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Friday, February 19, 2016

Yawn! The shaking fukwit giving how to advice! #Irony much

I found this particularly hilarious.  Windsor's inability to get and stay organized is laughable.  Windsor misses deadlines, won't pay filing fees, drops irrelevant documents in court and out on courthouse lawns. 
Good grief, Windsor can't keep up with his personal belongings!  But he's advising the few remaining readers on how to stay organized.
The best line?  How attorneys with degrees, licenses and efficient staffs can't possibly have a system of organization comparable to Windsor's.
GIGGLE SNICKER SNORTING!  Yeah...  let's go with that, you vextacious maroon!  

Mark it down.  Windsor is correct once.   
There hasn't been an attorney that dropped their pleadings or briefcases in court, coming or going to court while playing with the #SovereignCitizen #ProSe tiddlywinking Windsor.  #Organized 

The doofus © factor in the spotlight again.  
Well played Windsor!  Well played!  Attorneys, DAs, Judges, defendants would be ROTL-ing IF they gave you a millisecond of a thought.  
There's prolly a bird sanctuary in Oregon  that's secure where you could set up shop.  js 👀

Oh look!  The one year anniversary of Windsor' s on the run that ran out!  
Bwahahahahahaha!  How many mugshots does he have now?  #INFAMOUS 


  1. "My files...I don't have access to my files...they were lost in a fake flood...moved to storage...never sent by the court...lost between PO Box hopping games...I need more time to respond...I need a stay...I'm incarcerated and they won't let me get to the law library to get vexi..." blah, blah, fricken blah.

    I fell over laughing when I saw him post this crap, knowing ALL the times he used "not having access to his files" as an excuse to stall and delay court proceedings. Then? He admits that he has everything on a zip drive which he carries WITH him at all times.

    Also? His reading comprehension seems askew. When he is attempting to school the court on someone elses filings, he actually makes a very good case against himself in the process. Won't get "leave" when it's on him to get it, keeps filing--ignoring that fact in tied in appeals, but responds frivolously to someone else who files another dismissal of his frivolous shit--of which is not covered by the stay and is not a violation of the stay--something he doesn't compute the verbiage on, but attempts to get all huffy and puffy like he's "winning" this frivolous argument, when in reality, he just proved once again what a complete and utter MAROON he is, a vexatious asshat who really deserves the highest sanctions possible for being such a vindictive, malicious, fuckwit.

    1. Frank Lee BillsadickFebruary 19, 2016 at 8:47 AM

      I read it and thought it had the stinch of scunt all over it. You know, the fact she couldn't read the statutes in MT clearly and all and thought her sure fire dismissal was torpedoing the trial. No one in their right mind can be that stupid. The order was clear on the portion the stay covered. Only a vexatious POS would read it and interpret it like that laughable filing was written.

    2. Scunt? They're still pals after the fuqings she's given to him?
      giggle giggle giggle giggle

    3. Yeah that's why he's always got a bog box of papers where ever he goes and his room is always trashed in photos because he's so good at scanning.
      This is Bill pretending to help people and inventing things to talk about because he's got nothing going on. I've been gone for ever a week and there was a time it would have taken me hours and several side conversations to catch up. Today, it took about 5 minutes. Life goes on for everyone except Windsor. Lawless America is over and Bill Windsor is over except for a few last pathetic bleats.


  3. Billy Bob is reporting another car blowing up in flames right in front of his this morning.

    Is this going to be another Boushie shot at me and missed scenario?

    1. Mary Deneen Another radiator blowup...or more Sushie?
      11 hrs
      Bill Windsor
      Bill Windsor I believe this was an accident. I think the car ran off the road, hit the guard rail, and bounced back in flames. That's my guess.
      10 hrs

    2. Give it a day. I bet it becomes an assignation attempt.

    3. And once again Bill Windsor the alleged savior of America refused to stop to help someone out who for all he knows could have been dying. You know truckers are always on the road too. I bet we can ask a real American worker how common this kind of scenario is.

    4. This is just a stretch. I know Bill is so much smarter than me. But wouldn't two random innocent bystanders allegedly hurt by the Joey gang make excellent witnesses? Pity that he didn't think to whip out his camera and get their filmed testimony for the movie. Or that he couldn't figure out how to swap insurance information with them to make sure the car repairs were fully paid if not by insurance then as damages in a joint law suit. Oh well. I'll leave the thinking to the legal eagles cause that's what they are so good at.

  4. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorFebruary 20, 2016 at 6:19 PM

    He must be bored. His dramatic story of being in hiding is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Who gives a rats ass where the old geezer is? He seems ver confident in his "Hide-my-ass" software but again, the delusional old geezer is sorely mistaken.

