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Friday, July 17, 2015

Texas Tenth Court of Appeals Billschit Bitchslap

I hope everyone is enjoying the Back40! ~waving~ I'm sure enjoying having y'all!  Mighty nice company I'd like to tell y'all! 
Thank you each very much! 

I'm sure everyone reading here is still #quaking from laughter at yesterday's Billbitch slapping the 10th COA gave our favorite Documentary Filmmaker and vexatious litigant, THE William 'Bill' Windsor. 
Y'all think all those court orders and memorandums cut short his big celebration he was having regarding his "worlds biggest defamation case in history"?  Seemed like it'd have been a total buzzkill from what I read! 

Let's take a look at the latest foot in the ass Bill received.  (Do not be sipping on any beverages, you will spit on your device!)

The above?  
Ouch!  Just daaaaaaayum kinda OUCH! 
The Justices actually used the word #Mislead! 
Looks to me as though the Texas 10th CoA didn't want Bill's brief because it was premature. 
I, personally, have a suspicion that this isn't the first rejection of his briefs because something was "premature" in them.  (Ewwwwww we won't go there! Yack)
Windsor has been told numerous times to pay Ellis County for the clerks' record and he flat out refused. 
So? No brief will be accepted until he does. 
Those poor clerks in Ellis County, Texas deserve a lot more than that $8k, in my opinion, for having to deal with that AssRag for umpteen months.  I think they deserve a huge raise, an all inclusive resort vacation & the Congressional Medal of Honor for not reaching across the counter & snatching him by his ears and shaking the stuffing outta his lard ass!  They are overworked, understaffed & were trapped with him for hours on end!  There's no amount of salary that could ever compensate that type of sheer torture!

Let's take a good gander at the Texas 10th CoA's wording in this #KeepItSimpleKickedAssToCurb

Go on, giggle snort!  It IS funny! 

Yup, so much for that #Appeal attempt Windsor. 
Someone should not only call the Texas Supreme Court, but forward them ALL these documents issued and warn them Bill is coming and slaying massive amounts of forests in his 'due process'. 
Even the 10th CoA called this pile of Billshit #frivolous. 
When (& we know he will cause he's repetitive) Windsor starts harassing the Texas Supreme Court?  I'd bet a case of ice cold Mike's that he will indeed finally get the big #Vexi tag in Texas. 
Now, that'll be worth celebrating with a huge pasture party and bonfire!  We can use all the filings he's sent everyone in Texas for the fire. It'll burn for days!!  And his handy dandy disks/CDs?  Can y'all say Frisbee tournament? 

I'm sure everyone here is still quaking in their boots & dainty little blingy flip flops from rip roaring peals of laughter at these bitch slaps the Texas 10th CoA gave the oh so infamous (insert eyerolling here) #DocumentaryFilmmaker and #VexatiousLitigant to ever stalk errrr, I mean wander the U.S., William Michael Windsor, aka William M. Winkopp, aka BlusteryBill, aka BigVexi, aka WhineyWindsor....just pick one!  Everyone that has ever remotely heard of him has their own personal fav! 

This is another court ass whooping for Windsor! 
They point out Bill is a liar and an idiot all in the same document. 
I'm quaking alright!  My entire herd will be ROTFLMAO at these for days. 
I'm SO looking forward to the red faced, tiny foot stomping, corruption rant that I'm sure doofus Windsor is furiously typing and copy/pasting right now. 

Y'all think all those court orders and memorandums cut short his big celebration he was having regarding his "worlds biggest defamation case in history"?  Giggle snicker snort!

I luff y'all's guts! 

P.S. I know I missed a couple of the Texas 10th CoA's documents!  I'm new to this blogging thang & I was so gleeful that I got discombobulated!  
Y'all feel free to zap them in a comment!  

℗ ❥ ♛ 


  1. LMAO!! Yes, it's so worthy of reading several times. It's the same things over and over. He files frivolous crap--they bend over backwards trying to give him the opportunity to filed at least ONE thing with merit and he just can't do it. Then? They have to send him letters, after letters holding his vexatious shakey hand, (like he needs that? He's said he's way smarter than they are...) explaining proper court procedure. So, what does he do? Sends something else other than what they asked for--completely irrelevant, and almost always followed with some other complaint regarding something they haven't even ruled on yet--like his crystal ball should also tell him to wait on the filing of the argument--for the denial that will be coming, but hasn't yet...!!

    It's all insanity for the court personnel. He lives for that. He wants them to get so swamped, something slides through that they overlooked, and Poof! They denied his "rights."

    The big "V"? Yeah. I believe that label should have been dealt with way back Carroll's court--when I believe one of the defendants attorneys tried to warn them all. But, again, those "Corrupt courts" Bill hates? Gave him the benefit of the doubt, way too many times--and now they'll pay either way. Windsor's wrath shall always follow any Justified rulings against him. That's just the way it is in Windsor World.

    (Upon information and belief of course)

    1. Yes! Ninja! Judge Carroll bent over bassackwards to accommodate Windsor! I left so frustrated several times because Judge Carroll would give Windsor extra time, allow Wondsor to pontificate, interrupt & just flat out LIE! I was there! I know! Windsor took advantage of Judge Carroll in every sense of the word!
      Windsor also had bought Judge Carroll's domain name two years prior to filing in District Court in Ellis County. As soon as I mentioned that? Windsor was hopping up & down pissed. Judge Carroll? Deemed it inadmissible & wouldn't even enter it into evidence, refused to even glance at the documents!
      Windsor can boo fuqing hoo 'corruption' all he wants. The only piece shit that is corrupt is Windsor. If he's not lying, manipulating, filing goofy shit & not follow on procedures? He's asleep or blathering on Facebook.
      I sincerely hope yesterday's rulings, opinions & oders from the 10th are just the beginning of what is long overdue Windsor. He wants to sling shit? Many of us defendants & victims of his stalking can do far better & just simply lay out some truths, most in Wondsor's own words. Windsor doesn't like having his words spewed back at him either. For example, his little lesson on his .com of how to manipulate Google searches? Windsor denied he'd ever said that. Then entered into exhibits was his article, authored by him & published on his .com & his Facebook page. Oops. I have a lot more of those. ALOT.


