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Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday's comment overflow


  1. If anyone is thinking about leaving the country to run away from the IRS, they might wish to do so before January.

  2. Lawless America exposing the LACK of Corruption one butthurt, wadded up panty story at a time.

    Brought to you by Facebook. The leader of butthurt media "reporting."
    Sign up today, to get your free access to the WWW platform of ranting and raving so you can feel like a star.

    1. Unless you're suspended from using their free platform, which violates your Constitutional Rights!

    2. Oh, and they're all for free speech as long as it's supporting support for the lack of corruption stories, otherwise it will be censored, deleted, and you shall be sued forthwith for "Cyberstalking" and be accused of being "Paid by the Government.

      ****Coming soon****Free social media site shall be sued (AGAIN) for not allowing said spewing, er, um, reporting, as a "Constitutional right" because they were "Denied the Constitutional right" to spew for free.

    3. "By and through *(background singers> over, under, around, nowhere near), and upon information and belief *(again background singers> delusions and paranoia), lalalala, oooooooooo, lalalala.... this is the way we take our country back!"

      ℗ ♛ ❥

  3. Replies
    1. I found it on Facebook! giggle snicker! That #FairUse thing. Ain't it great? #Murica

  4. funny, one of the lemming posted this to their story.... another anti-government nut who did something big time wrong then fine and punish but ran all the web lying about what he did. Just to con people to think he was just collecting water.... Kinda like how Bill Windsor stole millions from people looking to have fun with their family on a day trip, and M.O.M said this is not right to hurt our customer and Bill Went into full on attack to M.O.M.... these people are so dumb not to look at what Bill was doing with M.o.M, Just reading his crap and thinking he is some God

    1. And? He would book them a tour today in a heartbeat & should they keel over sick or need to re-schedule? He'd screw them so fast they'd start spinning counterclockwise. They dare to complain? He turn on them so fast Olympic finish line cameras couldn't capture it.
      I'd bet MaryD's Munchausened right kidney on it.

    2. @12:13pm? I just read that guy's comment debunking the rainwater 'corruption'. He described it wasn't just rainwater, it was damns that created bodies of water large enough for boats and boat docks.
      What I thought funny, that no one else bothered to notice, besides saying it was false, was the case disposition was years ago. Not recent.
      The mindless minions don't bother with facts. They learned from Windsor.
      I think these more intelligent, random commenters aren't part of the Lawless America group, their Facebook friends are and are sharing, liking and commenting on the links, making those appear in the newsfeeds of others. Instead of all that exposure being aha moments to join, other readers see the idiocy.

  5. Can we have a game to pick the date that Billy snaps and goes totally nuts about his Facebook suspension?
    You know it's coming, nobody not even us want to take the time to read his crap on LA's web site. Without Facebook he's screwed, no daily boo hoo posts, no "in my hideout" posts, no the judge, court, Montana all suck and are corrupted posts, no blow by blow trial/court/filing updates ...nada, nothing ... LMAO I know he's going to snap, he cannot take his power of stalking, inciting, threatening, crying etc source being gone, he's gonna snap ... I say by next week. LOL !!!

    1. Yeah, well, if he didn't have malware on his site, maybe more would go read. My computer won't even go there because it says it's unsafe. Along with the fact that everything is repetitive whining it's really a waste of time, and the lemmings don't read anyway.

      Windsor likes to think that he's some kind of star when he's posting, so it's basically like his show got cancelled. HAHAHAHA What to do...what to do....where oh were to spread his internet spew?

  6. #1 Mary Wilson 2015-11-23 10:31
    The Jury needs to see the pictures of Charles Manson, Glock Gun and Big Knife - that Boushie repeatedly used with threats to 'Kill Bill Windsor" that he and the Joey's will put you in the morgue in TX, shoot you in the head in MT, and his email to you in MT -
    "that was me that shot at you on the highway, sorry i missed" that MT law enforcement, U of MT authorities, prosecuting attorney, Judges that hate Bill Windsor, MT Supreme Court and the MT FBI ignored - followed by Boushie's LIE that Bill came to MT with a gun to threaten me, and my wife.

    1. Here's where MunchenMaryD needs an organic helping of #ESAFB, chased with a dose of #STFU. Not only do the LALA-ers not visit Windsor's .com, they all blip over MaryD's rambling, repetitive rhetoric and they didn't miss her week before last while she was off-line trekking to Montana to be near BigVexi. No threads were killed, no eyes crossed, they chirped happily with no notice or care of her absence. Not once did any of them comment "hey! where's Mary? I'm worried!" Nope, nada, zip.

      My bet on the snap, crackle, pop of Windsor? I'm going with Thursday afternoon. Thanksgiving Day between 3-6pm. The nation will be relishing family and friends, traditions, reveling in the moments that memories are made. Windsor? Not so much. He'll need some Facebook mollycoddling and some turkey and dressing to go with that.
      To use Windsor's own words? #AintGonnaHappen

    2. Oh TickyD. Such a good lemming. Simply repeat what Windsor's said helping to further prove why Windsor is deserving of a permanent order of protection against him.

    3. Well since the lemming read here more then his I like to point out that Boushie never said Kill Bill Windsor .... One of the lady on their personnel page said they were going to watch "Kill Bill" the movie ..... Butthurt Windsor said that comment was a death threat ..... so let recap, Lemming you are so foolish, Last week he get banned from facebook because he posted a picture of a dead cop cover with blood with a old Joke, 1st big bad facebook is corrupt then he did not do it ...he spin and lies and lie and spin because you are to foolish to call him out on anything

    4. Just me, my personal opinion here...It only seems logical that Boushie, a legally licensed conceal carry holder and a life long hunter? Had Boushie wanted to harm Windsor? Was such a danger to Windsor? Boushie would have already done it. And, I never see or read anything of Boushie's online, he doesn't have a Facebook account or a Twitter, Hell, he didn't even comment here.
      So, these two, Windsor and Boushie hate each other. Seems to me one of the 2, Boushie, followed the proper procedures and stopped Windsor in his shaky tracks. The other 1, Windsor, just could not get a grip (pardon the pun) that Boushie was done. Won. Game over. 3 years later? Windsor still hasn't gotten a grip. Windsor can't keep Boushie's name out of his mouth, off his posts, is willing to go to jail and waste years dicking around in courts just so he can keep hagging.
      Stalker much?
      I mean, damn, Windsor! Boushie is a heterosexual married man, works, has a home, hobbies. Boushie doesn't want you, no matter how hard you try, Boushie isn't interested. I think he's got a lot of better stuff to do. #AintGonnaHappen

    5. SB and I used to communicate from time to time. I might have sent him an email updating him or wishing him a happy holiday. Truth be told I haven't heard from him in what, maybe 2 years? He does not even respond to my random well wishes anymore and that is the way it is supposed to be. I am not supposed to know him and he's not supposed to know me. It was Bill himself that introduced all these people to each other, not some government conspiracy. The only reason why you remaining lemmings have not been accused also is because you did not ask questions and because he had to stop kicking people out sometime or else he would have no one left. SB has gone on with his life and what little interaction they have is through the court due to Bill's own refusal to stfu.

