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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Same Windsor Song, Verse (VS) Gabillion

William M. Windsor ~ Self-Proclaimed Leader of a New Political Party seeks to Abolish The First Amendment ~
To recap the last post, here is a Bill Windsor time-line from 2006 through 2012:  
So, we have Windsor in '06 & '07 getting ruled against in his Maid of the Mist case.
Bought Lawless America domain in Dec '07 (along with numerous judges, attorney and others)
Continued to litigate the MOM case. He set up the Round America Flicker page to highlight their trip from 2003, possibly promoting their plethora of ticket companies
 Round America had the same logo as Lawless America, and apparently took in money from some kind of pay-pal account because the donate to Lawless America page went to Round America.
Appears to be quiet as Windsor appeals MoM rulings and positions to attack every judge that ruled against him.  
Holds conference calls and sends out mass emails gathering followers for their group (s).
Bought "GetaGripAmerica" domain. Forms GRIP Steering Committee, names posted in PT 3 of the Lawless America articles for starting point of GRIP-- A Coalition to Save America.   Used Lawless America Forum to discuss exposing the "Corruption" getting ideas on how to attract millions of people. Set up several youtube channels "exposing Govt & Judicial Corruption.   One channel being US Govt Corruption youtube, with a link to yet another web page called
Feb '12  Windsor runs for office. Chief Magistrate of Cobb County. (listing a link to Lawless America on Facebook).   April '12 youtube Vote Bill Windsor channel Windsor for US House of Representatives.   Decided they didn't have enough followers and came up with the idea for a "Documentary/Movie".
In 2012, with the promise of a hard luck tale told in a movie, Windsor’s followers increased and the political platform took shape.    The plan was to form Citizens (Common Law) Grand Juries across the country to prosecute elected and appointed government officials and judges that the group determined is corrupt.    Windsor stated numerous times that officials would be charged with treason when his group came to power.   Most notably in the DC clip where he actually said what had been written numerous times to the followers.    Followers who tuned into Windsor’s early Talkshoe shows knew his plans before the "documentary" followers were told.   Treason plan video snippet

He bought hundreds if not thousands of domain names, of people who made him mad along the way.   He peddled the sale of domain names to followers for the judges that ruled against them.  He offered to post the stories of corruption written by the followers on each of the sites sold.   As followers developed opinions or offered suggestions to better the “movement”, Windsor became hostile and attacked the followers, eventually kicking followers out of the group.    
When a certain blog was out spoken in disagreement with Windsor’s political plans and his methods, he started a non-stop legal campaign to stifle all statements that were contrary to his agenda.   He bought up more domain names to defame and slander the people that (he believes) spoke out against the plans he stated in the youtube video posted above.   Windsor insists opponents to his agenda are corrupt and are being paid by corrupt government officials.  

 2013 to current   
                                                                                                               Windsor gave up on filming the propaganda "movie" to sue citizens, who voiced their opposition to his Political Agenda to Rid the Government of the Treasonous Officials. Windsor stated that he would spend his last dime hunting everyone down for the rest of his life. Or something to that effect.   

If anyone is Corrupt or unethical it's him.  As the leader of a political reform party--whatever name you want to use, since he's had so many--Attempting to abolish everyone's 1st Amendment rights to discuss a matter of public concern. Windsor was attempting the entire time to get appointed one way or the other--as the self proclaimed leader of the Lawless America Revolution. What other leader of any political party, has gone sideways, suing civilians for being opposed to their agenda? The Lawless leader William M Windsor.

***Upon Information and Belief. In my opinion, of course***

℗ ❥ ♛ 


  1. Can't forget various stints in county jails in three states 'round America!

    1. Yeah, there's an unending supply of material. Just trying not to blind y'all all at one sitting.

  2. Hey Semper Fi,
    Karen J. might be another one angry at you for your benefits. So get this, she is mad because she was denied a Section 8 housing voucher while her son was deployed. Not to be nosy, but I'd really like to know why she thinks she can capitalize on her son's service for a voucher. Vouchers are not given just because a family member is military. They are based on extremely low income. There was nothing anti-military or anti-American about not giving her a voucher. What she is leaving out is whether she was her son's dependent. As his dependent, she would not have qualified because he would have been paid to much to qualify and he himself is not homeless. More than that, if he had declared her his dependent BEFORE he was deployed, then he could have used his housing benefits to allow her to stay with him in his home. If he didn't think his relationship with his mother was worth that step, the public need not be worried about her being denied anything while he was deployed. It is sad that he was not home to help her move, but CO's and commands are very good at providing emergency aid, or pushing paperwork through or else allowing a service member to come home for emergencies during deployments. Apparently his relationship with his mother did not reap those benefits either. Did her son return? Is she his dependent now? As for the rest of her accusations towards Boston, who knows? I'd like to see her be proud of her son instead of asking for handouts that are not normally granted.

    1. I don't know who Karen J might be, (other than a follower of Windsor) or why she would be angry with me.

      I am thankful and grateful to this Karen's son for his military service. I sincerely hope he has returned home safely after his deployment.

      I don't understand why anyone would be concerned what I may (or may not) receive after the death of my husband.
      My only advice to this Karen (or anyone else)? Work & earn, do not ever depend on anyone else to provide for you. I have worked my entire life & earned enough to provide for my family, sometimes working more than one job at a time. So did my husband. It is my strong opinion that working and earning not only provides paychecks to afford the basic necessities of a family, working also sets a good example to children, teaches them responsibility & gives one a purpose to each day.

    2. If Bill tries to take money from you then people feel sorry for you. His pawns might have had the goal to misrepresent the military and claim that this was government money you never deserved, and since they are not working they have time to be jealous and irrational. Bravo to everything you just said! Military or no, working women earn their own benefits which includes self reliance.

    3. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!
      Windsor isn't ever 'taking' money from me ever.

      Thank you for your concern, though.
      Windsor may have become accustomed to taking money from women during his lifetime, I'm not one of those.

    4. I also wanted to say thank you, to all the outpouring of kindness by so many of you, that I have never had the honor of meeting or knowing. I greatly enjoy reading your comments, experiences and insights.

      Please though, I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, or my family. We can never adequately express the appreciation for the sympathy, empathy & compassion so very many have expressed. Thank each of you.
      As much as we grieve and terribly miss my husband (and Dad)... We know we were blessed to have shared our lives with a beautiful, generous man that never hesitated to help anyone, he was literally the most patriotic American I've ever known & we each know we were loved and he was so proud of us, his family.
      One of his favorite sayings, when a chore or task needed to be accomplished? "This ain't no hill for stepper". The absurdity of Windsor? Certainly doesn't even qualify as a hill.
      After reading his rhetoric, seeing and listening to him in a courtroom and being aware of his never ending flurry of filings? It is my opinion, Windsor exemplifies everything a decent, patriotic American that loves their nation IS NOT.