    2. And I used the word evidence, it should have been exhibit.

      That's nice how Judge Carroll gave him so much extra time, leeway & let him slide for a year, then AssRag Windsor chooses to slander & libel that Judge & his spouse. Hell, the entire Ellis County staff.
      Major pfffffffft. It's amazing to me that every authority figure he comes in contact with is 'corrupt'.
      Windsor can bawl & squal all he wants, he's a lying sack of shit, he knows it & so does anyone that's been in the same room with him 15 minutes.
      He's lied so much & littered the www & numerous courts with all his lies, he can no longer keep them straight. I think that's funny.

  2. "They point out Bill is a liar and an idiot all in the same document." Yeah, they did, too. Very funny, this is a giggle what will last for several days.

    1. It will!! I actually think compiling all the names he's been called by the Judges across the US would be a phenomenal piece of work.

    2. So he could have (allegedly) gone to law school in least he was in Texas when he claimed he was accepted to the school he never named. Holy cow, how humiliating to be rejected by judges who might have once (allegedly) been his peers.

    3. I honestly don't buy most of what he's said about his past. When he made his Wikipedia page--you remember the one Susan kept flagging and asking for factual references--that she claimed she eventually got removed because there weren't any verifiable resources out there? Yeah...why weren't there? Only sources to tout the history of Windsor, was articles he wrote himself.

    4. Good idea about compiling the names Bill has been called. My all time fav is scurrilous. Absolutely perfect word for Windsor. Can't remember who said that though, maybe Judge Duffey?

    5. I thought it was Judge Larson, or one of the other amazingly awesome Judges in MT that used "scurrilous." Either way, that was spot on!

    6. #Scurrilous! Perfect!
      Reminds me of vermin like buzzards & rats!

  3. Don't mind Mary. I think she has a vexual transmitted dis-ease.

    1. Bahahahaha!!

    2. That goofy MunchenMary? She plastered her version of her 'story' any & everywhere! She repeats herself to anyone reading until it is mind numbing! She wants to go 'court watch'? Testify? Score! Windsor might as well say his goodbyes now. With her kind of bat shit for him? How could his criminal trial not be a slam dunk?
      I'm trying to imagine the jurors' expressions. Cross eyed with tears? Doubled over to stifle the laughter? Or just open mouthed in utter wtf disbelief? There's a jury summons anyone would hope to have root canal scheduled for!

    3. Vexual and Scurrilous!

      Y'all are hilarious!

  4. Is Windsor really not going to let the lemmings in on his latest failure with the 10th CoA? They don't keep up with anything Windsor except through Windsor. If he doesn't mention it, it isn't worth considering.

    THAT's a dictator. THAT's someone with a fragile, out-of-control-defensive ego. Nauseating.

    1. Nope. Just like he didn't tell them that he dropped the MO case against Allie and the thousand Doe's because he was going nowhere. You're right. It is like a DICtator. Only tell tall tales that suit the need. Right now? It appears his need it to continue flaming hatred. Like this--


      WTF does this have to do with SB? Nothing! But, it makes the idiots in Windsorville believe that SB may have something to do with it. A "Neighbor?" Like as in some random person who lives in MT? SMH he's such an asshole. (but since his dot com has some kind of crap attached, no one will go read it--so all there is to look at is the tag line on his FB--which is good enough for the lemmings.)

      Also--"How Can Lawless America Help You."
      Oh--he's back to that again? The bait and switch? SMH again!!

    2. Mary the tick lady will report back!

    3. Ridiculous. Horrid. Yet it works for Bill in WindsorWorld. Won't work in Missoula the end of September. They don't have WindsorWorld there and aren't interested in hearing Bill talk about it. He knows that's coming. I still think he'll run again, figuring he has nothing to lose. That might be about right, too.

    4. I have very little doubt he'll run. He's that pussy & stupid.
      Windsor would never dare man up & face his unpleasant consequences.
      He couldn't look any of the defendants in Ellis County in the eye, ran to hide in men's room during breaks. He's a real toughie! Not.
      The ONLY time he's a badass? Online. In person? He's extreme short, grotesquely round, & a complete wuss.
      Saw it first hand on numerous occasions.

    5. Running this time will take a lot of preparation, mainly making funds liquid or in a form readily accessible to him while he's hiding out or escaping completely to another country. That's very difficult. Money is tracked very well in this country. Cash is difficult to obtain in large amounts without raising flags and while it's Bill's best bet on the run, it is also difficult to safeguard from other criminals. Running and continuing to shoot his mouth off online? Can't be done. Matter of time before they track him down if he's still posting to LA and Facebook. There, what seems foolproof is just foolish. You continue to have an online presence, Windsor, you're going to get nailed.

      What's that all mean?

      He's gonna get nailed, because there's no way on Earth he's gonna shut up outside of prison.

    6. That's the main problem with being a fugitive, whether you have money or not. You've zero protection from other criminals. Those other criminals know it, too. Windsor will appear to them as a huge, fat Thanksgiving turkey. An answer to their prayers. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    7. It's pretty evident the Windsores launder money and companies between themselves, conveniently known as the Windsor companies. The Patriot Act made it harder to launder money in the banks, so I've wondered if his anxiety increased post 2001 to launder money in other ways. Real estate would have been one way to do that, but flipping houses is not effective for a dumb person to do at random. Selling a house may have been at a loss of funds, or knowing Bill, he wanted the perception that they lost the funds. The divorce gave them a convenient way to liquidate funds without too many questions. This is why Bill keeps saying that we are threatening his family--because the illegal use of money and laundering has been targeted and is vulnerable to investigation. If he dies today his family's welfare is not secure, because too many people are asking questions.

    8. To get a business loan, a business must show all the required documents, and a bank is federally required to report on certain suspicious conduct, such as not providing those documents. Then the bank will drive by the property to make sure the company, and software will analyze transactions to be certain that the company is behaving the way it should for the type of business it claims to be. By creating the Windsor Companies Conglomerate, the entire Windsor family could be seen as deliberately trying to dodge federal regulations.