    6. Windsor's eat up with Boushie. Whatever the weirdness is that Windsor has for Boushie? Reminds me of that song, (just change the gender) #GirlCrush. Windsor's years", spent on years old grudges and even years longer grudge litigating. A lot of people in their mid to late 60s go golfing, fishing, sailing, hunting, bowling, tennis, they go gambling, take dance, yoga or art classes, they go on cruises with their loved ones and friends, they follow NASCAR, they buy RVs and go visit their families and lifelong friends, some begin their dream of owning their businesses or get a new job. #AintGonnaHappen (I like that hashtag)
      Bill Windsor? Pffffft! None of that recreational, enjoyable life nonsense for him, there are dozens of states' courthouses' clerks and judges to torment, the same old copied and pasted original petition to file. Can't forget new lawsuit against Facebook for yanking their free service away from him. And? Windsor has to keep plugging that movie •eyeroll•
      Those of us that have real lives will just never understand.

    7. ot oh, I messed up the "Golden years" at beginning.

    8. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 23, 2015 at 5:47 PM

      Windsor's "Golden Years" the truth:

      1) Stalking
      2) Harassing
      3) Defaming
      4) Vagabonding
      5) Raging diarrhea
      6) Making good friends with young boys in jail
      7) Filing frivolous lawsuits
      8) Bitching about people laughing about his bitching
      9) Pathological lying
      10) Making up fake illnesses
      11) Blaming others for his own shortcomings
      12) Being a menace
      13) Not handling his failures well
      14) Hijacking other's ideas
      15) Conning people into giving him money
      16) Defrauding the US Government (several sectors)
      17) Flaming Government Conspiracy's and hatred
      18) Acting like an overgrown toddler
      19) Avoiding any and all Adult responsibilities
      20) Being a low life, worthless, spineless, keyboarding, blowhard.

      Oh, this is an endless list of Windsor's "Golden years." Feel free to add on.

    9. Oh! I got that confused with his past & current years!
      Lemme start over! Ooops!

    10. Don't forget about his often cited "hot dates" with the ladies...


  7. "So, these two, Windsor and Boushie hate each other. Seems to me one of the 2, Boushie, followed the proper procedures and stopped Windsor in his shaky tracks. The other 1, Windsor, just could not get a grip (pardon the pun) that Boushie was done. Won. Game over. 3 years later? Windsor still hasn't gotten a grip. Windsor can't keep Boushie's name out of his mouth, off his posts, is willing to go to jail and waste years dicking around in courts just so he can keep hagging.
    Stalker much?

    Windsor pulled the same crap in the MoM case AFTER he signed the consent order to pay Maid attorneys' fees and costs. He can't handle being told "no," cannot accept that Maid not only beat Alcatraz Media in court, but moved on. The MoM case was likely the first time in a public forum that Windsor got his ass handed to him (couldn't buy or bully his way out of it), and he snapped. He went after MoM for at least five years after that consent order was signed.

    Unfortunately for the world, this is the way Windsor was and always will be. He will dick around in courts until the day he dies. It's all he has left.

    1. What a pitiful existence.
      I am sincerely happy for the ex Mrs getting out and away. I hope she has peace and happiness, now.

    2. That's probably correct. It was about the first time one of his cases went public, and partly to mostly by his own fake news articles. For a narcissist that had to be the ultimate defeat: he was busted for misconduct, he picked a fight, his target won and then went on with their lives as if he never existed. Underneath it all is his own fear of being inadequate and rejected, toddler that he is.

    3. Yep, and thus the creation of "Lawless America" in the first place. How much butthurt, anger, hatred, etc does he really carry in that black speck of a soul anyway?

      His lust for litigation all goes back to M.O.M. He even mentions it when he's suing now, like it just swirls around in his head, bubbling and festering. He probably argues the case every night in his head when he's sitting on the floor, surfing the net, looking for his name mentioned somewhere, anywhere, refuting any negative comment he reads as if they will be manipulated to change their views.

      His anger, hate and vengeance eats him up. Almost to the manic stage, the rollercoaster of emotions from being "Delighted" one minute to cursing and pounding on his computer the next. But it all goes back to M.O.M. Boushie has only been one target he figured would be an easy pickoff to redeem the M.O.M epic failure. All the civil suits combined would also soothe a tad bit of the butthurt. But, since every target he chose, and court set up or "Sting" he figured he could manipulate his way to redemption was as lame as his M.O.M defense, they resulted in the same epic failures--now adding to the vindictiveness, hatred, burning passion for revenge. The distain for every single Judge, Court, or Authority figure he comes across is very clear. His fake flattery for the new ones, quickly turns to the same rage, "I'll show them" attitude when he can't get his way.

      The common denominator in every single battle Windsor creates, his "WAR" on the world, is him. He picks it, he carefully sets the stage, writes the scripts, selects the actors, and prepares for the "Coming soon Golden Globe Emmy/Oscar" except the actors know better, see through the shitty script, and adlib their way to winners circle. Leaving a washed up, nobody, a Narcissistic tyrant that can't buy his success, respect, or notoriety. Another "failure" in the long, growing list, the lather, rinse, repeat redemption seeking suit that will never come.

      This is your life "William M Windsor." 10 years later now, and not any closer to finding "vindication" for attempting to swindle, lie, cheat, steal, con, or simply Billshit your way into a multimillion dollar contract. Greed blinded you, and it's still blinding you. You think someone, somewhere is going to pay you that multi million M.O.M deal? Think again. This is your Karma. Think back long and hard....everything is slowly slipping away by your own hand, but you're too blinded by greed, revenge, anger, and burning vindictiveness to even see it. That is the best part. No one had to do it to you, you did it to yourself!!

    4. Whoa.

      Yeah, what she said.

    5. Wonderfully written Ninja, spot on.

      Bill, your life is contained in the boxes you lug around, which also happen to be all your failures and waste of a life.

      Go get some pie and think about what you could have been if you had any positive energy. There is nothing you are doing now, even Facebook has shut you down. The courts are advising you leave the state and don't come back. LOL, it's a good idea and you laugh at it. You would rather fail completely.

      SMH you as usual, are your own worst enemy. Too bad you can't sue yourself and get even.

    6. Ninja eloquently lays out all that is the epic failure, William Michael Windsor, the frivolous, absurdly chirping, thrashed, vexatious litigant.

      Well done, as always, Ninj~

    7. LOL - "Go get some Pie..." Yep, Ninja laid it out perfectly. The "war" could be over, if he'd just let it be over.

    8. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 24, 2015 at 7:42 PM

      Booyah Ninja!! No pie for Windsor!!

