuously is publishing lies threatening, littering the Internet with photos of the boy, his siblings, his entire family. Kline doesn't care, will not consider she is mistaken and she now has at least 9 arrest warrants for stalking and harassment from NJ.
      This Kline hag is absolutely disgusting.

    8. *Google Blogger is a bit glitchy & my comment appeared in wrong thread, then your response. I'm moving your response to here:

      Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 10, 2015 at 8:55 AM
      Yes, so lets revisit Windsor's support of this crackpot again. He's SOOO busy avoiding jail, but he got "Swept up" (are these 3 ladies single?) in billshit stories. He was SOOOO taken back by them, he actually found them worth his time to sit down and write this:

      "At the present time, I am busy trying to avoid jail, so I do not have time to try to help very many people. BUT, I did get swept up into three family court cases. I want to tell these stories.

      The first story is about a young grandmother. Her son knocked up his girlfriend. She told him she got an abortion. But she didn't. The little baby boy was adopted out in what sounds like a prearranged deal. The birth certificate says "Father unknown," but authorities have said Grandma's son is the father. Grandma and the father want to know the boy, but the birth mother and her family and the adoptive parents are fighting them by claiming Grandma is a crazy stalker (living 2500 miles away). There are allegedly warrants out for Grandma's arrest for stalking in New Jersey. She's in Arizona."

      1) How is writing a Crazy Conspiracy laden story "Helping?" This troll has her "story" plastered ALL over the place.

      2) Knocked up? Really Windsor? You disrespectful POS. Maybe Grandma should have taught her son to wear condoms. Take responsibility for his own actions. Seems he's a tad of a man whore.

      3) Where is your PROOF of any of the malicious allegations you made towards the mother, and the adoptive family?

      4) You opened the door for people to criticize you, by this exact same careless "Reporting" right here. You can't stand the fact that YOU are a fricken LOON!! I think you liked this story because the whole "Stalking thousands of miles away" line comports to your current situation. However, using the internet to continue the harassing, stalking attacks is still a crime. Posting outright LIES in an attempt to further harass, annoy, and terrorize people is a crime.

      You deserve to be banned from the internet in all forms. You use it carelessly, and maliciously to hurt people for fun. You are a bottom feeding scumbag, who lives to hurt people as far as I can see. Not one thing you have done, has helped anyone. That claim is a farce.

    9. I watched the video and it's maddening that it takes so long to get these stalkers convicted. I agree that the laws are not harsh enough, and they just don't stop. Jail! They need to be put in jail, something Windsor is staunchly opposed to for his ilk.

      I'd have to wonder if Windsor could be in included somehow in aiding this Kline bitch's harassment and stalking now that he publically stated his support for her.

      I'd wonder if Windsor could be held accountable for anyone who has some kind of protection orders against them, when he filmed them, and uploaded their stories? He's completely reckless in what he puts out, and he should be held accountable as a co-stalker of some kind, for the people he has further targeted and harmed.

    10. How come no one has the balls to show their real name and face..LMAO Stalker not..I have the Balls to show my face and do as many youtubes I will please.. Warrants can anyone show them, do all you people believe what a 3min news clips says..LOL I feel sorry for people who believe everything they are told..LOL

  8. He hates Barry from I he has alot of friends that follow Barry buy his books.... I dare Bill to yelled that he is better then Barry with his new friends, most were not there when he attack Barry, made webpages calling a hater for not supporting his crap ...

    1. I was scrolling down the list of friends of this new "Target" of Windsors. (just like all the old one's) Two things.

      One, she is friends with almost every single person Windsor deemed a "Cyberstalker" or "Hater" since day one.

      Two, some of his big name, big mouthed, Anti Government whack a doodles are also friends with her.

      So, what's he going to do? Nothing. He won't delete anyone because he'd have no one left if he did. He'll just scream and throw his Whiney Willy Weight around and that's it. That is the most laughable part. He's in a catch 22. He got these people by hijacking other groups, and now he wants to be the Cult demander to unfriend? BAHAHAHAHAHA

      Blow hard Billy at his finest. MORON!!

    2. Windsor started some drama with that Barry a couple of years back, when he was attacking the AMPP's...I've forgotten the details, but I do recall that wolf/sheep blog blathering wild tales.
      Having made so many enemies among the advocacy groups really narrows down Windsor's prospecting for new followers.
      It's beyond absurd that a nearly 70 yr old man has so much internet drama...back to the daring to disagree with Windsor and he goes into full attach mode, then stalking, then litigation.

