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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Windsor Stoops To e-Begging

In addition to publishing Windsor's tale of woe, e-begging for donations to "replace" what he claims was stolen, the   Back40Crew has added some screenshots of Windsor's own words regarding his video equipment, screenshots of that equipment as shown on listing the actual cost.
(Windsor math, prepare selves for vast difference in what equipment cost when it was new and what Windsor claims it is worth)

Factoring in Windsor's latest ploy?  The #GoFundMe e-begging and the flat out lies in his drivel soliciting money + the violations of Montana probation + Windsor's 'veiled and vile' threats to sashay into Ellis County DA Wilson's office + 'by and thru' Facebook badassery blowharding of his impending visit to the 10th CoA in Waco =s BillSchittery Bonanza! 

1st, the BillSchit begging

Donate Now

Created on January 18, 2016
Bill Windsor  
2897 Facebook Friends

My name is Bill Windsor .  I have been producing and directing a documentary film called Lawless America*So you've been saying since dirt was invented .

I was a magazine publisher for most of my career; began my media work in high school; have been a radio and TV announcer and radio news reporter*where? when? what networks/affiliates?; formerly hosted a weekly TV news show*TalkShoe?.  For the last several years, I have published onlineFacebook?, and I have produced online radio and TV shows *titles?.  I have over 1,200 news videos active at .  

In the last three years, I have received over 140 threats pfffftt; have been shot at*proved that? uh, not; incarcerated for 134 days after never having committed a crime in my life*you're convicted, that means criminal; became the victim*perpetual whiner of the largest case of defamation in U.S. history*not; had my Facebook page with 51,000 followers *the Bangladeshi taken away under the false*TRUE claim that it had nudity, pornography, and solicitaion of sex; had my long-time email address taken away by AT&T claiming I had violated terms of service; and upon arriving in Dallas following my trial on absolutely bogus charges, two men broke into my vehicle and stole all of my motion picture equipment -- and nothing else. really?  

In 2010, I had been married since college, with two grown children and two wonderful grandchildren, and had retired from a career as an entrepreneur and corporate CEO*and? You chose to poof it all being vexi.  I began to use the Internet*boy howdy, did you! to join with like-minded individuals*SovCitz, Cop haters, anti/government lunar tuners in pursuit of my interest in exposing government, judicial, and law enforcement corruption*self promoting your vexiness.  I developed a website called Lawless America .  In furtherance of these interests, I spent a year driving 50,000 miles across 49 states *really? Alaska, now, too? what happened to Hawaii? filming a documentary.  I planned to film one victim in each state and DC, but over 7,000 people showed up or contacted me wanting to be filmed. 

This trailer was developed for Lawless America...The Movie by one of the victims. she made a trailer 2 years ago and still no MOVIE!  MAKE THE MOVIE! 

I have received well over 10,000 emails, Facebook messages, calls, and letters from people in every state asking for my help.  I help*what help? what have you ever done for anyone exactly? Is there a verified list? as many as I can.  I do it for free*not really if you're asking for and accepting donations.  Remember that RV?

Over half of the people I help are mothers*AMPP would disagree or fathers*a lot of them disagree, too who have been victimized by Child Protective Services and the lies of their exes in taking their children away.  I have filmed well over 1,000 stories*Vet any of these?  I'll answer, NO!.  For example, I filmed the story of October Perez in Great Falls who was killed in an unthinkable case where the Child Protective Services and police did nothing while falsely claiming they were, and this tiny little girl is dead as a result. 
*We refuse to republish his need for gore

I film stories of elder abuse*such as what Marty Prehn did to his mother, domestic violence, officer involved domestic violence, judges who take parental rights away from mothers and remove their names from the birth certificates of their children.  I’ve filmed stories of 15-year-old girls sexually molested for years by their biological fathers as well as three-year-old boys*Yes, you've proven time after time, those really interest you #creepy.  I’ve filmed shocking stories of people wrongfully convicted*Vet any of those? I'll answer again, NO.  I’ve filmed stories of animal abuse and government officials who have allowed it to happen.  I’ve filmed stories of bullying*You're an expert bully and schools that allowed it to continue . I could go on and on*you always do.

Some of these stories may be seen at  My website has been hacked*No, it hasn't, you disable it whenever you need more drama and was once removed from the Internet by law enforcement*Hence, law enforcement, don't break laws and they won't shut down your spewer.con. will be back online as soon as possible*As soon as you delete or add whatever.  In the meantime, is the best way to keep tabs on my story*infamous saga, you claimed.

In 2013*it's 2016, hello, I filmed a Response to the State of the Union address*Why? That's been a real mystery, you're qualified how?.  It discusses many of the problems that the movie addresses. MAKE THE MOVIE

I am the victim of by far the largest case of defamation in U.S. history*No, you are not.  As of September 2014, a Gang had published hundreds of articles to defame me.  These articles brand me as a terrorist, murderer*no, Sovereign Citizen, crook,*yessexual deviant*no pedophile*no, and much more. *yes, much more Not a word of truth *gabillions of words of truth.  This was done to destroy my reputation*You have had a bad reputation for decades and to attempt to stop the movie.*MAKE THE MOVIE ALREADY

Websites have been set up in the stolen identities of my deceased parents*no.  Photos taken from my late father’s tribute website include him in his death bed and in his coffin at the funeral home*you took those photos AND you put them on the www, that's just weird. Another page shows what is allegedly his skeleton*no, and another page has a photo of him on his death bed allegedly having phone sex with his deceased wife, my mother*ewww, no! No one but you has seen or ever mentioned these and you won't stop. 

A Facebook site set up in the name of my deceased mother, Mary Windsor, shows what is allegedly my wonderful mother’s skeleton bones wearing a wig*again no, only you have seen or mentioned this.  She died of breast cancer 38 years ago*I am sincerely sorry for the loss of her to your former  family

These stolen identities were then used to publish defamatory comments on Facebook about me as if they were being made by my deceased parents*no, still only you have seen these and keep claiming this.  One published statement said I was committing necrophilia with my deceased mother*NO! Still only you claiming this.  Facebook has continued to allow these pages despite complaints, so I live every day with the desecration of the memories of my wonderful parents*stop mentioning it and at least TRY to honor their memory respectfully, duh. It seems as much as you mention it, you want that to be remembered about them most.  Why? 