  8. Hmmm? This nixes Windsor filming his "trial of the century" himself.

    Within the spirit of the First Amendment, media coverage of trials
    shall be permitted under the following guidelines:
    CELL PHONES must be on silent or vibrate so that they do not
    disturb court proceedings. Cell phones may be used for internet use in
    the courtroom by counsel or spectators as long as they are on silent.
    During jury trials jurors are permitted to keep their cell phones for use
    when court is not in session to make contact with family or work, but are
    told/ instructed not to use them to research matters concerning the trial
    issues on the Internet, and the Bailiff will take their cell phones from them
    when they go into deliberations.
    TELEVISION & RADIO: Cameras are limited to local broadcast
    networks. They shall be located in a preselected position and operated
    by one camera person per camera. It will be the responsibility of each
    local broadcast network to pool their coverage with any affiliate. The
    television camera shall give no indication as to whether it is or is not
    operating. Sufficient film and/or tape capacities shall be available to
    alleviate film or tape changes except during Court recess.
    MICROPHONES: Microphones shall be used in a way to minimize
    distraction to the proceedings. Placement of pooled microphones will
    be determined by the Media Coordinator. All equipment shall be in place
    at least 15 minutes before the start of the day’s proceedings. Members
    of the press, including still photographers, will be accommodated on a
    first-come basis, and should position themselves in the designated media
    sections. Members of the press are permitted, when necessary, to move
    in a non-disruptive manner in the Courtroom. Broadcast coverage outside
    of the Courtroom shall be handled with care and discretion.
    PRINT MEDIA: Photographers are permitted to move in a non-disruptive
    manner in the Courtroom. No
    flash cameras will be permitted and the
    cameras used shall operate with no distracting noise.
    JURY: The jury voir dire process shall not be televised. Jurors’ faces
    shall not be
    filmed, photographed or drawn.
    ALLEGED VICTIM: No film, photographs or drawings shall be taken of
    the alleged victim or the alleged victim’s family.
    INTERVIEWS: Until the conclusion of the trial, there will be absolutely no
    interviews of the jurors or prospective jurors. At the conclusion of the trial,
    if, and only if, a juror wishes to speak with a member of the press, that
    is permitted. With respect to witnesses, parties or officers of the Court
    (including attorneys), members of the press shall respect the wishes of
    the individual about his or her willingness to be interviewed.
    DRESS CODE: Representatives of the media shall not be dressed in a
    manner which would set them apart from other spectators.
    MEDIA COORDINATOR: The Court will designate a Media
    Representative Coordinator in all media matters. Any questions
    and problems shall be presented to the Coordinator. All media
    representatives should register with the Coordinator prior to the trial
    These guidelines are subject to such amendments as the Media
    Representative Coordinator and the Court may from time to time deem

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 24, 2015 at 7:41 PM

      HAHAHAHA!! Another Windsor lie? Misleading the lemmings into believing HE can film this? Oh man, this is funny!! I bet it just irks the crap out of him SOOO much, he'd sue for "defamation" because he was called out on this.

      Oh wait...yeah...NM. He'll just add it somewhere but HAHAHAHA
      What a MORON!! Liar, Liar Windsor's bunched up panties are on fire!!

    2. HAHAHAHA! "TELEVISION & RADIO: Cameras are limited to local broadcast networks."

      That, of course, means that unless the local TV and Radio stations find a misdemeanor trial worthy of covering, the trial WILL NOT be filmed. No chance of that. Zero. The trial will not be filmed. Great find, Petunia!

    3. It was gifted to me. Several had mentioned they'd be willing to incur costs of filming it, so inquiries were made. We were fairly certain that Clark Griswold type production companies were not allowed, but were wondering if college students could be hired.
      Guess what?
      giggle snicker!

  9. I was going to regale you readers with Windsor's latest .com ish, but his malware infested site won't load on any of the admins' devices today. Oops.
    Better call Iceland. What if there are LALA-ers having the same problem? Oh my!

  10. Eureka! Montana is getting hammered by a terrible winter storm! Brrrrrrrr!

    1. Apart from the cold, why didn't he leave? Must totally suck to be alone at the Holidays, without even a job or a place of your own other than a hotel room. Here's a twist: he's lonely and some of his lemmings are homeless and why doesn't one of them room with him? How quickly devotion would turn into disgust then, huh?

  11. Billy will be filming montana. I mean he will filming people without permission. Also wil he film and have people sign the fake business contract? His secret contact kandi the woman who is the constitutional activist who really is the county loudmouth.

  12. One of the lemmings is asking what happened to Brenda Battle Jordan. She hasn't posted on Windsor's pages in a long time. I got to wondering about her too. She's still around. She ran for a place on the Board of Commissioners last fall. She's uploaded several videos on youtube recently.

    I picked this video just to see what was going on with Brenda. It's a good one. Her ex husband died of carbon monoxide poison a while back. A foundation was set up his name. Brenda recorded a news story about the foundation handing out carbon monoxide detectors, then offers commentary. Her panties are in a wad about the foundation, she calls it a sham. She says he's foolish for dying that way.

    Then, she suggests the new wife may have killed him off. Because right before the man died, his wife was awarded $200k to settle a racial discrimination law suit.

    Listening to her talk is amusing, but it's really not funny. It's a scary thing that she is responsible for educating Michigan kids.

    1. A hate meme came across my newsfeed recently, a mutual Facepal had commented on it. I nearly fell over.
      She is so scary.
      But, yes, Brenda is still battling on. Spewing hate.

    2. Just a wild guess, but the new wife probably had a legitimate lawsuit and a licensed attorney.
      Brenda has been bitching about her ex and his wife awhile now. Damn.

    3. IMO, the new Mrs. Battle did have a legitimate complaint. I posted a link to the complaint. She is a nurse, was working in NICU. A skin head type white guy found Battle with his son, told the hospital he didn't want "African-American" people to care for his son. The hospital said, OK and reassigned the black nurses.

  13. Loving the total "media" black out coverage of the trial of the century (snort)
    Thank you for early present from powers that be in allowing us a reprieve from the billshit (giggle)
    A happiest of Thanksgiving to all!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Anon(s) and all! May you each have much happiness, togetherness with those you love and eat until you nap and wake to do it all over again!

      I luff y'all's guts, real hard!

      ℗ ♛ ❥

    2. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hoping everyone's gravy is not lumpy and the Cowboys put another ticky mark in the win column!!

    3. From my family to y'all's, Happy Thanksgiving!
      As the aroma of honey ham and Butterball's best waft thru my sleeping home this morning, I'm thinking of all I have to be thankful for, and it's an endless list!
      I would like to thank all of you, that comment, that have been so kind, so ferocious and tenacious in all the idiocy that is Mr. Windsor frivolousness. Y'all make me laugh, you've shown time and again that Windsor is just an insignificant pest. Thank you sincerely.
      I really want to thank Mr. Windsor. Without his absurdity, I would have never known so many spectacular, intelligent, witty, hilarious and kind people. Some, I have actually had the opportunity to meet in court, some I only know online. I realize that Mr. Windsor had hoped and tried his best to make my life more difficult, to harm me and cause hardships. Despite Mr. Windsor's effort, he accomplished the polar opposite. Thank you, Mr. Windsor! You did the opposite.
      The analogy of Mr. Windsor being a gnat, annoying, irritating, attempting to ruin any good, creating merely mild inconveniences for the rewards I and my children have recieved in the last 24 months. Thanks to Mr. Windsor's need to be overly litigious, vicious and malicious, we have new friends. Real friends, that have gone above and beyond repeatedly to show us that good people, doing the right things, following the law, just because, really do exist. These new friends come running when we have a crisis as fast as when we have a celebration. These new, thank to Windsor vs The Entire World lawsuit are scattered from just across the Trinity River in the next county from us, Ellis, all across Texas, to Colorado, California, Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, to Ireland, Canada and Great Britain! I never in a million years cold have imagined that I'd have more dear and precious souls as friends. For a "hometown girl", from rural East Texas, that seldom goes more than 50 miles from Kemp? I am blessed.
      For the laughter on otherwise what could've been dark and overwhelming days? Thank you.
      For the calls, texts, emails and deliveries? Thank you!
      Mr. Windsor? You, sir, are responsible for so many wonderful people coming into my life! You've reminded me what a truly great nation America is and how our court system works to protect the rights of everyone, even those like you, that I believe are ungrateful and undeserving shitasses.
      Lastly, Mr. Windsor, I want to thank you for always doing things wrong, expecting more than you are entitled to receive, for never following the rules, procedures of the courts you abuse.
      Thank you, Mr. Windsor for the extra bit of thankfulness I feel today. I just took the opportunity to open my mail from yesterday this morning, as I was waiting on my oven timer to ding. Lo and behold, a letter from the 10th Court of Appeals! Yes indeed! It does not say "Denied" as usual. It says "DISMISSED". Hopefully, your mail will catch up with you eventually an you too can read it for yourself. #DISMISSED

      Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to you all reading. Make lots of moments this holiday and give Thanks for what you do and what you don't have. My oven dinged and it's time for the next batch of goodies to go in!
      •Kellie McDougald•

    4. Thank you SFW for your wonderfully and articulately written note that so very true.

      I send out my own "THANK YOU" to all here, and those from the Joey blog, whom I have met on line due to Windsor's idiocy. You all are such amazing people, and I am truly blessed to know your online presence.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your day be filled with much happiness and gratitude for this wonderful life--regardless of the pesky annoyances of one frivolous, vexatious, pathetic man child. Without the annoyances we forget ALL we do have to be thankful for in this world. JUSTICE when the Unjust attacks.

    5. Well said, SFW!

      The mandate issued by 10th COA is not posted yet. But under calendar, it appears they are already planning for destruction of Windsor's files.

      01/22/2016 Status Strip file 60 days after final disposition

    6. S N O R T I N G!!!! Destruction? oh my! I can't breathe!

    7. Time for a bonfire and a midwinter dance! 60 days? They are giving just enough time for people to speak now or hold their peace, but only Bill will have one last upchuck to add. All that time and energy he wasted and the court has deemed it so completely merit-less that it doesn't even need to be kept on file. I imagine only a criminal behaviorist would find the documents useful, and he's made sure there's enough specimens for examination regardless.
      What a crazy ride and it's nearing an end. He simply can't sustain the level of activity his hatred maintained in the past. No one deserves to be toyed with or lied to by a rich cry baby. For the lessons learned and the friendships shared, thank you all. No matter how difficult life can be, that we can share gratitude for the small things makes us fully alive and awake. Never lose that, my friends.

    8. Thanksgiving Blessings to all of you. I'm thankful to have found via this blog so many fantastic good people who I have watched be some of the bravest, honorable, wonderful America Lovin' people.. You've made me laugh till I snorted ... giggled until my tummy hurt and some days made me want to just hug ya.
      Thank you for allowing me to be part of this blog and God Bless each and everyone of you.

  14. Today Billy talks about that he had no communications with his wife after the Divorce. Well, My question is why is it they Maintained a business together afterwards. Or really the question should be why did they Defraud the State of Georgia?

    William Windsor is the creator of Round America LLC, While Barbara Windsor was the Creator of ZZ Tours LLC. None of them ever were transferred to anyone. Anytime Billy states that Barbara owned it. That is a lie. There is no record of sale. The Divorce Decree of her Owning it and then giving it back to him. That is a lie.

    In July 2013 Barbara Windsor filed for the Ticketing license for Round America LLC listing ZZ Tours as a DBA, doing Business as. That that means is that Round America and ZZ Tours are the same corporation with two names. There are no official records of this. Per the state of Georgia there are still two separate corporations. The reason they filed this fraudulent license renewal was not to pay for multiple licenses.

    Interesting enough, if you called Alcatraz Media they told you that all three companies were infact part of Reserve 123. Now were they or were they not?

    See, Reserve 123 used Suppliers who signed an agreement to sell tickets with them. The contract was signed with Reserve 123 and Affiliates Round America and ZZ Tours. Interesting eh.

    Who who owned whom? While even all 4 companies were really separate of each other.

    The one question I also have is recently Reserve 123 was sold. Atlas the Travel Businesses. How much did Bill Receive?

    1. Theories abound. We know the family shifts responsibilities to hide assets. Babs would almost have to be as ruthless as Bill is to stay married to him for so long and Bill is weak. Is she helping him to help him, or using him to gain access to the money involved? Whatever the situation, Bill has no one to blame for the status of this relationship than himself. He chose this woman with all her faults, probably terrorized her and encouraged her to participate in his schemes, and then obsessed over anything and everything except keeping a home and family. However, till the day he sues them, I have no confidence that Bill's attacks on his family are completely truthful. Their alleged damage to him are much more than many of the small side comments he used to justify suing members of the public.

    2. I still say she is blessed to be rid of him! Go her!
      God only knows the shady shit he did she never knew about. Wasn't that mentioned in court once upon a time? him forging her name?
      I think Windsor is a black cloud, plague, snot, on anything good life gives, he's never grateful, thankful or patriotic.

    3. Excuse me? I don't know her, don't want to, I feel sorry for her and her family that Windsor has trashed.
      Not once has the former MRS Windsor ever spewed shit about me, come to my hometown, sued me, lost, appealed, lost, appealed, lost and appealed some more.
      Not once has her name ever appeared on anything vile that was sent to me.
      She was never in court being a twat waffle.
      William Michael Windsor is a grown man and only he is responsible for what he's done, no one else.

    4. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 26, 2015 at 11:49 PM

      Its all easily remedied. Next time he files a suit, just depose her, Ryan, and the other Windsor clan members. He loves to request depositions, so, just return the favor.

      He claims he takes medication? His "Wife" would have known why and what. She signed divorce papers separating assets DURING litigation which is illegal. I say, it's high time to call them in and resolve all the "Issues" and get it all out in the open on paper.

      IF the Windsor's knowingly defrauded numerous states and the IRS with Windsor leading the helm that's something they'll have to answer for later, should issues with say the IRS come up. These lawsuits are alleging "Business Damages or interference" "Copyright and or Trademark violations" among other things--of which neither or none of them were legal, finalized or solidified. Why was Barbara's name on the Delaware filing at all if she had "NOTHING" to do with Lawless America as the divorce papers stated? Why did she sign the checks? All very valid questions that never seem to get answered.

      Windsor suing as an individual? All while stating "Business" losses? Again, all crap that never ever was answered because Windsor doesn't ever ANSWER SHIT. He's far too busy burying stuff under mounds of frivolous paperwork. He thinks he's so slick? Well, next time, maybe he'll bite off more than he can chew with his rotten teeth.

      I personally believe they both pulled some shady shit with the filings in GA during the MOM litigation because I believe I read in some of his court documents that a wifes property is separate. Whatever the case, it doesn't appear these types of money games are new to any of the Windsor's. Regardless of the fact that the lead Windsor is a dirty, nasty, swindling conman.

