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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Real Bill Windsor Captured in One #Selfie

Windsor gives all a view of how he spent his Christmas holiday by posting this image to his lifeline, Facebook.
His self portrait and the caption he created really captures the true essence of all that is William Michael Windsor.  

*photo is courtesy of Facebook's TOS fair use policy (dumbed down? post it to social media? it then becomes fair use to all)


  1. Frank Lee BillsadickDecember 26, 2015 at 8:17 AM

    What a moron! Reading his captions in the recent pitiful life of William Michael Windsor photos, it's pretty clear that he must actually believe he's broadcasting "LIVE" to the World, as King of Windsor World. However, not realizing that the kingDUMB, is located at the deepest depths of the slimiest pond, under all that scum, moss, and fish poop.

    You say "Lifeline" and that is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth right there! Most people posting on FB are in the here and now, speak directly to their friends, but not sausage fingers Windsor. Nope. Broadcasting in third person, second, first, back to third, sometimes fourth. SMDH

    He said something in one of the pictures about "Slithering," and that I fully agree with.

    1. Uh-uh. If he was really trying to hide then he wouldn't advertise it. He is so filled with self-loathing. Even he hates himself. This is what he wears to try to make himself feel better about himself and to hide his sickly bloated body from himself. He's still trying to build a myth for himself. He just can't stand that the last thing anyone will remember from him is that picture of him sitting on the bathroom floor.

    2. Lol the only person he has to "hide" from is himself .
      It's not like anyone especially the Judge, court, prosecutor, police in Missoula give a flying fuck where his bloated ass is In fact, didn't they almost beg him to leave Montana? LOL

  2. #Slithering
    Windsor did use that term. Even he knows he's a serpent.
    Windsor slithers, stalks, skulks, creeps. Mostly he self pities and expects anyone interacting with him to pity him.
    Not an advocate, not an activist, not a leader, not a part of a family or a community. A narcissist scrambling for attention. He's got the attention of Montana and Texas courts. That's what he always wanted.
    I do hope his family, he refers to as former, enjoyed their Christmas, without his presence, and enjoyed each other without having to have the 'Bill look at me, listen to me, pay attention to me' rhetoric. They deserve some peace without BillSchit.

    1. For real! 44 years of Bill? During holiday family gatherings? Must be sheer bliss now. Even better if the ex Mrs was even a little bitter, he's all alone, whining and miserable. The best revenge is truly living happy, in peace, with his tankass long gone!
      That's not only funny, but he deserves it.

  3. LMAO!! Windsor couldn't scrape his own fricken windshield? Had to have a GIRL do it for him. What a pansy. Full blown, drama queen. He's been de-crowned from Drama King. Aint nothin' manly bout him.

    Said with lisp for effect. "I theme to have mithplathed my black bank robber thee mathk. I'd be delighted, tickled even if thomeone could bend down and look beneath by bed. Theems this soup diet ithint working well, ath I can't theem to get up oneth I bend over. Oh Tharah, tharah? Come hither, I'm in need of thaving again."

    1. GIGGLE SNICKER SNORTING!! ^^ ^^ hoofs up^^ ^^
      #Tharah! #ThaveMe

      Anon @9:24am wins my internet today!!!

    2. Mine too. That's a heck of a mimesis ya got there, Anon 9:24. Well done!

  4. Next time Windsor goes to a college, he might want to actually you know, attend class as a student, as I am doing right now. Many things have changed since his hey-day. Let's examine what my college is teaching about fair use, an often sliding legal term. A court might protect an unpublished manuscript if the writer meant to keep the work concealed until such time as it was actually placed in print by a legitimate publisher. However, because Windsor publishes his stuff knowingly on the web with the intention of having it shared to a world wide audience, then his work would not be protected under fair use. Anyway, back to class I go. **waving**

  5. Hes making motions to file during the trial. Great defense tactic. File motions in trial they get denied. Then he shouts, "see, hes corrupt" the defense stands.

    1. Windsor is proof he's got a fool in himself for a client. ProSe Baby!
      Dunno what you're doing? Baffle your way with Billshit. But, baffle to where? and for how long?

    2. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorDecember 27, 2015 at 9:19 AM

      That'd be the one way Windsor tactic. Throw stuff out last minute and expect it to be accepted, yet, scream and cry he didn't "get" certain information that was already presented or on record months prior. SMH he's such a prick.