  3. Bill Windsor--"Corruption can be found in all types of Government Entities at all levels."

    Uh yeah, it can. Starting with the Lawless Leader William M Windsor himself. An "Entity" who's attempting to sue as an individual for "Business losses" among other economic damages. A Government wanna be Revolutionary Party Leader who doesn't have any legal businesses, PAC, or non profits for "Lawless America" registered to him anywhere. No bank accounts to said company, who filmed people in 2012 without any legally registered "Entities." Oh damn!! Snap!! The "Haters" figured that out way back when...and then Whiney Windsor sent out an SOS to his peeps. "Help, they're trying to sink the PieTanic--someone come rescue me...those big bad Maid of the Mist people will take it away if I put it in my name...

    Meanwhile, in late January 2013 after said SOS--"someone" registers an LLC for Lawless America adding "Association" to the name. Imagine that. All that time Windsor claimed he had non profit status, and he didn't. Oh, Damn!!! The haters were right.

    But what about all that propaganda he was selling? The Hats, T-Shirts, etc? That didn't say "Association." Hum...The Lawless America Website? That doesn't say "Association" either. Well crap! What has "Association" on it? That would constitute a "Non Profit? Cause certainly Non Profits CAN NOT be peddling any type of Political stance. "Lawless America website states--Lawless America - INjustice in America - Judicial Corruption, Government Corruption, and Dishonesty in Government." Well that certainly looks political to me...

    Hum...Well, how about that Trademark? The one that he claimed he had and listed on all his pictures and videos? All while yelling at that haters to not copy his crap? Cause they were Copyrighted and Trademarked? Damn skippy!! There wasn't one. Oh but does one cover one's big, fat, exposed fraudulent ass? "Someone" slithers over to the US Trademark office and files one. But is it legitimate? Did they actually approve it? Nope. No, they didn't. But Whiney William Windsor--the appearance of Fraud dripping down his slimy chin--still has "Trademarked" all over his crap.

    What about those Contracts again? They said "Lawless America" on them. VOID! No contracts either. Boom! Reality VS Billshit. Are you gonna sue me? Hum? Is there anything above that is incorrect? No there isn't but surely you'll spin it into something cause you're just that much of a dick.

    It is still my opinion that Windsor is a fraud, he is a con, he was running a scam and he is a disgusting low life narcissist that will hopefully trip up on his big clown sized Vexatious shoes and trip right into a jail cell for a long ass time!

    1. Always brilliant, Ninja!

      Beware the Ninja Cat!

    2. LOL Thanks...and while I'm sitting here thinking...another thought comes to mind regarding The Honorable and Oh so AWESOME Judge Thomas Thrash's order/injunction against the Vexatious menace William M Windsor...

      Thrash's order/pre filing injunction enjoining Windsor "from filing any complaint or initiating any proceeding, including and new lawsuits or administrative proceeding, in any court (State or Federal) or agency in the United States without first obtaining leave of a federal district court in the district in which the new complaint or proceeding is to be filed." Civil action 1:1-CV-1923-TWT

      Administrative proceeding? Would playing "Recuse a Judge" be considered administrative proceeding? If so, how many times did he violate that? TX? I think at least twice. MT? Probably the same.

      Along the lines of this--isn't the US Trademark office considered an "Agency of the United States?" And administrative proceeding be applying for a Trademark?

      Just thinking...

    3. And if he can lecture us about government agencies then he can darn well sue the government agency he claims is hiring people to stalk him, rather than members of the public. Any moron knows that foot soldiers can be replaced. If he really wanted to stop a corrupt agency then he would need to attack the agency itself--which after all was the alleged goal of Lawless America. But oh wait, he can't sue the government because then it would be a federal lawsuit and not just a smaller court who would think it was one member of the public suing another. Then damn skippy straight the government would investigate him proper and halt his frivolous filings.

    4. LOL that Damn skippy just rolls off the fingers doesn't it.

      I seem to have found a few places on the plethora of Windsor slander/hate blogs where he's I guess, posted the court documents. Interesting--he claims this:

      "Various defendants have used the Plaintiff's trademark-protected logo"

      Cough, cough--Billshit!! That's fraud upon the courts. (Well, just one of the many I'm sure...)

    5. Key thing: not trademarked. Key thing: we didn't use it for profit. Key thing: we used it to warn the public about him. Next issue!

    6. Windsor gets mad when the courts call his filings, frivolous, meritless, and harassing--among other things. Well, why is he so mad? It's crap like this that he files to get his baby sized tantrum stomping foot in the door, and then he gets pissed off when the courts rule against him.

    7. "I am in fear. Cease and desist! I am in fear. Cease and desist! I am in fear. Cease and desist! I am in fear. Cease and desist! I am in fear. Cease and desist..."

    8. Classic! Windsor claimed to be 'in fear' of me in early July 2014! Ha! Windsor claimed he was going to come to my hometown and 'file criminal charges' against me. Instead? He went to a police station in a town 75 miles away that I've never been to, in another county! Bwahahahahahahaha!
      I never heard a peep from that police department, neither did my hometown's police chief or my county's sheriff. That? Was funny!


    10. "Cease, Desist AND Abate!"
      The in fear mantra of Windsor! Those Cease, desist and abate Facebook legal notices are so fierce!

      Giggle snicker snort!

      ℗ ♛

  4. Windsor claiming to file criminal charges against anyone is FALSE. No citizen can do that -- only a county or district attorney can.

    Of course, any citizen can file a complaint. But whether that's kicked up to criminal (or even followed up on) is not the citizen's call and never will be.

    Yet more proof that Windsor has no idea how the justice system really works.

    1. Not much interest over there on the ol' FB page tonight. I think they're sick and tired of the re-run tweet stories.

    2. Yeah, but writing "News" stories claiming he's filing a "Complaint" isn't as dramatic, and you know those tin foil wearing losers are too afraid to question him about it. Some of them know he can't file "Criminal Charges" but they just humor him. Everyone knows by now, if you are following Windsor, he makes the rules, no one questions those rules, and he can break all of the rules he wants along the way...then blame everyone else for being "Corrupt." Those are the brief rules for Lawless Windsor World. (subject to change on a whim, and you probably won't get notice because Windsor doesn't play by the rules)

  5. Waaaahhhh Waaahhh Waaahhhh


    Bill Windsor has been charged with a felony for allegedly sending a Tweet. He never sent a Tweet, but kangaroo courts could care less about the facts. In fact, facts and the law are the greatest threats to kangaroo courts."

    You know, this whining crap about being a notorious tweeter would probably fair better had Windsor not published: "if publishing this things name is a violation, maybe they'll arrest me. Nothing else has gotten the media's attention" (or similar) perhaps it wouldn't appear as though he actually violated that TOP more than once ON PURPOSE. Just so he could elevate his "Anti Government" rhetoric.

    Boo Fricken Hoo. You're guilty as shit fat boy!!

    1. Yeah, I've got screen shots of Windsor posting that.

    2. Not the world's most notorious, famous, vexatious anything.

      Just a lonely, old idiot with an ego and an internet connection.

    3. Yep he was happy to go to jail when he knew he could buy his way out any time, and use it for sympathy. Now that he knows he's going there for good he's desperate.