    5. Frank? I agree, in part with you, the part that Windsor is a nasty, swindling, lying conman. Deposing Windsor's extended 'former', as he refers to them, family? That's not part of Windsor's game, letting his frivolity get that far. We saw how well depositions went in his 'trial of the century' in Missouri, Windsor vs. Overstreet, he dropped that like it was hot and beat feet (and his tankass) outta there so fast, even Windsor doesn't speak of it.
      Do I think shady shit went on during their marriage? Yup
      Do I think the former Mrs. knew about said shady shit? eh, I dunno.
      Do I think Windsor kept shady shit from the former Mrs.? Yup
      It's all so convoluted, does anyone really know wtf any of the Windsors have done or not done, with William M mucking up the paper trail with lawsuits for the last 5 years?
      My point? Windsor's ex-wife never did jack shit to me. Just from my distant vantage point, it appeared to me that she had withstood all the ratarded (ra, not re) BillSchit she could and jumped off the crazy train. I seriously doubt she had any more control over what Windsor did or did not do than he has over himself, none. I don't believe they laid in bed at night conniving of ways to sue people, or chatted over their breakfast who was their next target. I think she got glimpses of the POS he is a little at a time, and over the last decade of their marriage it became glaringly apparent he was a complete and total AssRag. I think she tried one last time (the ultimatum Windsor has referred to several times) to get him to stop his vindictive, weird, ProSe pussyfooting and it failed. She packed her stuff, slapped a ForSale sign up in Marietta and escaped.
      I don't know. I don't really want to know. Until she is creeping around Elm Street, in Kemp? or until I see her smearing untrue shit on .coms she updates regularly? or she starts buying domains of complete strangers she plans on harassing later? or until I see her in court or her name enjoined with his on his frivolous, SovCitz ranting, butthurt BillSchit pleadings? The former Mrs. Windsor is of no consequence to me. Best I can tell, Windsor has been piloting his Jeep(s) solo since he decided to sue me and 1,000 other people in 40th District in Ellis County, Texas. Yeah, I think he paid a coupla of trick ass hoes like Jennie, along the way, and even they ditched him, no amount of money will buy into all that BillSchit.
      As far as I am concerned? Windsor is a one "man" opining, pontificating POS, that has a need to be in a courtroom.
      What I've seen for myself? My conclusion is that Windsor is just weird as f*ck. Thank God he's old, obese, in poor health and already an idiot. If he were younger, had a lick of sense and was half ass decent looking & healthy? He might actually have accomplished something. All I see is a old stalking-wannabe, that never was anything anywhere, that gathered a wad of whackadoodles and became addicted to Facebook and filing the same lawsuit over and over and over. A gnat, not important enough to be a fly, but still irritating and a pest.

      I'm just beyond tickled that Windsor unknowingly gifted me with some terrific people as friends in his whacked out whatever he does with his pitiful existence.
      I won in that, as well as in court against him. Sweeeeeet!

    6. It doesn't so much matter when they divorced. As soon as he indicated a business and one with a history of alleged profit, that left the family vulnerable to be asked a whole range of questions. Same with him making us responsible for the divorce or his mental health.
      I'm disappointed that she has not step forward, but in cases of abuse this is not unusual. I think many of us would like to hear from her, and we could partially forgive her if she stepped forward. Between her and Bill, her book would sell because people would want to understand why a woman born into her wealth and privilege would put up with a monster like him. They aren't speaking now, but that doesn't mean they won't some day, maybe once he's too far gone to hurt anyone anymore. As for everything else, those are questions to be asked by authorities, I think.

    7. I'd buy her book and go see her MOVIE from the book. js

  15. Windsor: "In case you didn't know, Bill has a quirky sense of humor, and he loves odd stuff."

    No one with a non-pathological mental state describes their own sense of humor. It's a key indicator of pathological narcissism and megalomania. Never occurs to sane people to describe their own sense of humor. We notice when others describe theirs. If someone did that on a first date, in most cases there wouldn't be a second date.

    1. That "Bill is" or "Bill did" is weird creepy.
      No one writes about themselves like that. Ever notice no one thinks someone is funny when they have to explain their jokes? Add humor to Bill's list of epic failures.
      Facebook obviously doesn't find his jokes funny, either or his joke with the gruesome photo wouldn't have gotten his posting privileges suspended for 30 days.

    2. "It's a key indicator of pathological narcissism and megalomania." "If someone did that on a first date, in most cases there wouldn't be a second date."


    3. Example: The Shermanator from American Pie

  16. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 27, 2015 at 10:37 AM

    How come the "Lawless America" FB is sharing links from "Lori Callies" when Windsor publically stated she was a 'Hater?' Who's at the helm of posts for that FB?

    Kind of humorous that whoever he gave permission to, is so clueless as to who is or in not part of Windsor's long sorted list of "enemies," just how good of a "Friend" is this person to him? HAHAHAHA

    1. Windsor has so many "enemies" even he can't keep up with all of them.

    2. I noticed that, too.
      They, whoever they may be today, didn't get the up to moment hater list. I bet it's longer than Santa's nice list! Yikes!!

    3. Smart assed Steve guy is back!!!
      Steven Floyd
      I think Bill sent out a message about lori. Lori is a member of ampp the same organization harassing bill.
      Like · Reply · More · Yesterday at 2:52pm

  17. Chicago, IL has one of the best downtowns in the country. It's one of 2 cities where this country girl actually enjoys staying in the heart of the city. But, for as long as I can remember there have been problems with corruption, racial tension and gun violence.

    It's annoying that Windsor's admin posted the story about the cop charged with murder. I'd agree that the cop used excessive force in this case and it appears he should have been disciplined for some of the 14 - 20 citizen complaints. But inciting hatred for police and painting all cops with that broad brush is way out of line, as is usual for Windsor and his lemmings.

    I'm not defending the cop, the kid did not deserve a death sentence. But the facts of the matter are, the kid was the subject of a 911 call because he was breaking into cars. When police first confronted him, he used a knife to cut the tire on a police car. He refused to yield to the cops, he continued to walk down the middle of the street with the knife in his hand. The first cops called for back up unit with a taser. In the video released this week, you can see that when the fatal unit arrived, the kid had no intention of stopping, he was veering away from the cops - with the knife still in his right hand. Again, I don't support a death sentence for what the kid did that night. But the boy's actions and contribution to his own death need to be considered.

    IMO, this story from Chicago deserves a lot more attention. Black on black violence is the crux of many issues. The police can't fix this problem on their own. It will take community involvement and trust to fix it. Inciting hatred of the police does nothing but aggravate and prolong the problems.

    1. That cop is a POS, he emptied a clip into that kid. It's another instance of one bad person's horrific act casting a dark shadow on an entire profession and causing more strife in our nation, that has millions of exemplary law enforcement officers. Windsor is an even bigger piece of shit for glomming onto ONLY violent, gruesome events. Windsor never bothers with how many wonderful LEOs there are. Windsor and his ilk like strife. You can bet your ass if Windsor was skeeeert, he'd be calling 911 for LEOs, then later he'd bitch and moan, smearing them anyway possible. Just as he does courts.

