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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hi Y'all!

I's been awhile.  I hope y'all are doing well!  
I've become beyond bored with all the absurdities that are Windsor.  I'd tell y'all I've missed a few episodes, but I just skimmed over Windsor's lifeline, uh Facebook page's posts and I didn't.  Same goofy shizz, different year.  MaryD is still copying and pasting like a tick on a fat hound, the others are feverishly praying for Bill's neglected health and safety, and Bill is still blathering BillSchit as proportionate as his girth. 
This little BillSchit blather below?  Did illict a couple of giggle snorts.  Windsor was feeling some kinda Vexi awhile back and flurried EllisCounty, Texas with that forest he can't see.  Silly Bill never expected that he'd be expected to show up for any hearings.  FACEPALM!  
Windsor is pulling out all the tired excuses why he simply cannot be expected to be present for an April 15th hearing:  he's too far away, it's too expensive and time consuming to tromp off to Waxahachie, he's skeeeert of EllisCounty DA Wilson, those Joeys will make fun of him and ROTFL-ing at him again.  Windsor finally felt he had to use his herniated hold card, it's been emergency surgeried!  (ponder on that surgery & the surgical team that sawed thru that massive gut and tucked that mammy squacker back in place!).  This should complete his list of excuses, he's used them all, at least once, 
From flooding, to burglaries, to fear, 
to prohibited distance, illness, radiators overheating, slips on ice that hadn't formed...I'm sure I've forgotten some of the lamer ones, y'all feel free to remind us of the funnier ones.
Anyway, here ya go! 


  1. LMAO - the State's frivolous motion? Yeah, Windsor should know one of those when he sees one.

  2. OMG. So not surprised Windsor is throwing up record amounts of bile. He's so full of it, no way he can get rid of it all.

    On 3/26 he posts several comments about Easter on FB. Nothing about feeling bad.

    On 3/27 he posts this "I did change my geography today. Got the vehicle washed yesterday, gassed up, packed up, and hit the road." Still no mention of feeling bad.

    On 3/28 he taunts "stalkers", they are "ugly and mean". Doesn't say anything about feeling bad.

    No mention of surgery until 3/31. Then on 4/5 he says he had surgery on 3/26. WTF?

    1. LOL!! Right. I mean, Shhhhh! (the courts will NEVER figure this out... :-0 )

      "Your honor, just look at my "Evidence" on Facebook. See, I was hospitalized for days because I said so, and I posted it there. Look at all my "Witnesses," comments. They'll vow for me. They'll swear under oath, after I type up an affidavit for them to sign, and have one of my spiffy "helpers," email it to them secretly. Oh, and look at all the prayers for my recovery too. See. Oh, but just in case you're going to ask me to provide actual, factual proof? You can't. That's a violation of my rights, or you don't have Jurisdiction, or no just cause. Besides, no Judge has the authority to force anyone to provide medical records in accordance with rule 66.6 of the L.A.B.S statue, where-as it states that anything and everything I don't like is deemed VOID and or "Corrupt". Punishable by Frivolous Vexatious litigation attacks, a domain name purchase and subsequent harassment by and thru libel, defamation, slander, or whatever else I feel like making up about anyone who I don't like, because they pissed me off."

    2. It's amazing that he could ever go through with surgery after what that Cruz Gomez Adamms told us about doctors who murder their patients.

  3. Frank Lee BillsadickApril 6, 2016 at 8:17 AM

    Reading that motion ^^^? HAHAHAHA OMG!!

    It's as clear as day.... he was so scared of Wilson even before he filed this one (you know... trying to play ET and all), trying in vein to pull all the stops to the hearing (which HE initiated in the first fricken place), including, and not limited to this laughable "SOS" filing, yet was met with another letter from the Judge, telling him "tough shit, be here" and suddenly, poof... in the midst of his "bad egg" post(S)on FB (yes, three of them on THE day of surgery... one being the evening OF said "Emergency surgery" and two more posts direct following the next two days of "Recovery" time? Which didn't utter ONE single word about boo hooing, I'm not feeling well -- which is the standard Windsor lead up to the lies -- and BAM! Gut blew out!

