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Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Windsor Whine

Bill Windsor
BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA *LA cap kept near bare foot* IS STILL WAITING FOR A COURT ORDER *much waiting is done, huh?* TO ALLOW HIM TO REMOVE THIS DELIGHTFUL GPS ANKLE MONITOR. *DELIGHTFUL* indeed, finally an accurate adjective!

I've had this on since May 9. It has rubbed big callouses on my ankle. * squinting* - - where are any callouses?

I filed a motion 16 days ago, and i sent an order to the judge to sign today. *more filings from Windsor?  Hmmm...who'd have ever guessed?  How is that Motion titled?  Could a #Butthurt Report have been substituted instead?  same difference*

I don't believe people *'victim of terrorism' yesterday* charged with emailing a legal document to an attorney and having a website have to have their every move tracked.  *Only a moron would believe that tired blather.  GPS monitors are for tracking an individual that has a history of bond jumping, failing to appear at hearings and for violating protective orders, all while updating his social media accounts daily bragging about the number of days spent evading. 
•Notice that Windsor used "I"!  He uses it so seldom though, he neglected to capitalize.  Flip flops between 1st person & 3rd person though (still early in the day, this Facebook post will most likely be edited multiple times)

If you don't know Bill Windsor's sory, *sory?  It's no longer a saga, but a sory?* 

Photo copyright Friends of Bill Windsor
 —  at Missoula, MT


  1. HAHAHAHA "Sory"
    Yeah, he's a sory POS for sure.
    If you take the B out of Bill, it spells "ill" I think that's spot on don't you?

    1. Yes, I do!

      Windsor has an extremely pale, smooth leg, huh? I don't understand why he didn't photograph the callouses. The smoothness of that calf & ankle blow his callous claim.
      Monday morning, and this Doofus is sitting in the floor with his Lawless America cap, taking pictures of his leg and foot. #busybusybusy

  2. Forget about the callouses, what about the life threatening dizziness and blinding headaches that he needed a Dallas neurologist for? Or the infamous hiatal hernia?

    WLYB!! Stay alive! Save "The Movie"!

    1. giggle snicker snort!
      The squinting for the callouses made me totally forget about his life threatening other illnesses!

    2. Took him 6 months to form callouses from sitting still? Know what else can cause that? Diabetes. Look at the swollen ankle and it that the beginning of hammer toe? Cheer up, Windsor! Amputation is a common medical procedure when severe diabetes is ignored. Have a little more sugar.

  3. Bwahahahaha he's going into business inn making a smaller gps ankle monitor! I feel nothing but delight to see the old codger miserable. Please continue and tell us on a scale from 1-10 exactly how annoying is it to be tethered? I can imagine that you are crawling out of your skin. Since may 9th those big meanies have been monitoring dare they! Void that order and tear off that gps from your cankle!! Giggling and snorting

    1. Doesn't he have a hearing on the 20th?
      He can demand that delightful GPS tether be removed in person. Why pussy around with Motions? Just bow up to that Judge and show the court those callouses. Far more effective, IMO

    2. Bahahaha Cankle for sure!! That right there is an excellent picture for a dictionary explanation of "Cankle."

      Pansy ass pedicured foot, no hair on those legs what-so-ever, kind of scream Look away, aint no manly man round here! Thus the tantrums and foot stomping "take this off or else" rants. Such a prissy mother____!

      Man up ill Winsnore! If you do the crime, you're gonna do the time. Internet baddassery and blustery Billshittery aside, you sir are a girly man, with your girley panties all bunched up on this fine Monday morning. Boo Fricken hoo, from your "I'm declaring "War" post and your "They's all big, bad Terrorists" puffery. Back to the real whiney, snively, drively, pansyassery.

    3. Cankles!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

    4. I'd get the ACLU engaged again.

      Court imposed callouses are a violation of civil rights!

      Cramps his style with the ladies...

    5. Thanks for the coffee all over my desk!! LOL,

      Bill fell and he couldn't get up, but that won't stop his posts, although he probably landed on his phone and shattered his screen...he updates FB because he is that addicted.