      Bill has made no secret that the purpose of the lawsuit was profit. He has admitted time and time again to performing background checks and hiring private investigators to stalk his victims. He complained in 1 screenshot I have that many of us do not have a pot to piss in. Bill knows that he is not being stalked or harassed.. The entire purpose of the lawsuit is to victim harvest and swindle the public.

      Look at his victims: 2 of them are single mothers and property owners. He thought they were sitting ducks. Taking pictures of the houses was a primary importance to him. Doesn't one of other victims live with their grandparents? Another alleged sitting duck. He was thick with thieves with Cox, and he thought SB, another property owner was given to him on a silver platter. Added bonus that he thought SB was hot tempered enough to shoot at him, so Bill would have an excuse to shoot back and take a life.

      He got bored with small potatoes so he tried to go after the big companies for the money and the headlines. Companies are known for giving large settlements to make people go away, so we were practice for how he thought he was going to get easy money from these companies.

      Windsor has repeatedly tried to get a celebrity. He wanted the headlines from a celebrity endorsement, and the headlines from suing a former celebrity partner, as he did with Allie Gate. He wanted the money from a rich target.

      Those of us he didn't visit, were either higher risk as a targets or did not own property maybe. He placed us all on a list and demanded the court force us to pay damages for make believe crimes he could never define. When he thought he was winning he increased the dollar amount.

      Bill is a bull shit artist spinning one lie after another, and the biggest lie of all is that either he or his family members believe this lawsuit is about anything other than money laundering.

    9. He wanted to bankrupt each one of you through the courts and then take out a lein against your homes. How convenient that Ryan ownes a construction company, rental propeties and Alcatraz Media to hide how they come into property and what they do with that property. A new widow may come into money, but first she has to face debt collectors. Texas was a convenient place to stalk many victims at once, but when one of his victims lost a husband that was all he needed to focus on. His entire family is on this, much of their fortune has probably been made illegally. They are all risking jail time and forfeiture of that forrtune. That is why they are hiding.

    10. $1 million and $100 million is an absurd amount of money to ask for damages where he has no case and no legitimate proof or hope to win. So why ask for that? Snuzan was in on this part. He honestly thought he was going to win on a default judgement against all of us at once. Then before you or your lawyer had a chance to react, he thought he was going to walk into the bank with that court order and put a lien against your homes and businesses, and $100 million ensured that he would cover the entire price of your homes. He wanted to know where you worked not just to stalk you but also to ask for garnishments. He not only hoped to embarrass you so that you would be fired, but to extort the company in lopping them into some gigantic conspiracy theory.

      Maid of the Mist was a giant turf war and Bill thought by showing alleged misconduct on the part of MOM that he would win the company and its assets for his son.

      It is time to stop pitying Ryan, Brittany (except for harm to the grandchildren) and Babs. They would have helped see that each of us were homeless, unemployed and bankrupt.

    11. I've thought exactly the same things, Anon(s).
      Windsor seriously thought after my husband's fatal accident that I was going to get, what? A huge life insurance payment? That my husband had an 'estate' that was gonna be probated? What a booger flicking idiot.

      I work (not where this supposedly great sleuthing private detective Windsor has hired *gasp*), I earn and I pay my own way in life. I'll spend everything I will ever earn iny lifetime to stop the tactics of Windsor, using domestic terrorism by bogging down rural county's district courts. How's that Windsor? I'm a lot younger, definitely stronger physically, as well as emotionally healthier than you, Windsor. Don't ever under estimate me, fool. I'm an apt pupil at survival. I didn't puss out when I'd done wrong & try to avoid my consequences, nor blame my poor choices on corruption either. I "owned my shit" & took my punishment like a big girl, got it done & in the past (nearly a decade now). Don't ever forget either that I was married to a very patriotic & proud, vigilant #USMC that insisted not only his wife, but our children be fierce.
      I have zero doubt that Windsor will not ever be getting jack shit of mine. Windsor? OWES me & numerous others money :) I'm not going anywhere, I'm patient, I'll wait.
      Windsor blathers about spending money on private detectives to gain information, Pfffffffffft. I call flat out #BillSchit.
      I don't have one single thing to hide. There is no one that even remotely is acquainted with me doesn't already know about my life's journey. I'm not difficult to find at any given moment, as Windsor discovered on one of his drivebys excursions of my home. What Windsor didn't count on? Was this little widow & her teenaged sons weren't scared or intimidated by him & we weren't hiding in our house 'quaking' while calling 911. Windsor never considered that not only my community, but all the surrounding ones would staunchly support & rally for me & my children. We don't play. Windsor, you want to visit? Talk shit? Come on. Or? You'd rather just lurk around exactly as the creeper/stalker you are, in a rural community? Windsor? You haven't dared to social media blast how poorly that worked out for you! Bwahahahahahaha!
      My grandfather would have used the analogy of "slinging gravel like a cat with its' ass on fire". Cat/pussy couldn't get his stalkermobile out to the highway fast enough, with total disregard for the safety (& 20mph speed limit) of those children riding bikes , playing. Nope. That incident was all about Windosr 'escaping' a confrontation with me, face to face.
      Windsor is the epitome of conniving cowardice.
      I do so dearly wish he'd venture back just once more. I also wish he'd stop in any business & would see his photo on display behind their counters. Unlike what Windsor has done to others, there's no #reward in bold letters across his image, just his name with a #BEWARE & the phone number to the Kaufman County Sheriff's dispatcher. I made certain every #VFW post & #AmericanLegion in my area has one, too. For some reason, retired & former #USMilitary, especially #USMarines support & rally to protect the families of their own.
      Gives me a warm tingly fuzzy just hoping Windsor will make a run from Montana back to Texas, especially my area :)

  5. Texas 10th CoA: "More than 14 days have passed, and Windsor has FAILED TO FILE A DOCKETING STATEMENT, pay his original filing fee, or provide the Court with a response showing grounds for continuing the appeal." [emphasis mine]

    Windsor (July 6th): "Word has it that Bill Windsor's new lawsuit has been docketed..."

