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Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Frivolity - Courtesy of William Windsor

Those meanie heads at the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals!  How dare they insist that THE William Windsor follow ANY rules and procedures?  
Windsor will  show them!  Just as soon as they provide him with ALL the shizz he claims he needs, Windsor will tattletale on them to whoever, wherever for whatever!  >stomping of little fat feet 


  1. I'm just relieved that the ticks didn't get the best of Mary.

    Those damn ticks...

    1. Munchie has a best?
      Who knew?


    2. Give me a T, give me a I , ... Windsor needs a large tube of preperation H butthurt.

    3. Buckin' Bill? God bless her. I'm glad she's back with happy pills.

  2. His constant mockery of the Judicial System has gotten far more brazen. He's begging for sanctions and dismissals so he can continue on creating a fake paper trail of "Corruption."

    Wasn't he instructed months ago to follow proper court procedures or they were going to dismiss by a certain date? And he failed numerous times to comply? Just wondering why the Appellate court hasn't followed through with their orders to dismiss, or why they haven't even addressed the defendants motions that were filed months ago, when they keep wasting time answering Windsor's frivolous crap that he filed after the defendants stuff.

    He's really abusing the system at every opportunity.

    1. Right but is he really going to file the suit against the court or is this just another threat with no follow through. If they are committing crimes now then why wait?

    2. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 13, 2015 at 7:05 PM

      He'll keep mocking them, filing whatever he can, until they label him Vexatious and place an injunction against him with a high fee prior to filing his frivolousness.

      I personally think he's just blowing hot air about filing anything against any Government official. He doesn't have it in him. He'll pick on the regular citizens and then bog down the courts to harass them that way.

      But again, if the courts followed through with holding him to Thrash's orders, they wouldn't be going through all of this now. They were warned about him,how pathetic and vindictive he is, and they were educated on his history of paper terrorism but they gave him the chance to be a decent human being and he blew it. He's incapable. He's just a waste of skin and oxygen.

    3. Well now...isn't that what he promised his Lemmings he would do is file against the courts and hold the courts themselves responsible? When does that start?

    4. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 13, 2015 at 9:36 PM

      HAHAHAHAH yeah...about that.
      It's been what? Almost 3 years now? Since his pompous, arrogant, DC rant? Just another empty promise from Blustery Ball-less Bill, to keep the lemmings following along, licking the windows in the clown car.

  3. "I'ma gonna huff, and I'ma gonna puff, and then I'ma gonna throw another tantrum, threatening everyone I can, (and then some). Then I'ma gonna huff, and I'ma gonna puff, and write another Billshit article full of lies and malicious fabrications. Why? Because I am William M Whiney Windsor and I can and will do as I please. There isn't a court in the land that can tell me what to do--because I deem them all VOID. No one has any Jurisdiction over ME!! I make the rules, I set the stage, I AM King of Windsor World."

    Bhahahahahahah asshat!! (upon information and belief--to the best of my knowledge)

  4. Windsor is blathering that he's going to file a Rule60b in Montana.
    Really? How does that apply when it was Windsor that was delaying the process by filing Willy nilly in any and every court in Montana (any state)?
    Does he just flip thru rules and procedures and wherever the page stops, that's what he decides to whip out next?