    4. He's got 2 short months and he's out of ideas. That's a short time to finish a movie, lead a revolution, prepare a defense, stalk dozens of people....boy he's swamped. I guess knowing that he will never get to walk on the beach again or travel the world, or go fishing, or dinner with friends that he thinks these things are not worth doing now. Better to hide in a hotel and blame everyone else for his lack of a life. Summer's half over and the fall will be glorious everyone!

  6. Replies
    1. HAHAHA!! Yeah--he's really incapable of telling the truth. The picture on the top left? You can see the little string mark from the tanning glasses on the side of his eye even. HAHAHA that's hilarious.

      I've looked at those pictures before and the one with the "studio" and it looks like a condo/townhome or something. So, when he claimed "they" had set the studio up, hung all those pictures etc? Exactly what part of being a "Resident" of SD does that fall under? If he signed a lease, (which his comment seemed to indicate he had) even month to month? That negates the SD Residency scam. Which also makes me wonder why he told the TX court, he was living in a Hotel, when the whole PO Box address wasn't good enough for the Court. Did he lie to the Judge? Did he really have an actual TX address where he was leasing/renting a place?

    2. ...he said to himself while looking in the mirror.

    3. LOL!! In one of his mug shots he claimed his hair isn't really that thin. Well, it's just as thin in all the picture he takes of himself. Does he really think people don't have eyes? Or that he's just so powerful that everyone who reads what he writes will always just lap it up like the lemmings? SMH.

  7. "60 days until the trial begins and 30 days untl the Pre-Trial Conference..."

    LOL!!! Ya Windsor, the pretrial conference is on August 28th... Show up then. Sorry.. its an inside laugh...

  8. Does anyone else think that if the lemmings knew that in Windsor's brief to the TX 10th (the one that was premature and dismissed) he said that the stuff on Youtube wasn't going to be in the 'Movie', and that he wasn't having a "Revolution" they'd get upset at him? Probably not--most don't know how to google up information...never mind.

    1. Oh wow. That's right. He did say that. So then what were all the videos of Boushie for exactly? Being posted on Youtube? He claimed at the time he was "filming," it was for the movie/tv show so if what he said in the brief is true, then he must have unpublished videos too? Surely he doesn't lie right? So if he posted it on Youtube, but that isn't the stuff he was planning on using, he'd have more on his computers or some storage drive right? Or did he lie in his brief? Because under the videos for Boushie "the sting" he says this...

      "Published on Aug 22, 2013
      Bill Windsor sets up sting of Sean Boushie at the University of Montana - Part 3.

      Read more about it, and see still photos at

      This is unedited video filmed for Lawless America...The Movie.


    2. Blah blah blah. Weekly TV show, too...

    3. Billy, those campus cops are still laughing at you!

      Doesn't it make you fuming mad? Sue 'em!

  9. His latest tantrum is to badmouth police officers.

    That judge thing is so yesterday...

    Huge conspiracy against "The Movie".

  10. Windsor's hate list is growing, isn't it?
    The police are corrupt now, too, he says. Who's he gonna tattle tale to when he's in fear and those meanie heads won't Cease, Desist & Abate? Back to citizens' grand juries, again? Maybe he can call the NLA? giggle!

    1. You's actually funny that Windsor continually post stories where people actually ARE being held accountable.

      Maybe the reason none of the Lawless Losers got Justice is much like Windsor's made up tale of woe--THERE WASN'T ANY CORRUPTION.

      He's just a grumpy old, bored, wealthy man who has nothing better to do with his time and money than harass people far and wide who just don't buy the Billshit he's selling.

    2. He's trying to compare the problems of a rich, white male to that of minority inmates in order to give credence to his fairy tale that he will die in jail. The only danger he faces from dying in jail is the other inmates who might not want to live with him no more. But I think they'll probably just laugh at him till he finally strokes out.

    3. He'll get his dance card punched until he actually enjoys it...

  11. Hey, kids!

    Desperate for page hits?

    Post the lion/dentist story and hope for the best with Google searches.

    Didn't work with the Pluto crap, but what the hell...

    1. I've seen tons of people on FB sharing this story and they always have at least 30 comments. Windsor? 2 comments. Not including his own. See, when he takes a story and attempts to "me-it-up" he just fails. He's like yesterdays news. Always late to the game--and it's just really pathetic. He also misses stories and has to post them from comments that someone shared to his page. Again, never being first in the "know" with shit! ZZZzzzZZZZ

    2. Canned hunting? Unsuspecting prey being stalked?
      Yup, I see a similarity, no wonder Windsor (or NotBill) posted the dentist/lion story.

    3. LOL Windsor attempting to discredit the fact that he's always late to the game. What does he do? Yep, he "me's-it-up" again. Unfortunately for him--there was no "Corruption" by the police in what happened to him. He violated a TOP (which he tried to do on purpose based on his own writings to get media to get the "millions" he tried to get following him the entire time) had a warrant, got arrested, went to jail, sweet talked the Judge, promised to do one of two things, failed, got a new warrant, was on the run, recaptured, thrown in jail, tried to play more court games, was extradited, put back in jail, out on bond, and is awaiting trial. Sounds like the "System" is working properly. It was Windsor that wasn't following the laws.


      I decided to do a search tonight (to dispute a comment on a blog I read) for news articles that appeared about dishonest and corrupt policemen published just yesterday.(Um hum) I came up with 18 in just a few pages of search results. I have published links to most of them below.

      We need our fellow Americans to wake up and realize that we have a massive nationwide problem of government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption. We need millions of people to become aware. (still trying for that Revolution that you claimed you weren't pimping for?)

      When I filmed stories for Lawless America...The Movie,(That wasn't a real business/company/PAC/Non profit, which I am suing for...) I filmed stories of police murders of young boys in Anaheim California, vicious beatings in Pennsylvania, officer-involved domestic violence in Washington, and more. And now I have experienced law enforcement corruption first-hand.(Uh, no, no you haven't) America is broken. We need someone to fix it."

    4. Someone?
      Just one?
      What happened to all the Nobodies? Now, just one someone can do what 'thousands of Nobodies' we're doing? Ouch. What a slap in their faces.

      I could care less if Windsor makes a 'movie' or twenty. It would have zero effect on my life.
      I scroll through Hulu and Netflix often & there are hundreds of movies that just don't interest me, I don't watch them, but they were made & are available for viewing.
      How did anyone stop his movie? I've never gotten the answer to that. Doesn't seem to me that anyone can stop Windsor from doing whatever he wants, why would his 'movie' be any different? How goofy.

    5. Windsor managed to get tshirts & caps & beads made, that were sold. So tell me how his 'movie' couldn't be made, I really want to know.

    6. Yep--that's something I'd like to know too. How the hell did anyone "Stop" him from making the movie? Here we have another idiot "independent" reporter writing falsehoods. This clown actually said Windsor was making the "movie" from 2005. Ok, that was enough for me to know they aren't a credible new source either. (there are so many lies in here, make sure you are sitting down while scrolling and laughing)

      But the part here in Windsor's own words? The fact he states he filmed for less than a year? Seriously!! WTF?