    Maybe he was talking about a different lawsuit. Possible I guess. But if so, I wonder if he's paid the fees on that.

    1. Occupational hazard when one's occupation is representing one self in numerous frivolous suits at once.

  6. What's up with all of Windsor's links to Yahoo News stories? Wasn't he miffed at Yahoo, too? Included them with Google, Facebook way back when... & Now he's an avid reader & link poster?

    1. Windsor is the reigning supreme poster of Yahoo links!
      I just went to look!

      Giggle snort!

      ℗ ❥ ♛

    2. He's preparing for at least seven years of even more irrelevancy and obscurity...

    3. LMAO @ this stories/links.

      Lets just look at this shall we? Windsor can and does, repeatedly, post his disgust towards political parties, and anyone allegedly corrupt. This? Is A.O.K.

      BUT-- HE, as the Leader of Lawless America/GRIP/Revolution gets ALL butthurt if anyone posts THEIR disgust at his agenda. HE will hunt and sue, because of it.

      Reduced to the ridiculous--one again--THIS is the perfect example of One Way Windsor, in Windsor World. SMDH!!



    1. " Llamas will kick upward first to roll an invading animal over on its back, and then they will swipe back in an attempt to disembowel it," Kalish says. "They grip with teeth, and while holding the predator in their teeth, they windmill with their front feet, and those very, very sharp nails can tear an animal apart."

      Wow!! Thank you Anon@813am!
      I'm 3/4 Alpaca, & ¼ Llama! I better call my llama cousins and take some #LlamaLessons!

      ℗ ❥ ♛

  8. I watched a movie last night with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart called "Get Hard" The premise is a man (Farrell) is going to prison for fraud and he hires Hart to help him fit in and survive in prison. I couldn't help but think of Billshit. Maybe his new convict friends are teaching him the ways of making shivs, how to "keester" and join a gang. During the movie they would update with "20 days left until prison", much like dufus does, except Farrell really is working on learning how to acclimate himself to his future life in prison.
    There is no doubt in my mind that windbag is going away for a very long time and rightfully so. None of his "defenses" for why he stalked is going to fly with a jury. And his witnesses? Pfffffft!
    I remember how the other blog followed the real JOEY and his route to prison. Maybe he can give Billshit some pointers on how prison life really is. Then again, Joey is probably in segregation due to his crimes little Willy is gonna be in gen pop. Personally what I am waiting for is his address to change to the Missoula Prison. Serving him is going to be a breeze for what is still in store for that old piece of shit.
    Cheers to all! The end is near and I can't wait.

    1. I'd rather not discuss Joey here. I will relate to y'all that I was told many moths ago that he is not in segregation & he is doing his time quietly, a model prisoner. In his most recent TDCJ photo, Joey has grown into a very muscled & well toned man. Joey is a voracious reader & furthering his education (that he must pay for not taxpayers, per TDCJ's rules).
      Whether he's been kept up to date on Windsor? I don't know. If Joey is aware? After all the shitty things Windsor had to post about him? I'm really seriously doubting Joey would give Windsor any pointers on acclimating to incarceration.

      It is my personal opinion that Windsor used Joey as his practice & when Joey really needed help? Windsor slithered away. Again, just my opinion I have based on what I read. Another example of the real Windsor. Other than that? This is just not a topic I choose to tackle, I don't know enough about it & don't want the Daubens or the victim & their family to be fodder for discussion. That case is over & the sentence is being served.

  9. "Is Bill Windsor of Lawless America embarrassed he was in jail? Hell no."

    HAHAHAHA Who give a shit? Why would you be embarrassed when you're always highlighting it? Just like you highlight everything else you allegedly hate that was done wrong to you? Nah--You're proud of it, and you hope you can use THIS to get media attention for the Lawless Losers of America.

    Failure, flop, loser leader? Yeah--be embarrassed about that! Can't get anyone to buy your Billshit and write an article? Awww you moron! Here Shitler--RUN!! Go on the run. Yank off that GPS jewelry you're sporting and really throw a tantrum. You're innocent right? So prove it. Void out the agreement for your bond. You void out everything else you don't like. It's not valid. MT doesn't have Jurisdiction over you, because as you've stated, your homeless. You're a vagabond with numerous PO Boxes all over the states. Come on Whinesor-- put your truth out there. RUN!!! Get the media following you!! Really get your name in lights like you've tried to for so many years and FAILED MISERABLY!! Maybe you could even pass up Darish's NLA crew. They seem to be in the spotlight right now...

    1. HaHaHa ... I think SFW is responsible for that post ... because he only posted it after SFW called him out in a comment above which included " I didn't puss out when I'd done wrong & try to avoid my consequences, nor blame my poor choices on corruption either. I "owned my shit" & took my punishment like a big girl, got it done"
      BAHAHAHAHA .. Go SFW !!!

    2. Billy already has the spotlight (because he bought one):

    3. Are you kidding? Now that he's out he loves the attention and street cred. He likes using the slang and being a martyr for the only people that matter to him: lawbreakers.

    4. Never once did I say embarrassed though.
      I was ashamed of my poor choices that led me down that dark path. I was ashamed for the inconvenience & humiliation my family friends had to endure. It wasn't a proud time iny life, but it certainly wasn't a secret. And I never lied about the #why.
      I can look back now & I realize I learned a lot & I am a better and much stronger person. I certainly won't ever be a repeat offender.
      That's Windsor comprehension of what I commented? That's pitiful. His perspective is definitely askew.
      I know the difference between right & wrong, I was wrong, period. No one was corrupt & I didn't expect my stay to be comfy like Bible camp. I worked hard after I'd servedy time to prove without a shadow of a doubt to anyone that I was worthy of trust & respect. Those weren't handed back. I made the way I live my life each day transparent, so should there ever be a reason? A mere moment of scrutiny would easily prove me worthy of continued trust & respect. All I wanted? For those that loved me to know I was drug free, to never worry or doubt. That was 8 years & 7 months ago.
      Windsor cannot withstand scrutiny in any aspect of his life.
      Doorknobs & rocks have better comprehension than Windsor.
      I'd say bless his little black heart, but I'd be lying.
      Doofus. He IS a complete doofus!