      God I hope he was just wearing his usual shorts and wasn't nekked in that picture !!!! Sorry, [passes the brain bleach for that visual]

    6. Oh be nice. A lot of women have weight problems after menopause.

  4. My guess is that he's butt naked with nipple clips...

    Just a guess.

  5. Even the bottom of his feet are smooth, they never get used, because he's sitting on his tankass all the time.
    Seriously, what kind of grown man takes pics of his soft feet & smooth ankles and calves, then posts those on Facebook? #pusscankle that's what kind.

    1. Ewwww ... Ewwwwwww Karen J thinks he has "Sexy Feet" Ewww!!
      WTF , how desperate is Kay Kay to get his attention? Ewwwwwww!!

    2. Well snit:/ I was gonna eat today & now that's ruined. Windsor's feet, KarenJ & sexy all in the same paragraph!

    3. It sure does look like he invests in pedicures. A little pudgy but otherwise not bad looking feet.

      I'm wondering how long it took him to get up off the floor. And how many levels of support he needed. Tub, potty, then counter?

  6. Trending...


  7. The sweet old grandma is back. Yes, yes, Christine, he really is a freaking terrorist. He terrorized people and courts clerks in 5 states.

    CA Merlo
    CA Merlo Yes unbelievable really like you are some freaking terrorist..

  8. For those using Missoula public restrooms, should you see that foot in the next stall, be afraid.

    Very afraid...

  9. Bill should wrap himself in crime scene tape. Lmao!

    1. Yep, Whiney Windsor wrapped in crime scene tape would be appropriate. Regardless of where he is, he's violating laws.
      What's triggered Windsor's recent LA reminiscing? Is he just plopped in the bathroom floor of his motel, gazing at his pedicured feet & cankles, scrolling through his photo albums? That'd be a sad sight for the establishment's housekeeping staff to come upon, a near 70 year old man, wearing a GPS ankle monitor, sprawled on the tile floor with a camera and a laptop, Facebooking.

    2. Shrink wrap might do him good. Compression. He's likely depressed. Gotta relive those glory days and congratulate himself for all the people he's hurt.

  10. Okay, forgive me for being a few days behind on reacting. I had an actual life to live with meaningful work to do, one which will become clearer in this post. I just cannot restrain my fury at Bill Windsor calling himself the victim of terrorism. I can't. I CAN NOT DO IT. My husband works in Counter Terrorism and Threat Assessment in the Emergency Operations Center for an agency that will go unnamed. My first day working in the field in EMS was September 11, 2001. I have seen and heard things that very, very few people will ever have the horror of experiencing in the name of terrorism and that pansy ass, shaved leg, pedicured foot pussy dares to call himself the victim of terrorism, and in the midst of Paris' equivalent of 9/11?! I'm sorry. He is beyond sociopathic. Beyond psychopathic. He is evil. He's inciting violence, using the mentally ill as his patsies, while harassing and stalking innocent people and the courts. He's a cult leader with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and a danger to everyone he comes into contact with. He needs to be stopped. My greatest hope is that he runs, and when he's caught, he pulls out his cell phone to videotape the police brutality. Cell phones look a lot like guns in the heat of the moment.

    1. Thank you ~ your summation describes my utter disgust much better than I could have done.
      Windsor is a minuscule peon attempting relevance in varying ways each day, hoping the more outrageous his claims become, one will #trend and bring him accolades and attention he needs. Windsor is gaining attention, but not the type he craves.

    2. @ 7:30 PM - thank you for your thoughts. Thanks too, for your's and your husband's service.

      It is beyond disgusting that Windsor, having lived a life of comfort and safety in this country, claims to be a victim of terrorism. It's disgusting beyond words that Windsor used the terrorist attack in Paris to direct attention back to himself.

  11. Well, once again, Windsor is attempting to blame others for his own actions,. Or lack of. He's known for months that he would be going to a pre trial conference on the 20th. Just because he got overly confident in his blowharding, doesn't dismiss the fact that he would be required to be there. He's had weeks now, where he's been counting the days for the letter that would never come.