Hundreds upon hundreds of crimes have been committed*by you, the convicted, by a jury, that you repeatedly requested against me by these Gang members, judges, law enforcement officers, and judicial employees.  They do not want the movie to reach theaters. *MAKE THE MOVIE ALREADY

These criminals even arranged to have me unlawfully incarcerated for 134 days, held on $4.1 million bond*where can documents prove that $4.1 million bond be found?.  I was strip-searched, sprayed with de-licing spray, exposed to Staph, MRSA, Herpes, and Tuberculosis *welcome to incarceration.  I've never committed a crime in my life*repeat, yes you have, you've been convicted by a jury.  I don't even have a traffic or parking ticket in the last 15 years.  Corrupt government, judicial, and law enforcement and their paid stalkers*who stalks? YOU, Windsor! You're convicted of that! Duh! Who pays you? will seemingly do anything to try to stop me and the movie*MAKE THE MOVIE! from exposing them.  These criminals actually published a Wanted Poster for me and distributed it nationwide.  *that was Ellis County DA Patrick Wilson. That is a standard  law enforcement procedure for felons evading arrest after bond jumping.  Duh, such a slow learner!

I haven't wanted to accept donations*yet, you have repeatedly, but I now have no choice*choose to use your multi-million dollar trust and pay your own way!.  State Farm has just informed me that $50,000 to $100,000 in motion picture equipment stolen from my vehicle is not covered by insurance because I am without a home. *South Dakota? you've sworn repeatedly your home, where you reside, receive mail, is in South Dakota  I can't afford to replace it, and I cannot afford to complete the movie since virtually all of my money has been stolen by corrupt judges. *huh? Your fines and sanctions have NOT been paid. Hint: try that multi-million dollar trust account, ask your sister.

Any money raised will be used to replace some of the motion picture production equipment and pay the cost of transcripts required or appeals. <to keep being Vexi!

I unsuccessfully tried to raise money in 2012. *Yet you have money for bonding out of jail complete strangers, zigzagging across the nation, carrying over $10,000 cash in a fanny pack, very extended stays in hotel/motel suites, new vehicles, rental vehicles for creeping around, loft apartments blocks from downtown Dallas, etcetera 

Lawless America...The Movie needs to be seen in theaters all around the world.*MAKE THE MOVIE  Our fellow Americans must be educated as to the pandemic of corruption in government, courts, and with law enforcement*Same law enforcement you called about your broken Jeep window and theft?  Were they corrupt?.  My mission is to help save America for my grandchildren*the grandchildren you are forbidden from coming near?  and for you, your children, your grandchildren, and their chiildren and grandchildren.>EYE ROLL<

This means everything to me because this is now my life*you said you were going to get on with your life after your trial in Montana, in a rut much?, and the victims are now my family*bless their hearts, they should vet you with your 'former family'.  Thank you will be a totally inadequate term.

PLEASE do not donate a cent unless you can afford to.  I do not like asking for help*why would you need donations?  You had cash to burn all those many times that you have publicly offered thousands of dollars for information on individuals so that you could stalk them, and I don't want anyone to donate who cannot afford it*Pfffffftt.  You can help by simply spreading this link far and wide --

Donations are NOT tax-deductible*not tax deductible?  But, but, but LawlessAmerica is a 501 3 (c)!  Oh, I forgot, the film equipment stolen and that court stuff for yourself isn't really charitable.  Shucks:/

Here are screenshots of Windsor describing his film equipment

From, exact camera Windsor said he had stolen.  Note the cost new, Windsor's was several years old, depreciated in value.  Stretching the cost?  Not nearly  $50,000 that he's e-begging. (that must be where proceeds would go toward his continuing vexi tour)

The last 5 screenshots are the Orders and Conditions of Windsor's criminal probation from Missoula, Montana issued on January 6, 2016.  Pages #4 and #5?  OUCH! 
The conditions?  Windsor may have broken some land speed record in violating those.  

MAJOR OUCHing BillBitchSlapping

There's some #TRUTH!  Spread #that far and wide. 


  1. "These criminals actually published a Wanted Poster for me and distributed it nationwide."

    Wow. Is Windsor calling Patrick Wilson a criminal? Seems Windsor is more responsible for distribution of his wanted poster, via internet postings and autographed copies.

    1. Ahhhh, yes and then truth comes out.

      "Any money raised will be used to replace some of the motion picture production equipment and pay the cost of transcripts required or appeals."

      Assuming he meant to say "required FOR appeals". It appears he's saying he's going to spend the money appealing the judgements and rulings against him and for new camera equipment to film himself while he does it. He's asking the public to fund his vexi-ness and selfies?


    1. this is for Bill Windsor victims

  3. The fine print on Windsor's Go Fund Me blubbering story:
    "Any money raised will be used to ... pay the cost of transcripts required or appeals."

    Another money scam of Windsor's, in which he stole $35,000 out of the pockets of others:

  4. Was busy earlier this morning and couldn't finish the post we had planned.
    I apologize.
    Took a picnic lunch and finished it up!
    Huge thank you to the entire Back40Crew, all our readers and commenters!
    Luff your guts! Have a happy day!

    ℗ ♛ ❥

    1. Did you say picnic??? Hang on, I'm on my way - running through the field trying not to spill my Margarita :)

  5. I LOVE all the add in comments! It's like you're reading my mind. Can Mr. Windsor verify or back up any of the absurd crap he said? Not with something he previously typed and posted but real, actual, factual evidence? Why did he elude to the FB being shut down, without actually showing that it's back up? Why didn't he put the link to that page instead of his own? I am very interested in this tid bit.

    It has the Lawless America name after all. Since his dot CON is is it? Is it that you wanted to list the lie and whine about it, and couldn't post that it's active because you'd look like a big, fat liar?
    Well I'll post the link just to help anyone out that might not realize that account is and has been active for oh...quite some time now.

    Interesting that you chose to leave that off of there Windsor. I would have also like to post the screenshot of WHY you REALLY lost it, of which you REFUSE to acknowledge or admit to...(not surprising though, just like you refuse to admit or acknowledge you're a CONVICTED CRIMINAL STALKER) but I don't have it handy--so if anyone else could help out by posting that OOPSIE on his FB? That'd be great. If not, I will do it later.

    Just want to help your make sure ALL the information is available Windsor--and not just your bias, one sided, pathological lying spew.

    1. Bill forgot to mention his lawsuit against AT&T years before Lawless. AT&T legal would have known all about his vexiness. Maybe he should try reopening that case too, huh?