      "From June 14, 2012 until February 9, 2013, I traveled to every state filming victims of government and judicial corruption"

    7. So? Which is it? Since 2005 or 7 months during 2012 thru early 2013? Why'd he quit filming in February 2013?
      Does Windsor even know, now?
      I thought he did a book trip first? Who is to blame for stopping that book? Or can it be found in its' entirety somewhere?
      Are there any tshirts or caps left in stock? Windsor gave some to inmates he bailed out in Ellis County, is he toting those around in new Jeep with him or are they stored at PO Box in South Dakota?
      None of his whiny tale of woe makes any sense.

    8. You know, every time I go back and read the stuff Windsor splattered all around the internet, it just makes a more solidified opinion to me, that the real issue with the Movie, and how it came about was that when he decided to run for office, and he said he wasn't campaigning like a normal person, but that he was going to film people, that excuse of the movie was just really that. (he figured other people would hear about what he was alleging--helping others tell their stories--but they had no idea of what he was doing in the years prior) It was a propaganda trick for the Revolution and DC made that clear.

      But, when he stated in the Brief in TX, that he became aware of the big bad blog distractors in 2012, "They are the reason the movie stopped" that wasn't the issue. That is really when his butthurt over the fact that the distractors finally were able to point out his "taking back their country" meant "taking over control by finding all the corrupt guilty of treason and replacing them with their own people." That was what I believe was the true turning point for Windsor's plans. He never followed through with "Charging all those Corrupt people" like he stated.

      His own words didn't come off as innocent when others were reposting them, and he got far more negative attention (FBI calls, Paulson's arrest, a warning from a Judge in CA etc) and that was what it amounts to IMO. So, to lash out? CIVIL SUITS!! False stories about the "evil government being afraid of big bad Billy and his Lawless America...the movie." Lies, lies, and more lies. 7-8 ish whole months of "filming" victims? And how many years of suing, and stalking? Yeah...

      Perhaps it was the fact that those filmed don't have legal contracts, or the fact that he was afraid of getting sued for defamation by all those being accused by those he filmed with no valid contracts? Personally, I wish he would have finished the film. I would love to watch that shit storm hit the fan. Maybe Windsor or Snooze can put up some post explaining there was a "glitch" (yeah, go with glitch) with the contracts, and those filmed need to contact him and sign a new one. How bout that? If he's doing everything he can to get that "movie" made--shouldn't he start with valid contracts? Maybe we should consult Dottie? Crap!! There's still no legitimate company anywhere right Windsor?

    9. That would be the difference between Windsor and Darrish and why Darrish is the better leader. The mind wants to make comparisons, even though rational thought doesn't want to support either man. Darrish is the leader that Bill could never be, because he believes. Let's put aside education and talent for a moment. Bill doesn't really believe in making a movie or in peaceful reform. He doesn't even really in his rational mind think the government is corrupt. This is all about him and what he wants and the lengths he will go to when he is denied the attention, even negative attention he wants. Bill doesn't even really believe in citizen juries either, it was just one more trick he thought he would try. People who believe have a way of convincing others of a vision and working together with others towards that vision. Bill could only succeed while there were people around him who truly believed, once he began to sabotage that it all fell apart. Darish may not be a good person and he may have no more talent than Bill, but he is committed to a path that Bill was too scared to take. Bill only took that path to further his own self interests and when he knew he would pay a price, he backed off and tried another path. Just like a rat.

  12. Hey Crystal....better get your track shoes ready, girl. You won't be running from rapists but from all the innocent boys who have had to live under the cloud of your accusations.

  13. Don't mind me I'm just chilling out by the Bluebonnets. Raising a Mike's to SFW! Bill who?

    1. Hey Anon! Sipping my coffee in the comfort of the air conditioning this morning. The Bluebonnets in my area faded in early May, I think that's a patch of Vetch that you're chilling in. Folks here use Vetch for hay, moo cows love it, sticky vine-like vegetation & blooms bluish purple during the dog days of our hot summers. You better move over by Ms P's pond, chiggers (not to be confused with ticks) really thrive in Vetch!

      Bill? I read some on Windor's Facebook page a few minutes ago. Wow. Windsor's Facebook timeline was flooded with posts with links during the wee hours before daylight, targeting law enforcement officers.
      Windsor, or whoever's doing the posting on his Facebook page, has added some different sentences to the end of posts recently. I noticed his posts don't get very few many likes, shares or comments.

    2. And where is the Corruption again? Seems the "System" is working properly. Holding those accountable. He's such a schmuck!

    3. Yeah, I wondered that, too, after reading the links provided.

    4. Hey SFW? I don't think that's Windsor posting now. First red flag is the use of the work "I." It is well known that Windsor posts in 3rd/4th person. Since he's so versed in this type of typing in his court filings, it's just natural to him.

      Second, I have a feeling it's the one and only "Scout/Snoozie/Gary/Susan Harbison/aka Sharon Galloway." She has an obsession with this blog and the need to "school" it, much like Windsor, and much like Windsor FAILS.

      (Could also be why the comments and likes are down. She just seems to repel people naturally)

    5. Oh.
      Uh, yeah, everything about her is repelling. That would explain lack of interest in recent posts to Windsor's Facebook page.
      Now that you mention it? 'I' is not something Windsor to uses much.

    6. Sorry, autocorrect *to should've been 'that Windsor uses much'

  14. I love the words abandoned and returned.

    And what does the word refusal mean?
    It means the copyright was never granted.

    And who the heck are these people listed here?

    The town Coshocton is misspelled and 516 Chestnut Street is the post office! There is a Leanna Wilson in that town, but I'm betting she's never heard of Bill Windsore!

    1. The last link you posted isn't Windsnore's application.
      This is the link to Windsnore's.

    2. Meant to add this.

      "This is a brand page for the LAWLESS AMERICA trademark by Lawless America Association in Marietta, GA, 30068"

      That'd be the ASSociation that had Barbara listed as Director, that Windsor said never happened. Oh yeah--the PAC was attached to the LLC right there. HAHAHAHA oh man!! If that Trademark company would just dig!! SMH

    3. Lawless America Association was never an LLC -- it is (was) a general non-profit corporation.

      Also, here's what I don't get: when Windsor realized he was arraigned and would stand trial, why didn't he motion for change of venue out of Missoula County? Any defense attorney worth his/her salt would have made change of venue a top priority. Oh wait, that's right, he only has Pro Se pretenders as legal counsel. Poor Billy.

    4. Alright--if that is true, and the "LLC" wasn't there, then I stand corrected. So the PAC was attached to the "non-profit" incorporation.

      Not that it means much in the scheme of things, the filing was fraud IMHO since he did it so long after he was already taking in "donations," and had claimed he was a non profit. He may think he scrubbed the internet of those things, and edited all the stuff he has now, to cover his tracks but it's still deception, and I think it falls under tampering with evidence. Probably not the first time Windsor has switched thing when the heat was coming down...