    3. Oh tisk, Windsor really attempting once again, to assert his "Authority" in who to support?
      Does he really, really want to go back down this dead end? Is he really THAT hard up for new/more followers?

      He's getting more and more desperate to keep his sheeple in the dark. Problem is, they don't really read much of what he says, and if they do, and don't like it, they just ignore him and keep doing their own thing. What's a dictator like Windsor supposed to do about that?

      I mean, really? He wants to control everyone and everything but he can't. And not deleting people shows he's just a blowhard and a bully. I say, he'll pretend he doesn't know that ALL of his friends are friends with some hater, and just divert back to fake stories of "Corruption" because he can't accomplish anything with this fight.

    4. The whole point of posting that people were friends with a hater was a threat. He can't delete followers because his numbers are falling, he wants them to think he's going to so they'll delete her first. It was a lemming scare tactic. "Oh no, if I want to be in the movie, I better unfriend her now!"

  9. Case in point about the newbee's. IDIOTS!! All of them, point blank, cobwebs and crickets.

    "Cecilia Elsner Sparks-- Seriously, Bill, you should be doing a weekly show. Even your title sounds great as the headline."

    How embarrassing for Windsor hu?

  10. I looked over Windsor's commenters on his last 3 Facebook posts. Of those 3 posts' commenters? These friends of Windsor's (several other frequent commenters are also included) are friends with Janice Grenadier. I'm not going to pilfer through all 750 Windsor claimed, but these only took less than 5 minutes. Really giggle snickered at several of these!

    Crystal Cox
    Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria (EART)
    Lynn Maris
    Glen Gilbellina
    Stephen Grandier Greenwood II
    Vic Federov
    Robert Gettinger
    Sharon Stephens
    Irene Holmes
    Brandy Bee
    Darlene Monsour
    Kathleen Clark
    Pam Deal
    Aaron Wemple
    Lynda Barnette

    1. Denials to Windsor of being friends with Janice Grenadier:

      Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria
      I never heard of her..
      More · Yesterday at 5:15pm
      Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria
      I will be aware, of her name..
      More · Yesterday at 5:15pm

      Ruth Gange
      She isn't on my friends list and won't ever be. I don't friend scum.
      1 · More · Yesterday at 5:10pm

      Irene Holmes
      That's not good
      More · Yesterday at 7:07pm
      Irene Holmes
      She's not on my list
      More · Yesterday at 7:09pm
      Irene Holmes
      She's not friend of mine either
      More · Yesterday at 7:09pm

      Pam Deal
      I tried to block her.. says no results..

      Stephen Gardiner Greenwood II
      Not I
      1 · More · Yesterday at 5:06pm

      Oops! giggle snicker snorting!!! hoofs up! ^ ^ ^ ^

    2. LOL Nope, not me, I am not friends with her...
      go to profile/friends/type name, yep, yep they sure are!!

      HAHAHAHAH serves him right! He lies to them, they lie to him, it's all a bunch of lies in Lawless.

    3. Facebook is committing CONSPIRACY! by and thru CORRUPTION!
      What does Tim suggest?

      wait for it...wait for it....

      Tim Vawter
      Bill you should see if Facebook is somehow allowing this, which means you could name Facebook in a federal lawsuit. This is what I am doing, since someone at Facebook, or who has high privileges from Facebook, has been deleting comments friends have left me, etc.

      Yes! Score! Windsor should file a FEDERAL lawsuit against Facebook!
      Hahahahaha! ooooooooo! Hahahahahahaha!

    4. cha cha 1,2,3 cha! Hey! by & thru made us think of MaryD! Where is that little lunar tuner? Anyone? She just quit commenting. poof! gone!
      We're worried.

    5. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 9, 2015 at 1:54 PM

      HAHAHAHAHA OMG!! Tim is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He still hasn't figured out that Cox is the same troll who's suing him!! HAHAHAHAHA

      MaryD is probably ticking s.l.o.w.l.y this morning...she's gotta figure out a way to work herself into this "Conspiracy by and thru Windsor's post" first, then she'll just go back to her standard copy/paste reruns.

    6. Now that y'all mention it? MunchenMaryD has been absent for a few days. Wonder if Windsor has noticed?

    7. Maybe it's some kind of lemming hide and seek. "Nope, haven't seen her!"

    8. maybe Facebook jail

    9. You think? Facebook timeout, usually allows commenting doesn't it? Just no stays updates or link, photo/video uploads. I dunno, I've never been banished.

    10. not if she was reported for saying something.....

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