    A smart person would have already had their shit together, but considering this is Windsor, he has to twist his own responsibilitites back around to blame the courts. Is there anything he's ever taken responsibility or accountability for? Cause I haven't seen it.

    The "Movie" wasn't being made because he had:
    1) Incompetent volunteers,
    2) Not enough time
    3) Faulty equipment
    4) Car breakin's
    5) Needed people to help him with the backstories
    6) Had to divert to go sue--in the name of the "movie."
    7) Needs someone else to edit

    On and on and on. His arrest? Same thing. Blame, blame, blame. All his court cases? Again, same blame game. Can't get stuff into court, didn't get mail, can't find files, was in jail, was on the run and didn't get documents, too far away, dizzy, needs immediate medical attention, is working all alone.

    All boils down to "Corruption" right?
    The way I see it? Windsor is corrupt. The corruption follows him in everything he does. Because he creates it, he's dishonest, he's malicious, vindictive, and a traitor to this country.

    "These two remaining charges could be dismissed on Friday. But, as Judge James A. Haynes has not yet done so, Bill Windsor has to prepare a bunch of stuff that the Judge requires -- jury instructions, witness list, and all exhibits in notebooks with four copies.

    So, Bill Windsor is racing the clock yet again. He is representing himself, and he is all alone, so he has to do it all."

    1. Windsor has repeatedly chosen to be 'all alone' in not only his criminal proceedings, but his multitude of civil litigation. Windsor purposely has declined, refused to use an attorney that has a degree an is licensed. Windsor choice.
      The doofus posting about himself as if he's referring to another person is beyond goofy.
      Bill Windsor of Lawless America...The Movie has been raped more times than he would care to count.
      On Friday at 2:00 pm at the Missoula County Courthouse, Bill Windsor has his Pre-Trial Conference in his criminal trial for the heinous crimes of sending a legal service copy email to an attorney and filming a movie and TV show.
      If you would like to attend, William M. Windsor would love to have some courtroom observers.
      These two remaining charges could be dismissed on Friday. But, as Judge James A. Haynes has not yet done so, Bill Windsor has to prepare a bunch of stuff that the Judge requires -- jury instructions, witness list, and all exhibits in notebooks with four copies.
      So, Bill Windsor is racing the clock yet again. He is representing himself, and he is all alone, so he has to do it all.
      If you don't know Bill Windsor's story, here is a summary: >insert years of BillSchit here<

    2. It took me several moments to get past Windsor using the term #raped in his newest excuse as to why his promise of the "Movie" is still non-existent.

    3. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 18, 2015 at 10:16 AM

      Headline grabbing, google manipulating search terms Windsor's used in the last week.


    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 18, 2015 at 2:44 PM


      No--Windsor is responsible for violating a temporary order of protection which caused numerous states to become involved in a man hunt to bring him to Justice. Windsor's actions alone, caused a Temporary order to be upheld and extended because HE chose to play stall tactic games instead of showing up in court to defend himself and his stalking/harassment activities.


      The University and the Boushies had every right to put a stop to your harassment. And, when you waddle out of Montana you'll have a permanent order of protection against you. Guaranteed.

    5. I take offense at Bill Windsor using RAPE analogies. Rape is a violent crime. One I have been a victim/survivor of.

      He has no idea what he is talking about. NONE.

    6. I luff your guts, Oceans.
      Windsor is just an AssRag and would exploit any word, anyone, anything for a moment of pity. He's a perpetual victim, of himself.
      And, you're right, Windsor doesn't have a clue what he blathers about, ever.
      ❥ waves ❥

  12. Uh oh, TickyD's off her meds today and rambling up a incoherent storm.
    Seems they are all subdued around the first of the month, but over pop, and run out in the middle, and become so manic by the end of the month they are completely delusional and spun.