    5. Heaps of Good on ya, SFW. There's only one category of people I distrust more than junkies (I'm a recovering junkie myself) - it's people who say they've "never done drugs."

      If it's not true then they're liars. If it is true then they've no place to comment on people who've had problems with drugs.

    6. There is a HUGE difference in Windsor saying he's not embarrassed, and someone like SFW owing it. Windsor is a pusspag POS, and will NEVER own shit!

      He posted long before he got his fat ass arrested, that if it took publishing SB's name to violate the TOP, and get him arrested to get media, then so be it. So basically as I see it, he actually violated the TOP on purpose, but he will NEVER OWN HIS SHIT. EVER!!

      He advocates for people who are clear felons, murderers, drug addicts, etc, that they shouldn't be in jail, but mocks and taunts others that have served time, and actually owned it, and learned from it. He's the scum of the earth IMO. Always making excuses for his actions--as long as it attacks the Government. And in a two faced twist, points his stumpy fat fingers at the real people out in the world who acknowledge their mistakes, and are better for it now.

      Lock him up, and throw away the key. There are far more things Windsor should be charged with IMO if people would just dig. He's a snake, and has lots of holes.

    7. I totally missed the episode where he flat out said he was going to violate the TOP/PPO!
      Y'all have a screen shot of that? I'm gonna pilfer thru all mine later.
      Duh! How dense can he be? I never cease to be amazed by his thick headed density!

    8. I totally agree Anon@534 ... that's what I meant by SFW being responsible for his 'I'm not Embarrassed" post =. SFW owned unlike Windsor, who then posted the "I'm not Embarrassed' post l trying to show " He owns it (his criminal charges-being in jail) we all know he really doesn't and will never be 1/10 of the righteous human being that SFW is .. but, I think her owning it comment forced him to " own it" or try and make the lemmings believe he owned it ............ I heart SFW and give her kudos upon kudos for that comment

    9. He ran from the court date when he knew he would likely be transported to Montana. He screamed in the elevator. We all saw the photos with the tears in his eyes. We read his declarations about how he just knows he will be killed in jail. He has already told us how feels about jail time. He has no family or rich friends left to impress. Now he wants to brag because once again he escaped responsibility for his actions.

    10. Yup. So what are the chances he shows up in Missoula the end of September for his trial? Not very good. He'll say that because they rejected his pre-trial motions to dismiss, they're obviously corrupt. He'll eventually return to Missoula in a police van. Same as before.

    11. Just looked at Doofus Windsor's post! Bwahahahahaha!
      Seriously? A point being made for him? Is like a lost plane circling for landing!
      P? I sent you the screen shot of Windsor's post where declared he had every intention of defying the TPO/PPO in Montana. I also sent it to the prosecutor in Montana. Thanks Windsor! You nailed yourself again with your very own words!

    12. Bill Windsor "I was in jail for filming the movie and suing the cyberstalkers. Not crimes."

      I might take exception to the statement above that Bill has escaped responsibility for his actions. He doesn't accept responsibility for his behavior but it doesn't appear he will escape responsibility. He was in jail for giving law enforcement probable cause to arrest him. He would not have been in jail at all had he not gone to MT for the overly expressed purpose of stalking and annoying a man and a university with a camera. He's got to stand trial for that escapade or he will be a fugitive. Either way, responsibility for his actions will be forced on him.

      He was not in jail for making what appears to be a pretend movie or filing civil law suits. But Texas is forcing responsibility for frivolousness through sanctions and ignoring him unless he plays by the rules.

      Except for people who appear to be mentally impaired, I agree he has no one left to impress. Now he's preaching only to the choir and the converted. It's a same he won't jump on the NLA train. NLA is claiming responsibility for springing one of their own from jail with a Habeas Corpus.

    13. Bwahahahahaha!!!! That Darash! Not only did he swipe Windsor's wandered awayers, he's actually doing stuff he prattled about! #NLA? Windsor literally bristles at every mention of the NLA! "They're out there..." Yup, they are out there, Windsor, doing stuff, a lot of stuff you said you'd do!
      It's hard to pick which to choose for, but I'm liking that Darash is making a fool out of Windsor & oblivious to him! #BillWho?

  10. And? Thank y'all! I appreciate how kind y'all are.

    I think everyone has 'something'...from drinking, drugs, smoking, overeating, chewing their nails, whatever... Some of our crutches/means of coping are far more harmful & illegal than others.

    Windsor? Is just a shitty person. I dunno how that happens. I can't imagine not being thankful & grateful for what life offers. No matter how difficult, heartbreaking? There's always so much good. How does anyone become so hate filled, un-patriotic & so ungrateful? A complete mystery to me. I may have made poor choices, I damn sure didn't discard my family & home for a campaign of hate mongering.
    Windsor is a complete doofus at life. It's his family I feel sorry for. They got tossed aside by him so he could chase hate.

  11. Bill's followers remain as un-interested in Lawless America as he is.
    Cruzin can't talk about politis without suggesting that people be killed. Can any of them?
    Poor Jennie is the pretty girl who never grew up. Guess even Bill's money wasn't good enough for her. She continues to take selfies.
    Marty can't talk about the people he's accusing of stalking him without revealing something about himself. In his latest attack, he posted a picture about Girl Scouts. Looking for young girls again, Marty?
    Karen J. is running around like Chicken Little about how a war is coming on and complaining that she is still single. She was so worried the government was stalking her, that like Bill, she literally uglied up her page. She thought Bill was her soulmate, but hasn't figured out that he was just playing her. (Watch as Bill has no interest in Jade Helm. It suits his purpose, so why doesn't he?)
    What is most interesting is that although these people have friended each other on fb, they have 0 chemistry on their shared pages. They don't banter or joke as we do.