    He'd like to make people believe he's "on the run" and "in hiding" once again, but derrrr why is an "innocent guy" going to all that trouble with burner phones, getting new cars, and never going to the same mailing locations? Ah, that's right...because when he was ON THE RUN last time, for skipping out on his court date, he had a warrant for his arrest from two states. Made him feel like a big, bad, Billybadass being on the run, and now, he's got nothing exciting going suddenly he has another "Exciting" car fire, suddenly all kinds of internet access and more slanderous tales about the "Joeys" because without those fake drama stories? HE'S GOT NOTHING!!

    Keep posting your lies fat boy. You lost your mind along time ago--with your credibility. All you are now is a court case number waiting to be dismissed.

  5. From Windsor's latest screed:

    New vehicle. New License plate. New state. New burner cellphone. How'd you pay for all this, if you have no money (as you keep claiming)? Did your sister finally cut you a check from your multi-million-dollar trust fund? Old phone/number is no longer used. Those collection calls for your court-ordered judgments must've been driving you insane. conceals my online location. Mail gets sent to friends in other locations to drop in their local mail. Gertrude the GPS Lady warns me if I dare go two-miles-per-hour over the speed limit. No one cares where you are .... well, almost no one. The ones you owe money to DO care - remember those court-ordered judgments against you, Windsor? Sounds like you still haven't paid them. Guess it's too much to ask that you be honorable and do so. Then again, "honorable" is a foreign concept to you.

    I never go the same place twice. I don't ever go to FedEx, UPS, or the Post Office. I only go to post offices with automated postage machines after office hours.

    They can't find me. They can't find me. Has to be driving therm crazy. No one's spending time wondering where you are or looking for you. They're just laughing at your pathetic attempts at drama.

    They'll never find me. I can barely find myself. It's quite a hike just to a grocery store.Good. You NEED some exercise.

    For those of you who don't know, the Joeyisalittlekid Gang is a gang of misfits who cyberstalk people trying to expose dishonesty and corruption.LOL The same old tired insults for a group that's exposed who and what you really are. Your lack of imagination and intelligence is really showing now, old man. You've tried suing them, stalking them, and throwing nasty insults around - and NONE of it has worked.

    1. ^^excellent replay^^ You truly know my funny bone with the lucid boldovers. Thank you!
      I haven't been keeping up with dipshit Windsor, the bird sanctuary squatters caught my interest...what can I say? I like stupid human trucks that play out via the www. I will say that the biggest laugh I've had in a long time was young David Frye proclaiming "fuck the movement..."it's about one asked me shit...I just wanna smoke marijuana" add in that he revealed he's a practicing Messianic Jew, he's sympathetic to Muslim Americans and Syrian Refugees. I don't care who you are, IF you can squat at an Oregan bird sanctuary with a herd of fukwits and keep all that to yourself for 6 weeks, with no smoke? You're just strong willed. I know...I's warped funny... But Frye? Was hilarious, I own it.
      Me? Personally? I don't give 2 rat's shits what Windsor is doing as long as he's doing it away from me & mine. Yeah, he owes me money, a lot of money, I'll get it, eventually. I'm younger, healthier and smarter than Windsor, the odds are in my favor. I've got some dandy info on his whereabouts...he's not that far off the beaten track. It's truly a small world, especially when I have lots of friends and they loathe Sovereign trash like Windsor as much as I do, with ⅓ or more being in law enforcement. Windsor can brag all he wants about how covert he thinks he's being.....Pffffffft.
      Truly, the absolute best revenge is living well and happy. We all have homes, filled with family and friends, we all celebrate births of grandchildren, children, nieces and nephews, we share holidays and happy days, accomplishments, achievements, we participate in life...we go golfing with our friends, fishing, vacationing, we have breakfast and lunch where folks know us by name and are glad to see us. Windsor? Eh, not jack shit...just him blathering to a tired and overworked server or CustomerService clerk who's trapped listening to his BillSchit.
      As pointed out above, Windsor's claims of being indigent? I've made certain to screenshot all his idiocy and forward it to several District Courts, DAs, and various law enforcement. I hope every call Windsor makes to his goofy sister for money is humiliating for both of goofy as she is, she does now hold the purse long before she decides "f*ck you Assrag, we never really liked your lazy lying ass anyway" and she changes her #, gets a few new rigs and digs and tells him to eat shit and fall way back?


    2. No kidding. As long as Windsor is not stalking people, why would any body care where he is? It's not the "Joeys" hiding or looking over their shoulders. Life goes on for everyone else while Windsor's exploits have become boring and redundant. Windsor's one success (if he is telling even a partial truth)? Helping a woman that made herself a target for fraud. Very sad to watch what Windsor's life has become, but he's so deserving of it. All he's got is sophomoric insults to keep the "Joeys are after me" thing going for the lemmings.

