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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

"Do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made."

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  1. I think this is hilarious, it's from the previous post so I'm moving it here.
    Anon nailed it!

    AnonymousJanuary 3, 2016 at 9:01 PM
    "I'm sorry to break it to the kids, but the "trial of the century" has just been wiped off the headlines (as if there ever would have been any) due to a situation in Oregon. Bad timing Windbag. Should have let this trial run its natural course."

    1. I'm just hoping that Haynes, Clark and the jury cut Windsor's tankass loose before lunch tomorrow so he can hustle on over to Oregon and join the SovCitz big boys.
      Windsor relishes glomming onto the stories of others, here's his one real chance to get off in the mix and show how mighty he really is.
      I get tickled imagining him waddling up to the barricades announcing who he is and getting a rifle pointed at his bulbous nose "Bill who?"

    2. "I am Jean Valjean...I mean Bill Windsor...straight from the Trial of the Century! So Bonjour...and there an elevator to this barricade? "

    3. Dust off his flak jacket with duct taped lettering, slap on his ski mask... BillSchit will blend right in with the "patriots" >eyeroll<

  2. I think its time for this...

    Live updates from the courthouse as soon as the Jury is in!

  3. The Windsor spin cycled hard overnight.
    Burning his midnight oil must be wearing on Windsor, he posted the first day of the "trial of the century" as February 5, not only on his Facebook, but his .com (will this cause more confusion to the few remaining Lawless loons?)
    Then, Windsor launched into version 8,942.07-(q) of his "saga".
    Windsor's self puffery is seemingly endless as exemplified by his claim of "This is believed to be the first felony charge ever brought against a Twitter user for Tweeting as well as the first time anyone has been charged with a crime for publishing the name of a human being or animal."
    *A simple Google search quickly debunks this tidbit of BillSchit.*
    Windsor rambles aimlessly on, not daring to omit his latest and descriptive ailment, THE headache. Being the woeful warrior that he is though, he was able to forge on, hole punching his documents and doing more 'organizing' of his piles of plunder that he's planning on wagging to the courthouse.
    Windsor's post continues to plead for anyone to come to his "trial of the century".
    Commenters? During the middle of the night? Sparse. One early riser suggested to Windsor in his comment that Bill should have rested, gotten some sleep. Oops! Too late now.
    Windsor's big moment, representing himself before a jury, what he's claimed for years that he has so greatly wanted is less than an hour from beginning! The ProSe Baby will finally get his wish! Will today be all that he's dreamed? Is Windsor capable of a tiny fraction of competence? Is Windsor even willing to follow the most basic instructions that hundreds of thousands of attorneys manage each and everyday in courtrooms across our nation? Will Windsor stutter, stammer, shuffle as has been his usual courtroom performance? Will he pilfer through his piles of "evidence" scatter those reams of papers across the courtroom, also standard Windsor protocol. Or will he be able to pull off a stylish Perry Mason+Racehorse Haynes court appearance on his auspicious day? Will the jurors' view of Windsor be the bumbling, unprofessional, vextacious mess that we all know? The personna Windsor has himself deemed as "infamous"? What will be the jurors first impression be of Windsor? Will the jurors be captivated or just captive while serving on jury duty?
    Will there be ample seating in the courtroom's gallery for all the Windsor supporters? Windsor's staunch supporters have had months to plan and save for their excursion to scenic Montana. They're probably arriving in droves right about now, to be present in support, merely to reciprocate for ALL that Windsor has done for each of them. Will there be enough parking? Will crowd control be problematic? Will there be ANY media and will they be able to get through the throngs of Windsor supporters to interview Windsor on the courthouse steps before the historic trial begins? Or after?
    We can only imagine the excitement and sheer joy Windsor is experiencing for his big day today in misdemeanor court! All these years of dreaming, preparation, and finally, today is THE day!
    It does seem so unfair for Windsor that those protestors in Western Oregon are hogging all the media's attention away from him, on today of all days! Bill's literally been begging for even a teeny morsel of ANY media mention for years! Now that Windsor, the self proclaimed "World's Most Notorious Tweeter" is about to ProSe himself through the misdemeanor "trial of the century", the media is still snubbing Windsor.
    Ok, so that is more than enough of Windsor for awhile, back to some real news, getting to work and real life stuff.
    Have a happy day!