    1. This bitch is insane, completely batshit crazy. There's hundreds more words puked into her comments. Munchausen Mary has now latched onto Brady for Bill's defense. Mary D must be the new legal assistant.
      Mary Deneen
      Outrageous Unconscionable - No Exculpatory (police) evidence nor testimony to commit a crime for sending a legal service copy email to an attorney and filming a movie an TV show. A "Brady violation" of Bill's due process rights.
      Mary Deneen
      The night after Bill filmed me in CA while I was being malicious prosecuted for having the very lst cases of Lyme disease ever reported in the history of the state of MT, Bill, his family, and me, received veiled and vile threats from UM Dept. of Biological Sciences employee, Sean Boushie, who is affiliated with the MT State Epidemiologist, PhD, who with alleged reckless ignorance has endangered public health and safety of families and innocent children by denying life-threatening Lyme disease and other serious tick born co-infections exist in MT.


    2. Mary D is in perfect insane company with Windsor.
      He finally published DA Clark's offer to drop remaining charges. Only a complete moron would not jump at Clark's offer. (I did have to stifle my giggles at Clark's last line in what Windsor published.

      Email from Jennifer Clark
      Nov 6 at 4:40 PM
      I am still willing to dismiss the charges in exchange for a permanent order of protection. That will satisfy your desire to have the charges dropped, Boushie's concerns about contact from you, get you off the ankle monitor sooner. If the state chooses to appeal Judge Haynes' orders to the MTSC, this could drag out for much longer and no one wants this to continue for much longer. Please let me know your thoughts.
      The terms of the OOP would be:
      * Removal of all Sean Boushie related sites
      * Redaction and removal of Mr. and Mrs. Boushie's names, pseudonyms of their names or veiled references to their names from all of sites, and all Facebook pages.
      * Agree to never mention or post their names, pseudonyms of their names, or veiled references to them in any way any where on the internet.
      * Removal of any stolen photos, and any photos taken of them or of their home
      * Agree that his sites would not be simply transferred to another person, or copied and reposted by another.
      * Never set foot on any U of M property.
      * Stay 1500 ft from Boushies and their home.
      I am not sure why you are obsessed with posting about them. It seems that your time could be better spent on your other projects.
      signed Jennifer Clark, Deputy Missoula County Attorney
      ** ** **
      I told Jennifer Clark that on a scale of 1 to 100, her offer scored a munus 100.

    3. So, what is that now? At least 3 attempts by the DA to let Windsor off? All met with the same defiant vindictiveness that IS William M Windsor?

      Should show nicely to the jury that he is deserving of the full and harshest sentence possible because he's just flat out belligerent and is refusing to stop stalking and harassing the Boushies.

      That's all this says to me. Windsor will continue on, not only for the Boushie's but anyone who's pissed him off revolving around this case. There are far more people on his harassment radar now, and that should also be presented to the Jury.

    4. #FUGG

      Glen Gibellina
      If this offer was before jail, to late, Fcuk them Bill Windsory
      More · Just now

    5. Yeah, Glenn doesn't like those orders of protection. I believe he had quite a few against him from different women. He's not a nice man, and it shows by his own belligerence towards other's rights.

      Seems it's the way of the Lawless--Fcuk them all--we be lawless.

    6. Harry J Shelhamer
      Lucky its you they fuck with Bill Windsor. I'm considering making a trip to Montana to confront this skank named Jennifer Clark. It is perfectly legal to visit her at home or have someone else knock on her door. Visit her fuckin family. I've done it.
      More · Just now

    7. Spoken like a true Lawless America POS! Hope you get to visit your friend Don Acree really soon.

    8. Windsor has some fine followers and supporters.

      Harry J Shelhamer
      Lucky its you they fuck with Bill Windsor. I'm considering making a trip to Montana to confront this skank named Jennifer Clark. It is perfectly legal to visit her at home or have someone else knock on her door. Visit her fuckin family. I've done it.
      More · 36 minutes ago

    9. Like I said in my above post about this cult leader and his mentally ill followers, he is dangerous, he is inciting violence from his deranged followers, and he needs to be stopped. This is a serious threat. Bill's charged with violating a TOP for stalking so he's inciting his followers to stalk, harass and intimidate the prosecutor??? What fucking part of criminal does he not understand.