    2. People who aren't from Chicago are inciting violence and are unable to tell you what is really going on. The deeper part of the story is that there are parts of the town that have been deeply impoverished for decades, and other parts of town where stars like Oprah and Michael Jordan live. To blame police for such a sharp socioeconomic divide is unjust. We can blame the 1% but if you aren't helping your fellow man in need, then you are just as much a part of that problem.
      I don't understand Chicago's murder and crime rate fully, because I lived there. Of the American cities I have lived in, it has so much to offer and is one of the best in terms of public transportation. I used to go into the city every weekend morning by myself when I studied there. It is a beautiful and quirky city, so if there is a great wound in the hearts of the people, I would say this has to do with the high rates of poverty. Perhaps Windsor could enlighten us as to why certain (not all) rich men choose to squander their wealth rather than helping people in need.

    3. That cop is a POS - he has "red neck asshole" stamped in his countenance. That shouldn't reflect on the rest of the cops in that department. When the kid stabbed the police car tire, the officers on scene showed appropriate restraint and called for non lethal force.

      This guy exemplifies the problem with posting this kind of story on a page for lemmings:

      Isacc Witham The SYSTEM tried many times to SILENCE ME even using HYPOTHERMIA in a Jail Cell to Try and KILL ME and an effort to BURN Our Home with FLARES ....... These Pieces Of Shit are CRIMINALS out of control CRIMINALS.

      "Isaac" changed his name. That is Judson Witham. And Windsor banned him from the LA pages 2.5 years ago - because Isaac/Judson is "nutty".

      Lawless America Judson Witham, cease and desist. You are a stalker. You have strange theories and you attack people who use this web page, and that makes you uninvited. I don't have the time to deal with people who seem like me to be nutty, and you seem nutty to me. We are exposing banking crimes, just with normal people who can be believed. Now go away forever. Post again, and I will happily add you to the list of criminals who violate Georgia law by stalking and harassing.

      (comment captured by Ninja 3/10/13

    4. And if we are educated, we could probe the problem a little deeper. Chicago was called the City with Big Shoulders, because she was a port city and destination for poor immigrant workers to find work. Repeat after me: the poor people immigrated there for jobs! From Chicago, to Philadelphia to New York. What happened to these cities? The factories closed down and jobs were shipped overseas. Why? Rich men wanted a tax break. So here we have Windsor, admitting in his divorce papers that he hasn't paid his taxes in years and refusing to turn over required documents and tax forms necessary to prove his companies are legit or on what basis he has to expect a profit or to sue for damages. Is he any better than the politicians and city leaders he attacks? No.

  18. His latest screed on Lawless America:

    Bill Windsor's Trial Preparation Filing System is destined to be Patented
    Friday, 27 November 2015 12:00

    The system involves using every square foot of floor space to organize documents. The beauty of the system is that nothing gets lost in those silly manilla file folders or big steel filing cabinets....
    Notwithstanding the fact you wouldn't be able to lug either of those into your room without some SERIOUS help - since you're obese, in just fair health and can't lift anything heavier than a coffee mug.

    .... This would not be so difficult, and would not have been done a half dozen times so far, if Judge James A. Haynes would allow me to present my defense. Yeah, sucks that you won't be able to put on the crybaby/woe is me/the world's against me show you were hoping for. Judge Haynes ruled that Boushie's protective order WAS in place, and was valid at the time you allegedly stalked him. Now YOU have to prove you didn't stalk him.

    ... My criminal trial is January 5-6, 2016 at the Missoula County Courthouse in Missoula Montana. There will be giant blow-ups of key exhibits, a video or two, some audio recordings, and witnesses who also received threats from Sean Boushie, one of the villains in the case. I hope to have six (6) other victims there to testify. You won't be allowed to do any of this; the judge already ruled the order of protection was valid at the time you allegedly stalked Boushie. Get it straight, Windsor - YOU have to prove you did not violate that order. If your exhibits and arguments have nothing to do with that single point, you'll be shot down AND sanctioned. I plan to call the judge and the prosecutor as witnesses. That should be fun. Oh yeah, loads of fun. Or, maybe not when they split their pants laughing. This isn't going to happen, Windsor - make a plan B now. There will be autographed full-color Wanted Posters for all who attend, so please join us. Wow, how generous. How about REALLY going out on a limb and paying for everyone to attend your trial? You have the money, right? And you'll have a LOT more "supporters" in the courtroom that way.

    Guests will be staying at the Staybridge Suites. Use my name when you make your reservations, and ask for the fourth floor so you can have Amber as your housekeeper. If they use YOUR name, they won't want to send any housekeeping around - since the staff of every hotel you've stayed at says you're creepy and nasty. Besides, will they get a room discount? I doubt it.

    Thanksgiving was fabulous as Texas Tech beat the University of Texas! I did not venture out in search of turkey. No surprise there - eating a turkey dinner alone somewhere would REALLY bring the crappiness of your life home to you. I had leftover pizza and other nutritional goodies.

    1. That pretty much sums up a clusterfucked life, right there. Deservedly so, too.

    2. It does, doesn't it? And I'm sorry, Petunia - I'm not GingerSnap, but just a little ol' radio newsperson in the American Southwest. :-) This guy is a piece of work ... his saga is like car wrecks I've covered. You can't look away ....

    3. So much for keeping it simple so the jury can understand him, huh? The suites are about $100 a night, so he could at least sponsor a group meeting for the group rate. He doesn't even offer that but tries to mislead them that they will get some benefit by saying his name. They offer full house cleaning and continental breakfast, so this is Bill's substitute for having a wife. He stays in hotels because he can't hack it on his own.

    4. I ❥ our Anons, y'all contribute so much and I'm appreciative beyond words.
      GingerSnap? There is no other. Props to GS, Snap for life I am.

      Windsor? Foot the tab for his supporters? No. That was proven during the infamous Meet Me In DC clusterfuck, he allowed those on fixed incomes sleep in the conference room, took their contributions with no thought if or how they'd return home in the bitter cold. Windsor is as cold as winter to helping those that support him. He'll bond out of jail men he barely knew, but not those that have stuck by him for years.
      I think Copperheads have more empathy and compassion.

    5. I luffed your boldovers, I didn't get that across the way I wanted earlier. You did excellent! Thank you! Anytime again please!

    6. Staybridge Suites is run by IHG hotels. They have a rewarding membership program. We know one of his attractions for the Marriott chin was their membership program. That he switched from the Marriott to Staybridge does suggest he had some conflict with management.

  19. Reading on the history of con men. One thing they all have in common is that they lie, even when they don't need to, just to convince themselves their talent cannot be bested. They'll deny the undeniable. There's many of them who claimed they were much taller than they were, something that could easily be seen as false with a casual observation.

    So that's when I thought of Windsor.

    Bill will have to pull off the con of his life in that courtroom. He will have to explain how those Montana Sting videos aren't stalking. He will attempt to deny the undeniable one more time. At some point in his presentation he will tell the Jury that he is over six feet tall - not because it's relevant - but because he cannot back down from the con. He doesn't know how.

    1. I read this and I believe this summarizes Windsor and the majority of his followers/supporters (especially the females).