    5. A fraudulent filing gives him a fake form to show his supporters. He did need some convincing that he should file I think? A legit company is answerable to the government, so a fake one allows him to pretend he doesn't own it, like when he told MOM that he did not. Also, he could have appealed the closing of the trademark but did not. We all know why. "Well as far as I knew I was operating under a legal trademark.'

      Windsor knows he is going to lose badly in Montana. He is probably counting on an appeal based on not appealing the venue in the first place. Don't think rationale, because Bill does not.

  15. For the win, Bill Windsor ran because? Survey says... "The police are corrupt."

    1. Pick a reason, Spam, yours is as good as any.
      Windsor is really a doofus if he doesn't show for the criminal stuff in Montana. I've pondered this a long time, taking into consideration many things. His age, the financial drain on the prison system mostly. Windsor would, in my opinion, be offered probation, deferred & adjudicated even, for 1-5 years with stipulations of no internet. That's tough, huh?
      Windsor skips out, no shows? Probation won't be an option. Then he can really fret over prison.
      He might as well skip on to prison anyway, Windsir can't do without the internet.

  16. Windsor still feels so special about his bond saying it's 4.1 million for only a tweet. Actually it's 4.1 million for a guy who has an extreme political movement that was making a propaganda film to gain support of the masses. A movement that wants to put politicians on trial for Treason because the movement has declared them "Enemies". So, they are declared Guilty of Treason by the Windsor Kangaroo Grand Jury court. What then? What then? Too bad we got him off course from continuing his talkshoe conference calls planning to put them all up for treason. Who would be first in line to be served the death penalty and have their office taken over by a lawless America candidate. Then when there are enough seats over taken by the same method they will change the laws to be retroactively good to support their actions to have common law/Citizen grand juries and do as they were planning to do. That is why the bond was so high. Think about it. A crazy man showing up on a college campus looking to be shot at. A person who told them all to meet them there and bring "Protection" if you can. Windsor needs to be locked up in a mental ward on Alcatraz Island.

  17. This bond thing that he harped on is bogus, too. The bond was reduced - at the Idaho D.A.'s request - to $5,000 or so per charge. That means his actual bond was just $10,000 for two charges - of which he would have had to pay 10%, if memory serves correctly. But 10 grand just wouldn't sound so dramatic. LOL

    1. Yeah--he's an idiot. He recently posted that the Cincinnati cop was released on 100K bail. Yeah douche bag--that's 10%. The way he's typing that "CASH BOND" like it's a big deal? For the same douchebag who also tried to post the exact same 100K CASH BOND in TX? Oh wait--he actually got out on bond with NO MONEY!! Asshole.

    2. Honestly I think he'd bitch no matter what. Either the Judiciary is corrupt because:
      1) The bond is too high
      2) They offered a bond
      3) They didn't offer a bond
      4) The bond is too low

      Just exactly how is anything he posts even exposing anything? He complains no matter what it is. Contradictory? Who cares. It's all the same bitch fest from the Big Bully Bitch Bill.

  18. From drones to camera watches, the lonely weird old man is watching you...

    Quaking yet?

    Just stay the f&ck away from children, creep.

  19. Amazing how five mindless lemmings "like" Billy's idiotic lost email post.

    Proves that they either don't read his crap or are at least mildly retarded...

  20. Question: Bill calls himself a whistleblower and says there is a government conspiracy to silence him and kill him. He says he has massive evidence. Why doesn't he just sue the government?

    Answer (1 of many): from "Best Lawyers" Magazine Summer 2015 edition, page 11

    "The federal False claims Act, 31 USC 3729-3733 allows individuals [nobodies] who have knowledge of past or present fraud within the federal government to sue on the government's behalf [pro se baby] to recover damages and civil recovery [didn't he say he's too broke to finish the movie?]. PERSONS WHO KNOWINGLY SUBMIT OR CAUSE THE SUBMISSION OF FALSE CLAIMS FOR PAYMENT BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, OR WHO KNOWINGLY USE FALST STATEMENTS TO GET SUCH CLAIMS PAID OR APPROVED [which could still apply to TX/MT cases?], ARE LIABLE FOR ACTUAL DAMAGES TO THE GOVERNMENT, TREBLED, PLUS CIVIL PENALTIES OF BETWEEN $5,500 AND $11,000 FOR EACH FALSE CLAIM, PLUS FEES AND COST. [now what about that revolution?]

    Suits brought by private persons under FCA, in the name of the government [he'd love that], must be filed under seal [oops] and . . . plaintiffs are called "relators" because their standing derives from a relationship with the federal government [there goes his support from sovcits] . . . The government may, and often does, intervene in such cases. [But wait, there's more. How much more?]

    In fiscal year 2007, the federal government collected approximately $1.45 billion in settlements and judgments . . . the incentive for a relator is the prospect of up to 30 percent of the recovery based on the value of the information provided by the relator and the level of the relator's participation."

    1. What a splendid idea! Yo Windsor? Here! Tada!

      Bwahahahahahahaha! They'll love that "Upon Information and Belief" line repeatedly. MunchenMary oughta clean up!

    2. Good luck collecting, Uncle Sam.

      Billy's "broke" (wink, wink)...

  21. Billogic--"I was defamed on Facebook today by a woman named Amy Peeples. I asked her for a retraction and apology. She told me to get a life. She'll get my reply in the mail."

    First of all, like always, without Windsor claiming this, who would have seen it or even known about it? Oh, that's right--it doesn't matter what was said, as long as he can use it to keep Windsorizing the web.

    1. I smell mongoose droppings...

    2. That's funny--I just smell Hot Billshit. Did this Amy say something that offended Windsor? And by offended--I mean, did she do the unmentionable and ask a question? Did she point out some of the Billogic lies? Because generally speaking, if someone asks a damn good question that Windsor doesn't want to answer, he will post up the standard C, D & A PDQ. Scream "Defamation" and whatever else along with the standard, send me your name, address, blah, blah and I'll sue you.

      I'd love just once, for that fat farce to answer the questions being asked instead of woosing out and threatening to sue. That shit is old, and growing mold. I'd love to see him get deposed, interrogatories, complete accounting for all monies in during the LA farce, Company agents, tax filings--everything. Because he lies, and once he states on paper those lies, all of these frivolous POS civil suits will blow away with the evidence that's been complied of those lies.
      Upon Information and belief quite clearly.

    3. I'm sure the Amy thing is just a "top secret crazy coded message" to his few remaining mentally ill stragglers...

    4. Since you're reading this, Billy, you probably should know that the "Amy Peeples" persona has interjected itself into one of Marty Prehn's many blown covers, siding with the Mongoose.

      Likely a fake account created by a fake advocate...

      And if you're mailing something, he too, uses that PO Box crap to dodge service.

    5. That's a good point Ninja. Found myself looking for Amy Peebles Facebook because it might be more interesting than Windsor's.