  6. Billy Boy's response to you post Petunia. He going to go get his gun, you folks in Texas better get ready.

    Bill Windsor is receiving messages about death wishes directed at him, and cyberstalking of him has intensified.
    If you see some of this, please make a screenshot, and email it to me at
    I do own a gun, and after over 800 days when a court order denied me the ability to possess the gun, I am going to get it. I purchased the gun for my protection. I understand Texas now allows open carry, so I will see what I need to do to carry the gun.
    The UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA EMPLOYEE previously offered a reward if I was killed in Texas, and at least two of the Joeyisalittlekid Gang Members published videos in which they threatened to do bodily harm to me. I have received emails from"

    1. Really? He's such a fukwit. I damn sure don't want his goofy ass dead. Then, what would I giggle snort at?
      What I don't understand, he called the police about his Jeep window getting broken, riiiight? Why in God's green EART © (Floridzilla, thanks) would he not call IF he was getting death threats????
      Omgggggggg! Seriously Windsor! For real! Your life is being threatened? CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY! Do NOT Facebook, Tweet or blog it first, call 9 1 1!
      Bless his little bony head & black shriveled heart, he doesn't have good sense God gave grass to call the police over death threats? smdh
      Where are the screen shots of the threats? What'd they say? How'd he get them? Facebook? Text? In the mail? A phone call? Skywriting? Smoke signals? Esp?

    2. Robert Cookout IIIJanuary 19, 2016 at 4:14 PM

      Karen Jutkiewicz

      That's exactly what I thought Kay Kay. He's back at this again?

    3. KayKay is so astute! Maybe she can call the police for Windsor?
      Heck, another call this week and he and the officers will be new besties! Maybe Windsor will even give them an autographed copy of his WANTED poster! What police officer wouldn't be tickled to have one? Bill's been really trying to pass those out to any and everyone, everywhere, as if he were a Jehovah Witness passing out pamphlets.
      For some odd reason, I'm thinking he may have over ordered just a tad on those...he certainly seems to have a stash of them.
      Ha! Here's an idea! Cover the Jeep with the wanted posters! That would be an attention getter! Just think of the folks crowding around to hear his infamous saga!

    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 19, 2016 at 5:14 PM

      ***RAISES HAND*** How on eart (C) floridazilla--did Windsor managed to keep his gun when there was an order of protection against him? When he claimed he didn't have one? But he now admits he does? YOU CAN'T OWN A GUN!! YOU HAVE TO SURRENDER IT!!

      facepalming hard. With all my head shaking, I think I might have whiplash. Perhaps I shall sue Windsor for it. O. M. G.

    5. And? He's on probation, ya know... That would be considered possession of a firearm by a felon. Oopsie

      Imagine a Gladys Kravitz type her
      Grabs her cell phone after walking her poodle dog.
      One ringie dingie
      Two ringie dingies
      "Hello? Police? There's a short, fluffy fella with yellow ground down teeth, shaking & muttering that he's getting death threats, something about baby kangaroos making fun of him & needing to find his gun! But, get this! He just autographed a wanted poster of himself and gave it to me, said he was infamous, on probation from a corrupt court in Montana and making a movie, just needed $50,000 'cause his camera was stolen. Y'all better come at a look see!"

    6. I was giggling. Hard. Messed up Gladys' ending! "...come get a look see". All old ladies named Gladys say look see in the South!

      Oh? And since Windsor isn't a resident of Texas, but from South Dakota, and he's on probation in Montana? That really makes having possession of a gun a major no no.
      Gladys better keep an eye on him. And her poodle dog.

    7. LMAO. yep, I can hear Gladys now...

    8. No need for Windsor to worry about that PO and conviction. When he completes the form for licensing, he can just say they are both bogus and therefore, void.

    9. Yeah, and to BE a resident of TX, he needs to live there for 6 months before he can get a drivers license there. (or does he have two? One for TX and one for SD?) Since he just admitted he hasn't been there for over a does that work?

      Oh, and then on the application? It will ask "Have you ever been CONVICTED OF A CRIME and then what's he going to say? NO? Then to TOP (lol) it off a "Stalking conviction"!!

      Oh this is FUNNNNN!! Go for it you whiney old fart. Make sure when you hand your falsified application in, you don't let them see your extremely shakey hands. They might need a medical exam too!! Oh, and then? They might see your "Brain injury" from your fake slip and fall on no ice, and that you still need "emergency" selective surgery. You impaired drama queen!

      Find a new hobby. Internet littering of all your woes has a way of biting that extra large lumpty ass of yours.

    10. At one point he claimed his exwife had the gun. If anyone believes that, can she expect a visit?

    11. After ALL the shit talking Windsor has done towards her? And, she has the gun? Oh, hell yeah, he should stomp right over and demand she give him that gun!
      Gladys will be speed dialing the police for real! Her poodle dog, too.

      We all know Windsor's pansy ass no more gave up that gun than Floridzilla can spell the planet we live on!

    12. Well, I for one am having flash backs to his excuse to get out of the MO PO hearing. He said he never said he bought the gun for "protection" to use on a group of crazies. That is the term that was in the court papers. Windsor took out the word "Crazies" and claimed the motion said "a group of people."

      Here, now, he says it again, just as he said it back then. "For his protection" but since he lies out of his ass, who's to say he doesn't provoke it, and lie and say it was for protection? He lied flat out to the Judge to skate out of MO! Insanity! All of it.

    13. Windsor actually submitted a sworn statement in Missoula that he went to GA in December, post protective order issuance, and retrieved said gun, in direct violation of the protective order.

      Let me say it again... He submitted a sworn and notarized statement saying he was in possession, and still is, of the weapon he was ordered not to have.

      Me thinks Windsor is back on his wanta be martyr crusade.

    14. Ok, so WHY wasn't Windsor then arrested and Charged for violating the order WAYYYY back then? Why are they so passive towards him? No one is allowed to be in possession or own a gun when there is a protection order against them. Temporary or permanent.

      WHY was Windsor whining that he was denied his "RIGHTS" under the 2nd amendment to have a gun?

      Seriously! This is like watching a bunch of monkeys fucking a football over the field. OMG!

      And? Committing perjury in the fricken trial? Lock this fat fuck up and throw the key away before someone gets hurt. All his bullshit lies about HIM being threatened? When he's gaslighting his crazyass lemmings daily? They sit there drooling on their keyboards screaming "Let's get em Bill" and BAM! There's Don AfuckingCree in a stand off with the cops. And Windsor saying "oh, my poor "good friend" Don...blah fucking blah! Of course he wants to be locked back up. It's the only way he can get out of this entire cluster he created with sheer Martyr status, compliments of ____________ name the agency.

      100.00 to the swear jar $$ FUCKING BULLSHIT

    15. That's $100 not going to Windsor's GoFundMe!
      giggle snort!

  7. And by "Battling specific forms of corruption," Mr. Windsor means battling those forms which are particular to him such as lawlessness, fraud, perjury and vexatious litigation against thousands of individuals in several states.