    Judge's letter musta not only blew his mind, but blew out Windsor's gut. Totally, completely exploded! No wait... edit... after quick wiki read, add "strangulated" (sound much more dramatic) oh, and has far more verbs to describe the fact that Windsor may just be admitting that he's always been SO full of Billshit, that even his body is now revolting. Backed the fuq up in every direction!

    Now? Watch for ALL the edits on his posts. He'll be frantically going back, editing and fixing all the Billshit he already spewed on FB, which is far more than the alleged buckets of Bile that were "RECORD SETTING" amounts (LMAO is everything "Record setting" or "Largest" whatever "in HISTORY" to him? Dude is such a drama Queen for sure!)

    Instead of posting his "if you recognize this place, that's where I used to be, but I'm not there any more" posts, which have the same underlying tone as the "Secret Hospital so the bad guys don't know where I am" crap -- which all screams the same thing, I am NOT going to that hearing! he should have just STFU completely. But nooooooo.... He filed for a hearing that he never intended on showing up to, only to further commit fraud upon the court, play his Sov Sit paper terrorism shit, blanket them with a plethora of frivolous, meritless, colorless motions, requests, demands etc for the sole purpose of creating nothing but a nuisance to them -- which is the exact same game he is/and has played in each and every single court he's filed his frivolous shit in for the past several years.

    Fraud upon the court!
    Interference with investigations!
    Tampering with evidence!
    on and on an on!

    If you don't check in on the Windbag? For months? Makes no difference. He's still circling the same shit stained toilet bowl he has been since 2007!

    (thus, the dizziness continues...)

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 6, 2016 at 8:37 AM


      Windsor really does have an issue with dates, and keeping his lie filled crap up to date.

      How come the court docket is showing a plethora of "Defendant-- Windsor" filings on not only the date of alleged "Emergency surgery" (26th) but the 28th, all the way through the 1st?

      If he's trying so hard to paint a Fakebook picture that he's too sick to post updates to the danglers, but can have access to court filings after "alleged surgery" I'd have to say, it looks highly suspicious as to just how "Ill" Mr. Dizzy, needs walker boy actually is.

      I'm just wondering which Judge or DA will be the hero, to finally "flush" that floating turd down!

    2. About 9 Edits so far on the latest post. With the most recent edit 8 minutes ago.

      Yeah... mkay.

    3. I haven't stopped giggling this morning!!!
      I guess one of the funniest after the lying about dates of his latest catastrophe? 64 ounces of bile? Wtf? Who in Tarnation supposedly got the shit end of that stick and was order to measure puke? Reeeeeeeally? Uh, no. And? Guess what? Puking and dry heaving is foreseen and medicated for after any hernia surgery.
      Upside? IF he's telling a smidge of truth and has zero to eat in over 10 days? He should have lost a lot of weight!!! Not counting the bile expulsion! Hahahahaha
      I call BillSchit! Flat out!
      Windsor is scared of Wilson! Really really really scared.

    4. Here's the funny parts to me...

      "The dam broke yesterday (yesterday, as in allegedly 10 days later, with zero substance going into his system?) when Bill Windsor set what may be a hospital record for the most bile ever thrown up in one session. He heard one nurse indicate that he had thrown up over 64 ounces of bile in just a few hours. (See (Notice the link? Ah, new information to add ) The smell and taste took days to go away, ( Wait. WHAT? Days to go away? But, but, you said this happened yesterday. ) and Bill Windsor kept throwing up. He guesses the bile ducts got all twisted as well. ( He guesses? I guess his google searching for more drama information didn't specify it clearly enough to make a "statement," so he just guesses that must be it...)

      Bill estimates (yes, because he doesn't want to say for sure, just in case he has to prove this as fact, at some point. ) that he has been given well over two dozen medications; has received at least 30 injections directly into his body and perhaps that many into his IV; has seen 20 doctors and 40 nurses; ( Gonna need names fat boy. With that many "Witnesses" around you? To verify each and every ridiculous thing you just typed? Nice! Thanks for that unnecessary tid bit for drama, which now drags in plenty of pretend people to vouch for you right? ) has had at least six Catscans and even more x-rays; ( oh, goody, more hard evidence you'll easily be able to produce. ) took better than 20 laps around the hospital floor on the walker with a nurse alongside toting the IV pole and Foley bag.