    Bill Windsor on June 10, 2014--"I have never been in jail, charged with or convicted of a crime. But that could all change. I will complete the piolot for the proposed television series that I went to Missoula to film, and it will be broadcast. If using this things name is considered a violation of the court order, then we'll see if I get arrested. Nothing else has gotten the mainstream media's attention. Perhaps arresting me for producing a documentary for exposing corruption might get some media coverage."

    (Wait--I thought the Boushie sting was for a television series?)

    Bill Windsor Nov. '11--"Here's how WE become Mainstream Media.

    Let me begin by informing you that I know the internet and search engines extremely well. I began producing websites in 1994. In 2000, I developed a network of job and resume websites that attracted 1,600,000 unique visitors a month, and we will accomplish this without a big advertising budget. I know how to get web traffic, and if you will do what I suggest, we will all be very successful as the result.
    1) Set up web pages and websites about the corrupt government people who you have encountered and for your cause in general..."

    Bill Windsor (comment under one of the shared links to "We must become Main stream Media" dot com articles posted in Dec '14 after release from jail in TX)-- "I am also going to start exposing the cyberstalkers all over the internet. I believe it is extremely important to warn anyone who might ever cross the paths of these people to be warned of their evil, and let them read their words. Some of my friends have registered a number of other domain names. I'll be working on this as soon as I head out of Texas. I am trading for another vehicle on Monday so I should become invisible to stalkers."

    So basically, in a nut shell, Windsor creates his own "Media" because he knows how to manipulate the WWW and drive traffic to his webpages. He then republishes all the alleged meanie comments, without proof, just him claiming that was what was said and by whom. If he doesn't know exactly? He claims numerous people made the comment--like in his civil suits, alleging specific people said it, but then in another suit, claiming someone else said it--but the main point is this--He is doing it for his own attention and "Media."

  23. Who the hell does he think he is? He was "defamed" on Facebook? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!

    Nobody Cares !!!! Get over it fatty, people on a daily basis "defame" each other on Facebook!!! Who gives a leaping crap what someone said about you on Facebook? And, huff and puff all you want about being defamed, threaten to sue, do a Cease & Desist deluge on this 'Amy", I mean Marty .. it won't make squat difference, matter or change that anyone can say anything about your FAT ASS that they want, as long as you're making your crazy shit pubic .. Geez, what a dumbass he is!!!

    1. An inner city police officer today told me that they aren't worried about things like defamation. They are too busy with drug trafficking and murders to spend resources on defamation.

  24. Windsor: "I've tried to get the dates pinned down for my witness interviews in Missoula, but the prosecuting attorney has not responded."

    Difficult to pin down dates on something that isn't going to happen. The only time these folks will have to talk to you, Bill, is during court. Until then it's their decision. So here's how that goes. You call the prosecuting attorney and ask about the witnesses. She calls the witnesses and asks if they've changed their mind from the last time she called them. Nope. Then she drops it and gets on to other work. She's under no obligation to explain anything to you in order to fill in gaps in your understanding of the law. That you're representing yourself, that's not her problem. In fact, she's not only allowed to take advantage of that, if taking advantage of your self representation saves the county money, she's to be commended for it. You make cooperation with Bill Windsor expensive (as you always do - every single time), you're not going to get cooperation.

    You should start preparing your cross examination of these witnesses for your trial. That's the very next time you'll have a chance to talk with them. And that's only if you plan on showing up. I still doubt you will.

    1. Concert? Oh my!
      The best concert venue ever? MountainHome! This weekend! Right now, in fact! I wish you each could hear~
      Just had make the migration for this... Not much signal, kinda spotty up here.
      T-shirt sizes? I'll paca them to the Back40 tomorrow evening!

    2. I'm still waiting for Billy's book on how to be a fugitive.

      Tip No 43: "Dropping of the grid" means DROPPING OFF THE GRID.

      No cell phones (even burners), Cash only, no credit cards or ATMS, and NO INTERNET!

    3. Gasp!! No internet for the WWWWhore? Well holy crap! That will never work. He probably should have made that little disclaimer, dropping off the grid ***except for facebook updates and dot con crap.

    4. Ok, so this means he has to give up his credit card and just use cash. That will make bailing out of jail with emergency $10,000 bills a bit problematic, dontcha think? And some of that technology is a bit pricey for a broke man to afford, not to mention a homeless man. And is he gonna now be making moonshine out back for the toybota? Good thing he only has 1 or 2 changes of clothing. Can you imagine Windsor dropping the soap while trying to wash his shorts? Now generators can be noisy and we all know the Windsor-meister can't sleep when it's noisy. Also hope he's ready to clean his own water filters cause drinking contaminated water can cause raging diarrhea---and diarrhea is the last thing you want in your water supply if you are too lazy to clean the water filters regularly. Sure hope he joins a commune so he has access to medical care. OH! I hope he makes a movie about his life off the grid!! I betcha my share of the popcorn he gets voted off in the first episode!

    5. Anon 3:22 - Windsor forgot one other tip on going off the grid: Don't send demands of any kind to ANYONE connected to law enforcement, including attorneys general. "Dear Attorney General Fox: Please investigate corruption in Missoula County Montana ... Please contact me by email as I am in hiding, and I do not have telephone use. Sincerely, William M. Windsor" (from page on LA:


  25. Hey Windsor,
    You know how you have been bashing and judging the police over on your Facebook and Lawless America Facebook page over the last couple of days, because according to you: "I have experienced law enforcement corruption first-hand. America is broken."

    Windsor's Facebook post - July 30th
    "I decided to do a search tonight for news articles that appeared about dishonest and corrupt policemen published just yesterday. I came up with 18 in just a few pages of search results. I have published links to most of them below.... I have experienced law enforcement corruption first-hand. America is broken."
    Post on Lawless America FB page

    Post on Windsor's FB page

    Michigan City Police Officer Robert Grant, was one of the offficers whom Windsor based in an effort to bolster his false claim of I have experienced law enforcement corruption first-hand. America is broken."
    Post on Lawless America FB page

    Post on FB page:

    On August 1st, Officer Grant committed suicide.
    Former Michigan City police officer found dead following allegations of misconduct

    RIP Officer Grant.

    1. Some of us here have been hurt by bad cops. Some of us here owe our lives to good cops. We also have friends and families who are cops, and some of us know cops who have died on the job. Officer suicide is another problem. Windsor the weasle does not care one way or the other. His attack on the police is not personal. This is how he deals with all people who do not play his game.

  26. Anyone else notice that when Marty Prehn starts yacking with Windsor, Windsor suddenly comes up with wild false allegations about who's who?

    Conspiracy? Yeah--that's be Windsor with his crackteam sleuths handing him names on a whim, to harass and sue on behalf of their own need to harass and trash people they don't like. Already have several screen shots of the names Marty wanted Windsor to add to Windsor suit in my pile...Good going Windsor!! You're proving you're doing exactly what you're falsely accusing others of.