  6. No need to film or televise the trial; it's already been done by SNL. Here's Windsor's summation:

  7. O.M.G! Manic Monday is here. Between Munchie and Windsor I think they're competing for front seat in a waambulance, headed straight for the nuthouse.

    "Mary Deneen-- Bill Windsor is victim of violent assault, criminal defamation, harassment, coercion and persecution by government employees and officials in
    MT - he will not get a "Fair Trial."

    Violent assault? Really? When? Prove it. Where exactly was this "Violent assault?" If you can't prove it Munchie? You really need to seek the nearest mental health facility. Seriously. Using big, dramatic words like Windsor doesn't make they mysteriously true. Just means you're a nut, seeking attention, by and thru a Webster's dictionary.

    1. Ahh. It's oddly comforting to see this catch phrase resurfacing among the idiots...

      "Rebecca McLaughlin
      Welcome to the Judicial political war zone: once you get in you may never get out! They do what ever they want because they can! No one stops them it's all violations of the "Color of Law"!
      More · 23 minutes ago"

    2. Throw this Laweless America terrorist into the manic Monday pile too. Hasn't this dillweed made terroristic type comments before?

      John Larson

      John Larson-- "Welcome to Nazi America !!! There are more of us then just Bill. You want to mess with me you damned Nazi Bastards ? You will go down, not me !!! You can't stop all of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      (I think he really, really means it ^^^ !!!!)

    3. I read through his Facebook page earlier.
      Eerily reminiscent of Acree's.

  8. LMAO at Windsor's countdown to "the trial of the century". What a duffus.
    Meanwhile, the only thing we're a counting on, is DA Jennifer Clark kicking Windsor's arse.

    <3 District Attorney Jennifer Clark <3

  9. Replies
    1. I'm still betting that Taylor Swift will jump in to rescue him...

  10. Wussie Willie Windsor's LawlessAmerica .com has been locked down.

    sniff? sniff?
    Yes, that is the aroma of fear emanating from Windsor, just a week from his trial of the century.
    Of course after Windsor's delaying, stalling and evading, the DA has had ample to copy and print any and all that's necessary. Professionals that deal with criminals don't wait until the week prior to trial to prepare exhibits (evidence).
    ProSe Babies? eh, not so much. hahahahahahaha!

    1. Where is this "said" by anyone other than Windsor?

      Bill Windsor-
      "The Joeyisalittlekid gang says the feds did it and that there are U.S. Marshals waiting to get me in Missoula."

      I'll answer. No where. Upon information and belief, it is my opinion that Windsor locked down is LA .con
      Tsk tsk tsk...the pesky truth, Windsor can't grasp it with both hands.

    2. Agree Miss 'P'
      Windbag locked his LA .con site down.

  11. he looks like a Mexican wrestler or a terrorist

  12. Extreme Narcissism 101. How to show zero compassion or empathy for anyone else, and always make the situation about you. How important you are and your issues. Make sure to turn any situation around to yourself, making yourself THE 'MOST' ________ in any given moment.

    "Most of us don't really care that much about someone else's story. (No, just you Windsor, you don't care about anyone else) I don't blame anyone for not being interested in mine. (Uh, no, you do blame everyone because this is "THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY" so PAY ATTEMTION DAMNIT) BUT, I have by far the most documentation of judicial corruption that anyone has ever amassed -- and that's just cases involving me. My evidence should certainly prove compelling to anyone who doubts that the corruption is real." (Truth be told, you don't. You have pieces of worthless paper and worthless, meritless arguments pointing out half statutes, irrelevant case law, and mountains of frivolous "Smoke and mirror" tactics that you've tried to use to play your games, but you've been denied. So, basically what you have is "Mountains of BUTTHURTNESS" complied into boxes you want everyone to believe is "Evidence" butt it's not!)

    1. Just screams complete desperation!
      The worn out whiny Windsor mantra "look at me! pay attention to me! No one else has ever had near the hardships I've had, EVER NEVER, no one!" >if there were any eye rolls left? insert here<
      One week until Windsor's "climactic" trial of the century". Uh, didn't he already have a couple of trials of the century? Missouri? Texas? Those didn't go well for him, so they probably don't count.
      The absurd ridiculousness of his attention begging is off the pathetic measuring meter.

