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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

"And Waco Texas is the home of the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals. This is where Bill Windsor is spending all of his legal time of late. Three justices are threatening to dismiss his appeals on bogus grounds. Yes, corruption has reared its ugly head in Wacko.
Bill will be posting his responses once he finishes them. This Court has issued orders in which one statement after another is easily proven false just by looking at the documents filed in the appellate court."

That should be a very entertaining response! Bill will have to rent a truck to get it to Waco. I'll predict 1,500 pages at least!


  1. Windsor needs to review his geography for the state of Texas, that was his home for many years! The Branch Davidian compound is not in Waco! Waco just happens to be nearest city with television affiliates that national broadcasters used.
    Windsor being tacky about Baylor University? Really? Where did he think the phycians and nurses got their degrees from the hospital(s) in the Dallas area, that he claimed and even praised, he had used ? (Baylor Healthcare) Baylor Hospital(s) and physicians were so great that he used in court filings that he needed to go back to Dallas to (urgently) see a neurologist
    Windsor bitches about everyone everywhere. It's no longer just courts, judges, prosecutors and law enforcement, he's going to rank entire cities, outlying communities of those cities, major universities (other than U of MT). What group is next? First responders? Paramedics? Firefighters? Wow!

    1. Yes it's Windsor V The World. Once again proven the narcissist by his online eulogy of Nash. In his own haunting last text to him. "I came to Washington to meet u. But u would not take time out."
      Here's your clue lemmings. But apparently the males filmed are dying! This ought to be a spin out session in la la land of pietanic proportions. #reapwhatusow

    2. Yup. Windsor is, per Windsor, qualified to deem corruption wherever or rank universities and colleges.
      What was his field of study at Texas Tech? I forgot. It wasn't law, I know that. Journalism? Broadcasting? That sounds familiar. How'd he do in that field? I can't find his published works on Amazon.

    3. I live near West, Texas. It is NOT Waco.
      Windsor obviously has no idea about where any towns are located in the state of Texas. Idiot.

    4. Marketing.

      And now a punchline contest:

      How many marketers does it take to change a light bulb?

      They don't know...they'll have to contact engineering and ask
      them "what's a light bulb?"

    5. Robert Cookout IIIOctober 20, 2015 at 3:28 PM

      ^^^^ Can I talk you into going by the Chezh Stop and putting a couple of things in a FedEx box for me?

    6. Forget the mail. If you are going by the Chezh Stop, pick up some Kolaches!! Please.

    7. Robert Cookout IIIOctober 20, 2015 at 3:58 PM

      You must not have noticed I said box not envelope. They hold a dozen quite nicely.

    8. So uhh...just who is Windsor trying to criticize when he mentions Waco, Texas as an obvious statement about David Koresh? Usually when he throws things out there he is against the US Government. Is he actually siding with Koresh?

    9. @ RCIII - LOL, good thinking!

      @ Anon 4:58: Windsor stirring up Koresh isn't too big a surprise. Lots of tinfoil folks still harp on it because the raid, in their opinions, violated 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Some think the government deliberately started the fire.

  2. I like the cover photo.

    Hold tight, wait 'til the party's over...

  3. Wow. Now Windsor has started a TX bashing party. What muddy red lakes? Is she talking about Texhoma? I've been to darn near every lake from Dallas to New Mexico. I don't recall any red muddy ones around Ft. Worth or San Antonio. And I can't think of anybody I know that is a Freemason or worships Lucifer. Can't think of one illiterate soul either.

    Deborah Lynne Connor "Texas has too many freemasons!!! They worship Lucifer and his sidekick Baphomet!! I spent two years in Tarrant County....I made up several I hate Texas songs. Ugly flat land, muddy red lakes, high illiteracy rate, homeless everywhere, churches that don't help anybody, a legal system that is so corrupt that it stinks to high heaven!!!!! I can't believe I was born in San Antonio!!

    1. "Churches that don't help anybody". Sounds like she's butthurt because she didn't get a handout.

    2. Deborah I'm sure lives in a beautiful area of her state and is a community and state leader there. What does Deb's have? Could she see what hers has with that LALA tinfoil wrapped so tight? Deborah should look!
      Texas has beautiful everything! Rivers, lakes, Hill Country, Beaches, lakes, canyons, prairies, woodlands, marshes and numerous beautiful large cities.
      The U.S. has beautiful states. Everyone should be proud of their state and nation, and visit as many of the other states as they possibly can.
      I love migrating across the U.S.A. It is spectacular!

    3. And what does Lawless America Texas think when their home state is bashed? Or LA Montana? How did this go from criticism of the justice system to every facet of the state being bad? Where are the people who have any pride in their home towns at all....oh wait LA is dead.

    4. His end game is any jury is biased against him, ergo: mistrial.

      I called it.

    5. It is my understanding a new jury will be chosen since the first one has been inconvenienced for months.
      That has not been verified.