    1. *can't talk about politics*

    2. Good point! I think the only "Conspiracy theories" Windsor highlights are the ones HE can spin his way. He can't seem to get on board with other people's plights. At first he was eating it all up. Then when it got "Embarrassing" to him (like the targeted individuals segments) he puts up a disclaimer. WTF? Censoring?

      He also put out all his "How to" information on taking over the govt. Loud and proud he was! Laughing and boasting about it. "Death penalty for treason. He "suspected" they'd all be charged with treason." "Citizen grand juries..." blah, blah, blah...but when pointed out that it is a SocCit trick? Oh no Mr Bill....back away, back away! "I never said that..." here, look at the screenshot then...."Well I may have misspoke once..." No, no you didn't misspeak once. You changed your plans when the FBI called your fat ass. Pffftttt.

      NLA--back away, back away--they're "Out there..." he says. Another big, fat PFFFTTTTT!!

      Only conspiracies Windsor supports are those that suit him. Everything else? Not so much. Jade Helm? How can he spin that to himself? Either he can't figure it out so he won't, or he will figure it out, and then he'll use it. Douche!

  12. This was a comment under the Boo Fricken Hoo post of Windsors.

    "Mary Deneen Great stress buster - good movies, and, you should take a fast walk w focus on deep breathing like a mom having a baby (inhale thru your nose and exhale thru pursed lips) for at least an hr a day! Your work is very stressful and painful like a mom in labor."

    I'm sorry but WHAAAT? How can the crap Windsor slings be compared to a woman in Labor? I'm just sitting here SMH. ***Face palm***

    1. Oh and another ***Face palm*** moment under his proud arrested post...

      "Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria-- for what?"

      "Bill Windsor-- I was in jail for filming the movie and suing the cyberstalkers. Not crimes."

      First off, Flozilla has been praying for Bill the entire time he was arrested, released, went on the run, arrested again, extradited etc. so how stupid is she to ask "for what?" Windsor? Yeah, he never pays attention to anyone, so why would he remember all that praying, let alone who the hell she even is? But really? Even if he does remember--it was a good way to once again, prove he's learned nothing, still has no remorse, is defiant, and is still a big, fat, liar!

      I hope MT moves the date for the trial back up. When he boasted about using the recusal just to stall because he wasn't ready, that should be enough to show the Judge his stall tactics are simply for show boating and more Judicial games. Not for anything with merit--which presumably is why the court granted whatever to push it out in the first place.

    2. Good thing Bill wouldn't do this. He lacks the cardiovascular fitness for such a feat and would only suffer a heart attack.

    3. Huh? Like a woman in labor breathing techniques because Windsor's "work" is so stressful?
      Work and Windsor are 2 words that do not go in the same sentence!

      #Facepalm is what MunchenMary needs! a woman in labor? I had to rub my eyes, refresh the page 3 times & YUP, that exactly what that ignorant idiotic woman commented. These morons were gonna 'take their country back'! Back where?
      These are Windsor's people! I'm
      so thankful they found one another! They more than deserve each other!

      Good Sunday morning y'all!

  13. Petunia: Thanks for making the back 40 available!

    SFW: Just wanted to say I have a ton of respect for you. You owned and learned from your poor choices and jail time .... something 99% of people (including Windsor) will never do. You have more class and heart in your pinky finger than that fat POS will ever have in three lifetimes.

    1. I do greatly appreciate your words & those of many others. Thank y'all. I should've never faltered, but I did.
      I'm just thankful I got the opportunity to get my shit back together. Not everyone is so fortunate. Unlike Windsor, everyone I met in prison was guilty & readily admitted it! Many were guilty of far more than they were convicted of & admitted that too.
      I wasn't the only one that ever went to prison & stayed out, we just don't hear as much about those people because they're humiliated & ashamed and hope no one ever finds out. That kinda secret is hard to keep in a town of 1,100, I didn't see the point in wasting all that energy & maybe there's someone else like me that could learn from my mistake & avoid all that.

      I see slugs, flies & buzzards that are better humans than Windsor. His biography should be titled 'How To Fail At Everything & Blame It on Anyone Else (Or Cry CORRUPT). It'd be a quick read, the main character starts something, quits. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat and then just start suing thousands of individuals because they might have noticed, stalk numerous of those, deny it & appeal. The End. Prolly not gonna be a best seller, but that's my prediction.

    2. Waving!!

      I hope everyone had a nice weekend!
      Big thank yous to y'all for meandering over!

      Super thank yous for all the input for our next post! Y'all found some #WindsorWhoppers! We, it's not just me, it's a whole herd working together, are putting it all together now! All of Windsor's very own words! Y'all are gonna giggle snort!

      *grabbing a coupla hot dogs off the grill & some cold ones! Whew! It's hot! I'll be back when it's all done!

      ℗ ❥ ♛

  14. LMAO!! Serious face palm moment. And he says he knows more about laws than Judges and attorneys. HAHAHAHAHA oh--must be the definition of Jury Nullification in Windsor World.

    "Bill Windsor-- I want to present jury nullification as a defense at my trial, but Judge James A. Haynes has denied my ability to take depositions, subpoena witnesses, or admit evidence. I hope for a hearing on a new judge, but I will probably be denied by another. But pro se defendants are not under any legal restriction in regard to this defense, where attorneys usually are."

    1. Sunday must be "How to help Bill build a defense."

      "Bob Saunders-- Also utilize your right under the 14th Amendment to "be given wider flexibility and greater discretion than an American Bar Association attorney." Make sure to have a court reporter on hand for your official record (official documenting purposes), and court watchers who document the trial. Also, during the trial state that you want something (whatever point you are emphasizing) "judicially noted for the record!"

      Perhaps you will need to soon file, or should file, a Judicial Notice to the Court in re your rights and the things the judge is denying in order to allow you to present a fair, complete and equitable defense! Include all the things he is denying, write up the Points and Authorities involved, cite chapter and verse of the laws pertaining (settled case law--state and U.S., Supreme Court decisions involved, state codes of civil procedure, et. al.). Include Constitutional law as well as the 1st and 14th Amendments re the right to redress grievances, and the right of due process. And throw it in those bastards faces!