    ℗ ♛ ❥

    1. Not sleeping? Big mistake. He shoulda been out getting supplies.

  4. Billy is not gonna be happy that PJ is calling him a crybaby bitch -

    "Pj Smith
    For a documentary of a bunch of entitled cry baby bitches who have no idea what justice looks like. ‪#‎lawlessamerica‬"

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 5, 2016 at 4:24 PM

      LMAO!! Yep, that about sums it up. Add PJ to some random lawsuit somewhere in the near Windsor future. As long as he's still breathing? I believe he promised to keep suing.

    2. Oh yeah. PJ is so gone from the Movie.
      PJ prolly already knew that.
      ~~~waving at PJ~~~

  5. Well, it appears today is the last day of "THE" most hyped up drama filled "Windsortale" to hit the WWW in oh...a couple months. The great build up to, calls to support, promises to film, re-run attention tag lines, and it's all coming down to today. What a let down for the Blowhard.

    Tomorrow is a new day. If they don't find him guilty and throw him in the slammer, what will he do for drama now? How is he going to "Expose Corruption?" Will he pony up the "Movie" finally? He sure won't have any more excuses to delay. No, something is telling me he is hoping and praying his fatass is locked up, so he can continue crying and whining about his fictitious, self made drama.

    Perhaps the Jury will find him guilty, and the orders will be the exact same as the settlement prior to was. Basically the same as when the TOP was issued. Just leave Boushie and his wife and the University alone. Go find another hobby. You suck at this one, and it's not protected by the first amendment. Maybe he'll get a little time behind bars to remind him, that if he violates the orders again, the next time won't be so lenient.

    However, I bet that no matter what the outcome of the jury, Windsor will milk the shit out of this for a very, very long time. Just like he was/is trying to appeal both his arrests even though he's out, was arrested for valid reasons, of which is why he's being heard by a jury now. All moronic drama and hype. He's a court menace, paper terrorist, foremost, and a belligerent, stalking, suing asshole second. He needs victims to attack to continue on. Just something to think about, as the end draws near....

    (the promise to continue until he stops breathing was in Windsor's own words...)

    1. I'm really hoping if he gets leave the courthouse free, that he will be hauling his tankass to the Western Oregon debacle. They need snacks ✔, they need funds ✔, they need a media liaison ✔
      Windsor can regale them with his stories of how he's suffered as no other.

  6. Where is everybody? Windsor says he was found guilty. He said the jury asked for the maximum, a year in jail. But Clark petitioned for time served.

    LMAO he said he's got to wait a year to release his movie. I'd say no problem, it was promised in early 2013. What's another year?

    Also LMAO at this he said about the jury: "Based upon the facts, they couldn't have found me guilty. They must not have liked me or believed me." Yep, it's a 2'fer. Reasonable people don't like him or believe him.

  7. While I am no longer a fan of Bill, he did in fact travel to all 50 states, driving for about 5 months on the mainland and then flying to Alaska. He did in fact film hundreds of people. I know all this because I booked most of the hotels using his credit card, spoke with or emailed with many of the movie subjects. Driving at his age for 22,000 miles was obviously exhausting. So this was probably the cause of some sort of breakdown. But everything he set out to do was with good intentions. And there is no question that our justice system has been infiltrated by organized crime, particularly on the East Coast.

    1. Everything he set out to to do was with good intentions?
      What the actual fuq are you smoking?
      The stalking? The buying of domains in the names of others only to spread malicious lies? Outing the names of domestic violence victims & their addresses & phone numbers?
      You are as bad as Windsor with that good intentions BILLSCHIT.
      #FaceFuqingPalm yourself & jump into reality.

      ℗ ♛

    2. Windsor even admitted he did not in fact go to ALL 50 states. And no, he did not have good intentions IMO. He mislead everyone he filmed, because even in his own words, the "movie" as an after thought to his "Campaigning" AND he never told one person that his main objective was to launch litigation against the Government via filing "Charges" agains them, until DC, when he finally spoke about all those original goals. So, sorry Anon, sit down and STFU.

      You're part of the oblivious supporters who blindly believe whatever snake oil salesman is riding through your town, with fake promises of a magic cure if you were "helping" him that much, and actually believe what you even wrote.