    1. Here, I thought he meant FORMS, such as fill in blanks with information! Windsor really struggles following proper procedures, so... Ha! A Windsor 2-fer of battling forms!
      Bill's just having a bad week. 2016 isn't shaping up to be a happy year for him, dang it.

  8. Did he paid all the money he owns before leaving Montana as per 11 on the court orders?

    1. I was wondering that too. He's seems to have a little trouble paying fees and judgements. I figure even that little bit would make his butt pucker.

    2. so maybe he need a call back to Montana

    3. They're prolly aware. Just my opinion.

    4. he actually paid $4,000 before he left.

    5. NO Sean, no he didn't, he ran like a goose with bad diarrhea.

    6. Yup...though he's not wanted in Texas, he went back 'cause he was missing ol' Hank, Dale and Boomhauer.

      (Pathetic, I tell ya what).

    7. I have verified with Montana, Windsor did NOT pay as he was ordered.
      You may want to re-check, Mr. Flemming. He is in direct violation of the orders, as usual.

    8. -.. ..- ..-. ..- ...

    9. ↑ Morse code for D-U-F-U-S.

  9. 01112016-WindsorCriminalCase-DC14509-Judgment-Sentence-SUSPENDED

  10. just so you know he got the Mummy picture from here....

  11. 18 hours later on his "Death Messages/Death Wishes" post and only 2 comments, and 6 likes.

    Then on the E-Begging post, which is 24 hours old, there are 3 comments and 18 likes.

    This tells me that the lemmings are bored. The majority of the comments are prompts to him, to get off his fat ass and finish the movie. Pleas to stop messing around with his "fabulous" fictitious life, get back to reality and do what he promised them. I think it's taxing on them to know that all the previous donations went nowhere. He was so ungrateful and always made a snide comment about how it's just never enough, or how he insulted people and denied their donations.

    He's becoming way too apparent in his fakeness. Only so many times someone can make up these outlandish claims until it become a glaring deficit to his true character. He's played out on his empty promises. IMHO

  12. Windsor is on at least the 2nd edit, maybe 3rd.
    This? Concerns me greatly. Contacting jurors? Wtf?

    "I'm trying to speak with each of the jurors in Montana. After my evidence was destroyed by someone in the courthouse, I have to suspect that at least one person on the jury was a plant. If they put for corrupt jurors on a panel of 19 prospective jurors, they can be assured they will get at least one on the jury. This is because the jurors are assigned in numerical order. Four crooks in the first 10 assures that at least one will get on the jury. Then he or she influences the others."

  13. Let me get this straight: This multi-millionaire - who chooses to pursue these silly court cases - can afford to bond seven people out of jail; stay in hotels and motels; drive around the country; eat out almost every night; buy/rent newer vehicles; and buy professional camera equipment. He has delivered on none of his promises - no movie, no assistance in his followers' court cases, no nothing for them. Now he needs his followers' money for his court expenses and to finish the movie?

    It's beyond me, now, how or why anyone believes this man. He's a proven liar, who will say or do anything to keep attention coming his way. Case in point: That vehicle break-in story. If it was true to begin with, he wouldn't have edited it 19 times or used a picture he grabbed off the Internet.

    I feel nothing but pity for anyone who still follows this man. He was, and is, a pathetic, whiny lying nothing and always will be. Can't fix stupid - or willful blindness.

  14. Windsor: "The Tenth Court of Appeals in Waco Texas claimed my Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus was moot. They are wrong. So, I am filing a Motion for Reconsideration. They cited cases that do not apply to the facts in my case. They have never previously had a case like mine, so PERHAPS they will see their error."

    Y'all read it? It seems (to me) that Doofus Windsor didn't read this thoroughly. A lot of Windsor's billshitery gets blasted, real hard. Which portions (flat out lies) is it that Windsor wants reconsidered?
    Great read!
    All 16 pages!

  15. Now Windsor is going after the Jurors because he's sure one is a plant. No way this ends well. One of those jurors reports him for being less than respectful, and wham - he's Bill's in jail. Bill undoubtedly believes he's free to chew them out - to re try the case with each juror individually, without that pesky judge in the way. He thinks he's allowed to prove them wrong and interrogate them.

    Nothing short of amazing.

    1. Sadly, the defense can question the jurors IF they agree.
      My question, how is Windsor getting their contact information? He should have done his questioning of jurors prior to leaving the courtroom that day, not weeks later, remotely.
      IF a juror declines to speak to and discuss their decision with him? He many not ever contact them again, doing so is juror harassment, a felony with a harsh penalty.
      Hopefully, he's as full of billshit about this as he is everything else he hasn't ever done. Refer back to THE MOVIE.

    2. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 21, 2016 at 9:27 AM

      That was predictable. Pretty sure that was called here prior to "The trial of the Century."

      Everyone in Windsor's delusional mind, who doesn't malfunction his way, is "A Joey," "Corrupt," and thus "Paid by the Government." Even though he can not EVER prove one single thing he utters, he will depose people, invade their privacy by and thru "Depositions" using loopholes in laws to gain information on people he doesn't like. That is all this is to him IMO.

      How to terrorize innocent people who piss him off. How to harass them, bully them, and intimidate them.

    3. I asked an attorney about him questioning the jurors. I didn't think that was allowed. It varies from state to state, but, yes, when it is done, it typically is done immediately after the verdict, before leaving the courtroom.
      This is the ProSe baby though being discussed. Still concerning and creepy to me how it is he's going to be getting access to their contact information.
      Another example, IMO, of how Windsor simply cannot accept NO or take responsibility for his own actions and decisions.

    4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 21, 2016 at 9:49 AM

      How does that call go?

      "Hello, is this juror # ________?
      My name is William M Windsor, (fake) Leader of Lawless America. I was exposing Government and Judicial corruption, until they tried to silence me. Please admit or deny that you are being paid or were paid by the Government in some way."

      "Well, that's kind of how it works sir. All Jurors get paid to be there."

      "Ah HA! I knew it. I'm declaring a mistrial."

      Then he goes on his dot con, and writes an article on how he has irrefutable evidence that the Jurors were paid by the Government to silence him. SMH

    5. Bwahahahahaha! That? Your version? Is almost exactly as I was envisioning the Doofus making the calls! You did much better than I could have wording it.

    6. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 21, 2016 at 2:29 PM

      Yeah--exactly. How else would it possibly go? It's his script after all. His delusional little world of make believe.

      Here's another question. Why is he going to contact them at all? He's already got the tried and convicted of a "crime." He's already accused them of being corrupt. There's nothing any of them can say to prove he's a nut.