    Montana Code Annotated 2015
    Clickable Image

    Rule 60. Relief from Judgment or Order.
    (a) Corrections Based on Clerical Mistakes; Oversights and Omissions. The court may correct a clerical mistake or a mistake arising from oversight or omission whenever one is found in a judgment, order, or other part of the record. The court may do so on motion or on its own, with or without notice. But after an appeal has been docketed in the supreme court and while it is pending, such a mistake may be corrected only with the supreme court's leave.
    (b) Grounds for Relief from a Final Judgment, Order, or Proceeding. On motion and just terms, the court may relieve a party or its legal representative from a final judgment, order, or proceeding for the following reasons:
    (1) mistake, inadvertence, surprise, or excusable neglect;
    (2) newly discovered evidence that, with reasonable diligence, could not have been discovered in time to move for a new trial under Rule 59(b);
    (3) fraud (whether previously called intrinsic or extrinsic), misrepresentation, or misconduct by an opposing party;
    (4) the judgment is void;
    (5) the judgment has been satisfied, released, or discharged; it is based on an earlier judgment that has been reversed or vacated; or applying it prospectively is no longer equitable; or
    (6) any other reason that justifies relief.
    (c) Timing and Effect of the Motion.
    (1) Timing. A motion under Rule 60(b) must be made within a reasonable time -- and for reasons (1), (2), and (3) no more than a year after the entry of the judgment or order or the date of the proceeding. Motions provided by Rule 60(b) must be determined within the times provided by Rule 59 in the case of motions for new trials and amendment of judgment and if the court shall fail to rule on the motion within the 60-day period, the motion must be deemed denied.
    (2) Effect on Finality. The motion does not affect the judgment's finality or suspend its operation.
    (d) Other Powers to Grant Relief. This rule does not limit a court's power to:
    (1) entertain an independent action to relieve a party from a judgment, order, or proceeding;
    (2) grant relief to a defendant who was not personally notified of the action; or
    (3) set aside a judgment for fraud on the court.
    (e) Bills and Writs Abolished. The following are abolished: bills of review, bills in the nature of bills of review, and writs of coram nobis, coram vobis, and audita querela.

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 13, 2015 at 9:39 PM

      He doesn't have a clue about laws or statutes. It's all just a stall tactic. He files some stupid crap, they have to address it, and then he cries "Corruption" when they tell him how frivolous, scurrilous, vexatious, and idiotic he is.

      He and his legal eagle love and live for this game. As long as they can engage the courts to play, they win. That's all there is to it. Windsor has no merit to any of his suits but that's not really the point. To him, he gets a rush on playing them.

  5. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 13, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    There is a big world out there, with terrorists murdering people, here we have Windsor, the pathetic POS, fucking around with people's lives for fun. His idea of suing for fun--being a paper terrorist because he thinks he has that "Right" is wrong. Flat out THE most selfish, self centered, Narcissistic, dictator mentality.

    Take your computer, and your stupid games and shove them up your ass Windsor. And take your mentally ill followers and shove them up your ass too. This is a great country, and you Sov Cit pieces of shit are not worthy of being here. So, pack your vagabond bad and get the fuck out!!



    1. Ditto.

      "This is a great country, and you Sov Cit pieces of shit are not worthy of being here. So, pack your vagabond bad and get the fuck out!!



    2. Bill Windsor ~ "I'll get an article published this weekend showing the offer to dismiss charges that I received from Missoula County Montana Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Clark. It shows what their motivation has been all along -- they just don't want the corruption of Sean Boushie and the University of Montana to be exposed. I told her what to do with her offer."

      Yeah you do that, Bill. And please publish your response to Ms. Clark. Hurry, some of us want to see Ms. Clark's motivation for ourselves.

    3. Why does he need to "publish an article" to show Ms Clark's supposed offer? Why can Windsor just show Clark's "offer" and his badassery response? Why does it need an article? The documents should need any commentary or editing. js

    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorNovember 14, 2015 at 8:41 AM

      That's Windsor for ya. Everything he does is about some big, huge, "Conspiracy" and he needs to build it up with Billshit articles.

      Face value? Anyone reading would see that he's a lunatic, the courts are right, he's wrong, and move along. Nope, can't have that. Gotta make sure he keeps them blindly following and swallowing his toxicness.

      In Windsor World there is no room for individuality, free thinkers, or common sense.

    5. I was wondering why Windsor needed an article, too.
      What so hard about taking screenshots and posting the exchanges on his Facebook between he and DAClark?
      The South Dakota and Texas court docs are posted here, didn't need any articles, self explanatory.
      Windsor obviously had to embellish them or he'd have already uploaded the documents. I'm thinking its DA Clark that was the real bad ass and pointed out easily how ignorant Windsor has been.
      Windsor threatening the Texas 10th CoA? That's funny! After they provide him with the documents he already has (just doesn't like them) then he's going to 'get' them. Pfffffft. If he was such a bad ass? He'd just go to Texas and get those document himself! Windsor has a sob story blaming any and everyone except himself! Hahaha! It really will be funny when the Texas COA stops providing him the privilege of emailing. And, emailing is a privilege, not a right. Windsor will be dependent on his PO Boxes for everything. Hahahaha!

    6. Where's his Kline article of support? How many times has he claimed he was going to write something and never followed through?