      Also, maybe you want to recuse the judge by filing a 170.1(a)(6)(a)(iii), and include a 170.3, charges of Misprision of Felony, Violations of Judicial Canons 1 - 6, and more. Include the judges additional crimes under Points & Authorities. Have it served on the judge, file it with the court, have it served in person or by mail on the CJP, the Judicial Counsel, the State Supreme Court, and the D.A.'s office.

      I did all of the above and had a fourteen month misdemeanor criminal case (oriiginally charged with a felony criminal charge) dismissed. It originally emanated from getting arrested in family court illegally, and fraudulently charged with contempt of court by a petty, arrogant, dirtbag family court judge.

      I had the bastard recused with prejudice befafter being vindicated! Some time turning the tables on thos scumbags does the trick! I garnered a lot of repsect from the public defenders due to my stanhce, filings , demjand for a jury trial, and take no prisoners approach! Every case is different and you also never know what will work from case to case!"

    2. LOL if he really thinks his excuse of "Making a movie" voids out the TOP, he must be forgetting about the order long before he violated it, stating that excuse is not valid, thus, extending the TOP. He's spinning. Point blank. Oh, and him bragging about violating it too. He wanted to get arrested to get media attention. How on earth can he ask to nullify now--after ALL the shit slinging he did towards SB, taunting, and blowharding? Wow!!

    3. Yup, Windsor did. I & numerous others have the screenshot of his Facebook post boasting he was going to Montana purposely to violate that order of protection.
      Kinda screeched #premeditated to me.

    4. Here's a juicy "blast from the past" for your edification and entertainment:

      From: William M. Windsor []
      Sent: Monday, September 02, 2013 1:21 AM
      To: (redacted)
      Subject: Message for Judge Thrash
      Importance: High

      Judge Thrash:

      Enclosed is a complaint that I have sent to the federal district court judge in Kansas. I have emailed her at least three times with no response. It has been over three months since I originally contacted her. I have now emailed her to advise that I will file this complaint when I am back in Topeka, Kansas on September 12. I am accepting her failure to respond negatively to repeated requests to constitute a grant of leave to file. I cannot wait past September 12. This approval process that you want is not working well. It has taken judges as long as six months to respond. From now on, I will give them two weeks. If they don’t respond in that time, I will take that as a grant of leave to file.

      I have had to file police reports, and there can be no requirement for me to get approval before contacting law enforcement. I was recently assaulted twice and shot at once while in Montana.
      The police told me to seek a protective order, which I did. When my life is at stake, I have no intention of attempting to get anything that I do approved by anyone.

      One last thing, a legal action has been filed against me by a man in Montana who has threatened to kill me at least 16 times. I am filing a countersuit. There is no way to get approval for countersuits since they have to be filed so quickly.

      William M. Windsor


    5. Well isn't that nice. Windsor once again, takes orders and voids them out as he sees fit.

      I would suspect that Judge Thrash could hold Windsor in contempt of his order several times, and issue sanctions. It would also be nice if the injunction could be expanded to include ANYONE not just Judges to post the 50K per party. Perhaps that would stop his frivolous, vexatious civil suits against 1000's of people.

      His Billshit excuses are always the same. In-fact didn't he try to cry that the Government was trying to kill him to silence him back during the M.O.M. fiasco? And they found that information not credible?

      I know of CA, MT, TX, KS, SD, and possibly ID that he did not obtain leave in, and went ahead and filed. Used his 2 weeks notice "letters" to bully his way in. Once again, proving that he has no respect for court orders and Judicial authority.

      WOW!! Thanks for posting that!

    6. I don't know about you guys, but if some stranger came into my office holding a huge video camera and wearing a flak jacket I would think there is some Kantian moral imperative involved and would be obligated as a human being to hurl a couple of paper wads in his general vicinity. What you reckon?

    7. Yes!
      Paper wads! Let's just go with paper wads!


    8. Giggle snicker snorting @ the blast from the past email!
      That's hilarious!
      It's like *old home week*! My sides kinda hurt from ROTFLing so much!
      ^^ ^^ Hoofs up ^^ ^^

      ℗ ❥ ♛

    9. Windsor's trying to set up the alphabet plans
      Plan A-Jury Nullification
      Plan B-Recuse a Judge
      Plan C-Appeal the crap out of it
      Plan D- Hey, FB Folks--anyone got any ideas?

      "Bill Windsor-- Glenn, is there an avenue for me to pursue to remove the case to federal court? It's a state law."

      I see he's going to use his time wisely--and find every single vexi ploy imaginable.

  15. Jury Nullification is a commonly known practice of sovereign citizens. This is not 1776. I wonder if Windsor will be wearing his Jeffersonian white rig. The jury nullification is windsor convincing the jury that the law is unjust and thus void. He thinks its unconstutional. But, he filed a writ about this already. First Windsor is not a protected journalist because he was declared not a journalist. If he is then every defamation that he spews about me then is won easily by reaching the masses that read his website per him and his google ranking etc. But, all I see this being is Windsor trying to take over the jury to to convince them to not follow instructions given and tell the court that they are wrong in charging him. An action only from someone who thinks all court orders against him are void. I could imagine him picking the writing on his tomb stone, God you have no jurisdiction. Your void!

  16. If he's reading maybe he could tell us about how he said under an affidavit to several courts that he never received any mail for 134 days when he just stated online "When I was incarcerated here, I received quite a bit of mail from Lawless America folks" Maybe he would get his mail if he stopped abusing P.O. Boxes by setting up what I call the Windsor Mailbox network and using 110 E center as a Hub for mail forwarding it all somewhere else like Montana or Texas. One mistake was windsor signed affidavits with the USPS that he was a resident of those areas getting a PO box and really was a resident of South Dakota at the time. That is an action of Mail Fraud or is it really Drivers License Fraud? Someone can figure it all out like a professional investigator. Shaking in your boots now huh?

    1. What if Windsor wrote on his blog or site you were a "fat-assed, goofey-looking, turd-smoker who is barely literate." Would that be actionable defamation in your mind or just Constitutionally-protected hyperbolic rhetoric?

      Just curious.