      It's all an illusion/delusion of whatever HE decides to put out on his hate sites. He says whatever he wants to, regardless of the truth, so what's the point in the calls at all, or who's to say he even does--when he says it?

  16. Windsor's not gonna like this:

    Published: 1/12/16 12:56 pm EST

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court says indigent prison inmates can't get a break on paying for the costs of filing lawsuits that some consider frivolous.

    The justices ruled unanimously Tuesday that inmates bringing multiple civil suits must use their prison income to make partial monthly payments on filing fees for every case.

    At issue is a federal law requiring prisoners to make monthly payments of "20 percent of the preceding month's income" until court fees are paid off. The law was meant to discourage inmates from bringing too many cases.

    Lower courts were split over whether that applies to each case, or is capped at 20 percent per prisoner, regardless of how many lawsuits are filed.

    The court said it applied to each case, even if a prisoner's bank account is depleted.

  17. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 21, 2016 at 6:01 PM

    This is rich! Coming from a con man who denied accepting donations from multiple women, after "fleecing" them with compliments and promises to help them with their court cases. Again, I ask, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ANYONE? Writing a dot con article slandering the other party--without verifying the information is not only reckless Mr. "Card Carrying Member Of The Press" (HA) but does. not. help. them. in. their. woe. is. me. case!

    Windfart--I spend as many hours as I can each day helping victims. (Billshit! You're too busy copy/pasting frivolous court crap and calling jurors remember? A crazy one appeared yesterday. An attorney who appears to be con man who romances sweet ladies online, gets engaged or married, and fleeces them. There are multiple known, cooperating victims of this guy, but the authorities seem to just let him get away with it. Currently, I can only help those who make it easy for me by sending a narrative of the story (One sided--like all of your crap right? Yeah...we know--If you say it, it just HAS to be true. Bahahaha) to"

    1. This impotent POS actually lures people into thinking he can help them? How laughable. He can't fight his way out of a tissue paper wrapper. People are so gullible.

    2. "Bill Windsor-- I will be publishing information about this man soon. His initials are W.F." (Yeah--Pre-Dick-Table. One sided Windsor reporting)

      "Bill Windsor-- Ladies and Gentlemen: record, record, RECORD! Know the law in your state, and if it is one person permission, that means you can record without anyone else knowing." (And if you know the "Windsor World Law, it voids out the law in your state, so you can record anyone, anytime, anywhere with your fake press pass and "movie" excuses.")

    3. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 22, 2016 at 7:39 AM

      I think the term is actually
      "Pre-Dick-Tabill" goes along nicely with "Billshit."

  18. Posted eight hours ago on Billshit's gofundme page (I'm sure it will be deleted):

    Dale Trowbridge
    8 hours ago
    Please do not donate a cent period, I contributed $5,000.00 for the production of movie to expose the corrupt courts. Windsor even promised a share movie profits (if any). He thanked me by defaming my character stating on is radio show that I never contributed a dime, that I was a liar and much more. Then he filed a defamation of character lawsuit against me. Makes no sense eh? He is nothing but Billshit......there now I have actually written something bad about you Bill......but it is the is your character.

    1. Speaking of donations ....

      Windsor straight from his FB page: "Yesterday at 7:16pm - I stopped accepting donations on GoFundMe."

      Really? Click here to see the page is still up.

    2. Ah, Billy needs the money to buy some wood polish for the nose he's growin'.

    3. Windsor's supposed stopping on the GoFundMe wouldn't be too difficult. It was a very obvious and colossal message of no one cares, much less can afford to donate to a millionaire. Windsor is so out of touch with average Americans, he failed to take into consideration that January is a difficult month financially for most. Those that are not on fixed incomes, can't poof money to him unless having to do without something else. Most scrimped and saved for the holidays. Many are still recouping from the holiday expenses, preparing to pay income taxes and their property taxes are due by the end of January. Add in extreme cold in many parts of the nation, and they have added heating expenses.
      Very few individuals have any spare money to donate to any causes, much less a very wealthy Windsor, that has no grasp of budgeting for real life expenses. These are people that use coupons, watch for sales and are frugal all the time, just to get by month to month.
      Most of those filmed by Windsor saw for themselves the equipment he used and know the replacement cost is not
      $50,000 to $100,000, that's not taking into consideration the ones that were filmed by someone he'd hired. For the amount of the cost of the equipment that Windsor is claiming was stolen? He would've have had to have the equivalent of filming equipment very similar to what a small news affiliate uses to broadcast their segments.
      By his own list, complete with type and models, and comparing his list Amazon? The total dollar amount lost in the alleged theft would have had to include ALL the contents of the Jeep, and the theft of the vehicle itself!
      Windsor math is very inaccurate, and that is my kind and gently worded rendition of just pure BillSchit.
      IMO? Windsor's saga in Montana was concluded and those that have stuck by and with him were fully expecting THE MOVIE to be back to Windsor's main priority. I do feel empathy for them. They've had hope for so long and supported Windsor through all his own personally created problems. When is it their turn?

    4. Petunia, great observations as usual. I'll add one of my own: Windsor won't take the GoFundMe page down any time soon, no matter what he claims on FB. He'll use it as another weapon against his followers - either subtly ("no one cares about me - I'm so alone - no one wants to help me") or a flat-out threat ("you want to see the movie made? you better give me money!")

      Either way, it's yet another example of how little Windsor cares about these people. It's always been about him, and always will be ... his lifelong pattern. I just hope and pray some will get out now.

    5. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 22, 2016 at 10:42 AM

      I'll add--If he makes the "movie" they won't follow him any more. If he doesn't make the movie, he can just keep stringing them along. Proven fact. He claimed the "movie" would be released several times prior to his "I need and excuse to get out of this--stalking tour."

      More proof that the "Movie" was never his main priority, and creating a little army of Anti Government idiots was. Not making the movie adds fuel to that fire.