    2. LMAO @ his choice of words. "AmASSed"
      Large amount of Butthurt for sure!

      I think I can muster up a few more eyerolls and several head shakes. The ridiculousness is most definitely hitting a whole new level. Which brings me to ask, why did the LA site get locked down? Did Windsor's belligerence finally peak? Is he once again attempting to obstruct the prosecutions case? Is he really "Busy" scrubbing that site instead of writing his script for trial? Oh, the possibilities are endless, but no matter what the reason for the sudden lock down are, my bets are on the Prosecution being way ahead of the Vexi games.

    3. Fence-sitters should think real hard. They should also remember that facebook banned him from their site, but did not close the many LA pages. They were not attacking the "movie" but Bill's bad behavior. LA is perfectly able to go on without Bill if the lemmings had any sense to rise above his sorry self--then again that's why so many of them jumped ship to NLA.

    4. Exactly. Windsor has had how many years? He hasn't done one thing he claimed, not one. It's been the whiny all about Bill show for several years. What is there for anyone to carry on with? Same thing there was on day one, nothing. I'd say the fence sitters are those hanging on the gate here, but joined NLA months ago. They just head pat Windsor do they can continue watching the BillSchit bus careen down the Vexi highway.

  13. So, with this out of the way, Windsor won't have any excuses for not having the movie done for the next Sundance. Right? And he's going to win the jury prize for documentaries. Right? No excuses, Bill!

  14. Floridzilla is #EART praying again:

  15. Connie Fielding is admitting to being a "Cool mom" because she carved a "6" in the back of her son's hair for his 6th birthday? What's "Cool" about that? Who does that to a young child? And a 6 of all things? For such a staunch godly woman? Add 2 more and it's the sign of the devil. WTF is wrong with these people?

    1. Oh wow. She can draw the number 6. Hopefully she doesn't get the child kicked out of school, because sadly that is the reality of the world we live in today. Shouldn't a child's birthday be all about the child and not the adult's need for attention?

  16. Well, if she added a nine to that six it could mean either cancer or she's a fan of the Kama Sutra.

  17. Frank Lee BillsadickDecember 31, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    Windsor--"I don't want to be spotted in Montana because someone attempted to murder me here, and law enforcement and the courts are more crooked than Lombard Street. Plus, the Joeyisalittlekid Gang says there is an army of federal agents waiting to apprehend me in Missoula for the crimes of honesty and photography."

    Ok, lets tell the real story on this little Billshit blurb.

    A) No one EVER tried to kill, shoot at, or "Murder" William Fucktard Windsor. This shit is so old it's growing mold. Grow the fuck up Windsor! Your drama and lies have exactly 5 days left of life, when the truth comes out and the transcripts WILL expose what a complete and utter FUCKING LIAR YOU ARE!

    B) No, the "Joeyisalittlekid Gang" didn't say any such thing. Some stupid "Anon" thought it would be funny to play YOUR GAMES and use YOUR SEMANTICS to say they "HEARD" fuck you again.

    C) LE, Judges, and the Government entities that are currently holding YOU ACCOUNTABLE for breaking the law are doing their job. Just because YOU ARE AN IDIOT and can't seem to figure out which law or statute has "THE" magic loophole to get you out of this isn't "CORRUPTION."

    May 2016 Bring Justice to end the Paper Terrorism that IS William M Windsor's game of life. May he get the harshest sentence possible and may more violations be launched against him in the near future to clearly expose the POS that IS William M Windsor!

    1. That's the ABCs of Windsor in a succinct nutshell.
      Well done, Frank.

    2. Anyone remember the part of the filing where Scunt claimed that Bill was so sick he might not make it through the trial? That's only a few days away. Yeah, he's talking real good now isn't he?

    3. Yep, he sure is. Nair a mention of "dizziness," "diarrhea," "Shaky hand syndrome" "broken teeth," "scheduled emergency elective/selective/holy-crap I need a new excuse" surgery, etc, etc, etc...Nope, just blowharding strong.

      I also find his new tactic of attempting to claim he can now argue Jury selections. Uh, he knew about this months ago. Another stall that will be seen as obstruction because he has no concept of how and wen to file things, or he does but plays stupid so his stuff can rightfully be denied, but he won't tell the lemmings--all they get is his one sided "CORRUPTION--THEY DENIED ME EVERYTHING" tale.

      Nope. Not real, not even close. Windsor is a schmuck, who sets up everything for drama and gaslighting anti government revolutions.