    1. The fact Bill would even consider listening to dumb ass Marty is proof of just how stupid Windsor really is.

    2. It's been well documented now, that Marty was "Regional Director for Lawless America Michigan" per screenshots. Mary's relationship and subsequent libel, slander, and harassment regarding people Windsor has suing is also well documented now. Marty's continued threats to "sue" will fall under Windsor's Thrash order/injunction I believe.

    3. Marty isn't going to sue anyone. You can't pay the filing fee with a Bridge card.

    4. ***Marty's*** not Mary.

    5. I was just reading all that bunk!
      Were ALL the Lawless losers on spin mode during the full moon weekend?
      Windsor using his Olympic worthy conclusion jumping skills, just ASSumes that a defendant that he already owes & is in arrears of hundreds of thousands of dollars of sansantions to, and that is represented by a successful attorney is whoever commented!
      I didn't think Windsor could really sink to even lower depth! Wow! Windsor is getting played so hard by his own followers! Is it that out of desperation Windsor would really be relying on Prehn? Prehn has been repeatedly proven liar, a freeloader & will do anything for attention, ANY attention!
      Does Windsor really fall for all that bunk that Prehn is a 'special aagent' working for the government's various 3 letter agencies? Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Prehn is actually smarter than Windsor! And I thought the UFC girl grudge match last night was a doozy of a must see! Windsor is probably ass deep to a giraffe in an amended, amended 4th motion to wtfever butthurt, upon information & belief of MARTY PREHN aka Special Aagent car part delivery man....
      Omgggg! I can't breathe! Bwahahahahaha hahahahaha!
      Could not happen to a more deserving person than Windsor! #Sucka!

    6. "Marty Prehn-- Thats your boy at work. He is so stupid."

      Nope, wrong again Marty. You are the stupid one, but thanks for continually pointing that out!

    7. Marty Prehn - Always great comic releif :)

    8. Those "Regional Directors" are a laugh a minute, I tell you what!

    9. And the full moon howl continues!
      Good Lord! She went there! She really went THERE!

      Allison Ann MacAuthor Brown - Being a Truth Seeker is very sexy, Bill... ;)

      Get outta the pond! Get outta the pond! Armageddon! Take cover!

    10. In other "creeper status" type similarities between Marty and Windsor, are their obsessions with making disgusting insinuations of sexual nature. Marty's vivid posts about that one person and his spy cam...not going into the deviancy of the posts, and Windsor's recent big boob comment (along with his other past comments that were...uh...just plain, nasty and of some kind of deviancy issue) I have to wonder if these two creepy, disgusting, seemingly perverted old men hang together in other "groups" besides "Anti Government" ones. If you post publically these things, people start to wonder...

    11. Has Allison seen Sexy Vexi lately?
      Maybe someone could send her the photo from the top of this page!

    12. Oh snit!!! Big boob comment?
      I missed a lot! Dang!

    13. Oh, yeah--he's nasty, dirty, and it makes that whole issue with his Lawless page being removed for the Porn tab even more gross now...


      Today did not go as planned. But it is what I should have expected.

      While I have managed to put the Joeyisalittlekid Gang out of business, some of them just can't resist cyberstalking and defamation. Two of them were at it today. Their fake names will be added to my lawsuit.

      I've learned that once you have been unlawfully incarcerated and abused by law enforcement, you never again look at a police car the same way.

      I keep getting Facebook Friend Requests from all these sexy young women with major cleavage...and no friends. Do the rest of you guys get these, or are these young women just after my body. smile emoticon"

    14. And Marty "can't eat just one"...

    15. Yack!
      On the flip side, the names of the real people he is pushing off as others to Windsor might bite that big vexi ass harder than he thinks. You think if he knew he just might end up tangling with one of those Fogbow attorneys he'd think twice? Nah--he's to narcissistic and they're (B-M) full of it.

    16. LMAO--the benefit of Windsor's request for donations when claiming it was for non profit, and the fact he wasn't keeping track of it, is wondering how many people sent money in, just to see what happened with it. Since he made that one comment that if you sent in a donation and didn't get a receipt to notify him and he'd send one out--kind of destroys his "I accounted for everything..." excuse. Uh, no, no he didn't, and this is yet one more cog in the Wheel of Windsor World. Yee Haw fat boy!!

    17. Someone else made a preview for him. He has no script, no soundtrack, no credits and no list of benefactors as he promised. Why is it that Windsor can not list the people who will be in the movie or have contributed to the movie? If I was a lemming, I would be feeling pretty bad right now that I was not important enough for Windsor to recognize.

    18. A better question might be "who wants to watch a bunch of whiney idiots for 90 minutes?"

    19. My interpretation? He has no idea where he's going with it. He's completely lost. He made way too many promises along the way, he can't keep track. At one point, he made a comment that not everyone filmed WOULD be in the movie. Then? He made comments like so and so "WILL BE A STAR IN THE MOVIE." Generally speaking, the promised ones were government people like Judge Cronin, County Attorney Scott Garrett, Sheriff Joe Arpaio etc. Not the silly little lemmings who were pouring their hearts out to him, believing they would be in the movie.
      (of course stories that hit the main stream media, yeah, those he would also claim would be in the movie too)

      What about those shirts he was peddling? Didn't the back of them say "See me in the movie?"

      Naomi whatshername put the bogus promo up long ago, covering stories that were in the media, and not stories done by Windsor. I believe it was more of a synopsis of what it would be about, but not what was actually in it. That's false advertising because to my knowledge there weren't any disclaimers that those were not actual clips from "The Movie."

      All Windsor has it the promise of a "Movie." That's it. There is nothing tangable to show anyone all these years later. You're right, there is no script, and Windsor had said he didn't want to edit it--he wanted a real professional to do it. So what does that say? He's not a professional anything except Billshit slinger salesman.

      2003 book? Round America pie tour? Where the hell is it? Not on Amazon, not at Barnes and Nobel or Boarders (is that even still a company?) All promises never followed through with. And he says he's not a liar, fraud, con, scam artist, etc? Sure.

    20. Pie's and Lies. (c) coming soon...
      in Windsor's mind...

    21. Oh! Oh! Y'all stop! I can't quit laughing!
      Pies & Lies ©? Bwahahahahahahaha!
      Borders Books? The Fogbows? I love them! I thought there's where Petunia came from! Y'all are hilarious!

    22. Ode to a Vexatious man--

      There once was a Vexatious man,
      who filed frivolous suits across the land,

      He'll stomp and pout,
      scream and shout,

      Buy domain names to hoard,
      Until he's lonesome, being petty and board,

      Then up goes a slanderous site
      So he can throw a tantrum with all of his might

      Send me some money today
      But send it to my wife 'cause I'm away...

      Believe me--I'm down to my last time,
      I swear under penalty of perjury this time

      Look, it's in my sworn affidavit,
      Don't ask me to prove shit though cause I didn't save it,

      Whatever I say has to go,
      Cause I'm William M Windsor and this is my show

      If you rule against me one time
      I'll keep spending that never ending last dime

      To prove everyone by me is corrupt
      Even if I'm talking outta my butt!!