  19. Yo Bill. That Kimberly chick is talking crap about you to your Mail Box people Terry Lund will not do business with you.
    Yo Bill you need to go to the police and report her that is a crime

    1. I read all the comments on Windsor's GFundMe thing. I didn't read anything threatening. Not even #veiled or #vile, no by and thrus. Just comments.
      Windsor didn't think that GoFundMe thing all the way through very well, either. All funds are reported to the IRS, he can't control/delete the comments and the direct link at bottom of page for law enforcement to contact GoFundMe directly, those were just 3 things that I noticed right off.
      Doofus really should have given a lot of consideration to that law enforcement contacting GFM link. As much BillSchit as he's spewed to so many DAs, Sherrifs, prosecutors, jailers, deputies? Derrrrr
      Just like his inability to put any kind of movie together after 4+ years with 1,000s of hours of video? Why would Windsor possibly think he could successfully pull off a fund raiser? He's a proven flopping failure at everything he attempt. Gesh, dude, get a clue. At least, the very least, MAKE A MOVIE for those people you promised you would! Try! They deserve it, been waiting on you to wrap up all your drama, c'mon. smdh

  20. Not Friends Of Butthead Bill WindsorJanuary 22, 2016 at 7:54 PM

    Blah, blah, blah...Lawless dot con is back on line, but I am claiming the hackers deleted a bunch of content. Just take my word for it...
    ***eye roll***

    1. Ummm hmmmm...told ya so.
      Gesh. He is sooooo predictable.
      Seriously? Of ALL the websites on the www. "hackers" choose that? Sure. Let's go with that. It should be part of THE MOVIE.

  21. I'm not an expert on setting up an advocacy group, but aren't they focused on specific social issues, an example being the Pro-choice movement vs Pro-life movement? They attempt to change public opinion through legislative/political channels and build a grass roots base in many cases? I guess Bill thinks he has a Watchdog Group?

    After years of this Lawless America Billshit, he's got maybe one or two dozen "serious" followers, no specific agenda, other than all of America is corrupt, he has no plan, and spends 90% of his time is spent on his issues (that he creates in the courts).

    Reposting random stories of injustice on his FB page, that I doubt he actually reads, is hardly attacking the injustices in America (assuming these exist).

    Most of Bills focus is about him and posting his picture over and over and over, Bill really does love Bill.

    Bill, in going to Ellis County, MO, CA, MT, etc. what victims of an unjust America were you representing? By representing yourself and your vindictive lawsuits, it's an extension of protecting them?

    You'll always have that cheering section of middle aged ladies egging you on via FB, isn't it a shame Barb isn't one of them?

    1. Very true about his cheerleading squad - a dozen or so middle-aged ladies with no or very few assets, an ax to grind against the world and a refusal to take responsibility for their life's failures. (Those last two sound awfully familiar ... )

    2. I dunno, seems Windsor has just as many middle aged male groupies with an axe to grind and no assets. This guy, Bill McKean, sounds a lot like Windsor, with his inflated claims of being "helpful". He posted this on Windsor's FB page:

      "Deb Connor & I helped encourage "affluenza" Judge Jean Boyd to retire from her position as the Chief Judge in the Juvenile Courts in Fort Worth even before the affluenza case."

      Oh yeah? If they had "helped encourage" her to retire, she wouldn't have heard the affluenza case. Judge Boyd retired 12/31/14, more than a year after she heard the Ethan Couch case.

    3. McKean's kids are now adults but he's still fighting his case in KS family courts. He went through several attorneys during his divorce and custody battle. He complains that every attorney he hired "betrayed" him or failed to "advocate" for him so he went to court pro se. He says his parental rights were terminated because he was diagnosed as a paranoid delusional person, with a persecutory complex. But, really, it's all one big conspiracy. Go figure.

    4. Honestly? If Windsor were to have to under go a mental exam? It might put an end to his "leadership" of one of the many Anti Government attacking groups out there today.

      I don't see anything he's done as "harmless." I don't believe there aren't actionable crimes he could and should be charged with. He has caused direct harm to the numerous courts across the US and tax payers. He has lead several people who have been charged with and convicted of threatening judges. He has been involved with defrauding the federal government numerous times, including IRS issues, residency scams, and a fake trademark application--of which is currently still being litigated. All direct ties to Mr. William M Windsor self proclaimed "Leader" of "Lawless America and The Revolutionary Party" and it's sundry of other names.

      These are not "Victimless crimes" by any means. Every tax payer across the US has been effected by Windsor and his games. When someone with his caliber of vexatiousness and documented frivilousness files a suit, appeal, always ends the same way. He loses because they are all colorless claims, and the courts allow him to drag the cases on and on, which to my understanding is why numerous people are irked at the "system." It's too slow, they allow games by assholes, and it puts a direct drain on taxpayers funds that should be going to other legitimate causes.

    5. This stuff should be made into a movieJanuary 24, 2016 at 6:18 PM

      I wouldn't be so snarky, word has it he has quite a following in his neighborhood in Madison, SD.

      PO Box 121, 138, 140 and numerous others are ready and just waiting for the word to lay down and represent for Bill! I've also heard that negotiations are on going with the 50,000 ex-FB friends from Bangladesh to join the fight!

    6. ^snorting^
      I'd missed this until just now! Good one!

  22. From today's FB:
    "For several reasons, I am planning a trip to Minnesota. I will go as soon as my hearing is held in Ellis County Texas. Well, that means you won't get there any time soon ... with your tendency to file mounds of crap and stall-stall-stall court proceedings.

    "I lived in Duluth Minnesota as a child. Huh? As far as anyone knows - and from your own voluminous writings - you spent a little of your childhood in Arkansas. The rest of it was in Dallas, Texas. What are we missing here? ... There is a special brand of evil in Minnesota You said that about Montana and Idaho, too, and I will do my best to try to get the goods on these sick, corrupt people who masquerade as judges Same crap, different day. Human trafficking will be explored. I'll be helping You don't help anyone - unless there's some tangible benefit for you, like money or publicity one sweet Mom who they are trying tom put in a mental hospital to shut her up How original - yet another singer of a "somebody evil's done me wrong" song. Too many of those in your collection, Windsor Sooo many stories.1,200+ YouTube clips isn't enough for the movie? Why do you keep stalling on this film?

    1. Wow. Montana to Texas. Next, Texas to Minnesota. Remind me why he had to go to Texas? Would've been easier to just skip Texas and zip to Minnesota from Montana.
      Brrrrrrr. He just thought Montana was cold.

    2. What's he going to film with? Allegedly ALL his film equipment from his rerun story 100K worth was stolen. (I believe in the first theft report he claimed "nearly all." Now it's all.)

      Here is another fun fact about Lemmings NOT reading, comprehending, or following Windsor World orders. Munchie Mary? TickyD? Tells Windsor to interview Jennifer Collins. HAHAHAHA NO YOU TWIT!! SHE'S ON THE "HATER" LIST. GAWD!! KEEP UP!

      So helpful those lemmings are. NOT!

      Mary Deneen

      "Mary Deneen-- MN well known - fabricated Munchausen's by proxy in divorce against battered mother Holly Collins, who then escaped w her children on an airplane and got Asylum in the Netherlands for a decade."

      "Mary Deneen-- Asylum was 14 yrs, they temporarily returned to MN in 2006. Felony kidnapping and felony fugitive dismissed. Daughter Jennifer is now suppose to be a children's rights atty - she would be great for interview!"