    2. Have to prove it's inaccurate first.

      Good luck with that.

    3. Exactly!

      And don't worry about Billy; he took the weekend to "get hard" and work on his keestering skills.

    4. Windsor has posted & blogged much worse about numerous individuals for years.
      What's your point?

    5. Yeah Anon 8:50? What is your point?
      Windsor has spewed so much filth & lies for years, and while stalking.

    6. Is/was there a post by Anon @ 8:50?

    7. I think it was a typo and meant 8:40. Just a guess.

    8. First Windsor is not a protected journalist because he was declared not a journalist. If he is then every defamation that he spews about me then is won easily by reaching the masses that read his website per him and his google ranking etc.

      Here are my points:

      1) Just as Spamanon asserted @ 8:45, It's not defamation if it's true.

      2) Fleming's analysis is wrong because, as a matter of law, it doesn't matter whether Windsor is a credentialed journalist or not, he still is protected because he is a blogger! (see Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox--and ya, ironically, that Crystal Cox). Surely Fleming can't claim he's a private person in all this; do private persons have their own blogs and radio shows? I think Windsor could convince a judge Fleming is a limited pubic figure rather easily.

      In any case, here's another helpful source:

    9. Flemming is a limited public figure?
      What public? I'd never heard of Flemming until Windsor started publishing nasty shit about him.
      Windsor is a limited public figure AND the leader of a political party. He so righteously won that title. Windsor described himself as a public figure on his own Facebook pages, long before any court labeled him one.

    10. Fleming: I think jury nullification has been successfully used more recently than 1776 and not by sov cits. But I wonder if Windsor knows that door can swing both ways. The jury can find him guilty of something for which he has not been charged.

    11. Anon 5:30,

      1) Sean Fleming is quite "the dude" in the Detroit area; trying Googling "Sean Fleming Detroit."

      2) Windsor is a LPF because he was adjudicated as one--PERIOD.
      The fact he claimed to be one is irrelevant. He claims to be many things, an author, a film producer, a legal expert, etc, etc.

      3) Lastly, you cannot be a forced to be public figure; Windsor called out people who were posting criticisms of him anonymously. In effect, he injected them into the public dispute without their consent. Windsor could be held liable for this, and especially for calling out people he knew where victims of violent crimes.

  17. Defamation is difficult to prove. Doesn't matter who is involved. In Cox's case I do think it was proven whether she's a journalist or not. Appeals Court said it was obvious she had no credibility, so there was no defamation. Can there be journalists without credibility who can just publish whatever they want about whoever they want? I guess so. You're a journalist so you can report wild accusations, but you've no credibility so they're harmless and not defamation. None of this has anything to do with Windsor's criminal trial, or Cox's if she's shown to have broken the law.

    Defamation is a vexi's game and if Cox has to be let off the hook to make it more difficult to claim, then that's probably a good deal for everyone except the vexis. I think Obsidian was probably vastly overstating the damage she did to their business anyway. She really never did have a hell of a lot of credibility with sane people. As for her getting away with extortion, calling it Reputation Management, that's another issue. That's gotta be against the law. Doesn't it?

    1. "None of this has anything to do with Windsor's criminal trial, or Cox's if she's shown to have broken the law." Exactly. A blogger with a camera is not exempt from privacy laws - Windsor does not have the right to stalk and threaten people.

      And whether he's a public figure or not and whether Windsor is credible or not, Fleming can sue Windsor. If he wants to waste time and money just to aggravate Windsor.

    2. Although, there are several private individuals that do have valid defamation complaints against Windsor. Windsor has used his blogs to attack people that know nothing about him based soley on "information and belief" passed to him by 3rd parties. I think it's too bad those folks don't all sue him in different courts all at the same time.

    3. Kindly grandpa/journalist...


    4. Spammy? I'm sorry. I'm dinking around under the hood with all the 'controls'. I'll hopefully get the settings tweaked & stuff will flow better.
      I'm not the blog guru GS by any stretch of the imagination!
      Please stand by or just flop & entertain everyone with your razor sharp wit & humor! I ❥ that!


      ℗ ❥ ♛

  18. Windsor: "Do you think they would arrest me if the Ellis County Sheriff's Department knew I was in Texas???"

    You're not in Texas, Bill. You're in one of the places you've set up to run to before September. You think people are stupid? I mean besides your dozen or so hangers on - who would believe you if you said you were on Saturn. You don't have the stones to be in Texas. What if you had a traffic violation? Oh hold on Mr. Windley, Windmore.... Windsor. I think they want to see you in Ellis County. Stay right here. I'll go check. Won't take a minute.

    You might even be where no one would ever expect to find you - in your home state of South Dakota.

    1. Heck yeah! Get on down yonder to Ellis County with your bad assed vexi self & just find out.
      Maybe the Ellis7, led by your good pal Nacho, will be waiting to bond YOU out? Good ol Nacho and the guys. Y'all can reminisce!

      Giggle snicker snort!

      ℗ ❥ ♛

  19. Vic Fedorov: "But I think you can show them they are not fit to judge you and theyd have to let you go"

    Yeah, Vic. What a marvelous legal mind. That's what the Constitution says alright. If Windsor explains to that Montana judge that he isn't fit to judge Bill Windsor, then that judge is required to let good old Bill Windsor go free. Jury? What jury? Oh yeah. Them. Well Bill Windsor will just have to explain to them that they're not fit to judge the likes of Bill Windsor either. No one is. Only Bill Windsor is. And if Bill Windsor was the judge and the jury then there'd be no problem anyway. That'll work, Vic. Amazing thought process you have there. Is it the anti-psychotic drugs?

    1. Exhibit A: A life-size image of Windsor on the U. of MT campus outside of Boushie's office wearing a flak jacket.

  20. Petunia Unplugged,
    Here's a short animation of another unplugged person:


    1. I did enjoy!
      And now, I'm going to do just that, #Unplug! Off to wander with my herd, giggle & perhaps catch a nice nap in the shade!


      *new post is up near the pond, y'all take a dip & enjoy your day*

      ℗ ❥ ♛