    6. I'm going to make a blanket "thank you" to Deborah from all Texans for vacating the Lone Star State.
      Tarrant County? Making up songs? Was Deborah incarcerated in the Tarrant County jail?
      Bye Deborah, Texas is sorry for your current state of residency.

  4. Sorry for the redundant example below, but I wish Bill Windsor would tell Bill Windsor how to stay in the third person when said person writes about the first person, yada yada yada...

    "Bill Windsor hasn't seen many movies in the last three years after having been a huge movie buff for his entire adult life. After the Patriots game ended, he flipped around on the TV, and American Sniper popped up.
    A Legend. I'm sure glad the guy who tried to shoot me in Montana was not an amazing shot like Chris Kyle. Young Clint Eastwood is quite a director.
    I worked while I watched, but I did more watching than working.
    I was in the U.S. Army, and we did shoot at targets in basic training. I got a Marksman medal, which is kind of like the "Participation" certificate that I got in the Seventh Grade for penmanship. It wasn't until a few years ago that an eye doctor told me I was Left Eye Dominant. So, when I looked down the scope with my left eye closed, when I thought I was right on target, I was off to one side. I should have shot a rifle left-handed. Oh well, I'm not a gun guy. I'm not even allowed to have a gun now. Dangerous Tweeter, doncha know.
    If you don't know Bill Windsor's story, here's a summary: "

    My point being, if his Texas Tech major was Journalism, he should sue them.

    1. Bill should of had Bill tell Bill to sue Tech first IF journalism was his area of study! Poor Texas Tech. Don't you know they're proud?

    2. I'm sure it was plotted 45 years ago to "stop the movie"...

  5. Bill's not lying when he says he doesn't care so much about the guns. He's lazy, out of shape and has that trembling hands thing. He had basic marksmanship decades ago and the way he talks, may never have handled a gun till this past few years. The last thing he wants to be reminded is that he is incompetent. It's the blood and violence he cares about, the guns are just a means to an end. And he watched that movie for the violence and to try to make the fake assassination attempt sound real. But if he wasn't thinking about holding any guns anytime soon it's interesting that he would care which eye is dominant or be defensive about not being able to fire one straight decades ago.

  6. This video showed up on my FB news feed. Sov Cit illustration in how to go from getting a $100 speeding ticket to being arrested and having your car impounded in north Texas.

  7. "Jennifer Clark knew she had no way to argue against Bill Windsor's Brief, so she had to accept defeat."

    Sounds like Bill found his overconfidence again. I'm sure he's never considered that maybe JC knows her original brief was sufficient.

    1. Bill Windsor
      I'm celebrating with a pizza and a Coke. I've been trying to lose my jail weight, and I haven't strayed for weeks. But this is special. When Judge Haynes dismisses my charges, I'll have to celebrate with two Cokes.
      2 · More · 36 minutes ago

      Bill Windsor
      And a big piece of pie!
      Edited · More · 18 minutes ago

    2. Not Friends Of Bill WindsorOctober 20, 2015 at 7:13 PM

      He's so giddy he's having pizza and a coke. What a Celebration!! And when the Judge dismisses the case, he'll have 2 cokes.

      Paleeze! That is probably his standard pigtroff meal. Say's he's been trying to "take off the jail weight?" He was probably in better shape getting out of jail than he has been in years. Looked thinner, and wasn't such a strange color. He is always posting his food of choice and it's all junk, unhealthy, fatty, greasy, artery clogging crap.

    3. He better scarf up while he's got the time. Time. He's got time on his mind. Windsor should read the instructions, just once. He can read a lot of I nstructions doing time.
      There was nothing from Clark due. Duh. Judge doesn't have to rule or utter a word. Duh again.
      I'm reading his latest wtfever to the 10th COA in Texas and it is a whopper! Doofus tells the COA what the court may and may not do!
      Windsor must've been miffed when he dashed that off. Sent to P and other admins, hopefully they'll post it soon.

      #HaveACokeAndASmile while you have time Windsor :)

    4. Windsor says one of his all time favorite songs is "Nobody knows it but me." HAHAHAHAHA

      The title kind of sums up his Windsor World hu? Claims he is the leader of the Nobodies, and only HE seems to be right, no matter what the issues are.

    5. "There was nothing from Clark due. Duh. Judge doesn't have to rule or utter a word. Duh again."

      Exactly right. Trial is the status quo. Judge gave Windsor the option of delaying it until January and that option did not include dismissal. I don't think he'll change out the jury. I think there will need to be another pre trial hearing as there may have been some things left up in the air with the previous one. Not sure on that. Could easily happen in judge's chambers the first morning of trial.

    6. Uh? About Windsor's claim of "not straying" from his diet for weeks? Has it been a week yet, or two, since he posted that picture on his Facebook of what appeared to be an entire seafood buffet on one platter that he was dining on?
      Windsor isn't a Tankass © because he seldom strays from dieting. I wonder if he's seen himself below the chest, with a mirror? Shudder! Mind bleach, please! Quick!

  8. Good morning!
    Windsor's most recent ProSe masterpiece is now available for viewing and reviewing, just turn the page.