    2. Wow, Petunia. That's spooky accurate.

  20. I think it is hilarious that Bill has tried to ban Isaac Witham (or Judson or whatever his real name is) and sent him Cease and Desist letters because he's "too weird" and "too nutty" for Bill. LMAO! I went to his Facebook page and watched the first video down he has posted about Syrian refugees ( OMG! I can't understand why Bill isn't BFFs with him! Two somewhat elderly, fat, white males spending their Thanksgiving writing about/videotaping themselves, going on and on and on with word games and obfuscation and inside references and absurd facial expressions and mind numbingly boring cadence and tone of voice, thinking they're funny and smarter than everyone else (Witham even has his law library as background for his video) while making NO POINT WHATSOEVER and providing absolutely NO PROOF of what they say. I watched one of Witham's other videos about some Texas "king" of land rip offs that was equally bad, as bad as anything Bill has ever posted. He thinks he's so clever, that everyone has clearly been following his every word and understands all of his internal references and inside jokes, and he NEVER completes his thought, NEVER follows an argument, gets distracted with the thread of each word and wanders off into conspiracy land for every definition or thought or name and can't complete making a single point. He's as stab-yourself-in-the-eye boring to watch as Bill, clearly as narcissistic and not nearly as bright as he thinks he is. He even has the old, white man's beard. I swear, you could swap out Witham for Windsor, and no one would notice! (Here's the other video I watched, the first five minutes of which you should really watch, if you can force yourself to, just so you never have to watch another video ever to get the full range of what he DOESN'T have to offer:

    So good news for the lemmings! When Billschit goes to jail (or wanders off sucking his thumb after he has his ass handed to himself in court AGAIN), you can just swap in Judson/Isaac Witham and he will give your life meaning again, provide the same level of "help" in your corruption case, and entertain us as well! It's a win for everyone!

    You can further entertain yourself with Witham on his Facebook page here:

    And I'll bet you ANYTHING that when Bill reads this, he'll be so ridiculously jealous and paranoid about someone else possibly leading the lemmings, he'll make sure Witham is banned from his Lawless America page again.

    1. 1) Bill doesn't like to look in the mirror and this guy is Bill's mirror and 2) it's the sovcit mentality that there can only be 1 star err...clown of the show.

    2. They're like Mr. PotatoHead. They really are interchangeable. Snort! Who knew? How many more are there? If there are 2? There's bound to be more.
      Yikes! I thought about that a second. More Windsors. Whoa.

  21. He actually thinks that he will be able to use crystal cox as a witness. Should be interesting

  22. Really? Crystal Cox? Wonder if she's agreed to attend. I doubt that.

    1. Oh, no shit!
      We gotta get a pool going on this! The odds of her being thrown in a courtroom in Montana? snicker
      Another #AintGonnaHappen Windsor can add to his list.


    2. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 29, 2015 at 9:47 AM

      He's still writing to the "Audience" he thinks is watching and reading. They're not. Everything he blabbers about is for show. He really wants it to appear that he's got the upper hand in this trial, and he's going to school the jury. He hasn't schooled shit, and has been told he's a chirping moron the entire time.

      The trial will be solely about "Did you violate the order" to which he was hoping he'd be able to say "the TOP was invalid" but due to he and his legal beagle--fell right into the trap clearly laid out by the Judge to get all that frivolous defense crap OFF THE TABLE--so watching what he's claiming he will do at the trial, is not just laughable, it's clearly hype and Billshit for the Narcissist's "audience."

      He isn't going to have any "witnesses" that can testify as to the facts of IF he violated the order. It is IRRELEVANT to HIS defense that he and the ginorm Cox's that are still conspiring to set Boushie up want to claim Boushie is the stalker. IRRELEVANT!! This is not a civil case, this is a violation of the TOP case. He knows it, he's been told-- so to me, all these articles are simply the Narcissistic sociopath feeding his own delusions, acting on his "WWW stage" and playing out in his head how he will "WIN" this case, but once he steps foot into the courthouse, it will be a completely different "Show."

      Has he admitted he lied about filming it yet? That HE isn't allowed to? And that HE simply played his standard semantics games? That it can be filmed, but not by him? Because the comments from the lemmings congratulating HIM on being able to film it prove that when he plays his mind games--they take every single thing he says to heart. Another piece of "Evidence" to show that anything he claims was a "Joke" was not intended to be taken as a joke, and he know it. That "group" following him, does not meet the standard of the "Hyperbole" crowd, since they are eat up Conspiracy nuts, to which, he uses to help spread around the hysteria.

    3. And? It's misdemeanor court! Judge even suggested he blow it off. Making a mountain out of a molehill.
      Typical BillSchit.

    4. Yup, Frank and Petunia.
      He is so moronic, like you said, Petunia "it's a f-ing misdemeanor, a PETTY little misdemeanor that he is trying to blow int some huge criminal, corrupted, HUGE charge. Lol ... Idiot, get ready Montana for the BIG court case of Billy Blowhard .... he's up right after the sixteen year old kid with pimples that drove mommy's car without permission and the guy with 2 outstanding parking tickets LOL ... what a ASSWIPE !!

    5. Didn't someone mention drama? Yup
      Creating drama.

    6. Or the roommate that had a dried up roach in the basement of the house that Marty rented a room in.

      Marty threatened to get the rental property seized by the state as a dope house, by the way.

      Editorially speaking, any home that he's in IS technically a "dope house"...

    7. On a sad and serious note, while Windsor frantically attempts to portray himself as a victim of the "System - courts, judges, police, prosecutors etc ...) And, blow a misdemeanor court date into the criminal trial of the century, his few (and I mean few) remaining loyal lemmings, actually have (some) of them been actual "victims of the system".. Some of them have are actually mentally unstable, some have spent their life savings fighting for their cause, some have lost loved ones, most have spent time in jail, most as I said have before major mental issues but ALL of them have actually been through the system in actual usually felony criminal cases unlike their hero Billy, who is playing he's a victim with a measly misdemeanor charge. That's just disgusting.

    8. That's a good point. Windsor is whining his way through the system like he's the first and only one. Most of the lemmings are estranged from their families too. It irritates me when Windsor talks about how his family refused his calls when he was arrested. Why should they take his calls? In their place, I'd probably refuse him too. IMO, he ditched his family when he started this trip in 2012.

  23. See how long it takes for him to be arrested the next time he parades around a campus in a bullet proof vest...

    Go for it, Billy!

    1. My Christmas wish is that he will go back to UofMT and do a repeat.

  24. Traitor in ranks!

    Watch out "Lawless America... The Movie".

    "Marty Prehn
    In the cases that I have worked on the current probate Judge Carl Marlinga has allowed me to speak either on behalf of a elderly person or a sibling as to what information I can share with him in order for him to make a decision on the welfare of a elderly person. He had previously been the Prosecuting Attorney for the 2nd largest county in Michigan (Macomb County). And worked as legal council for the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. However many courts assign probate matters to Magistrates like they did in my mothers case in Colorado who did not have clue as to what they were doing. Such was the case with Magistrate Barbara Hughes and Magistrate Robin Chittum from the 4th District Court in El Paso County in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I want to have a documentary film made about their legal blunders and how the VIOLATED my mother's 1st, 4th and 14th amendment rights and how they ignored a Michigan trust that was set up to protect my mother who was an incapacitated resident of Michigan. The film should be called CLUELESS IN COLORADO SPRINGS. There is complete chaos in the Judicial system in the state of Colorado.
    Like · 1 · Reply · More · 7 minutes ago"

    Luckily for the lemmings, Marty lies pretty much always and isn't capable of doing anything about anything...