      Bill Windsor will not be able to travel or drive for quite a while. ( Ah, there it is! THIS is the real reason behind all these extremely dramatic, frantic, posts. I can NOT face Wilson! I mean, I can NOT make it to court on the 15th, as I had a premonition I would be hospitalized through an emergency of some kind, which is why I was already filing all the other frivolous things to get out of it...which weren't working. But, I just knew SOMETHING would come up that would work. ) He is extremely weak ( This is true. Internet Bully, real life coward. ) and totally unsteady on his feet. ( This isn't new news. You've always been a little twinkle toes haven't you? Adding in the great American "shuffler". Look at you shuffling now...hahahaha DOH!! ) He is using a walker to get around his hospital room. (This is a redundant comment. You already said your nurse was assisting you as you made your laps around the hospital WITH your walker. No wonder you can't sell your book, or your movie, or anything else you fail at. Redundancy... just like the continuous re-run medical excuses. Been there, claimed that. Find some new material fat boy. Or should I now refer to you as "Bile Boy?" ) He can't sit up for long enough to read or write." ( Now, this would be a lie. You've sat up long enough to not only post, but edit numerous times, AND read the links you posted AND use those edits to add in crap you just read from your google searches of the presumably fake illness excuse. )

      But, I digress ... Windsor World's fiction tales are just TOO much, even for him to keep track of, thus, the constant contradictions.

    5. Yup.
      Yesterday? Days? Wtf? Which is it?
      20 doctors? BillSchit! It's a hernia!!!!
      Oy! This whopper was not well thought out!
      How was he filing all those docs in EllisCounty on the 26th, 28th and following days IF he was incapacitated from surgery?
      This is seriously some funny shizz!

  4. Here's a question/thought.

    Just how far is Windsor willing to go, to get out of a hearing? I mean, would he actually go schedule his "emergency" (elective/selective surgery that he's been able to put off for 2 years -- with no mention of in Jail medical complaint records) just to get out of, or have an excuse for getting out of?

    What if, he saw that the Court was not buying his games? What if, the day the Judge sent the last letter to Windsor, telling him court was on the 15 regardless, he decided to finally pull this medial excuse card?

    I sure hope he is forced to pony up any and all medical records. If he met with, and scheduled this on his own? It's fraud upon the courts. If he is lying altogether? And didn't actually have any surgery at all? Still fraud upon the courts.

    I am not aware of any other time Windsor has used a medical emergency to delay, postpone, or flat out get out of a hearing, in which he was required to prove it, which is probably why he continues to feel this trump card excuse is fool proof.

    1. And? If he's up, ambulatory, why does he have need for a Foley Catheter after 10 days? What kind of shady hospital is this? Bwahahahahahaha

    2. I think the nurses and doctors have a pool going to see how many days they can get away with leaving the Foley in before Billschit figures out it is no longer necessary to have a tube coming out of his micropenis.

  5. Anyone else think the timing of this story is hilarious beyond the blatant "get out of the hearing" card?

    I mean, he doesn't have anything to feed his frenzy of drama. All his court cases are on life support. Not sure why the appellate courts are still dicking around, unless he bored them so badly, and sent them all into coma's or something.

    He's lonely, bored, pathetically grasping as some shred of hope that the remaining lemmings will still lap up all that bile he's been spewing to them since 2012 when he set out on his US tour of self promotion.

    Just look at how miserable his existence is. Always posting that he is in hiding. For what? Why? No one gives a shit about him, that's why. But if he claims he's in fear, to the ten people left on his facebook page, and they pray for him, it somehow validates his patheticness.

    Anyone in their right mind (yeah...I know...) wouldn't bother boasting like he does about things that should be private information. No, he needs his entire existence to be public, so he gets some attention, and then complains in court about that attention, like he even has a stance.

    This is his life. As laughably pathetic as it is, the more pathetic he comes across, the better for him. Much like MunchieD wants to cry about HIPAA violations when it was HER OWN doing posting her medical history on line.

    Not one of the lemmings has ever figure out, that it they post it on line, it's fair game to discuss. Prehn? Same deal. If he posts an event and it doesn't materialize, and people point it out, it's fair game, but they in turn, use it to cry and whine about "Stalkers."