      On another note (I know, I'm late on this comment, too but I was so outraged by the terrorism thing, I had to take a break), Bill Windsor claiming that he has been RAPED by the legal system is so mother fucking offensive, so tone deaf, so disgusting, I don't even know where to start. Bill, maybe when you've had your head slammed against a wall, been punched in the face repeatedly, choked to near unconsciousness, been bitten leaving permanent marks across your chest and shoulder, violently penetrated vaginally and viciously sodomized for hours (maybe when you bend over in the prison shower?), then you can UTTER the word raped, but until then, SHUT YOUR FUCKING, LYING, MANIPULATIVE, DISGUSTING MOUTH. Your hyperbole is not poetic. It is not even metaphoric. It is a revolting attempt to incite your followers, portray yourself AGAIN as the victim, and desperately seek the drooling attention you need from your followers to affirm that you have any value and haven't purposely wasted your entire life and friends and family away to supply your enormous ego with constant lies. You are scum, and I honestly wish you had been victimized in the ways you so claim. You are that evil. (This all being my opinion, and upon information and believ, and not a threat of any kind, etc. etc.).

      P.S. I've decided to take a user name after much anonymous posting. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the one with the husband in Counter Terrorism and Threat Assessment (LEO for 25 years), and I formerly worked in EMS with the fire department. My FIL was a police chief and elected sheriff for 52 years. My BIL and SIL are both officers of some rank and many years as well. I've decided to take a more active role in these forums and come out of the anonymous ranks. I hope I can offer whatever skills and knowledge I have to the cause.

    10. Welcome ~ Thank you for your comments.
      I greatly appreciate yours & your family's selfless service.

      ℗ ♛ ❥

    11. "Bill Windsor claiming that he has been RAPED by the legal system is so mother fucking offensive, so tone deaf, so disgusting, I don't even know where to start."



    12. That Shelhamer fellow knows exactly where the line is, his big toe is touching it. I can't help thinking of the Kaufman County murders and the Austin judge shot at in her driveway.

      Next week, I'm giving thanks for the men and women willing to risk their lives to put criminals in prison. I'm going to pray that Shelhamer crosses that line enough that he's charged with terroristic threats and Windsor drops the soap in prison so he can experience real rape.

    13. Windsor? He may in fact be a rape victim, he fucks himself over regularly. Windsor's refusal to follow laws, his violating a protective order, his never following court procedures and then his threatening the Texas 10th Court of Appeals Clerk and Justices isn't working well foe him (the Tx 10th CoA sent him a nice letter today, I'll share it with P & the admins to post for y'all to read)
      What time is Windsor's pre-trial hearing on Friday? Windsor should be spun tight by Friday morning and have conjured up a plethora of illnesses. Or he'll be lacking pertinent documents. Or he'll have tripped, slipped and fallen. Probably seen an anxiety attack inducing blown out tire or maybe even another overheated radiator. Or? That microscopic callous on his cankle from the GPS monitor could flare up, crippling him. The Whiny Windsor excuses are limitless. The court could just check his Facebook and that'd clear up any Windsor whoppers he tries to blather.


  13. "One less burden to society.


    I've survived worse than you. World wars, old age, marriage and weak men like you. Men who don't have the guts to survive in the real world.
    Men who are just scared little boys
    intimidating everyone with their aggressiveness...because they're afraid the world will find out just how small their penises are."

  14. Try Harry...


    1. Wouldn't that be aiding a fugitive? I seem to recall an outstanding bond issue in Ellis County, Texas.
      Wonder if the previous hired help, Jennie, is available?

    2. "Those damn, ungrateful Ellis Seven bastards..."

    3. Oh yeah. What happened to his homies?

    4. WTH kind of question is that? Is there anybody living in or near Waco? There's probably 500,000 anybodies in or near Waco. If that number includes any lemmings, they are probably avoiding the court house.