      4 more days of watching him spin completely lie filled desperation posts on FB. On the 5th day will he go silent? Will he be so far underground hiding in a lemming cave? Or will he show up, fake a passout, because he's got nothing in his bag of tricks?

      Whatever the case, we're sure to see another less than "B rated show" of some kind out of him.

  18. So, you know how Windsor cried broke and asked the court if he could file without payment for his appeal? And they denied him because he couldn't prove he was broke? Yeah...well, he paid the fee. Interesting hu? He LIED got caught and had to PAY.

    This should be a lesson to all the courts he's playing in. No pay? No play! Up front, no excuses, no stalls, no promises a later date--like Whimpie and his hamburger begging. Pay first asshole!

  19. So, one of the lemmings took exception to our review and comments in November regarding her tale of family court woes.

    Christine A M December 27, 2015 at 12:44 PM

    How come no one has the balls to show their real name and face..LMAO Stalker not..I have the Balls to show my face and do as many youtubes I will please.. Warrants can anyone show them, do all you people believe what a 3min news clips says..LOL I feel sorry for people who believe everything they are told..LOL

    This is Christine Merlo Kline, the woman whose son engaged in indiscriminate f**king with a girl in 10th grade, resulting in a pregnancy that was aborted. She is convinced that a child born 3 years later is her grandson.

    LMAO because she is accusing us of having "no balls", yet she didn't post under her name. As for accusing us of believing everything we are told, she sure is pointing to the wrong crowd. I'd bet her next pay check she believed everything Windsor told her about fixing her problem, one stalker helping another.

    Uh huh, Windsor "helped". There were no replies to his comments copied below. I believe Windsor's a family court expert because he's filmed over 750 bullsh*t stories of corruption, because he says so. Sure. I believe he will post the truth, with a whole lot of twisting of it. And by all other accounts, Kline's son KNOWS he is not the father of the little boy Kline is stalking and he never claimed to be the sperm donor.

    Bill Windsor "VERY SIMPLE. Send the DNA results to me. I will arrange a DNA test for the young man who believes he is the father. I have filmed over 750 stories of family court, CPS, and divorce court corruption, so I'm an expert. I will publish the truth. And if he is not the biological father, this can end."

    Bill Windsor "Channel 6 says there are 9 warrants against Christine Merlo Kline. Either produce them or issue a correction, retraction, and apology. Send them to"

    LOL'ing at Windsor and Kline. Just keep those youtube videos coming...

    1. I saw Kline's comment. She, like Windsor, cannot seem to do the simplest math, even related to gestation.
      Another dandy doofus in the dung pile of Windsor's world.

    2. Windsor inserting himself as an expert? Instructing the DNA results be sent to him? Wtf? Stalking cuckoo birds of a feather, Windsor and Kline.
      Anyone ever ask Windsor how his grandchild is that the mother sued a detention facility because she couldn't get an abortion and she had the child? Windsor ever mention or do anything for that grandchild? No.
      Ha! Using Kline's math skills on gestational terms, that now adult grandchild of Windsor's could easily be her grandchild, too.

    3. OMG seriously? His comments are twacked.
      Here he demands everyone else post their proof of which in NON of his fricken business because he in not party to that shit, but then he doesn't post anything to back his shit up.

      No, he posts links to his bias, one-sided crap like usual, defaming and libeling others who he never even fricken interviewed! Gawd he is such a narcissist.

      I swear, both the women being maliciously attacked should sue Windsor for "reporting false information". Oh, and then he goes into the whole Billshit tantrum..."I'm going to make you a star..." FUCK OFF BLOW HARD. You can't make anyone a "Star" of shit because you're a worthless blowharding bully.

      Look at all those "Haters" (as you'd call them) posting away their opinions as well as some immediate members to the story who you maliciously attacked and called liars. How bout you post up or shut up Windsor? Where is your proof that CA Drunken Merlot is telling the truth? Why because she said so? FUCK OFF AGAIN!

    4. LOL!! I find his threats to the real newswoman hysterical. As if some "Nobody" like Windsor has the power to make demands over her? Her station? HAHAHAHAH yeah...go with that Windsor! Giggle snort fffttt fffttt

      Happy New Year back 40!! Fence hangers? Not so much, but you can watch me shake my ass as I walk away.....fffttt ffftttt

    5. fffttt fffttt @Ninja! Happy New Year to you!
      Yeah, the big vexi doofus is going to start doing DNA testing now? Giving Maury some competition, huh?
      Windsor and Kline seem a perfect pair to me.