      Copyright 2015 Not friends of Bill Windsor

    23. "Get outta the pond! Get outta the pond! Armageddon! Take cover!"

      Laughed so hard I could barely breath. Here comes another fit.

      God that's funny.

    24. You're welcome:)
      I got pretty tickled myself!

    25. He is such a liar and full of crap - ( I currently have 307 of these "pending." )
      Keyword = "pending."
      ... there are no "pending" friend requests are Facebook,either you " confirm" or "ignore" the request !!!
      Whoopie Freaki'n do he has 4-7 friend requests a day ...and?
      I get 30 plus requests a day. If he really had all those friend requests from hot-chicks he'd proudly and pervertedly have them showing as following him as they would be until he confirms or rejects their supposed friend request.
      He's so full of BS.

  27. Lemming Koolaid of the moment: giving thanks the Texas AG was indicted. The same Texas IG who allowed Bill to continue doing "business" in Texas without an investigation of reported misconduct. No, they wanted him to stay in office. The next guy, Bill might not fare so lucky.

  28. When you demand that everyone be either for you or against you, Windsor, don't be surprised when the ratio sweeps toward the latter. People don't like being told what to do. They especially don't like being told they must decide.

    They'll decide all right.

    1. That's why he's promised to sue people for the rest of his pathetic existence he calls a life. Mark his words...if anyone speaks out against Windsor--no matter what it is, he'll say it's defamation and file some frivolous crap, laced with all kinds of "stories" all tying back to those mean Judges in GA, (because he just can't shake that loss) and takes "Baffle with Billshit" to a whole new level. Bury the real issue, which is--he doesn't have a case, under mounds and mounds of "because I said so," and everyone is a criminal crap.

      Oh, please judge, just let me get some harassing production and depositions. I need more names so I can add to my domain hoarding list. I'll use this spiffy PO Box in some state as my address, but I'll file at least 5 times to change to a different PO Box, so no one can serve me, and I can complain I didn't receive my filings...but please hold everyone else to the timelines because I love to screw people over by stalling so they can't be heard on their motions, then file an argument why they shouldn't be allowed anyway to be heard. I'll appeal before it's time, so I can complain that you have no jurisdiction to make a ruling because it's been moved to another place. It's all good your honor--I promise with my fingers crossed with my sworn affidavit in the other hand, and a notary from a state other than where my PO Box is located, that I am an honest man.


    2. You sat by me in Ellis County, huh?
      Nice to hear from you again!

  29. Someone should tell Windsor that Facebook tracks all your web activity, sites visited. Friend suggestions are based upon interest shown and length of stay on websites visited.
    Mystery solved Windsor.

    1. He won't "grasp" that concept. It's far easier for his dramatic spin on everything to pretend it's Cyberstalkers, and not his deviancy issues...cause, yeah--that screenshot HE posted with the porn? That never happened. Oh, and if it did, it was just a link someone sent to him--but he wasn't looking at it. Honest. He wasn't looking at the other 4 or so tabs he had open either. SMDH

      Bill Windsor-- Wild stuff. This is the most outlandish I have received. It was sent after I posted this article. Likely from fake screen name person Sarah Crocker in Madison Heights Michigan.

      Bill Windsor-- I currently have 307 of these "pending." I don't delete them as they may be evidence.

      You go that nutjob. It will make proving what a total, complete and utter harassing, libeling, fucktard you really are to the courts.

    2. You **do** that nutjob.

    3. 307?
      He really shouldn't tell some stuff. Ick

    4. IMO, the worst Billy got was when he was smearing Boushie with the "he goes to gloryholes...and I had to look that up!" Sure you did, Billy, sure you did.

    5. The worst was his request for stories about child molestation.

    6. Yeah, and why did he feel the need to do that? It wasn't for his crap, it was the fact that someone forwarded a letter that was being circulated around from a real reporter. He had NO need to interject himself into that whole deal. All the people following him were already involved in other groups, and that's how they got to Windsor. By the time he got around to mentioning it, that reporter was already done taking interviews. So, that leaves me to believe, Windsor just wanted to hear all the sorted details himself--while promising to send it to the reporter. (Again, who already had enough people)

      The sheeple following Windsor at the time, already got the information to the real reporter, who, BTW was very reserved and candid in the way he worded his letter. Windsor? Creepy motherfucker? Has no filter what-so-ever. If anyone watched that DC video, and the way he went into such depth and detail about a molestation case? Not one actual real reporter would have worded it the way he did, with the disgusting eyebrow raises and voice fluctuations--he's one fucked up mother fucker IMHO.

    7. Going back to Windsor false allegations regarding the reasons behind the comments and FB friend requests, it has become ever so apparent now, that Windsor and Marty are trying SO hard to pin this shit on Flem because Windsor doesn't want to pay those court ordered fees. However, it's too little too late, and those desperate attempts now to attack and falsely accuse Fleming will prove it's just that. More false allegations. Hopefully it will also lead to more sanctions out of Windsor's pocket.

      Thank Marty!!

      "Marty Prehn-- (to Windsor's post from above)
      Keep those pending names because I might be able to use them bill when I found my PPL against your cyber stalker in mine as well the judge warned him and he ignored her warning so now I'm going to ask that she charge him as a aggravated stalker with the fire felony charge and see if that can stick and whether he posted it or somebody posting on his behalf acting as an advocate or part of a conspiracy ultimately our boy will be held accountable and he just doesn't get it in the courtroom there were at least three or four assistant prosecuting attorneys from the Oakland County Circuit Court and I'll make sure that the charges stick alright thank you."

    8. Exactly my thoughts. ^^^

    9. That's the same Judge that told Prehn to stfu about Flemming, stop harassing him, stay away from, etc etc AND the same Judge he lied to, saying that worked 'undercover' w/law enforcement. Prehn really wants to go back before that Judge? Pfffffft! Go ahead Special Aagent, go ahead stick with Windsor...let Flemming's badassed attorney wallop your ass like she did Windsor's. Maybe Windsor can pay your sanctions? Hahahahaha

  30. What happened to turning over the reins to someone else? Excuse me, turning over the reigning supreme to someone else? They said 'no thanks,' after you explained there'd be no pay, right Windsor?

    Cheer up. Soon none of that will matter, Billy Boy. This is your duck song. (duck songs are for people without enough class for a swan song)

    1. "If it walks like a duck, must be a duck."
      "Duck and cover!"
      Laughing so hard right now!

  31. Busy, busy, busy.

    Too busy screwing around playing with Facebook like a teenage girl than to work on that damn "movie"...

    Self fulfilling prophecy.

  32. Really Bill? If that's the way you feel, I think the Feds and the IRS should check out "Lawless America Association," "Round America," "Alcatraz Media," "The Windsor Companies," "ZZ tours," "Reserve 123" and the hot mess of other companies you've all got running that don't seem to be above board...

    Yeah--lets start there shall we?

    "Bill Windsor-- Law enforcement should go check Hargrove Real Estate in Red Oak texas and AT&T in Detroit as well as the University of Montana.