      Mary? Jennifer, Holly, Zach, and the rest of them don't need you spouting off your manic munchie crap to Windsor. Enough. Just shut up already. Seriously. You want to follow him, that's on you, but don't drag others into his cesspool of lies. They don't like him, and do NOT need to deal with his crap AGAIN. Leave them alone.

    3. Wtf-ing fuq? MunchenMaryD has gone even batshittier! Jennifer? REALLY?
      Wait until Mary's messiah sets her goofy copy and pasting, suggestion frenzied, loopy ass straight!
      Total giggle snort! Mary could not possibly get any stupider than that!

    4. Petunia, I was just thinking that myself .... WHAT is he going to film anyone with, since all his cameras were supposedly stolen? His cell phone? His laptop? Did he buy a new camera? If so, how did he do that (he claims he has no money)?

      But wait! He'll just HAPPEN to find a camera in storage somewhere! Or maybe in one of those boxes he keeps dragging around. LOLOL

      This guy is so predictable. He can't even keep his own fudging straight anymore. You're losing it, Windsor. REALLY losing it.

    5. Done gone. Way gone. Like that giant ball of twine Windsor likes so much? His whoppers are layered that big, but coming unwound faster than he can recall what they were and re-wrap them.
      Avalanche! Avalanche down Mt LieMore! Wrap self in tinfoil, duck & cover!

  23. Maybe he should check out those cops from that Netflix documentary in Wisconsin. Actually giggled and snorted at the thought

    1. So did I!!! Giggled
      Exactly, on the what he's going to FILM with?

    2. No sh*t. I wonder if Windsor can 'help' Kathleen Zellner get a new trial for Avery by posting youtube video of himself talking about the case.

  24. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 24, 2016 at 8:37 PM


    And if you believe this is anything but sarcasm, you don't know him very well. Well of course it's sarcasm, you've been busy being busy not working on the movie.

    Bill Windsor has spent the weekend helping (flaxing? conning? scheming in some way or another? a sweet lady who was conned by an online predator.(Like you?)

    Bill Windsor is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice,(well that is a blessing. You always lose) but he is an (bad)idea man, and he can sure come up with a lot of (horrendous)ideas in regard to how to right the ship (Ship? What? The Pietanic?) and sail off into the sunset with the ship.(Windsor? The Pietanic sank. Fast and hard! Right after they toybota.) Back when Bill Windsor was first a magazine publisher, he wrote an article every month for five years called "The Answer Man." (HAHA right! You came up with this name being So busy over the weekend right? Never mentioned that in all your years of resume's. Answer man. HA!) he's been answering ever since. (Uh really? You never answer anyone. You play semantic games with all your Billshit--so HA again.)

    William M. Windsor will be going to Minnesota soon,(yeah, after the not scheduled hearing in TX, when time permits...tick tock...tick tock...snore...) and he wants to work with as many victims of family court and divorce court as he possible can. (that's right folks. The man with no camera, who just posted a selfie with one of those "stolen" camera's wants family court people, that he couldn't stand before, and didn't want any more of because he has no fucking clue about family court issues...So please, just believe he's going to help you--but don't ask how...he hates answering those pesky questions.) So, if you are in Minnesota or know victims who are,(Nice! Clearly your email phishing scams aren't grabbing enough responses yet, so you need more people to email you to snatch their entire email lists too?) have them email a summary of their story to with MINNESOTA in ALL CAPS in the Subject Line."(But don't hold your breath on real help, he's just asking for names and stories...never mind the nuances in what he's not saying)

    1. Bravo @Frank! Exactly the things you put in bold, that I was thinking.
      A couple of other things I noticed? How is it Mr. Loses Everything Windsor has managed to keep up with sunglasses thru all his alleged thefts, flood, moves from Georgia to Courtyards by Marriots to the loft apartment near downtown Dallas to hideouts whole evading arrest, his incarcerations, his change of vehicles? That's amazing, especially for a vextacious litigant that is unable to keep up with numerous pleadings in his "largest defamation in history lawsuit". Those must be some badassed glasses!
      Also, is that a new camera? Rhode Island Rebecca was also wondering about new camera, too, asked in the comments under the selfie pic post.
      And, what is suddenly up with all his selfies? Wearing a mask selfie, sad face selfie, happy face selfie, teeth grinding selfie, now a taken indoors sunglasses selfie. Duh. What nearly 70 year old man, that is busy advocating injustice and corruption for so many, has the time (or inclination) to selfie snap and post those? Why doesn't he use a new selfie as his profile pic, instead of that decades old cowboy wannabe picture? That is just creepy weird. For such an 'aficionado' of maximizing social media? Bragging and giving "how to" blog article of manipulating Google search results? Windsor's true need for head patting and ego boosting by strangers that are his Facepals is shining like a neon beacon. Someone should tell him the in the bathroom mirror taken selfie is so 2009.
      I'm also curious what is supposedly so interesting in Minnesota? My guess is much like his never mentioned again meetings in Hollywood that he was going to go to as soon as his "trial of the century" was concluded. Facebook timeout for 30 days must have made his dimwitted readers forget about that whopper tale. Windskr has never mentioned meeting with interested Hollywood film moguls again either.
      Windsor's ability to keep hiking up MtLieMore is getting extremely slippery, he's backsliding on keeping all his tall tales straight.
      Pure comedic reading now from a near 70 year old man over on Windsor's "infamous dear diary" Facebook "saga" page!
      There's simply no guessing what wild spin off Windsor will wander off on by this evening, it'll be hilarious though, that's guaranteed.

    2. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 25, 2016 at 1:30 PM

      Surprise, surprise, surprise. Windsor mysteriously found a still camera underneath some dirty clothes. That would make his post that "ALL" film equipment he made the other day...gasp...A LIE!!

      In response to Rebecca--
      "Bill Windsor-- No, one still camera was covered by some dirty clothes, and it wasn't taken."

    3. Who'd of thunk it? #ALL of a Windsor claim wasn't true and accurate? Wow!
      Damn! Wonder what other valuable items are hidden in his dirty laundry? Don Henley's hit song about #DirtyLaundry to a whole different level, huh?

    4. "The Great SCAMera Caper of 2016" brought to you by "Lawless Bill" as only told by a pathological lying, narcissistic dictator could.

    5. I see his need to proclaim he has "Helped" a woman is his newest obsession. It's funny how the man who states he is not an attorney has given legal advice (allegedly) to help her "Win" her case.

      If this pans out like anything he thought was the magic statute to get out of the MT hearings? Well...then...this woman can just bend over now.