  20. Bill Windsor -
    Here's what they wrote to me: "...your site has been hacked and we can't open it up until you have cleaned and secured."
    So, in my spare time as I prepare for the Trial of the Century, I'll try to deal with this.
    Three guesses who did this..."

    I just need one guess, BILL WINDSOR.

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 2, 2016 at 7:13 AM

      HAHAHAHA!! Yeah me too!
      Like that's going to work? Posting his lie on FB, so he can say "Here's my evidence..." just like all his other "Evidence" pointing at something else he wrote. HAHAHAHAH This is rich!

      Oh, but hey, if it were anything else, he'd claim HE didn't post was someone else. Always someone elses fault. Always.

    2. Yep. Someone went to the trouble of hacking poor Bill's website. But instead of putting anti Bill stories on it, or just deleting it completely, they changed the settings to members only so it can be brought back up as soon as the trial is over. Those damn Joeys strike again!

    3. The Joeys must have struck early because is working just fine (spewing Windsor's lies and propaganda by and through the Interwebs).

    4. HAHAHA's back up! Funny how that works hu? What a MORON! Like just the "haters" could have the opinion that he's playing more conspiracy games right before trial to get attention? ahhahaha

    5. Freaking amazing, huh?
      We love know good & well IF anything real had happened to her spewer .con site, he'd have been screeching like a cat with its' ass on fire. Windsor locked it down, you'll never convince me otherwise. I'd also bet one of Windsor's puny kidneys that his spewer .con has been scrubbed of a few things too.

    6. Yepper depper - Windsor scrubbed his .com website of numerous pdf's of his vicious court filings against the GA judges in the MoM case - during the time the website was supposedly hacked. LMAO.

  21. Wonder who the three guesses are. He's the drama king. He loves a great act. So here are some questions or atateme ts. He has evidence for what his defense of tweetung and emailing? his evidence is so big? I also wonder can he be sharing the jury questionaires with third parties.

    1. That's a scary thought, Windsor sharing jury questionnaires with lemmings. Given the charges are for stalking.

  22. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorJanuary 2, 2016 at 10:41 AM


    I would like to introduce you to a few of the LA zombies--who--need no evidence to blindly believe, eat, and swallow Billshit. Just a simple post from their "Leader" about yet another wild "Conspiracy" as to his Dot CON being removed...

    Hope Nardone--Omg. This is ridiculous. Chin up Bill. You are doing great and you have enough on your plate then to be dealing with hacksters.

    Flordeliza Arrojo Ayson Viloria--You can handle it, Mr. Bill Windsor, Amen..

    Billie Sue Atkinson--In Prayer...step by step.... Truth will be revealed!

    Ruth Gange--Gee, a real mystery with that one. NOT. Kick some butt Bill.

    Marshall Johnson--Bill the attorney I had my issue with. Got his permanent protective order against me. He got it because I admitted I filed a bar complaint and the judge said that caused the guy stress.

    Mollie Malone--What is it that we, your friends, can do to be helpful to you at this time, Bill?

    Marianne Masters--Who are the real criminals? It's really sad when you Lose faith in a system that was meant to protect us and not persecute us in every aspect of our lives. I look forward to the day when we the people can hold them accountable for their crooked behavior.

    Jessie Dilbeck--The corruption never stops

    "Like" support for the Billshit

    Geerte Frenken
    Mollie Malone
    Jesse Dilbeck
    Billy Sue Atkinson
    Jess Collins NY
    Kathleen Clark
    Audrey Slayers Dotson
    Heather Huebner
    Vicky Farmer-Daugherty
    Amy Brohman McDaniel
    Linda Kathryn Johnson
    (posted a 2016 pic under his comments--yep--alive and well in the New Year.)

    Do they make the sound of sheep? or more like a moan like in Walking Dead up close Windsor?

    1. LOL, Can't stop laughing, please add Deirdre to your list NFOBW ..ha ha ha OMG,Dee Dee thinks Billy's measly Montana misdemeanor deserves D'nesh's and international attention HAHAHA !!

      "Deirdre McNamara Thank you, Bill. Have you posted to D'nesh DiSouza and RT News? I think this merits international cover."