    Note to internet idiots:
    If you don't post about it, no one will know...
    So, that must mean they all really and truly LOVE the attention, and need it to feed their fragile little egos, and elevate them to some sick level of Narcissistic Personality Disorder that perhaps the US Medical field should investigate and find a cure for! Depakote isn't working! HAHAHAHAHA

  6. ENLARGED PROSTRATE added to latest filing!
    He's tore up from asshole to appetite!
    This is so funny! Next he's gonna be seeing a neurologist!

    1. Robert Cookout IIIApril 6, 2016 at 4:15 PM

      Let me guess, the enlarged prostrate is also the result of being incarcerated.

    2. Nope, the Dr made a mistake. He saw Windsnore's big head stuffed up his fat...recto-exital-sphinchter and thought it was his prostrate. Funny seeing Billy really has no Balls.

    3. O.M.G. Seriously? ANOTHER medical issue? Holy hell, this dude needs to get in the box already and be done! Enlarged Prostate TOO!!

      HAHAHAHAHA damn! He musta missed that part from his copy/paste court excuse onto his FB post then. Because it's almost word for word.

      Jeeze you old geezer!! You're a fricken hot mess! snort ffftttt fffttttt

      (or full of shit, or both...)

    4. Enlarged prostrate from being incarcerated!
      ROTFLMAOSHMSFO (sombrero fell off) snort! ^^ ^^ hoofs up ^^ ^^
      Wtf else? By morning there could be more!!!

  7. "21. William M Windsor's medical condition has been building since September 2013. He had to endure this throughout his time in three jails and while awaiting trial. He should have had surgery months ago."

    Ok, well that drama aside, he's been out of MT for many months and elected NOT to get surgery. He had plenty of time from September 2013 up until his arrest in TX the first time, which was approx. a YEAR later. One whole year he chose to get vexi, over getting his guts fixed, and now he wants the courts to take pity on him? Bahaha

  8. Hey, he didn't mention anything about being afraid all that Coughing would rip out his stitches. Interesting. Nor is it causing him gut pain which is strange not to mention for such a pansy ass mo fo.


    Hi Friends. What a miserable 11 days it has been. It's no fun when your bowel is held captive by your intestines. I anticipate a long recovery time from this, and I am praying that I don't need another surgery.

    I've never been this sick before, and it has been quite an eye-opener. I choose well.

    I'm coughing uncontrollably now, so more when I feel better.

    Stay Healthy!

    Image copyright Bill Windsor Himself"

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 6, 2016 at 5:50 PM

      His "Bowels are being held captive by his intestines?

      Facepalm. There. Are. Just. No. Words...

    2. He's probably sitting at a Fudrucker's eating chili cheese fries with a burger while he's typing that.

    3. I challenge him to post a selfie of his stitches. I wanna see that 7 in scar! Oh, and the tubes up his nose. oh, and his piss-bag draped over his walker. Yeah, he's already proved he can do selfies and he has his phone and computer with him, so post it up "Sick boy." I'm sure you'll get tons of likes and more prayers if they could really "feel your pain" through another Windsor selfie.

    4. "I anticipate a long recovery time from this..."

      I anticipate his recovery will last just about as long as he thinks the Judge or Mr. Wilson might have him escorted back to the Ellis Co. lock up.

  9. I wish DA Wilson would/could request an emergency hearing for tomorrow and Windsor would have to video conference in! A prove up!
    If Windsor is really that sick? No biggie, and they can choose dates in future for hearings, ya know after the healing.

    1. For a "sick boy" who claimed he can't sit up, read, or write because he's so sick, he sure doesn't seem to have an issue filing court documents, and posting on FB.

      At what point does he not only choke on his own bile spew, and become so impacted with his own billshit, reaping what he's sewn, but, be fully held accountable not just by his own body, but by the courts for his SC domestic terrorist, paper terrorism antics?

  10. The comments on Windsor's "sick boy" Facebook post though! Enemas and aspirins! Bwahahahahahaha giggle snort!
    And? At near 70 years old? When does Windsor cease to be a #boy?

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickApril 7, 2016 at 7:25 AM

      IMO? Never.
      He is admitting what people have thought this entire time. He is a toddler, throwing a tantrum across the US, and he is, in fact, without a doubt FULL OF SHIT. Dr.'s have even confirmed.