      Spinning, obsessing, lying, and conning is a full time job for Mr. "Answer Man". But, he's sure got the lemmings lapping it up. In the scheme of things, this sudden desire to "help" one woman and proudly post about it must make all the other lemmings feel forsaken. How many have cried out for his help over the past 3-4 years, only to be ignored, told he was "too busy" or the standard "send me an email... but I have tens of thousands of I can't read them all..."

      Laughable attempt Windsor. You're as transparent as a window now.

  25. Looked ay Bill's FB Page, started looking at his pictures, except for 3 pics of cars, ever single pic off the 300 had a picture of Bill.

    Bill has a love affair with Bill.

  26. I apologize for no new posts. I've become so weary and bored of all things Windsor.
    Do I read correctly? Windsor claims he's moving, again? Are we certain he's not a migratory critter? Odd. Very odd.
    I still vote the Oregon bird sanctuary is a great destination for Windsor. Sorry little birds.

    1. It appears even Windsor is weary and bored of all things Windsor. Stooping to re run drama stories.

      Only thing that seems to make sense? He's fixing a cover up to some of his shenanigans. Always blame when caught. I guess time will tell, exactly what he's been caught doing this time.

    2. Yep, once again Windsor has managed to divert the attention of those in La La land away from his failure to follow through...

    3. So? His latest hideout must've become privie to, uh, maybe Ms. Clark in Montana? Or, maybe a debt collector? Or, maybe a process server?
      Sniff? Sniff? Yup, that's got BillSchit stank all over it.
      He's skeert, but not of any boogers stealing his stuff. Windsor is skeert he's actually gonna get zapped legally, maybe even do a hot minute of time. That's just my opinion, of wading through BillSchit blathering before. #RunFatManRun>>>>>

    4. Yup, yup, yup - After what we saw his Special Agent Marty Prehn do yesterday, I'd say Billschit is running skeert.

    5. What did "we see Marty Prehn" do yesterday? I must have missed it.

    6. Oh, he's hunting information for Windsor again. Such a transparent bunch of assholes.

      Uh, so, now Windsor is flaming again, the fact that a nutjob went sideways, and wanted to chalk up another "Martyr" status as he was going out. Just like in Oregon.

      Seriously can not believe that Windsor was not hauled in and charged just like the Bundy's for being the "Leader" when his followers have been found guilty of threatening judges. WTF! How many more will go sideways under Windsor's gas lighting? If he wasn't? He wouldn't be posting the lies of mad men, just like him, who provoke suicide by cop (another "sting" of sorts) just to frame those who are doing their jobs. It's disgusting. Too many good officers die due to fuckjobs like Windsor's et al cults.

  27. The only way to stop Windsor's assholes from helping him, is to hold them criminally and financially accountable for their actions.

    1. Yeah. Take away Marty's Bridge Card...

    2. And,gasp...take away Marty's free gumberment cell phone and Mart would be completely stopped. I truly believe without his free cell phone, he would curl up into a fat, stinky ball of fat and die. LOL

    3. The police and district attorneys in Texas and Montana should be sitting down and having some serious chats with Windsor's "friends" to connect the dots. Take all their sorry asses down.
      Heard through the grape vine that after Windsor's conviction, that his "friends" were making phone calls to people who have turned evidence over to the police and court.

  28. Renee HarrringtonJanuary 29, 2016 at 7:01 PM
    Windsor "failed to show up for a hearing"???? WTF, the mother 'effer skipped bond!!!! Hullo!!!! [See Windsor's FB post at bottom of comment]

    I hope transcripts are available for Windsor's 12192015 bond hearing and DA Wilson's office really reviews them. Nail Windsor for perjury on the false statements he made about his finances, residence, etc. He lied to the Court because he had every intention of running. Lock Windsor up in prison this time for several years and put an end to what he is doing to everyone via abuse of the courts.

    Bill Windsor updated his cover photo.
    01292016 - 5:20pm
    The April 26, 2016 hearing is on my Motion to Dismiss the fraudulent case claiming I failed to show up for a hearing. I'll publish my motion on when time permits.
    I am anxious to have this hearing as I will subpoena many of the Ellis County criminals. I'm very disappointed to have to wait until April 26. Ellis County has a giant black mark on my otherwise excellent credit with a $100,000 judgment against me.
    So, looks like I will not be in a position to put down roots until April 26.
    I am not going to publicize where I am for a while, but I will say that it is in a state that has an "o" in the name.
    I will still be going to Minnesota as planned. Probably next week.
    I need to get a regular weekly TalkShoe Show scheduled. If you want to be notified, be sure to send an email to with TALKSHOE in all caps as the subject line. I must try to assist as many people as I can during these weekly shows.
    Special thanks to a lady who shall go unnamed for doing a very special project for me. Her work will be really important to my personal efforts next week.
    I REALLY REALLY REALLY need some of my Texas friends to show up for the hearing. Anything could happen, and I badly need courtroom observers. I will file a motion seeking to have it filmed.

    1. that on his go fund me page

    2. Thanks Anon - here's the link to Windsor's updated GoFundMe:

      Hopefully DA Wilson can add fraud to those criminal charges against Windsor

    3. Windsor-GoFundMe-Update-01292016

      Windsor claims ""All donors will be listed as financiers in the credits of the movie."

      DA Wilson might want to get in touch with Dale Trowbridge - who contributed $5000 to Windsor in 2012. When she found out it was a scam, Windsor not only refused to return her money, he tried to sue her [claimed she had lied about the $5000]. Then, Windsor posted a copy of her check on his LawlessAmerica.Com page.

      I wonder who Windsor is having the GoFundMe proceeds forwarded to? In the past, he has diverted them to his ex-wife Barb Windsor: "Make checks payable to B. Windsor"

    4. Snot. I accidentally deleted Anon's comment!!!!
      I'm sorry:(

    5. After claiming he's broke so many times, how does he claim to have excellent credit? He should teach a class and charge the broke lemmings a buck to get in on that. They might also want to have excellent credit despite many of them being actually broke.

  29. LMAO How interesting! Once we pointed out how much it would REALLY cost to replace his equipment, he changes the amount needed to $5,000! Oh, and now the money will go toward replacing cameras - not his appeals and court expenses, or finishing the movie.

    Good luck, Windsor. You won't get blood out of THESE stones - or, if you do, it'll be a drop. They're getting tired of you, the unfinished movie (been in the works since 2013) and all the unkept promises. And for any Windsor followers reading this: Don't count on him to come up to Minnesota until AFTER April. Maybe not even then. Poor wittle Windsor so hates the cold, you know.