      Come on Windbag--show your support for CA Merlo. She's just a "sweet little ol' grandma" just like you. You've had tons of free time, where is it? We're waiting....

  6. I was unable to sleep last night, I watched hours of news coverage, read dozens of articles describing the terror and carnage. What really touched my soul, were the kindness and generosity of Tweets by people around the world, offering not only their condolences, but invitations to shelter those displaced and stranded.
    Not William Michael Windsor, though. Read Windsor's words for yourselves. This? Exemplifies the the self centered, thriving and surviving on sheer hate. Windsor is beyond filthier than fecal matter.

    The fire alarm went off at my hotel at 2:30 am, and we were in the parking lot until 4:30. Not conducive to a night's sleep.
    Still no word from Judge James A. Haynes as to the dismissal of my two remaining bogus misdemeanor charges.
    It looks like I am going to war with the judges of the Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco Texas. It has become quite apparent that they are linked to the corruption in Ellis County Texas. I am asking that the three justices be disqualified, and I'm filing a motion for sanctions against Sharri Roessler, the Clerk of the Court. Filings have magically disappeared, and she has failed to provide copies of documents that I have repeatedly requested.
    I'll get an article published this weekend showing the offer to dismiss charges that I received from Missoula County Montana Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Clark. It shows what their motivation has been all along -- they just don't want the corruption of Sean Boushie and the University of Montana to be exposed. I told her what to do with her offer.
    If Texas Tech doesn't win today, you will not want to be around me. And if the Cowboys lose again on Sunday, you might want to steer clear of me for several days. Next to corrupt judges and law enforcement officers, football pi$$e$ me off the most. I don't like losing."

    "Happy Saturday"? Yes, that is really what Windsor posted. Vile, loathsome and disgusting are adjectives that do not begin to describe William Windsor.


    1. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 14, 2015 at 8:18 AM

      Because he has the same disgusting, lack of compassion for other human beings. He is no better than those terrorists in Paris yesterday. None.

      His "religion" tells him to stomp on anyone/everyone--regardless. He is the "almighty" in his head. He's one fucked up motherfucker. Just as the terrorists believe they are doing what they do in the name of "righteousness"-- this is Windsor's "righteousness." All the lemmings? Just like the terrorist supporters? Will blindly hand their lives over to some fake "god."

      As long as this country allows people with extremist plots to float around, terrorizing people like they do, standing on their "Constitutional rights" to play their paper terrorist games, they are allowing the degeneration of society as a whole to live free from domestic terrorism.

      Windsor's court games have cost taxpayers, drained resources and bogged down the system. He has been allowed to drive around, intrude on people's privacy, filming them without permission, blasting their faces, addresses, and personal information out for any other whack job to see, with a completely FALSE story behind it, and harassing, terrorizing, and abusing them through repetitive suits across the US. Not one single thing he's filed in the past 3 years has one stitch of merit. Endless, frivolous, malicious suits with appeals after appeals of the same magnitude of malicious hatred shooting at every courthouse, aiming at every citizen, Judge, Court clerk, LE, Detective, Prosecutor, you name it. He's picking off people one by one, with no regard for their rights what-so-ever. When someone like Windsor has no regard for others, they become dangerous in a whole other form. He's preaching to mentally ill people, who actually believe he stands for something "righteous." That this "Movie" was going to save them. And every article he rights is designed to keep flaming that same Anti Government hatred that flows through his veins, pumping hatred like oxygen. He's just like the Paris terrorists who send the minions out with the grenade suicide belts.

      Don Acree, Eugene Paulson, Rebecca McLaughlin, and countless others have followed Windsor's words. He's fed their sickness, helped them launch their very own terrorism on others. How many others are there doing the same things? Recently this Kline witch. Terrorizing innocent people. Makes me sick.

    2. Windsor is disgusting. Flat out not human.

      On the WTF meter? Didn't he just say the other day that his internal clock was messed up and he is up all night anyway? So, why would he now say that a fire alarm going off in the middle of the night, mess up his sleep?

      He's just so ridiculous with his pathetic articles who can believe anything he writes any more? And, just how stupid and pathetic are his followers that they never question him? Good cult members. Just smile and nod...oh, and click like!

    3. Windsor--"It looks like I am going to war with the judges of the Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco Texas.