      The "SICK BOY" is SO impacted with his own BILLSHIT, not even enemas and surgery, can fix him.

  11. Damnit. I tuned into his crappy soap opera today, (As Lawless Bill Turns...)expecting the update to his cliff hanger prostate issue from yesterday, only to find out, he fricken forgot his own plot line. Now we might never find out! We're back to re-runs! This show sucks!


    Bill Windsor should recover from his recent abdominal surgery, but he has determined that it is unlikely that he will ever recover from the judicial and law enforcement corruption in Lawless America.

    The truth of the matter is we are all screwed. Please try to open the eyes and ears of at least one fellow resident of Lawless America each day. It will take millions and millions of us to ever accomplish anything. Meanwhile, people are destroyed.

    As to Bill Windsor's medical update, this is Day 13. 13 days ago, Dr. M carved two big incisions in Bill Windsor's abdomen. It appears that his scars will create a permanent upside-down smiley face. Bill tried walking a bit more today, but he kept bumping into things and hurting himself. Back to bed he goes."

  12. Wtf? I thought the big biopsy was today?

    1. IKR? Well, he's edited that update post about 6 times, and still failed his audience.

  13. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 7, 2016 at 8:37 PM

    Oh hey -- it appears the un-funny comedian has left the hospital. Imagine that! Just two days ago, he was acting like he was near death's door, and so packed with shit he had to have at least 3 separate "procedures" which weren't "enemas." TMI? Yeah, I thought so to, but apparently, in Windsor World there are no limits to TMI.

    Anyway, so, either I missed the part that he was actually released, or he's really been out of the hospital for a while. Just yesterday he was complaining about not eating solids, and even today too -- jello is not a solid. But whatever, those pesky details are just the minor "red flags" to his saga, but the upshot is, he's admitted he is home, and that would mean, he is free to hobble into court, rent a wheel chair, have his "friend" accompany him, whatever. Only excuse I could see to get out of going, was actually being IN the hospital.


    Here she is. Gorgeous, huh?

    Baby steps on recovery. I need to just cool it. My floor is already a disaster as I can't bend over or do anything to pick up things/food/etc. that I drop.

    Anyone who has had significant abdominal surgery knows how painful and hard this is.

    During my 11 days in the hospital, the nurses repeatedly marveled at my tolerance for pain. I assured them it was merely stupidity -- too dumb to know when I am hurting.

    I have several more doctor follow-up visits over the next three weeks"

    1. This reads really kind of gross. Windsor's cat is going to teach him to purr, lick his wounds and how to have nine lives? Ewwwww!!

      Mary Deneen-- Gorgeous, and she'll show you how to always land on your feet when you fall, purr, lick your wounds, and how to have nine lives, nice catch!

    2. Who took care of that cat for the 11 days he was hospitalized? Seems kind of mean to leave a cat alone that long. What about food and water?

    3. Omgggggggggg! A cat? RunBooBooKittyRun!
      fffffffttt! ffffffffttt!

  14. Sniff, sniff, sniff...
    What's that smell? Well, it's not Windsor's stupid fart post, it's actually the smell of desperation coming from the frantic, pathetic, nobody named William M Windsor. Yep, that's all it is folks... One more pointless post for a pompous, arrogant narcissist -- who's only attention comes from vein FB "likes" and "praying for ya Bill" comments.

    Has he taken his country back yet? One blow of flatulence facebook posts at a time? Nope.


    1. Is that goofy to infinity???
      Day before yesterday he's going into great detail about his inability to eat or drink for over 10 days, IVs, his bowels, hernia surgery, Foley caths, enlarged prostrate and biopsy the next day.
      Yesterday? A cat, him dropping food on floor, and now, gas.

      And, this is a self proclaimed leader of a political revolution, ProSe expert, documentary producer, business man, author.
      Reminds me of another wealthy blathering blowhard that can't focus on issues and changes his story hourly, Donald Trump.

    2. The smell is fresh air. Oscar the Grouch naturally would think it stinks.
      It's been months since Texas has copied me on his filings, and since he is too sick to hobble his lardy tankass to the post office, the trees of America have had a chance to grow back and clear the air of his stench. I don't know about the cat, but Windbag has been declawed.