    2. International? SNORT! ^ ^ ^ ^ #hoofsup ROTFL
      INTERNATIONAL! Can't even get the local yocal paper to 'cover' his trial of the century!

    3. Dang. If Carol and Deirdre want Windsor to call for help, you'd think they'd get the guy's name right. They are talking about Dinesh D'Souza, right? But Dinesh has his hands full with his own criminal travails. He's been sentenced to $30k fine, 8 months in a 1/2 way house, 5 years probation and 2000 hours of community service for violating campaign donation laws. D'Souza plead guilty.

      Carol Magee have you contacted Denesh?

  23. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 3, 2016 at 8:26 AM

    This is the kind of malicious misrepresentation Windsor thrives on, to keep people supporting him. The "TRIAL OF THE CENTURY" is NOT because he was "Filming a movie" SHEEPLE!! It was because he VIOLATED A TOP. HE IS A STALKER!

    "Klaire Butler-- Given that the filming was not so much a demand by production as much as it was a demand by demographic, and that currently, the production has yet to be notoriously recognized by national or international production companies, you have several that can state that it was done voluntarily, including myself, and that it was done on experimental yet informative levels of conduct with evidentiary support. You simply exercised your first amendment... As did we all!
    Therefore they are on constitutional infringement of speech and press"

    Klaire Butler? Have you even taken the time to read any of the court orders? If you had, you'd see that the court and the Appellate court ruled that what your lying leader did was NOT protected by the First Amendment. No, far from it, and they even noted that ANY other "Media" outlet would not be allowed to do what Windsor did. It is STALKING and HARASSMENT.

    This little spin of his, is for your dumbing down. Because he knows how stupid you all are, and he counts on it. He uses you to continue to spread around his malicious lies about "Corruption" because he's GOT NONE. READ!! SEARCH!! GOOGLE for GOD SAKES!!

    Where on earth did he come up with all these newbies? What groups has he been trolling and mass friending?

    1. I'm sorry to break it to the kids, but the "trial of the century" has just been wiped off the headlines (as if there ever would have been any) due to a situation in Oregon. Bad timing Windbag. Should have let this trial run its natural course.

  24. Frank Lee BillsadickJanuary 3, 2016 at 2:37 PM

    WTFingF? No TickyD, that is NOT what this jury is about. This TRIAL is about Windfart VIOLATING A TOP!! A VALID TOP. He can not spin this like he does his facebook page. He can't simply spew lies and let it ride. Not gonna happen, and it's not "Corruption." It's the laws and the facts.

    You are really warped beyond help. Windsor NEVER had a COURT ORDER for any Depositions you twit. Infact, the court deemed they were NOT ALLOWED FOR A VICTIM WHO HELD A TOP--AS IT WOULD BE A VIOLATION OF THEIR RIGHTS TO PRIVACY AND PROTECTION FROM THE STALKER!!


    Mary Deneen-- "Yes, your time Bill for a Jury to know the criminal activities of U of MT Dept of Biological Sciences employee Sean Boushie and the state of MT local and state governmental corruption that morally irrehensibly have allowed, protected, and cover up U of MT Dept of Biological Sciences Sean Boushie to harass, defame, libel, slander, intimidate, commit identity and personal property theft and intellectual property theft with veiled and vile threats and death threats w graphic Glock Guns, Big Knifes and 'Charles Manson' Serial Killer Icons sent and received to people and their families that are involved in unsettled court cases in MT and across state lines"

    Mary Deneen-- "When Bill came to MT with a court order for a Defamation deposition of Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Wynette Boushie. Boushie after he threatened and offered awards to Kill Bill out of state, and shoot Bill in the head if he sees him, then admitted in an email that it was him who took a shot at Bill on the highway (near Butte, MT) and that he is sorry he missed. It is incomprehensible how MT local and state government employees and authorities repeatedly coverup a pattern and practice of criminal activities and even violence."

    1. I hope Bill put her on the stand....

  25. after filming for 2 hours on the campus with a bullet proof vest outside boushie's work waiting for him to come to his car. I call that a mad man

  26. " Judy Russo Hopefully the jury is a bunch of idiots. Only an idiot would find you guilty after seeing all the evidence and hearing your testimony."

  27. Mornin'!
    Let's turn the page and begin 2016 clock watching for the #TrialOfTheCentury >not<

    ℗ ♛ ❥