    3. I have always wondered why the great Windsor aider and abettor, Wendy, wasn't charged. In one of the court documents I believe sent to the 10th clerk, before he went on the run or right after, he told them she was in charge of the pot of gold. He then bought the new get away vehicle after he was released, and thus, on the run, which was put into the trust to my understanding. So, it would appear the entire time he was "on the run...," posting and gloating he was "on the run," Wendy was funneling the money to him to evade arrest. There were a few others who were also involved...just wondering why those people and forest creatures weren't charged. You know...make a statement to the Lawless, that they will be held accountable when and if the fat turd violates the MT orders and he goes "on the run" again. A PO Box that he admits he does not receive mail at, and has "friends" forwarding the mail for him, isn't and wasn't an actual physical address--so not sure how he was able to slither out of MT with that excuse address.

    4. I'm thinking he's sponging off of and shacking up with his latest victim.... Just a hunch.
      Goofy bitch, picked 2 losers, she's got a defective picker.

    5. Of course he is, in my opinion. Over the past few years, Windsor has not once "helped" directly anyone with their court papers. Then? He posts that he went to some basketball game, of which this woman has school aged children. Not that it matters in the least, it's just funny looking at Windsor's posts, and knowing the ulterior motive master that Windsor is, has been, and more than likely, always will be, he does nothing unless there is something in it for him.

      The only other time he pretended to "help" someone was Connie Fielding, and that was to use her case to get pretend kudus for his "media" whoring. He did not file any papers on her behalf, he did not research anything on her case, he only showed up at the last minute after all the work had been done by others and filmed himself talking about it. ***insert standard eye roll**

      Windsor is a pig IMO. This woman is yet one more "victim" in the making. He turns on them all in the end, but doesn't realize they talk behind the computer screen. He may believe he's got stuff on them to keep them quiet, but that would be another epic Windsor ego trip. Those who know, just laugh our asses off as the tiny footed loser, who thinks he's got it all under wraps.

      (tiny feet? yeah...about that...)

  6. Here is a fun little article that I'm sure if the Judge in MT had seen...perhaps the lenient Windsor sentence wouldn't have been so lenient. He talked enough trash about the DA, the investigators, the Judges and various other Govt. officials to put him away for life. Those two comments the brothers made are nothing compared to the defamatory crap Windsor's repeatedly posted...

    1. Giggle snort! If? Just if that were to happen to BlatheringBill? He'd get LIFE!

  7. His latest cry for attention. For those who don't want to piss their pants laughing at his newest ridiculous selfie (taken in a semi-dark hotel room), I'll do my bold-over here.

    BILL WINDSOR OF LAWLESS AMERICA CONTINUES TO HIDE OUT AS CORRUPT TEXAS OFFICIALS HATCH A SCHEME TO HAVE HIM UNLAWFULLY INCARCERATED AGAIN. Oh, please. I'm guessing they want to talk to you about jumping bond .... you know, that time you skipped town owing $100,000 to Texas and went on the run for 53 days. Remember that, Windsor? All those taunting, nasty posts at your website and Facebook page? 'They'll never catch me ... ' 'I'm still free!' 'They'll never find me.' I've noticed you don't like to talk about that anymore .... I wonder why.

    This is what I think is going on. What you think and what is reality are, more and more, two VERY divergent things. I will share more details as this story develops. There is no story. But we know you'll keep us updated with B.S. details - you just can't help yourself.

    I battled the Texas efiling system for days this week as I attempted to efile my responses to the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals outrageous efforts to try to dismiss my appeals. Oh yes - it's an epic battle when the state won't accept your e-filings. They need the server space for real court cases, you know. I also filed an appeal with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. And I bet you feel a tingle up and down your spine with every stupid, frivolous motion filed. "Ha HA! I'm REALLY gonna tick these judges off now!" And I attempted to file a Reply to Missoula County Attorney Jennifer Clark's Response to my Motion for a New Trial. Attempted? How hard can it be? I guess for someone with lower-than-average intelligence and a tendency to lie, it really is difficult.

    I am just too far out in the boonies to get decent Internet service, so I am preparing to move to a new location. You mean "the boonies" as in Nampa, Idaho? I wouldn't call that the boonies. You would never survive in the REAL boonies - no audience for your B.S., no cable Internet and no nearby grocery stores.

  8. Gee, Bill allegedly finally had that "emergency" hernia surgery he was supposed to have one, two years ago? I wonder what critical filing or court appearance he wasn't ready for this time.