    3. So he pulled the surgery card so hard to stop having to show up to court. Lmfao. Well It's my opinion that Texas judges all the way up to the court of appeals are laughing at his filings. All I know is I'm in no hurry a debt has no expiration. I think in my opinion that those judges wont do anything in the court of appeals cases until 2017. What will he do about that?

    4. Yeah, and he's anticipating the courts not buying into his billshit too. Setting the tone for more court excuse surgeries to come...

      "Bill Windsor -- Hi Diane. I am out of the least for now. I have the possibility of a second surgery. frown emoticon"

      Translation, I will know if I need more surgery, based on the rulings of the court.

  15. Well, lardy-lardy! Look who just turned farty! And for once it wasn't Marty.
    Bill is fine I tell you. He simply made an error he won't soon repeat: he let his canckles go flat. This surgery was to remove fat from his abdomen to fluff up those canckles. The next time someone puts an ankle monitor around him, he will simply have those canckles removed, and be thousands of miles away before anyone comes to look for him. (Insert evil maniacal laugh here.)


  17. Shock and awe! Not! All this case proved is that Windsor's favorite "MOM" is terminally gullible. She not only bought into Windsor's con job of "Finding a smoking gun" but by agreeing to turn over assets, and signing a legally binding document with her husband...of which she regretted when they got divorced, and wanted to claim was fraud to get out of now. That's not how it works, and this is why Windsor is an idiot when it comes to laws, facts, and what is or is not "Corruption." You sir, have just proved yet, once again, you are in fact, a Con, running a scam, making people believe you will turn their poor life choices around, and blame the courts instead. Never going to happen. The stench is coming from YOU!


    Judge J. Anthony Miller of Tulsa, Oklahoma is either terminally stupid or terminally corrupt, perhaps both.

    In a recent family court case, Judge Tony the Phony Miller ignored all the facts and violated all the laws. These are not stupid mistakes. These are actions taken because Judge Tony the Phony Miller was ensuring that the corrupt attorney for the plaintiff would win over a well-prepared pro se defendant.

    The defendant passed out in the lobby of the courthouse. Paramedics said her oxygen level was in the single digits. Her blood pressure was critical. The paramedics were trying to stabilize her for transport to the hospital when Judge Tony the Phony Miller sent a sheriff's deputy out into the lobby with an order for her to return to the courtroom immediately. Sheriff's Deputies tried to pick her up, but the paramedics blocked them and whisked the Mom off to the hospital.

    The deputies told her that a bench warrant was to be issued for her arrest. The trial and the case were over. There was no basis for her to be ordered anywhere. Mom suspects the judge and his co-conspirator (plaintiff's attorney) wanted to pull some type of fast one to interfere with her rights to appeal. Mom left the state soon after she was released from the hospital.

    A complete story will be published on about Judge Tony the Phony Miller and his partners in crime."

    1. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorApril 11, 2016 at 9:04 AM

      Oh, wow, if that doesn't scream personal butthurt by Windsor himself? Needing to make poor little "Mom" believe it was just a "Corrupt Judge" ruling, and not the fact that he is a moron, and was lying to her. HAHAHA OMG this so funny to me.

      He is seriously so pissed off that all his "help" (Which was really just him digging through all those alleged porn texts which weren't such a sacrifice to Windsor at all -- LMAO perv) turned up nothing but perhaps sweaty hands from his "help."

      Maybe he's scared she'll kick him out of her house, and ban him from cat sitting? Surely that was a picture of her cat. No vagabond who jumps from hotel to hotel on the road, has a cat. DER! Dumbass. Such a schmuck!

      Another head scratcher? If he is staying with this "Mom," as I suspect he is, I also now suspect that the Windsor semantics within his court excuses equates to this:

      OK is roughly 3-4 hrs drive to Ellis. Windsor claimed 3-4 days I believe. So reality hours vs Windsor semantics to days.

      Also, he claims the Mom left the state, I now suspect that was actually the town or county of Tulsa. She's probably still in the state. Not that it matters where he is, just that I'm sure if I suspect it, the courts in TX have also already suspected the distance excuse, as well as the surgery excuse was a touch much trying too hard.