      A) The courts need to WAKE UP!! Windsor has declared "WAR" and it was not a "threat" he's repeatedly stated it's a promise. A PROMISE to keep going until he's dead. Why are we putting up with this kind of terrorism?

      B) In light of yesterday's tragedy, the fact that he would use this phrase today is highly concerning.

      He has taken the "GAME" to a whole new level (or just admitted what the game really was) WAR!!!

    4. Just going by what Windsor posts? He gets his news, (not counting his Facebook 'newsfeed') from Yahoo and The Voice. Windsor probably isn't even aware of what went on in Paris yesterday. It didn't concern him directly, so it was of no value to him. #NarcissistNewsNetwork

    5. LOL - stories about the Paris terrorist attack must have finally hit the Yahoo news feed. Windsor now has the French flag covering his photo on FB.

    6. Told ya! Yahoo News blips are his main source of news. However, Yahoo News ran the Paris terrorist attacks stories Friday night. Doofus was pre-occupied with tending to his severe case(s) of ass beating from several courts.
      I'm looked at the Doofus' ALL CAPS Fakebook post and the first thing I thought? What in Tarnation? Windsor not only using CAPS LOCK, but the him using his full name when referring to himself, instead of just simply using *I*? Reminds me of an obnoxious, unlikeable toddler. "BILLY BOB JIM BUCK IS WATCHING BARNEY!"
      At the current rate of Windsor's digression? He's rivaling Marty Prehn and MunchenMaryD for the lifetime internet stupidity award. Could it be that BILL WINDSOR is fretting over his snotty worded little hissy fit letter, sent that he threatened the Texas 10th CoA? Doofus should be worried. BILL WINDSOR was already treading on real thin, yet to be formed Texas ice with the courts in Texas.
      I still giggle reading it. "Send me what I 'need' and then BILL WINDSOR is going to _______ blah blah blah"!
      BILL WINDSOR is such a credible force to be reckoned with! giggle giggle giggle giggle snicker snort!
      D O O F U S

    7. Maybe he should go over and film ISIS supporters. I mean, he says he loves "underdogs" and he does support criminals...surely that'd be right up his dark alley.

      Take your little camera, and tiny tantrum throwing feet on out of the US, and go show the world how ISIS is being denied their rights, they're being targeted by "Corrupt blah, blah's" and you're going to "Expose this great injustice."

      Underdogs. hahahahaha figures.

    8. Facebook is taking down fake profile with real ID now .... maybe we can just report all of them..... the ones with out scanning or ID will be close down for good

    9. Frank Lee BillsadickNovember 15, 2015 at 12:47 PM

      What a farce he truly is.


      Some folks are opposed to this for whatever reasons. Besides being opposed to terrorism of all types, (not all types, you love paper terrorism, harassing, stalking and generally being a menace) this French Flag visual demonstration shows me that when a large number of people band together, their voices can be seen and heard. (Oh, look, another great idea you didn't think of but gladly attempt to hijack for your own sick agenda)

      If we could just do this with getting people aware of corruption, we could bring about change."

      And there it is. The only reason HE decided to glom into someone elses idea to change profile pictures to show support, here he is trying to twist it into "Exposing Corruption."

      How to stay relevant, when completely irrelevant, in a world that is opposed to and growing tired of fake leaders and their taking over the world agenda. That means YOU TO WINDSOR!! You are a domestic terrorist by all aspects, no if's and's or BUTTHURTS about it.

    10. Ok, so yesterday Windsor claimed he's going to "War" and today he claims he's a victim of terrorism.

      Windsor-- "If you don't know Bill Windsor's story as a victim of terrorism, here's a summary:"

      I wonder if the internet badass will clarify this. Because as far as I can tell, Windsor is the terrorist. He was trying to create a "Revolution" to "Take his Country back" as the Leader of said "Revolution." How and or what is he planning to do now? He already claimed he was going to be filing charges against all the "Corrupt Government Officials who are guilty of treason" who I assume he's now accusing of "Terrorism" but he's being too vague, and after he made this promise in DC, he never said another word about it.

      If he wants people to change their profile pictures to something that will help "expose corruption" what is the new game plan? Just adding some random color to profile pictures to support Lawless America helps how? Proclaiming he's making the never airing "Movie" helps how?