      He should qualify his request. Like: Are there any lemmings in or near Waco that are willing to risk a trip to the court house? How relative is "near" to "I will reimburse for time and travel"? Some of those broke lemmings in Montgomery County could make some pretty good money running over to Waco for Windsor. They could probably risk it. They're sitting on their butts anyway, why not make $50 an hour sitting in a car? But, I'd want estimated time and expense paid up front. None of that reimbursement stuff.

    5. $50 and hr would be fair, but this is Windsor. Notice how he didn't say? Well, he was paying $8 whopping dollars an hr. before for some help, which might be why he never got any takers.

      I think the most interest he ever got was the big reward money for haters names. The can sit home and collect their government checks not lifting a finger, well, ok, they lift fingers to type anti government crap but you get the drift.

      Funny how he's always needing their help, but he still hasn't done crap for any one of them.

  15. Well Lynn Maris either didn't get the memo from Windsor not to fraternize with Barry Goldstein or she's just ignoring it. She's been all up in Barry's shiz for days now. Kissing his ass like no other. Now what good is a lemming that doesn't follow direct orders? Bahahahaha

    1. Yeah, that Lynn! She's fraternizing with a bunch of Windsor's enemies. Cracks me up when she's licking up to Bill and not 3 minutes earlier she was brown nosing with those he forbids.

    2. Seriously--when I said she was all up in his shiz, kissing his ass, I meant it.

      "Lynn Maris-- I bet the dolphins missed your velvety lips Barry... maybe they can Skype you." smile emoticon


    3. Oh

  16. Windsor will be meeting with Missoula's finest  Kandi Mathew Jenkins. She is Marty Prehn of Missoula.

    1. Wow. Thanks for that ^^^. I was wondering who Kandi is and why Judge Haynes might "hate" her. Her problem with the council woman's comments appear to go way deeper than sensitive, virgin ears. IMO, she appears to be more dangerous to our society than Prehn.

      She ran for the city council several times. In her 2010 application, she states that her providing her background of education, community service, interest, qualification and personal references are not constitutionally required.

      This pro-choice group doesn't think much of Kandi's activism:

      "Montana’s research found that the longstanding connection between CPCs and prominent anti-choice figures also persists in our state. One example is Kandi Matthew-Jenkins. Matthew-Jenkins was the director of Life Net, a Missoula CPC, then known as Birthright of Missoula. She has unsuccessfully run for the Montana Legislature multiple times on the ticket for the Constitution Party of Montana, which embraces the most extreme forms of anti-choice fundamentalism and anti-government ideology.

      Not only has Matthew-Jenkins picketed with grotesque images of supposedly-aborted fetuses outside of legitimate clinics that provide abortions, she has targeted state government’s Child Protective Services as an “unholy and evil department.” In one missive, she declared everyone knew there were “too many insane social workers” who “lie and abuse families.” Matthew-Jenkins derided Child Protective Services for “ripping apart families for profit.” The agency, she stated, was engaged in a “usurpation of our God given rights to parent children.” She once said that parents who had taken their children away from social workers at gunpoint had acted like “reasonable parents” and should be “commended not condemned.”

      Yep, she's right up Windsor's alley.

    2. The Montana Human Rights Network mentions Kandi in several places in this report. They throw her in Sov Cit groups like the Montana Freeman and Edgar Steele.

    3. Wow. It's interesting to see just how many of Windsor's followers ran for some office. Kind of makes me wonder just how many of them were in on the plan's to get their people into offices in each state and then get rid of all the "Corrupt ones."

      Also interesting is how many of them were deemed "Sov Cit's". There are a lot of "sleepers" (people who don't post on his crap) still involved and helping him--so when he's still calling for the millions for a Revolution, don't be fooled to think he doesn't have supporters. The ones we've seen bolt were just the "movie" shills. The diversions, who had no idea about his real agenda.

  17. Windsor posted a police man all beat up .....