    2. What he is describing is that her body went into shock and resulted in her fainting (syncope); and the prognosis for this condition depends on the cause of the shock. If she had an underlying disorder, might we assume that this would have been made known to us so that we could pity her all the more? From the lack of details other than that she was under emotional stress, this sounds like at most a ptsd type situation (acute stress reaction) and in any case, would be cleared up with the judge by providing medical documents and paramedic reports...which there would be reports or witnesses otherwise her accounts of what happened while she was in "severe" shock can be seen as anywhere from incomplete to inaccurate. And of course it takes 5 seconds to read that sentence, but how long for whom to call an ambulance? How long for the ambulance to arrive and paramedics begin treating her? In that time, her lawyer didn't make the judge aware that the client was medically incompetent for court? And the response to her lawyer's filing was what? Some critical details that could hit the 6 o'clock news IF TRUE are intentionally being left out of this story.

    3. Well that's just a whole bunch of babble. PTSD is an often over self diagnosed condition. If merely being in a bad relationship and showing up to court causes PTSD, you've got issues. Sounds like histrionics to me. Little lady got worked up and had an big girl hissy fit when things didn't go her way.

    4. Well, the facts seem to be consistent with much fakery by Tanya. She pulled the exact same thing, almost one year to date, when the OOP was coming down on her and she knew she was going to lose.

      Secondly, her "attorney" is a non attorney, vexatious litigant sov. cit game player too. Another important point is that it was TANYA and her non attorney who requested the trial, expecting it to be for further harassment towards Winston, but the Judge ok'd it for her very own contempt. Now, why would someone who "suffers from PTSD" actually request a trial, knowing that they can't function? Let alone Pro Se, because her non attorney can't stand up before the court on her behalf, and can only write up and have her sign frivolous, nonsensical motions, orders, demands, amended amended amended already denied filings?

      So, no. What Windsor is describing is a standard billshit tactic to get sympathy, run with tail between legs out of court before the Judge signs the order so they can claim it's VOID because she didn't sign it.

      Of course, that's not how it works, but since Windsor loves this game, and played it in his very own criminal case in TX, it's not new news, and actually earned him a Judgment from Bond skipping to the tune of 100K. Of which the vexatious POS Sov Cit is attempting to appeal for the 3rd time!

  18. Yet another gem from Windsor World .... This guy is so getting old. OMG.

    "Bill Windsor of Lawless America accused of being a sovereign citizen and a killer. These charges have been made by attorney Anthony Santoro of the law firm of Winters and Cohen of Concord, New Hampshire."

    Santoro hasn't accused you of anything. Someone contacted him and advised him that not only are you a vexatious litigant, you've been known to publicly state sovereign-citizen-type viewpoints in years past. (View the entire pleading here.)

    "This is filed in a case where Winston Frost is trying to evict his wife, Tanya Hathaway, from their home."

    Tanya is Frost's EX-wife. She can't undo her divorce. And it looks like the court isn't buying her attempt to do so.

    "What a slimy guy this Anthony Santoro is to file such a frivolous, false, outrageous motion. Winston Frost may actually be writing this garbage, but I can't wait to find out."

    Wait, wait - YOU'RE not an attorney, and Tanya is representing herself. (supposedly) Why are you saying YOU can't wait to find out? You can't depose anyone. You will never find out who told Santoro of your previous "exploits" in courtrooms nationwide. Aaaand - you just admitted you ARE involved in this case! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Give you enough rope, Windsor, and you (figuratively) hang yourself. Classic!

    "I have never done anything vexatious in any court, and any alleged order that claims I have is void."

    Wrong again. Just because YOU say the orders are void does NOT make them so. You are a vexatious litigant.

    "The beauty of this is that Tanya Hathaway should now be able to depose the pathological liar who allegedly reported this and attorney, Anthony Santoro, who should be disbarred for filing such outrageous stuff with no evidence whatsoever. I get to find out who the "informant" is."

    You just admitted, TWICE now, that you ARE involved in Tanya's case. We all suspected it, but now we have proof from your own goofy-ass website. Thanks for saving us some research! But - whatever happened to suing the ex-wife? Wasn't that the latest "yuuuuuuuuuuuuge" court case you were gearing up for?

  19. Woke today to find Bill Windsor is running for President.