    1. Where'd the special aagent mongmoose leave that dropping?
      Prehn's been chanting that mantra so long, that even I know it word for word.
      What a piece of shit he is.

    2. I think a better movie title (perhaps cartoon because he's such a moron) would be

      "Marty the Mooch, Milks Old Maids"
      An overweight grown man child (much like Bill) travels the WWW in search for victims to con money from, stories to glom onto in an attempt to lift himself for publicity, and lashing out at anyone who points out these facts. Prehntending (c) is his only profession. Not "Advocacy" not "Elder" help, there isn't one bone in his blubbery body that helps anyone. It's solely about self promotion, cons, and swindling money from unsuspecting victims. Marty the Mooch meets is demise when he takes on more than he can chew. In an exciting twist, this fast talking con gets taken to the mat by undercover elderly "victim" he Prehntends to "help". With lots of twists and turns, that leave the crowds cheering, as the life long con king gets taken down just when he thinks he's found his biggest Meal ticket Maid around.

    3. I think the lemmings and "The Movie" are safe for now...

      "Marty Prehn wait til you see me in his next movie. I play his estranged brother Stoney Balboa and get him to come out of a coma after being allowed to almost starved to death by his court appointed guardian William Moneyhands. There is alot of MONGOOSE humor in this one and it was written by the Elder Avenmger. Welcome to Hollywood. There is a moving seen in which Rocky after being in a coma responds to my voice and lets me know that he wants to live and not having his feeding tube pulled which would mean his imminent death. It is a reenactment from what really happened with Doc Chism and I decided to incorporate it into the script. Hey why let these good looks go to waste right? Besides getting hit in the face by the legal sytem a couple hundred times begins to hurt after a while. I become a SUPER Heavy weight and take on the fight to STOP Elder and Guardianship Abuse. Guess who wins?. On the back of my silk boxing robe is one word MONGOOSE! The scene that is recreated with Diana Lewis is in a meat locker and on the sides of beef are pictures of all the co-conspirators that allowed my mother to be abused and eventually starved to death and I beat the crap out of all of them and break a few ribs in the process.
      January 12 at 4:19pm · Like"

    4. Ouch. Please provide disinfectant for entire pasture.

    5. Wonder why the special secret agent doesn't post that BS on Carl Marlinga's Facebook page?
      I'm sure Judge Marlinga would love to see it and be associated with the special secret agent.

    6. That is interesting that he thinks medical care should continue whether the person is conscious or not and whether the person has chosen the treatment or not. So Marty is in favor of mandatory medical treatment. Seeing as he is approaching morbid obesity, and as he is neglecting his own health, per his own argument then, certain medical treatment should be forced upon him until the danger has passed.

    7. He's just a pathetic, mentally ill, lonely fat guy who's been full of equal parts of hate and shit his entire life.

  25. Judith appears to be the one with low IQ. She should really check the educational requirements, state licensing and hiring policies for police departments. It's not easy to get hired, it can be a 6 month long process of testing, including physical tests and polygraphs. And while Judith is researching, she should compare the pay for police officers with a BS to college grads in other occupations. She should also read the articles before commenting. She appears to be an animal activist. If she'd have read the article, maybe she would have realized that it appears the dog's people put that dog in harm's way to antagonize the police officers.

    Judith Pecho Glad the dog is alright. Why can't they raise the bar on the IQ, ability to think and not shoot, for police? Lots of college degree people out of work and would make good cops, but they hire the GED's who likely were kicked out of school, and graduated later, or were disenfranchised. Good pay. Some turn into good cops but over all they need to raise the bar.

    1. Yeah Judith and the dog's people are the idiots.
      Certainly a lot of new commenters in LALAville.
      Really like Judith linked the #NLA in one reply comment. Judith doesn't seem to have read the backstory to Bill or Lawless. A headline reader only. Cracking me up.

  26. So, it's going to be Cirque du Montana. Crystal Cox has plans to testify at Windsor's trial.

    "Because the Trial will be Filmed, I will be there, taking the Stand, and so will many other people that Sean Boushie has emailed from - we shall see if the Missoula County attorney will keep breaking the law or if they will end up putting the real criminal in JAIL..."

    1. Ummm hmmmm. Who's filming it?
      Eye roll and yawn.

    2. I don't understand why these idiots think they are going to turn Windsor's trial into a trial of Boushie. It just doesn't work that way. Not to mention, none of the stuff they plan on "presenting" in order to get Boushie "thrown in jail" is going to be allowed.

    3. "'Because the Trial will be Filmed, I will be there,"

      We've already established that the trial will not be filmed, and as Crystal's grammar shows that she will be testifying only "because it will filmed," then we can also predict what her excuse will be when she does not take the stand!!

    4. It's actually kinda freakin' hilarious watching the 2 Dunce's (Cox and Willy) pretend that SB is on trial and Willy is the victim. LOL They're in for a rude awakening come trial.
      I can just hear the poor exasperated judge saying " Mr.Windsor, you sir are not the victim in this case, you are the accused stalker and PPO violator .. not Mr.BoushIe" .... "Jury members, please disregard any previous erroneous false accusations and statements that Mr.Windsor has made about Mr.BoushIe .. as Mr. Windsor is who stands accused of violating a valid protection order, not Mr.Boushie." .... And "Baliff please remove Ms.Cox from the courtroom as her opinion of Mr. Boushie is not relevant to the case of Mr.Windsor violating a protection order" ... HAHA !

  27. So how many "joeys" are coming to the trial of the century? I say everyone should reserve rooms on the third floor of the stay ridge suites. It's a nice place, it's only had a few hooker raids. Which explains why certain people like it... After the trial there's gonna be a big pig roast and pie party at Booshay's.

    1. Can we reschedule SnapaPlooza for a warmer month? Brrrrrr

    2. Brrrrrrrr is right Miss Petunia, I was watching the weather channel the other day and they said the coldest spot in the country was Missoula and then made some joke about it being so cold there. Lol

    3. Yeah, brrrrrr. Average high that week is 28, low 16.

      I'll just wait for the bond jumping Cirque du Ellis County. Windsor's defense for violating the PO is obvious and so old news. It's not like we haven't heard and read it all before. That 3 way squabble is no longer interesting. I want to hear the defense for walking out on a PR bond. No Cox, no Boushie and chances are, no snow.

  28. Whoever Windsor left the keys to Lawless America's Facebook page is really swerving the Bill bus off the track. Not nearly enough opining of how horrible and pitiful Windsor's saga is and they're turning into a CopBlock page.
    What happened to judicial corruption? The new LaLa-ers aren't going to have a clue what's going on in WindsorWorld when Bill returns and begins flooding the page with his tale of woe. These newbies are wandering the www too much, they have too many other interests, they'll never fall for the mythical Movie billschit.
    Poor Bill Windsor, less than a week and he's already becoming a distant memory. In 30 days, he'll have joined the ranks or #who? Bill who?

  29. Happy 1st of December!
    Turn the page, please>>>