      What is it exactly that Mr. All Show, No Go Windsor is attempting to rally and how exactly will this bring about change? Because up until now, it's all more Billshit and puffery from the lamest Blowhard on the planet. He's the endless article typing moron--aint no one stopping that? So? What is he actually doing to help anyone?

    11. The world mourns, leave it to Windsor to spin it to his idiocy.

    12. This is exactly thw reason why the FBI follows him. Windsor is declaring the justices are terorists? What will he do about file some frivilous motions full of complete whackadoodle soverign conspiracy bull declaring the justices committing treason? Then he will want to have his " special regulatory grand juries" ? Windsor lives in a fantasy world. Trying to rilw up his supprters with words like terrorist and war.

    13. He's just going to throw out blanket veiled threats. Just like he did leading up to DC. He never came right out and stated his goals for the "Revolution" just "I've got a secret group in SD working on paperwork..." then bam. On camera he declares the plan--of which I am fairly certain the GRIP followers knew about the whole time,--but the "movie" followers didn't. The surprise, and subsequent clapping when he finally unveiled those plans--captured on film.

      If he doesn't publically state why he is now claiming "War" and that he's a victim of "Terrorism" I'd have to say, he never did falter from the original plans, and there has always been a sleeper group underneath him, just like before, and the "Movie" followers are simply the diversion.


    1. I can not find the story about DON ... Bill Friend that got killed shorting at the police ..... can someone help

    2. Well isn't this interesting?
      Isn't Marlene Debek's (AKA Julia Fletcher) bitch blog through her alter ego "Catherine Sloper" called "Divorce in Connecticut?

      Seems she was all over supporting "Ted" and his story.

      And here we have a blog with the "Lawless America" name at the top, scroll down to April 8th 2015 and there's "Ted's" story.

    3. Anon @3:04? Don/John Acree story

      Acree's Facebook page can still be viewed at

    4. Forgot the link @ 4:03 to the "Lawless" support page for "Ted."

    5. Annon @ 3:04 PM
      RE: Don Acree -

    6. thank you.......

  8. He's a POS
    The whole lot of them
    The karma bus been rolling steady on his tankass
    Didn't he already learn from last time about messin' with Texas? #godbless10thdistrict #slammed #dunked

  9. He's trying to figure out the HTML coding to get the lemming's profile colors to something that honors him...

    Might I suggest a nice coward yellow or perhaps prison orange?

  10. Bill Windsor is a victim of terrorism? Really?
    That has to be the most ignorant and attention seeking statement the wuss bitch Windsor has ever made. I'd really like to see a video of him explaining to the families that lost loved ones on 9/11 how terrorism has victimized him.

    1. I was so disgusted that I only used 9/11...I apologize. There are so many victims of terrorism, it's heartbreaking.
      It is simply unbelievable that Windsor would glom onto being a terrorism victim.
      When I think Windsor cannot possible be any grosser, ignorant, attention seeking? He stoops lower.

    2. Windsor is a perpetual victim. Of himself.
      IF Windsor had experienced any act of terrorism, and lived? He'd refer to himself as a #survivor. He really should pay closer attention to events going on in the real world.

    3. I called it or he took my suggestion.

      Check time stamps...

    4. No shame. Zero.

  11. DoucheBill--"I don't believe people charged with emailing a legal document to an attorney and having a website have to have their every move tracked."

    Yeah, well, you're sporting this lovely, or as you'd say "Delightful" piece of jewelry because you were a FUGITIVE!! You made that conscious choice and you love throwing out the fake reasons you're wearing it. But that doesn't change the facts or the truth. Windsor is a liar. Flat out. Lying POS.

  12. "Aww. That barefoot feller makes sense. Where's my pen? "

  13. He really should stay away from Facebook when drunk this early in the morning:

    "I don't believe people charged with emailing a legal document to an attorney and having a website have to have their every move tracked.
    If you don't know Bill Windsor's sory, here is a summary:"

    1. Good boy, Billy.

      Sobered up and edited it.

    I've had this on since May 9. It has rubbed big callouses on my ankle."

    Start chewing your foot off, Billschit ...

    1. hahahahahaha. yeah, start chewing the foot off...

  15. I attempted GingerSnap's bold over today, mine isn't as great, but....
    Turn the page>>>>